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* * * * *

Weeks passed, and the residents at Mistress Florence’s home had put the episode with Darla behind them. Life was normal again, that is, normal for life at Mistress Florence’s household. Alteisha had healed without scarring. Florence was beginning to receive huge amounts of money from sales of her software. Gordon had quit his job to become Mistress Florence’s personal financial manager. Life was good.

Florence continued to dominate both Alteisha and Gordon. The corrective and discipline sessions were held regularly. Mistress Florence had decreed that both Alteisha and Gordon should remain naked throughout the day and night, unless of course, they were going out, or there were visitors in the house. Florence wore one of several Dominatrix outfits in the house and the usual business clothes while working. Robes were strategically placed at both the front and rear entrances of the house, to be quickly available if needed.

One Saturday, Florence, sent both of her Slaves to shop and run some errands. Alone in the house, she performed some household chores usually done by her Slaves. The doorbell rang and Florence reached for a robe to put on, and answered the door. She opened the door to see a very pretty red headed woman standing on her porch. “Yes?” Florence asked.

“Hello, I’m…ah…is Gordon…ah…does Gordon Phillips live here?”

“Who wants to know?” Florence answered, with her own question.

“I’m Maureen…Maureen Thompson. I was Gordon’s secretary when he worked for the brokerage.”

“Oh, well, do come in,” Florence told her, “I’m Florence, Gordon’s friend and current employer.” Maureen entered and was shown into the living room where both women sat down. “Maureen, can I get you anything, coffee or tea?”

“No, thank you. I just stopped by to see Gordon. No one has seen him since he resigned to work for you. I just wanted to see how he was doing,” Maureen replied smiling. Florence told her that Gordon was just fine, that he had an office here at the house, where he managed her good fortune. She told Maureen that he had gone downtown, on business, but would be coming back soon. Florence asked Maureen to stay and wait for his return, but she declined saying that she had other commitments. Maureen gave Florence her home telephone number and told her to please ask Gordon to call her, if he wanted. With that Maureen rose to leave, Florence showed her to the door and thanked her for stopping by. She said she would tell Gordon that she had come to visit him.

When Gordon and Alteisha returned, Florence told him about Maureen’s visit and gave him her phone number. Maureen, Gordon told them, was pretty much a loner who rarely participated in office functions, or discussed her personal life with others. Gordon had been one of the few, at the firm, to engage in dialogue with her, and that was mostly small talk. Alteisha came into the room in time to hear the last of the discussion. She winked at her Mistress as she teased Gordon. “Why don’t you convince her to join us here as the maid, and you can become the butler,” the three of them laughed heartily at Alteisha’s quip.

“You know, Maureen may just need our sort of freedom and release, from the normal daily existence,” said Florence to her slaves. “She seemed as though she could use friends and companions, not to mention some relief from her obvious tensions. You may have hit on a truthful solution to both Maureen’s and our problems, Alteisha. Since my security software sales have hit the big time, none of us have had the time to adequately perform our household and work requirements,” Florence explained. “Gordon, perhaps you should get to know Maureen better. It could be that our lifestyle might be just what she is looking for.”

“Yes, Mistress, but perhaps that might give Maureen false hopes that I may be interested in her,” replied Gordon.

“I understand, but who knows, you might just find yourself attracted to her,” Florence teased him.

“Respectfully, no, Mistress. I only love you and Alteisha!” he said emphatically.

“Thank you Gordon, but I still want you to get in touch with her today. Spend some time with her. Determine if we should recruit her into our home and lifestyle,” Florence commanded. Gordon nodded, accepted Maureen’s telephone number from his Mistress and said he would call her after lunch.

Maureen’s phone at rang just as she was entering her apartment. She lifted the phone from its cradle and said hello. “Maureen? It’s Gordon Phillips.”

“Oh, hello.”

“Sorry I was out. Florence, my employer, told me about your visit. What can I do for you?”

“Oh nothing specific, I just wondered how you were doing in your new job.”

“Maureen, since I missed you this morning, could we perhaps have dinner tonight and talk about old times and trade ‘lies’ Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort about my prior co-workers?” Gordon asked.

“Dinner? Yes, that would be fine. I’d like that very much,” she replied.

“Great. I’ll pick you up at seven o’clock. I have your address from the office Christmas list. See you then.”

Maureen striped to shower for her date. She looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror. Most would consider her figure beautiful. Firm average size breasts, with large areolas and protruding nipples. She had lovely body with great legs, and a nicely shaped ass. She kept gazing at her body, as she prepared to shower. The thick red hair at her cunt needed some trimming. She attended to that task, shaved her legs and under arms.

Gordon arrived promptly at seven and they drove off to their dinner date. The evening progressed nicely for both of them. The conversation drifted toward Maureen’s background and life in general. Maureen said that she was nearly alone in the world, except for a few very distant cousins who she had never met. Her parents passed away early in her life. She was raised by her aunt, and now, was alone. They finished their wine, Gordon paid the check and they walked to the car. He pulled into her driveway and stopped the car. “Maureen,” he said with a smile, “I hope you enjoyed this evening as much as I have.”

“Oh yes, Gordon. I can’t remember a dinner date that I enjoyed more than tonight,” she replied with a grin. “Gordon, would you like to come in for some coffee?” she asked.

“Yes, that would be great,” he replied. In her apartment, Gordon and Maureen relaxed as they waited for the coffee to brew. Gordon saw a bookcase full of books and browsed through the titles. He came across a familiar book entitled ‘The Story of O’. He took it from the bookcase and held it in his hands. “I’ve read this too,” he told her.

“I found it a bit daring,” Maureen said “but, to be honest, it was different and exiting.” He smiled to himself as he probed further.

“You’re right, it was exciting.”

“I guess there are people who live that way,” said Maureen. Gordon realized that Maureen opened up more than he had expected, but the discussion was going in the direction he wanted to explore further.

“Believe me, Maureen, there are people who not only live that way, but enjoy it and need it,” he answered. “I guess it truly excites them. What excited you about the ‘Story of O’, Maureen?” Gordon asked.

Maureen swallowed hard and began to pour the coffee then said, “I wondered if it really was fun to be spanked.”

“Spanked? But there was more involved than just spanking with ‘O’s adventures,” he stated.

“Yes I know, but it started with spanking and it finally led to other torments and sexual involvement,” she said with some hesitation. He decided to probe further.

“I guess spanking could be fun,” Gordon said, raising his eyebrows to soften the impact of the words.

“Well, she thought so…I mean ‘O’ enjoyed that lifestyle and, though I don’t think I’m kinky, it was exciting to read the story.”

“Don’t let me put words in your mouth, Maureen, but are you saying that the spanking and whipping passages in ‘The Story of O’, excited you?” asked Gordon.

“Well, yes. That was the point of the story I think…I mean, that was what was supposed to excite the reader. Don’t you think?” Maureen responded.

“Yes. That’s the part that excited me too, when I read it,” Gordon said, looking intently at Maureen for a sign. “Well, I guess that’s what was intended by the author,” he looked at his watch and exclaimed, “Wow, it’s eleven thirty already. I have to get up early, to work on some things for Florence,” he finished his coffee, stood up and walked to the door. “Maureen, thank you for a great evening. I would really like to see you again if you don’t mind.”

“Yes, I had a lot of fun too, Gordon. I think it would be great to see you again. Please call me again, soon,” Maureen replied. Gordon nodded agreement, smiled at her and left.

Mistress Florence, Alteisha and Gordon had breakfast together to discuss Gordon’s date with Maureen. They discussed in depth Maureen’s interest in the ‘Story of O’, and how that might open up the avenue to recruit her. Alteisha suggested that Gordon should concentrate on the character ‘Justine’ and her female friend, with which she had a lesbian encounter, as well as Justine’s submissiveness. Florence concurred and said Gordon should bring Maureen home, some evening, so she could influence Maureen, from a woman’s point of view. She added that she thought the ‘woman on woman’ approach had worked best in other similar situations. They finished breakfast with Gordon being directed to ask Maureen for another date. If he thought Maureen was close to the edge in submitting to being spanked, he should suggest that they have a nightcap at Gordon’s house. If all worked out, Maureen might eventually become Mistress Florence’s Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort new maid and hopefully her female Slave too.

Maureen decided to let time take its course and if he called again, that would be great, if not, nothing ventured…nothing gained. She decided to curl up with a book and a glass of wine. She poured some white wine into a glass and mused over which book to select. Her gaze came to rest on ‘The Story of O’. Remembering her conversation with Gordon about this book, she decided to look at it again. Maureen decided to go directly to the ‘juicy’ passages that she and Gordon had discussed. As she read, she became aroused at the adventures of the heroine and her friends. During a passage where O’s Master offered her to total strangers, Maureen could feel her pussy become very moist.

Her arousal awakened deep desires within her and she slipped her hand down into her panties. She parted her cuntlips with her finger and quickly found her wet clitoris. Maureen rubbed it lightly, feeling her senses welling toward a heightened state of sexual awareness. Her orgasm began to boil deep within her cunt and was building toward release. She stopped momentarily to let the feeling subside a little then, began masturbating again. Maureen used a start and stop method of masturbating, to allow herself the maximum pleasure. Sometimes, she would hold off cumming for hours, then explode in a mind numbing orgasm that usually left her breathless, exhausted and ready to sleep. She continued playing with herself for nearly an hour and a half. Maureen was rapidly rushing toward orgasm, when the phone rang interrupting her. Maureen stopped masturbating, sighed deeply and answered the phone. It was Gordon.

“Hello, Maureen?”

“Yes, Hi Gordon, how are you,” she said as she wiped her sopping wet cunt with a tissue.

“I’ve been busy with Florence’s finances,” he replied. He explained that he called to ask if she might like to go out for dinner or a drink.

Maureen was happy he had called. She told him that she had eaten, but drinks and some conversation would be wonderful. They arranged for Gordon to pick her up at eight o’clock for cocktails and agreed to dress casually. Maureen selected a risqué, for her, mini skirt with a revealing top that displayed a lot more cleavage than she normally would show. When he picked her up, Gordon commented on how great she looked. They drove off to a lounge near his home. The lounge was dark, with candlelight booths. Just right for private conversation and drinks, away from prying eyes. They selected a booth near the rear of the lounge, dimly lit by candlelight from a fishbowl lantern. Gordon ordered a bottle of wine. Maureen sipped the wine and told Gordon that she had been re-reading ‘The Story of O’, when he called.

“Wonderful, Maureen, did you find it exciting again?” he asked anxiously.

“Yes…I did. I got aroused just reading some of those passages again,” she confided to him with a blush that he did not see because of the lighting.

Gordon breathed deeply and asked softly, “What parts did you read?”

“When O first went to the estate with her boyfriend,” she replied without looking him in the eyes. Her arousal began to stir within her again. Her panties were becoming damp from her juices that had not fully subsided from her masturbating. “I really got horny, when O was spanked, and stuff, by her boyfriend’s, friends.”

“That part was steamy,” he said, continuing the discussion. “Maureen become more aroused as they talked, and her juices continued to ooze within her cunt. She decided to be bold and enlist Gordon in her desire to live out a spanking fantasy.

“Gordon,” she began, speaking in measured words, “please don’t think of me as cheap or sleazy, but I really get excited about the kind of lifestyle O was involved in,” she swallowed hard and proceeded slowly. “I would like to try what she did. I want you to…to…to spank me,” she stammered. Now it was Gordon’s turn to swallow hard and speak with deliberate words.

“Well, yes I could do that, but in the book O was ‘initiated’ into the lifestyle by others, as her lover watched her, didn’t she?” he asked her, looking for some sign that she would concede the point. Maureen looked down at her wineglass and slowly replied.

“Yes, she did, but I…I don’t know how…how we could do that, do you?” Maureen was really aroused now. She thought she might cum, just from the thought of really being sexually spanked. She controlled her urges, waiting for Gordon to respond.

“Well, let’s go to my house and think about how we might go about doing this properly, O.K.?” he said hoping she would agree.

“Isn’t Florence and her friend there?” Maureen asked.

“Yes, but they are interested in each other, mostly, and would not care what we did,” he said with his fingers crossed.

“If you don’t think they would mind if we were there, I guess we could go,” Maureen agreed. Gordon Ataşehir Ucuz Escort quickly paid the check and led Maureen to his car. As they drove the short distance to Gordon’s home, he told her that his room was in the rear of the house and was nearly soundproof. Maureen’s heart was beating rapidly as they pulled into the driveway. She had some second thoughts, but quickly put them out of her mind. She was committed to this evening’s activity and did not want anything ruining it. Gordon walked her to the door and they entered. Maureen’s heart was racing. She could feel it pounding in her chest, and could feel her cunt throbbing as they walked into the living room.

As Gordon took her toward the stairs, Florence called out to them. “Hello, Maureen, isn’t it?” Florence asked. Maureen blushed and swallowed hard, as she turned to greet Florence, who was dressed in her red satin robe, bound tightly at the waist.

“Yes. Gordon was going to show me his room,” she blurted out.

Florence smiled and said. “Of course.” Gordon looked at his Mistress and then at Maureen, before stating their purpose for being there.

“Florence,” he stated calmly, using his Mistress’s first name to calm Maureen, “We are here for more than just seeing my room. Both Maureen and I have been reading and discussing ‘The Story of O’, and we thought we might try some of the bondage and light S & M that O experienced,” he paused for effect then continued, “if you don’t want us to…if you prefer that we go elsewhere, we understand.”

“No, no, I don’t mean to discourage you at all. I would encourage you to do whatever you both like, however, didn’t O have someone else initiate her, while her friend watched?” Florence asked as though trying to understand what was happening.

“Yes,” replied Maureen, “but there are only two of us, and we were going to try to experience O’s activity ourselves.”

“Why don’t you let me help?” Florence replied, “I could introduce you to light S & M while Gordon watches, if you like.” Maureen did not know what to say. Her purpose for being here was exposed. She was lost for a reply to a woman, that she barely knew, that had offered to spank her for Gordon’s and her enjoyment. Gordon saw an opportunity and grasped it.

“Maureen that would be perfect! It would be just like O’s experience. Let’s do it. What do you say?” he asked her. Maureen was too aroused to refuse. She could feel her panties becoming wetter, and she wanted to cum so badly, she would agree to anything.

“All right…I…I want to,” she said, as she resigned herself to Florence’s participation.

“Wonderful, Maureen,” said Florence. “Gordon, you take a seat in that large chair and leave Maureen’s initiation to me,” she hugged Maureen and told her that her fantasy would be fulfilled, and she would love it. Florence sat down on a straight padded chair and asked Maureen to remove her skirt and top. Maureen sighed and slowly unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Both Florence and Gordon could see that her panties were wet. She pulled her top over her head and tossed it to the floor on the skirt. She stood, clad only in her bra and panties. Florence remarked how beautiful Maureen’s body was and she should be very proud to look that good. Next, Florence asked Maureen to remove her bra. The young woman meekly complied, revealing her magnificent tits. Florence felt a tinge of pulsing in her cunt, as she viewed the firm tits and rock hard nipples thrusting out from them.

“Come closer, Maureen,” said Florence, as she examined her exposed tits with her hands. She rubbed the nipples very lightly and was secretly pleased as Maureen trembled slightly at her touch. Florence hooked her thumbs into Maureen’s string panties, pulled them down and off her feet. Her pussy, covered with curly red hair, was not fully visible beneath her pubic bush. “How beautiful you are, Maureen,” said Florence as she turned her around to look at her well-shaped firm asscheeks. She ran her hands over the cheeks and kneaded the pretty mounds with her fingers. Florence smiled at her young ‘victim’ and stood up to hug her.

“Alteisha,” called Florence and her slave entered the room, naked except for her collar. “My robe please,” Alteisha nodded and helped her Mistress remove her robe, revealing her naked body, with her tits and cunt fully exposed for all to see. “Maureen, this is Alteisha. She is my sex slave. I am her Mistress, and she is devoted to obeying my every order. Please don’t worry Alteisha will only do what I tell her. You have nothing to fear,” Florence told her as she took Maureen by the hand and led her back to her chair. Florence sat down and pulled Maureen’s naked body across her lap with her stomach on Florence’s thighs and her legs hanging down barely touching the floor.

Florence placed her left arm under Maureen’s abdomen, with her left hand palm up, under Maureen’s cunt. Maureen trembled, as Florence’s index finger parted her cuntlips, without touching or rubbing Maureen’s clit. “Maureen, I will give you twenty strokes. Five on each ass cheek then, I’ll pause, and give you five more on the other cheek. I’ll repeat the spanking until you receive the full twenty strokes. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ms Florence, I understand,” Maureen replied with some hesitation.

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