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As you enter the Seattle Aquarium with Michelle and her classmates, you can’t believe that you actually volunteered to be a chaperone for her class field trip. Here you are surrounded with 27 hyped up kids wanting to see everything at once and not a single one of the mom’s that volunteered is hot either. So, there you are looking at the Window on Washington Waters checking out all of the fish, hoping this day will fly by, when your ears pick up the sound of heels clicking on the tile floor.

You immediately snap your head around and see a beautiful brunette walking by heading into the aquarium. As you watch her go you see that she has on 3″ heels and a very sexy looking skirt/suit jacket. The wiggle in her hips captivates your attention so much that you don’t notice Michelle’s class leaving until she has to call your name to get your attention. Which causes the other chaperone’s to look in your direction, see what has caught your attention and give you a bit of a look of disgust. You just shrug and follow after the class wondering what that beautiful lady is doing here.

As the class makes their way to see the River Otters, you can’t keep the image of that woman’s backside out of your mind. Too bad you hadn’t caught a glimpse of what she looked like from the front. As the class heads to the Fur Seals and Sea Otters you can’t believe your luck as you spot your beauty talking to one of the attendants near the Harbor Seals exhibit.

Since she is partially turned toward you, you can see that she is quite endowed upstairs and has one of the most beautiful faces you have ever seen. She has on red lipstick which seems to match her fingernails, and as you had guessed she is wearing a conservative skirt suit with a white blouse underneath.

You have to make sure you don’t stare too much as you don’t need any more trouble from the other chaperones. As the kids seem to float here and there you make your way to where she is standing and though you want to stop and talk to her, you keep walking and as you do, you inhale her perfume which causes you to smile and drift into a bit of a trance, though you could swear that she looked at you as you passed by.

As the class moves on you turn to see if your beauty is still around, but she must have left while you were off in la-la land. The class continues with the tour spending plenty of time looking at the Shore Birds and Alcids along with everything on the lower level. But alas, there are no more signs of your beauty. By this time it is time for lunch and so you help the other chaperones herd the kids into the café and get their boxed lunch which was prearranged with the aquarium.

As you hand out the lunches you notice off in the corner is your beauty sitting with samsun escort what looks like an administrator for the aquarium, as he is in a suit and tie, talking and eating lunch. You can’t believe your luck and position yourself so you have an unobstructed view of her as she sits and eats. Fortunately, the kids finish before she does and so you and the other chaperones herd the kids back into the aquarium to finish looking at everything.

As you watch Michelle and some of her friends touching things in the Touch Pool, you hear the click-click of heels getting closer. This time you decide not to draw so much attention to yourself and wait for her to pass, but she never does. You begin to look around when you feel her presence next to you.

She whispers in your ear that she thinks you are incredibly hot and that if you want to see what her tits look like up close and personal you need to nonchalantly follow her to the family bathroom. As she heads towards the bathrooms, you quickly find another chaperone and let them know that your stomach is not feeling right and that you are going to the bathroom.

As you round the corner you see the door to the family bathroom open a crack and a finger signaling you to enter. You open the door and step to the right and as the door closes and locks you feel her reach out and run her hand up your chest. She has the overhead light off, but there is a light above the sink that gives you just enough light to be able to see that she is just as beautiful as you first thought.

As she presses her body close to yours you begin to speak, but she merely covers your mouth with hers and begins to passionately kiss you. She continues like this for quite some time all the while she is running her hands all over your body, making sure to stop and squeeze your ass as much as possible. She then begins to probe your mouth with her tongue and gets you to push your tongue into her mouth as well. As you do, she catches hold of your tongue and begins to suck on it while thrusting her hips against you.

Needless to say all this activity has created quite a hard on in your pants and there is no way she can’t feel it pressing into her as she thrusts against you. She finally breaks away from you and begins to unbutton her blouse which reveals two very large mounds barely restrained inside a very lacey, very sexy white bra.

This is too much and you reach up with your hands and begin to massage her mammaries through the silky material. She begins to toss her head and moan as she continues to grind her groin into yours. She finally reaches back and unclasps the bra, at which you move your hands directly onto them and begin to pinch and pull on her nipples. This causes her to moan even more and shift her feet so she can hump your leg.

You then drop your mouth and while taking one of her very erect nipples into your mouth and sucking on it, you continue to pinch and pull on her other one. With your free hand you reach down and begin to grab and knead her ass. She is now moaning quite loudly and you are afraid she is going to make too much noise so you release her nipple from between your teeth and place both hands on her shoulders and start to push her down.

She realizes what you are doing and hikes her skirt up to reveal a white garter belt holding up nylons and a very sexy pair of panties covering her neatly trimmed mound. She then squats down and reaches up and begins to undo your belt buckle and pants, pulling them and your underwear down to your ankles. As you look down at her squatting between your feet looking up at you, you can barely make out a drop of precum on the tip of your cock.

As she smiles up at you she leans in and swirls her tongue over the tip of your cock cleaning it up of its precum. This feels so wonderful that you lean back against the wall and close your eyes as you feel her begin to lick her way down your shaft. As she reaches your balls, she licks and sucks each one of them into her mouth causing your breathing to become quite short. She then works her way back up your shaft to the tip and takes it inside her mouth.

As she continues to swirl and suck more and more of you into her mouth you feel her pushing against your stomach with her nose and look down to see that she has completely swallowed you. This image of her deep throating you almost causes you to blow your load right then and there, but you some how manage to hold off. She then proceeds to slide back and forth on your cock while she squeezes your ass.

It doesn’t take long before she starts to feel you swell and buries your cock all the way into her mouth so that your load shoots straight down her throat as she swallows every last drop. With your cock lodged down her throat she begins to constrict and do some kind of ministrations that causes your rock hard cock to maintain its stiffness. She keeps this up for several minutes and you think you are going to blow your load again, but she quickly slides off of your cock and proceeds to stand up.

As she leans in to give you a kiss you don’t even bat an eye and French kiss her. She then tells you, that it is her turn and turns around and walks toward the sink. When she gets close enough she bends at the waist showing you her beautiful backside and reaches back and pulls her panties to the side so you can see her womanly folds. You don’t need anymore encouragement and close the distance between the two of you and reach down to guide your cock into her opening.

You decide to tease her a little and rub the tip of your penis up and down her slot until she is panting and trying to push back against you in order to get it inside of her. Finally, you line things up and while grabbing onto her hips you thrust into her burying your cock to the hilt. She responds by throwing her head back and letting out a very sexual moan.

As you stand there letting your cock fill her, she begins to massage your cock with her muscles. You can’t take much of that and begin to pull out only to reach the tip of your cock and then thrust it back in such force that she grunts. You then begin to slide back and forth inside her with her pushing back every time you thrust all the way in so as to get as much of you inside of her. The both of you continue like this for 15 minutes until you start to feel the tightening of your balls and your member start to swell.

Just as you are about to release your second load for the day she thrusts her hips back burying your member all the way inside of her and begins to spasm and twitch quite violently. As her kegel muscles contract she essentially milks every last bit of cum out of you. As she lays there on the sink catching her breath, you begin to soften and slide out of her very wet hole.

You don’t know what else she has to do today at the aquarium, but don’t want her to have to deal with a mess and so you squat down behind her and begin to lap up the mixture of juices leaking from her pussy. As you spread her ass cheeks to provide better access she pushes back forcing your tongue deeper inside her. As you retrieve glob after glob of cum you realize that she is squeezing her muscles so as to help push it out onto your tongue. Once you feel that you have cleaned her up quite well, you reach up and pull her panties back in place and stand up.

As you do, she turns around and begins to lick your face clean of the mixture of juices that have been smeared there. She ends with giving you a very deep and very long kiss. Finally, she breaks the kiss and tells you to straighten yourself up and to give her 10 minutes before leaving the bathroom. You try to ask her, her name, but she merely silences you with her finger and just smiles at you in such a sexy manner that you don’t try to talk.

She pulls her skirt back down, reclasps her bra, buttons her blouse and fixes her makeup before turning to you and thanking you for a most wonderful time before she slips out of the bathroom. As you stand there waiting the 10 minutes she asked of you, you can’t believe your luck and hope that you will see her again before you leave the aquarium, but aren’t counting on it. As you finally leave the bathroom and go in search of Michelle and her class you think that being a chaperone today wasn’t all that bad after all.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32