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paul stood nude in the bedroom door, his towel hanging over his shoulder, with a stunned, puzzled expression on his face. nikki followed his gaze and smiled as she saw what had caught his eye. She had more surprises in store for him this evening, and this was only the first.

“What are THOSE doing in here? Did I bring them in?”, he asked, his brow furrowing as he tried to think of any reason he would have brought chains into the bedroom. He scratched his cheek idly, obviously trying to come up with some explanation.

“No, dear”, nikki said with a smile. “I did. Do you remember what we talked about at dinner last week?” She took a deep breath and stretched out on the bed invitingly, her breasts jutting upward, her eyes boring into his.

“Last week…we went to… Bennett’s, right? That place over on 43rd. And we talked about… Talked… oh…” His voice trailed off and his eyes widened a bit as the conversation came back to him. Slowly, he looked at her.

“That’s right”, she said huskily. As smoothly and silently as a cat, she got off the bed and came towards him, pausing right in front of him. She took his hands in hers and gazed into his eyes.

“We talked about sex. We talked about power games. We talked about domination – and submission. You DO remember that conversation, don’t you?”

“Um… yeah”, he answered unsteadily, his eyes darting back toward the chains on the floor. “But I didn’t think… I mean, I wasn’t..”

“Serious?”, she finished for him. He nodded, looking a bit dazed, his eyes still on the cold steel on the bedroom floor. “You weren’t serious when you said that bossing me around would be a turn-on? You weren’t serious when you said that you bossing me around would be a turn-on? You weren’t serious when you said that some time, you’d like to play with those ideas some more? You DID say those things, lover. You sat right there in that restaurant and told me you’d love to see me lying there, unable to move. Do you remember saying that? And now you’re telling me you weren’t serious?”

“Ahhh…. um…” paul paused, his face reddening, and licked his lips nervously. “I just… never thought… I guess I did… but… God, nikki, I don’t know… chains? I don’t know if I could…”

nikki smiled gently as she grabbed the towel and dropped it to the floor. She then put her hands on her lover’s cheeks, and gently turned him around as she spoke in a low voice.

“Ah, but you CAN, lover. You can. I know you can. I get turned on too you know. I told you that. Thinking about lying on the bed.. helpless… knowing you’re in control… Such a turn-on. And then I think about having you under my control. Obeying me. Doing everything I tell you to do, and knowing you’re doing it because you know it pleases me. I get so turned on thinking of that. So turned on…”

nikki was slowly guiding paul backwards as she spoke. A few seconds later, paul bumped into the bed. nikki laughed softly and pushed very lightly, sending paul toppling backwards onto the bed. Before he could recover, she was upon him, propping his head and neck on the pillows and again cradling his face in her hands. Straddling him, she leaned down, very close to his face, and stared into his eyes.

“So turned on”, she continued softly. “I get so turned on thinking about power. Thinking about the power you have, the power to make me hot and wet with just a kiss. The power I have, the power to make you hard with just a look. One look, one glance, and your cock gets hard. Just one drop of my eyelashes and your cock gets so hard. You know it’s true. You know I have that power over you, just as you have a power over me.”

“And now I have the power. You’re nervous, but you’re hard, and that fact alone gives me POWER. You’re hard, and you know I can do the things that you want done to a hard cock. You know I can suck it. You know I can fuck it. I can take it in my mouth, or my pussy, and make it explode. I can touch it. I can breathe on it. I can control whether you cum or not. I have that power. I have the power to make you cum.”

paul was silent, staring up at his lover in astonishment. He had never seen this side of her before, and was wondering if he was even ready for it. The sight of the cold steel chains on the floor hovered in the back of his mind, along with visions of being bound tightly to the bed, helpless to resist his lover’s wildest desires. And, to his surprise, his cock grew even harder. nikki chuckled as she noticed.

“Yes, you see? I just talk to you and it gets bigger. Harder. Am I making things hard for you, lover? Am I making you nervous? That’s too bad, you really need to relax. Why not just relax, just lie back and relax and trust me to take care of you. Trust me to use my power wisely. Just relax and let my power overwhelm you. Feel yourself sinking into my power, deeper and deeper into my power, feel it surrounding you, all around you, feel yourself falling into my power. You know you can’t resist the power I have over you. You Ataşehir Olgun Escort know it’s useless to resist. Just let go, stop trying to fight it, just let go and relax and let it happen. Let it happen, lover. Let go…..”

Her eyes seemed to be floating above him. Her voice droned in his ears, soft and reassuring and… powerful. He wasn’t ready for this, he thought, he wasn’t ready for this sudden display of authority. He stared up at her, so shaken he was unable to speak, as his disjointed thoughts tried to coalesce. His body seemed frozen as well, paralyzed by the intensity of her words and the suddenness of her actions.

“Let go. Just relax and trust me. You can see it in my eyes, you can see that you can trust me. Look into my eyes and you will see that. Look deeper, lover, look me in the eye and know that you can trust me to use my power wisely. Yes, darling, look deeper, relax, notice how soothing you find it to look deeply into my eyes. Feel the warmth of my hands on you, feel the tenderness as I hold you. Look into my eyes and let my voice relax you, let your nervousness fade away. Let it fade away, let everything fade away as you relax and allow me to take care of you. I will take care of you, darling, I will take care of you like no one ever has. I will care for you very well, I will allow you to relax and feel so good, so very very good. Relax now and let your tensions go, feel them disappearing, and now they are all gone, all gone, and there is only trust and relaxation remaining. Trust and relaxation, relaxation and trust. Relax, lover, relax and trust me. Sink deeper into my power, deeper and deeper, deeper into my eyes. Trust me, my darling. Relax completely, and trust me. Relax. Let go, lover. Let go. Let go right now.”

His head was swimming, he found it impossible to think clearly. Her eyes hovered there, wide and deep and brown and warm. It felt as if he was floating up into them, up into their warmth and safety, away from this confusing situation he had found himself in. There was refuge in her eyes, safety in her voice. He could trust her. Her eyes beckoned to him as her voice urged him on, soft words of comfort and confidence. His muddled mind saw only one chance to escape the images of the chains on the floor. In his lover’s eyes he saw safety. In her voice he heard love.

She saw his eyes glaze over as he slipped into a light trance. Her heart skipped a few beats as she quickly began to deepen that state.

“Oh, darling, thank you for trusting me, thank you so much. Go deeper now, relax even more completely, just let every muscle and nerve go. It feels so good, so very good, to just let go of everything and allow me to care for you. I will care for you, paul my love, I will take care of your every need and desire.” Including the need to do something about that rock-hard cock, she thought with growing excitement.

“Isn’t it wonderful to just drift freely, darling, isn’t it wonderful to just let go of everything and let me care for you? Allow me to care for you, paul, dear. Allow me to do everything for you. Everything…”

He smiled then, a vague, dreamy smile of happiness. Allow her to do everything. That idea seemed like such a turn-on…. It was his last voluntary thought for quite some time, and in the dim reaches of his mind it seemed as if the last thing he remembered hearing was a faraway sound that sounded like steel against steel. At her soft command, his glassy eyes closed, and he sank totally under her hypnotic spell.

She continued to speak, to work with him, to tell him about places he had never known existed. His conscious mind was aware of none of this. He lay there, utterly enthralled, as his lover prepared him for her own special brand of care. She knew that when he awakened, he would have no idea of what had happened. All he would know was that he had seen the chains, then lay down on the bed with her after a short, nervous conversation.

And after a while, awaken he did. The fog in his mind seemed to lift slowly, a little at a time. Finally, his thoughts cleared, his eyes opened, and he found himself lying on his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“I’m glad you finally woke up. I was wondering if you were going to sleep all day.”

Somewhat groggily, he shook his head and turned in the direction the voice had come from. His lover was sitting in the chair at the desk in the corner of the bedroom. She was watching him with a very smug smile.

“Huh?”, he stammered with great effort. His mouth felt as dry as a leaf in the fall. He swallowed several times and tried again. “Huh?” A great improvement in his voice, he noted with satisfaction. “All day?”, he then asked as he tried to stretch his limp, heavy muscles.

She laughed at his expression. Dumbfounded, he stared at her as she stood up and walked over to the bed. She wore only a front-closure bra and a pair of tiny panties.

“I hope you’re comfortable”, she purred. You’re going to be like that for the Ataşehir Sarışın Escort rest of the day.”

“What are you talking about?”, he asked, a slight twinge of panic starting to blossom. “Day? What day? What do you mean I’ll be like this all day? What’s going on?”

She leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. He tried to put his arms around her, but something restrained him. A cold fear swept over him as he heard, or thought he heard, a strangely familiar sound. Flexing his hands, he paled as he felt a cold hardness around his wrists. He gaped up at nikki as a tentative movement of his feet brought about the same lack of results – and the same sound, the same clink of cold steel, and the same feeling of something around his ankles.

“My God”, he gasped. “God, nikki, what on earth are you doing?”

She smiled tenderly and blew him a kiss.

“Remember, lover. Trust me. you have to trust me.”

Slowly, he nodded. His pounding heart gradually slowed its pace. He had to trust her. He had no choice, really.

He was chained to his own bed. His own girfriend had chained him to his own bed.

She patted his chest lightly, smiling happily. “Good. Thank you. Do you remember my saying I would care for you?”

He blinked, wondering what she was talking about. A distant, hazy recollection, like a memory from long ago, came to him. Talk of trust, and caring, and… desire. He nodded, his face flaring. She laughed.

“Honey, how long have we been together? two years, right? Why on earth are you blushing? Why would the idea of my caring for you embarrass you in any way? I care for you when you’re hurt, or sick. Why can’t I care for you when you’re in ecstasy as well?”

His face reddened even more. He wasn’t used to talking about ecstasy, all he had ever done was felt it – or so he’d thought. He was about to be proven wrong.

“I hope those aren’t too tight?”, she asked, nodding towards his wrists. He shuddered as he again became aware of the chains around his wrists and ankles, chains which prevented any movement. After a struggle, he realized that he could not even move enough to actually see the chains which held him so effectively. He took a deep, ragged breath and shook his head.

“No, they’re OK. I mean… Jesus, did I really just say that?” For the first time, he laughed, albeit somewhat nervously.

“Yes, you did”, she said with a giggle. “It’s nice that you got used to it so quickly. I mean, look”, she said, pointing to his groin.

He tipped his head and saw the head of his cock waving high in the air. It was a measure of his state of mind that he hadn’t even been aware that his cock had begun expanding as soon as he’d realized he was chained to the bed. She smiled and held her hand over his groin.

“Last week we talked about power. We talked about it for a few moments more recently, but I doubt you’ll remember that”, she added with a grin. Her hand moved closer to his swaying cock until he could feel the heat of it. He squirmed, trying to move closer to her hand, trying to make contact with her hand, hoping she would take his cock in that hand and…

“This IS power”, she said softly. “This is what power is. I have something you want. I have the ability to give you pleasure. I have the power to please you…” She placed the palm of her hand on the tip of his cock, let it rest there for just a few seconds, and moved it away again. “…or not. That choice is mine. That is what gives me the power”, she said as he groaned. “I have the power to please you – IF you please me.”

“How can I do that if I’m… Jesus, if I’m chained to the fucking bed?”, he asked hoarsely.

Her smile widened, and she sat on the bed beside him.

“I’m glad you asked that question.”

She leaned over and breathed on his cock, the warm air making it jerk and twitch. He shuddered, wishing she would just release him and fuck him. God, it was really amazing how aroused he was, he thought.

She glanced at him, her eyes gleaming with delight, and ran her tongue up and down his shaft, just once. He groaned again, shaking like a leaf. “Oh, God, nikki, let’s stop this crap and just screw, OK? Come on, let me go, please? nikki? Come on, let me go.”

She smiled devilishly and sat up again.

“That’s really very good, but you don’t have it quite right. You want to cum. That’s obvious. It’s also obvious that the only way you’re going to cum any time soon is with my help. Right?”

He nodded warily, his cock still waving, his body still trembling as the memory of the sensations of her tongue on his cock raced through his mind. “But if you let me go…”

“I’m not going to let you go, darling. Don’t even ask me again. Remember, I am the one who can make you cum – and I’m also the one that can make you so hot and horny you’ll be ready to explode – and then just leave you there.”

He blinked, and his mouth fell open, as the first glimmer of understanding Ataşehir Şişman Escort came to him.

“You wouldn’t…”

She smiled and nodded.

“Yes. I would.”

“Jesus”, he breathed, again looking at the head of his cock hovering in the air.

“So. Where was I? Oh, yes. I was saying you were doing good, but you didn’t quite have it right yet. I liked hearing you say please to me a few minutes ago. You never say please when we make love any more. I like hearing you say please. I like hearing you ask for what you want. In fact – I think I’d LOVE to hear you… BEG – for what you want.”

He blinked again. She smiled down at him, enjoying his reaction.

“Well?”, she asked.

“Well what? Hey, if you have these damn chains on me, shouldn’t you be dressed in, like, leather or something?” His comment had nothing to do with her question, of course, but his mind was trying to cope with the idea of begging, and he was stalling for time. He wasn’t at all prepared for her laughter.

“God, honey, you think all it takes to have power is a leather outfit? You think a leather outfit is powerful? Watch this.”

Slowly, she stood. Staring into his eyes, she slowly slid two fingers into the upper edge of her panties, one on each side. Just as slowly, she slid them down, sliding her panties off inch by agonizing inch. He watched, straining at his bonds, his cock growing even harder with each passing second. She stepped out of her panties, leaving them lying on the floor, and took the clasp of her bra between her fingers. Still gazing at him, she undid the clasp and tugged her bra to the sides, exposing her full breasts. He groaned and writhed on the bed, unable to reach for her, unable to do anything about his raging hard-on. Her bra fell to the floor and she stood beside the bed, totally nude.

“Who needs leather”, she asked very quietly. “Look at the power my body has over you even when I wear nothing at all.”

“Please get me out of here”, he gasped, struggling against his bonds to reach for her. “Please let me go. I understand now, I don’t need to do this any more. I have to have you now. I have to have you…”

She laughed again. “YOU have to? What about what I have to? You’ve proven right there that I’m the one with the power right now. You don’t get what you want without my allowing it. And I told you not to ask me to let you go again, didn’t I?”

He looked stricken as he recalled that she had indeed said not to ask again. His mind reeled as he pictured her turning on her heels and walking out the door, leaving him there, hard and unsatisfied. He nodded slowly.

“Yeah. Sorry. I won’t again.”

“I know you won’t”, she said with a smile. “Like I said, you were pretty close just now. You just have to aim in the right direction and you’ll be all right.”

He shook his head, having no idea what she was talking about. She sat down on the bed again and held her hand over his cock.

“I have power right now, and I like it. I love watching you squirm, I love watching your face when I do things like this…” Quickly, she formed a circle with her thumb and forefinger, and slid it down the length of his rod, and back up again, squeezing just enough to make him moan in ecstasy.

She looked at him as she continued. “I get pleasure from this. I get pleasure from your reactions, from knowing YOU are getting pleasure from this. Admit it, this turns you on more than you ever dreamed it would, doesn’t it?”

His face crimson, he nodded. She grinned at him as she stroked his cock one more time, savoring his reaction.

“I thought you might. And, since I’m the one with the power, I think it only fair that you ask politely when you want me to share some of it with you. A little while ago you were asking me to let you go. That’s a no-no, as I explained. What you SHOULD be asking me is to allow you to cum. That’s all you really want, isn’t it? That’s why you wanted me to undo those chains, so you could fuck me and cum, right?” He nodded, red-faced, beginning to suspect what was going to be next.

“I don’t want to fuck right now – but I wouldn’t mind seeing you cum. But you can’t do that without my help, can you?” He shook his head, feeling the growing certainty of what was in store.

“So. That makes the answer quite obvious. I have to make you cum. If I want to. If you can convince me you really, honestly want to.” She fell silent, waiting for his reaction, anticipating it and savoring it.

“And… um… Just how do I convince you?”, he asked, suspecting the answer and both dreading it and finding it incredibly arousing.

Her eyes smoldered as she stared at him.

“Beg me”, she said huskily.

“Oh, Jesus”, he moaned, his body shuddering. His eyes screwed shut and his muscles twitched as the reality of the situation finally hit him.

“Beg me”, she said again, her voice low and urgent. “Beg me. Beg me to let you cum. Beg me to touch you, beg me to suck you, beg me to make you scream with pleasure. Come on, paul, beg me. Beg me to let you cum.”

The look on his face was priceless, more erotic than anything nikki had ever seen. The expression of pure helplessness, of pure desire, of pure blind passion, drove her to a level of desire she’d never known before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32