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This story is fictional and does not depict real life.


My name is Kira and I am 18. I am 5’2, with a big ass that men stare at all day long, including my teachers. I developed early so my tits are 36 Cs. I’m slim and oh did I mention?

I love sex. I love reading about sex, I love watching it online and I love to touch my little pussy until it cums. I’m going to tell you a story about my first time actually having sex. OK here it goes.

When I had just turned sixteen, my parents got divorced. This was for the best as my mom was a major bitch and my dad a huge jerk.

My dad likes to try to buy my love rather than spend time with me so when we moved into a gated community, I insisted on a house with a pool.

Then, I made my dad give me his credit card and I went out and bought the skimpiest bikinis I could find.

Not only did I love sex, I loved being watched.

One day, just after my 18th birthday, in the heat of the Florida summer, I decided to take a swim.

Now, let me tell you about my neighbors. Most are old and stuffy. My neighbor to the right is a man, about 35, with a boring wife and a bunch of kids.

Our fence is low and you can see into each other’s backyards. One day, I caught him watching me as I swam.

Since then, we had both teased each other. He would make it a point to work out when I was outside and I would make it a point to sunbath or swim when he was outside.

It never went farther than that. One day, I decided to take a swim. I had been watching porn in my room. Older guys and young girls like me. It really turned me on and after I got done having a mind blowing orgasm, I went for a swim.

My neighbor, Mr. Rob Richardson, was outside all ready. He was lifting weights and I practically drooled as his muscles flexed. I swam for a moment and then got out, feeling his eyes on me the whole time.

I made a show of setting up my towel and bending over so my great big round ass was on display for him. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw him watching.

I reached back, still bent over, and adjusted my bikini bottom, giving him a full view of my shaved virginal pussy. I heard him drop his weight and curse loudly. I laid down on the chair and untied my top. Keeping it covering my big tits, but let the straps antalya escort fall free. Now, I was watching Mr. Richardson.

He was watching me. I slipped on my sunglasses so I could keep watching him. He was sitting up and had his phone in his hand. I watched as he took pictures of me from across the yard.

He wanted a show did he? I suddenly stood up and stretched. As I did, my top feel down and my gorgeous tits were exposed for all to see. I went inside. I ran up to my room, which had a view of Mr. Richardson s backyard.

I saw as he stared down at his phone, looking at the pictures he had just taken of me. I watched as he took his long thick dick out if his shorts and began to stroke himself to my pictures! I could not believe it! He was masturbating to my pictures.

It made my little pussy ache and I wanted to taste his dick. Mr. Richardson let his hand go up and down, occasionally gripping his balls. My pussy was so wet, I had to touch it. I opened the window and listened carefully. I could hear Mr. Richardson moaning!

Was he thinking about putting his thick cock inside me? My virgin pussy wanted it. It wanted his cock deep inside. I began to rub my pussy and as Mr. Richardson climaxed, so did I. I screamed out my orgasm and Mr. Richardson looked up at me in alarm.

His face was shocked. He was caught, dick in hand, masturbating over a teenage just barely legal girl. He quickly shoved his cock in his pants and fled inside.

That night, Mr. Richardson left his bedroom blinds open and I watched as he fucked his wife. He licked her pussy and I wondered what it would feel like if he licked my pussy. He glanced over towards my room and winked at me as he kissed his wife.

His eyes were on me. Was he picturing me under him instead of his wife? His wife said something that I couldn’t understand and Mr. Richardson nodded. He began to stroke deep and hard and came.

His wife rolled over and went to sleep. Mr. Richardson knew I was watching. He motioned for me to go downstairs. I nodded and rushed downstairs.

I crept out the back door and met Mr. Richardson by the fence.

“I saw you taking pictures of my naked tits.” I said. He grimaced at my words.

“They are the best set of tits I’ve ever seen.” He said. He suddenly reached out and ripped down my shirt, causing it to tear.

He ripped it off of me and I stood, unashamed, with the tits free to the world.

“Did you take a picture of my pussy too?” I asked him.

“I wanted to, but you were too quick.” I nodded and slipped off my panties.

“Take a picture.” I said. He took my hand and whispered, “Come inside.”

I followed him into his house and into a back room. Once inside, we went through another door that had a lock on it.

I was naked, walking through my neighbor’s house. My tits hardened in desire and from the ice cold AC. We went into the room and he locked the door behind him.

“Don’t be afraid.” He said.

“I’m not.” I replied, laying down on the couch and opening my legs wide.

Mr. Richardson fell to his knees. His mouth watered as he stared at my pink little pussy. He grabbed his phone from a nearby table and started taking pictures. He had me get on my knees so my poufy little pussy stuck out.

He wanted to touch me, I could tell by the bulge in his shorts. He had me lay on my back and spread my legs.

“Finger yourself.” He said, his voice almost strained. I did, thinking about him jerking off earlier.

“Oh, you’re a good little slut, aren’t you?” he said. I moaned as a response.

“I saw you fucking your ugly wife.” I said boldly, my fingers sloshing in and out of my sopping pussy.

Mr. Richardson stopped taking pictures and put his phone aside. He stopped my hands from working my little pussy.

“I was thinking of fucking you.” He said. He picked me up in his arms and took me to the bed in the back of the room. He laid me down and tied my hands to the bedposts.

“I’m going to fuck you.” He said.

“You don’t care that I’m only 18?”

He took off his pants and began to stroke his cock.

“The fact that you’re only 18 makes me harder than I have ever been before. I am going to fuck you so hard. Are you a virgin?” I nodded, scared and excited all at the same time. His cock was so huge, I was sure it would split me!

He got on the bed and knelt in front of my pussy. He breathed n the sweet scent until he reached out his tongue and began to lap at my sweet tight little hole.

“I feel my orgasm coming!” I shouted. He kept licking my pussy, tasting my sweet nectar as. I sprayed him with my orgasm. He got up and made me kiss him, forcing his tongue deep in my mouth. I tasted my own juices and it excited me all over again.

“You are a virgin?” he asked again.

“Yes. I’m an innocent little virgin.” He smiled and kissed me again.

“It is going to hurt at first, but then it will feel good.” He said no more words and ran his thick dick along my slit, getting it nice and wet. Suddenly, he slammed into me and I screamed out in pain.

“No more!” I cried out.

He ignored me. He began to pant with pleasure as he rocked in and out of my tight virginal pussy. He had broken my virginal barrier and now I felt his long dick deep inside me. I was moaning in pleasure.

“Yeah, cum, cum all over my dick you nasty little bitch.” He pulled my hair with one hand and I came instantly.

He wasn’t through with me yet. He withdrew himself from me and stuck his cock in my mouth.

“Suck it.” He commanded. I eagerly lapped up my cum from his cock.

“Oh, your clumsy dick sucking turns me on so much! You truly are a virgin!”

After I sucked his cock for a moment, he pulled out of my mouth and started licking my pussy again. I knew I was going to cum again. I did and Mr. Richardson lapped it up like a thirsty dog.

“Oh, Mr. Richardson!!”

“You’re a dirty slut!” He said, slamming his cock into me again.

He grabbed up his phone and snapped some pictures of me tied up and under him. When he had taken his fill, he threw it back onto the table.

“I’m going to cum inside you because you’re a dirty whore. Do you understand me? You’re a dirty whore and you’re only MY dirty whore!”

“Yes, if you’re dirty whore. Cum, cum for me!” I bucked my hips and Mr. Richardson came deep inside me.

When he was done, he kissed me softly, as if he loved me. I smiled and felt a keen loss when he slid from me. He kissed and suckled my tits and then licked my nub again until I came again. When at last we were both spent, he untied me. He threw his shirt at me and led me outside.

“Same time tomorrow, baby.” He said, kissing me passionately.

I moaned and he reached under the shirt and fingered my pussy. I was so wet and sensitive from our sexual activity. He kissed me again and then turned and left. From that day on, I was his dirty little whore.

Well that my story how I lost my virginity to my neighbor. Hope you enjoyed it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32