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It was a warm sunny week day morning in February this year; and i had a rostered day off, so i decided to head to the local nudist beach to catch some rays and take a skinny dip in the beautiful blue waters…

I quickly gathered some essentials for the trip, like my bikini, towel, sunscreen and other assorted items… and headed for the door… The drive to the beach was uneventful, although my inner loins were tingling with anticipation at who might be down there already…

I arrived to find the carpark almost empty except for bmw and a volkwagon camper… It was still quite early when i arrived so i wasn’t surprised that there were only two cars here at this early time… This also meant that i could quickly go into the change rooms and switch into my new pink bikini without delay…

The water looked amazing as it lapped at the shoreline, and i quickly setup an area for my towel and other things. At this point i noticed the beach was completely empty, and that’s when i thought about the other two cars that were parked when i arrived.

I thought maybe, they had hooked up already, and were in the midst of a sand dune wriggle. fikirtepe escort so without delay i decided to take a walk along the beach to see if i could discover their hiding spot and sneak a peek at the action so to speak.

After a short while i noticed some movement in the dunes and i decided to investigate immediately. Upon clearing the crest of the dune, i noticed a small track leading to a rather bushy area amongst the sand dunes that did provide some shelter from the wind and sun. Under the trees were two naked men, engaged in what i can only say was passionate sex.

My eyes were transfixed on the erotic seen before me, so i stayed quiet and sat down in the sand so i could observe them without disturbance. i watched as one of the men slowly moved his hips back and fourth and i knew his cock was filling his partners tight warm ass with each thrust forward.

i could see the guy receiving was eager to take more of this cock, as he kept pulling the other man into him to meet each thrust. I couldn’t believe how hot this felt, spying on complete strangers as they fucked each other relentlessly.

The gebze escort scene in front of my eyes was so sexy that i began to stroke myself through the thin bikini material hiding my girlie cock. I was hard already and with a few strokes from my talented hand i was ready to shoot my load right there in front them.

It was at this point i noticed the guy being fucked had spotted me spying on them and he signalled with a curl of his long finger for me to cum and join them. i unashamedly stroked my rock hard cock eagerly as i walked over to them both and pointed my stiff cock towards his open mouth.

The guy fucking grabbed my neck and pulled me into a deep kiss as he continued ramming his cock deep inside while his pal slid his warm wet mouth back and forth all over my slick smooth girl dick. It was so fucking hot and sexy and primal all once.

At this point the guy i was french kissing let go and shot his load deep inside the femme boy with his legs spread and my cock in his mouth… I felt his mouth tingle around my cock as his partner filled his bottom with warm sticky white cum. As he pulled his softening cock from içerenköy escort the well used ass, i watched as cum started to leak from his open stretched hole.

i couldn’t resist i needed to taste it so i bent down and ran tongue from the start of the dribble to the opening of his hole, and then i flicked at the opening and darted my tongue in and out a few times, before sliding my tongue across the skin between his cock and balls. Then i took his balls in my mouth and swirled them around, feeling his dick spring to life immediately as i did.

I asked him if he would like to let me take it for a ride, and of course having received my excellent oral services he was only too happy to oblige. I got on my hands and knees in the sand, and spread my legs wide. He moved behind my spread legs, while his mate started to spur him on by stroking his hot hardening cock again in front of us.

This was great my face was only inches away from his hard slick cock and my mind was distracted as the other cock slipped quickly into my open bum and was quickly bouncing back and forth against me.

This really was heating up, so i grabbed the cock in front of me with open mouth and sucked him in deep as his bottom mate, slammed my ass from behind. i was a total cock whore, legs spread and mouth open wide, taking cock from both ends like a good girl should…

(to be continued… if people want more…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32