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St. Louis is a town that I have not been back to since I graduated college over 20 years ago. When the opportunity came up to go a work convention in my old stomping ground I jumped at it. Even though most of my friends are not living in the area, I still wanted the chance to relive my youth.

The one person that I do know that still calls St. Louis home is an old girlfriend of mine. Nina and I have one of those casual relationships . You know , the kind that you take turns calling each other every few months.

When we were a couple we were pretty hot and steamy. She was my first true sexual relationship since my high school days were on the lame side. Once we started doing it, we couldn’t stop. In the months that we dated, it never got boring. We did it any time or place and in any position. You name it, we did it. You may ask why we ended our time together, but that is a story for another time. What is most important is that we remained friends.

When I called Nina to let her know that I was going to be in town for a few days, she insisted that I stay at her estate. After college, Nina struck it rich by marrying a neurosurgeon in his last year of residency. She did not have to put up with the crap of medical school or most of the training and gets to reap all of the benefits. She of course does not work, and a big decision for her is which outfit to wear to the club for lunch. She has a team of servants including a maid, cook, chauffeur, and gardener. Living in the lap of luxury for a few days was impossible to turn down.

When I got off the plane, Nina’s car service was waiting for me at the gate. There was vodka and rum waiting for in the car. I felt it was rude to not partake of the generosity so I fixed myself a drink. The drive went by quickly.

Sitting in the car I noticed something white sticking out from the seat crack. Not thinking about it, I pulled on the cloth and out came a pair of women’s panties. At that moment, we pulled up the front of the mansion, so I quickly pushed the silk and lace undergarment back between the seats. I gave no thought as to whose they were.

When I entered the front door, Nina was just coming in from playing tennis on her personal lighted courts. She ran over and gave me a hug and kiss. I blushed a little at the affectionate greeting.

“How was your trip, “she asked

“The flight was smooth and the ride over was great,” I replied as my voice cracked slightly.

She was dressed in one of those short little tennis outfits and her nipple hard on was showing through the top. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her skin was glistening due the light layer of sweat from playing tennis. I forgot how gorgeous she was since it had been so long since I last saw her.

“I want to let you know that you have the run of the house and that I cleared my schedule. George is away playing golf in Hilton Head and I want to spend as much time as we can together this weekend,”she blurted out with a smile.

We made plans for an early dinner the next night since my old fraternity was throwing a party that I wanted to attend. I have always kept in touch with the house so I wanted to show my support.

I wished her a good night sleep and told her not to let the bed bugs bite. The funny thing is, I could have sworn I heard her purr when I mentioned bitting. It must have been my imagination.

When I awoke the next morning, breakfast was already on the table. Nina was not up yet since it was very early. I had to get to the conference and take care of business. There was a huge spread on the table but as I sat down, a beautiful tall blond in one of those skimpy maids outfits brought out a hot cup of coffee. I could not help noticing her white, silk and lace panties as she bent over to pick up something that I “accidentally” dropped on the floor. It seems like the high and mighty doctor had a patient on the side.

After finishing breakfast, I ran to the conference. Even Ataşehir Sınırsız Escort though I spent the whole day at the conference, I had trouble taking my mind off of those luscious white milky thighs and the breasts that went along with them.

After the educational and boring conference, I was looking forward to dinner with Nina. When I returned to the mansion, I showered and freshened up for dinner. Nina, was already at the table when I came in. She got up to greet me and I got a look at the long light blue, tight fitting, silky dress she was wearing. It showed off just enough, but kept the mind guessing.

We made small talk and had a few drinks as we waded through the first few courses. She surprised me by remembering that duck was my favorite and again was smirking when it was brought out by yet another beautiful blond. Only this time, it was the cook. She was not wearing a skimpy outfit but it was tight fitting and got my imagination kicked into second gear. I of course noticed the outline of her lace panties through her pants. I wondered to myself what color they were.

We finished eating and went on to desert and a nightcap It was the most unbelievable chocolate mouse with homemade whipped cream. Nina seemed to really go crazy for it. She kept slowly licking her spoon trying to get every morsel. The strange thing is that she never took her eyes off of me the whole time.

After dinner, Nina was nice enough to have her car service take me to the fraternity house. It had been a long time since I partied hard, so it was not long before I started to get tipsy. As I remembered, the more you drink, the better looking the girls get. Since I am divorced, I was flirting big time, but the ladies did not seemed interested in an old geezer. Since I still had to get up early for the conference the next morning I called it a night.

Even though I was sleepy from the drinks at dinner and than the party, my mind kept flashing between the beautiful blond maid and the beautiful blond cook. A night with either might just give me a heart attack!

I crawled into my king size bed and was just starting to doze off when I heard the door creak open. Almost instantaneously I felt someone grab my left arm. My first reaction was to jump up and get out of bed, but than someone grabbed my right arm. Like my left arm, it was quickly being tied to the bedpost with what felt like rope.

I began thrashing around being that my arms were immobilized and it was pitch dark in the room. My mind started racing. Was I being robbed? Who was doing this to me? All of a sudden my legs were under siege. It felt like a thousand hands were all over me. Before I knew it, my legs were both tied down.

I realized that I was so surprised that I wasn’t screaming. I opened up my mouth to let out a howl to maybe get some help and I felt something get shoved in cutting off my scream. All that came out was a muffled whimper. I felt a strap get pulled around the back of my head and get tied into place.

Here I was tied spread eagle on my back with something stopping me from talking. As my eyes began to get adapted to the darkness and I saw what looked like three people walking around my room. It was almost as if they sensed that I was starting to regain my site when a blindfold snuffed out whatever little vision I had. Now I was really in a jam. I was truly helpless.

A feminine voice rang out from the darkness,”Now that you aren’t going anywhere for a while we are going to relax and catch our breath. You put up quite a fight.” A few seconds later the door slammed shut.

I felt like I was laying there for hours but I know it was only a few minutes before the door creaked open again.

A different female voice sweetly whispered into my ear, “We are going to prepare you now. You will not be hurt in any way.”

I felt a cool damp towel on the inner part of my thighs and my balls and penis. It was replaced with a warm towel Ataşehir Suriyeli Escort which actually didn’t feel that bad. What came next was a buzzing sound and what felt like a vibrator running up and down my private parts. I realized that I was being shaved. I felt ashamed and scared at the same time. What was I being prepared for?.

The vibration was replaced with the damp towel and than shaving cream was applied to the same area. It seems that I was going to get a close shave. With every scrape of the razor my erection became more pronounced. My balls felt cold, yet alive. Once my “shave” was complete I was once again toweled off. This time the towel did not just stick to my front though. I felt two hands raise my ass off of the bed while the towel moistened and thoroughly cleaned it off. It felt odd to have another person do that since the last time was when I was in diapers.

I thought that they were done with the preparation when I felt a tube inserted into my freshly cleaned asshole. I have had many sexual experiences including anal sex, but I never imagined that mine would become the focus of attention. It was not painful, but it felt odd. All of a sudden my bladder started to fill up with a warm liquid and I realized I was getting an enema. As the liquid continued to enter me, the pressure became immense. It felt like a thousand people were sitting on my bladder. Right before the explosion releasing the contents of my bladder, a cold bedpan was placed under my ass. If the pressure wasn’t enough to deal with, I felt the touch of a hand across my freshly shaved balls. I couldn’t hold it a second longer. The release was like an orgasm, only more intense. My body shook and convulsed for what seemed like forever and as quickly as the tube was placed into my ass, it was removed. There was little to no hesitation in the actions of those who held me captive. I had the feeling that this was not the first time they had made this preparation.

“You are now ready to meet your mistress,” were the next words that I heard from two voices in unison. The door opened and I heard the clicking of high heeled shoes on the wood floor coming closer.

“Mmmmmmmmph, mmmmmmmpph mmph,” was not what I meant to say, but that was all that came out of my mouth due to my gag.

“Please do not fight me anymore. You are my captive and are now mine,”said a different feminine voice.

This voice was not like all of the others. It was almost familiar but different in some way.

“You will learn to serve me and those who serve me,” said that hypnotic voice.

With that my gag was removed and water was poured down my parched throat. I took in a gasp of air but before I could say a word someone sat on my face.

“You are now going to lick clean and give pleasure to my favorite pet. Stick out your tongue and don’t stop until you are told.”

I did not want to anger anyone at this point considering my predicament. I began to lick like there was no tomorrow. Her pussy tasted wonderful. I felt no hair scratching my face so I assume she was also shaved. Within minutes, the body attached to that sweet pussy began to convulse. The juices were going all over when she was ordered to get off. Another pussy quickly replaced the first.

“You did such a great job, I decided to let my other pet enjoy your talents as well,” said my captor.

Again I began to lap at the hairless pussy in front of me. By this time my mouth and tongue were beginning to get tired. I began to slow down my pace and than I felt someone grab and twist my nipple. I guess it got the desired response when I picked up my pace.

All of sudden I felt something moist caressing my anus. A tongue was probing and tickling the edges and venturing in and out of my hole. The pleasure of the tongue bath drew my attention away from my primary duty, the pussy on top of my face. I got another pinch and twist of my nipple as a reminder to keep up the pace. The pussy Ataşehir İranlı Escort in my face started to shake and shimmy and I heard a tremendous moan. The convulsions ceased and immediately the both women’s juices were wiped off of my face. More water was poured down my throat and I was given a minutes break. I breathed deep and hard trying to catch my breath.

My struggle to regain myself the best I could was difficult considering the pleasure I was feeling from my tongue bath. The softness and playful nature of that tongue was mind blowing. I was concentrating on the pleasure, and I didn’t realize that another gag was strapped around the back of my head. I couldn’t tell what was different about this one but it felt heavier.

The tongue that was darting in and out of my asshole was quickly replaced by a finger. They must have used some sort of lubrication since it slid right in. Soon two and than three fingers were pulsing in and out. It felt like I was alive for the very first time.

Next thing I knew, something hard started to press into my anus. I began to squirm at the immense pressure, but the caress of several sets of hands on my chest seemed to ease the pain. Before I knew it, my asshole was enveloping this long plastic phallus. When I thought that I could not take in anymore, I did. I felt the thighs of the wearer of this device brush up against my own. What a turn on!

The next thing I knew, I felt the weight of a person bucking up and down on top of my face. What was she doing? What was making her moan as she now did? Whatever it was, I was a part of her pleasure.

At the same time I was being violated and somehow giving another woman pleasure, I felt another woman climb on and take my penis into her pussy. She was so wet I could almost taste it. I was getting what any man in the entire world wanted, three women at once. I am not sure that anyone would have imagined it would be like this.

This groups gyration kept going for several minutes. The moaning and groaning was like a chorus. All of a sudden the blindfold which had blocked my vision was ripped off. There were mirrors all over the room. They were on the ceiling, and all of the walls. I saw the three women all over me and immediately felt my orgasm starting to come to a head. There was a woman sitting on my face, one on my torso and another straddling my ass.

Since my eyes were slowly getting light adapted, I did not recognize the faces of the three women. I couldn’t hold it any longer. My entire body began convulsing. I shot my load and had the most intense feeling I have ever had. Slowly, the moaning and groaning stopped and the women began to peel themselves off of me. Finally, the faces of my captors cam in to focus. The beautiful blond maid had been straddling a penis shaped gag that was stopping me from talking. The beautiful blond cook was removing herself from around my waist.

The final participant was the shocker. Nina stood before my eyes wearing a strap on dildo. She walked over and removed the gag from my mouth. I honestly had nothing say. I was so surprised.

“You will now refer to me as Mistress Nina. You are lucky that I let you have pleasure at all on your first night as my pet.” Not many are that lucky,” Nina stated.

“You will return one weekend a month to serve me and my other pets and you will learn to love it,” said my new Mistress.

“Do not speak to me now. Gina and Tina will release you from the ropes that bind you. They will wash and clean you inside and out. Do not try to fight them in any manner or you will be very sorry,” reported Mistress Nina.

With that, she strolled out of the room with the strap on still between her legs. Gina and Tina released my arms and legs and bathed me in one on the giant whirlpools at the mansion. I was lead back to my room and upon stepping inside the door was slammed shut and the lock clicked into place. I guess this was a subtle way of letting me know that my vacation had just been extended.

As I lay down to finally go to sleep, I realized that both the cook and the maid were both wearing white, lace and silk panties. Was it the doctor or the doctor’s wife that had the patients on the side? Just than a terrible thought popped into my head: What would tomorrow night bring?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32