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Perky blonde Melanie had become head cheerleader of her high school squad in Missouri and dated the quarterback, who she had given her virginity to on a picnic in the woods, and in college had continued with cheerleading, was planning on going to graduate school, working for a Fortune 500 company, marry a doctor, have kids, et cetera. All of that now seemed to have been a dream, since she and nine other girls had been abducted at the national cheerleading championships and brought to Africa to be sold into slavery to repay what their ancestors supposedly did during the slave trade. And two years later, she had been fucked by countless black men with large cocks, was pregnant with her third child, and her breasts, which had always been her greatest asset, were continuously milk filled and being nursed by either her children, the children of the village, or the men and women she was fucked by. She had been passed around to her master’s judicial friends in return for legal favors, and was now being brought to his tribal village.

It was a week’s drive across the savannah, which she spent sucking and fucking the judge and his retinue of a dozen men both on the drive during the day and all night in camp. When they finally arrived, Melanie was led to the center of the village where she was tied into a spread eagled X position on parallel posts that had been placed there in anticipation of their arrival. From here Melanie looked out over the sea of black faces and bodies she knew she would be pleasuring soon, and while she still didn’t fully understand the judge’s language as he addressed the crowd, Melanie knew what he was saying.

“Everyone, I bring a gift for the village. This little white whore is worthless in the fields, but is going to provide another service. She is to be used and fucked by everyone, to rut like an animal during the day and on her back at night. She won’t refuse anyone and will provide many children.”

And when he finished speaking, Melanie’s continued life as the village whore to repay her supposed ancestors’ crime she had never known walked towards her. The village came up and inspected every part of her inside and out, then cut her down and laid her on her back as the elderly chief, who reminded Melanie of the judge who had had her before but was more robust here, fucked her until he spent himself inside her. He was replaced by man after man as she was taken throughout the night, while various women came to have their pussies serviced by Melanie’s tongue, and she was only allowed to sleep after pleasuring every member of the tribe. After only two hours of sleep, she was brought into a circle of women who were working and made to breastfeed their children while they worked until a man came in and Melanie handed over the babe and was fucked right there in front of everyone. When he finished she was brought into a 69 with a nude native woman to have her pussy cleaned of the man’s cum while she pleasured the native woman, and when all were finished Melanie and the native shared a deep kiss to share it and Melanie was then put back to feeding the children. When she finished feeding the babies, she carried water to the field hands and as they drank their fill she sucked and fucked everyone who came up.

When night came, she was sent to a hut where she breastfed and put to bed any children that were present while the husband and wife proceeded to fuck each other as Melanie watched. When she put the kids to bed, Melanie joined them and erotically pushed him over so women would suck him clean and then fucked by him as the wife slid underneath and presented her cum filled pussy to Melanie, who automatically leaned in to clean it as well. And when the husband emptied himself into her, Melanie then presented her pussy to the wife to taste while she cleaned off the husband, and when clean both parents drank their fill of her breast milk and pushed her out the door to the next hut. Melanie eventually became pregnant with her fourth child and throughout her pregnancy carried on with her duties and delivered healthy twins, and the next day she was back to her jobs.

Two years after she was left in the village, Melanie’s enlarged belly from her fifth pregnancy entered a hut and found that the judge had returned and she happily jumped on and rode his large cock, which she had missed as he told her what was going to happen to her next.

“Well my little slut, I’m happy to find that you have been a great addition to the village and their morale, and I almost hate to say what I’m about to.”

Melanie was barely listening as she rode his cock with her lactating breasts bouncing while his hands were caressing her bulging stomach.

“The other owners of your little whore friends and I are going to begin swapping you all. So tomorrow we are going to depart from here to return to the slave market where I am going to exchange you for another one of your little friends.” And with that he enjoyed the pussy he had been without for two years, and then switched her onto all fours and fucked her ass as well, emptying himself into both holes before having her suck him off one last time before sending her to do her evening rounds.

The denizli escort next day, she was loaded up onto a truck and passed the week being driven back to her original sale site by fucking the chief and his entourage, and as Melanie exited the car she was immediately confronted by what years apart and sexual captivity had done to her friends. Platforms had been erected and on them stood each of Melanie’s friends, many of whom she barely recognized while watching as they were on display and being inspected like the first time in the courtroom and the following two weeks. Only this time, none of them objected to being groped, fingered, licked and fucked, since they had been broken long before and were willing sex slaves to everyone. She watched each closely while her master told her what each had been doing so she would have an idea of what would be expected of her in her next village.

Jessica from Virginia

Jessica was still a cute, petite redhead with the smallest breasts of any of the girls, but after having been bought three years earlier by a tribe of pygmies, who she stood at least a head above even the tallest of them, and was a new experience for her since she had always been the shortest person around. But she found that even though they were short which meant they probably has small cocks, they proved her wrong as she was fucked everyday by their hard cocks that would have made her past boyfriends jealous, since the smallest of them was seven inches long and half the width of a beer can. And while Jessica was fucked every night by the men, during the day she was put to work servicing the women of the tribe, who she would often find their legs wrapped around her head as they forced her to eat them to a minimum of three orgasms at one time.

Eventually she began delivering children, and now on stage in front of Melanie Jessica was showing a bulge that told she was early in a new pregnancy, had filled out to 32B breasts that continuously leaked milk, and was on all fours being fucked in all three holes, while two pygmy women were underneath and nursing off her breasts. Soon the men filled all three of Jessica’s holes with cum which two dwarf women cleaned out and then the three women swapped cum through deep kissing. The two pygmy women then lay underneath Jessica with their pussies against each other as she feasted on them at the same time while the pygmy men fed their cocks to the native women to suck them hard, and once they were brought one of the two into a DP while the other pygmy man began selling sex with Jessica as the pygmy women sucked each man’s until he was rock hard to step up and impale and fuck her there on stage.

Rachel and Trisha from Michigan

Back home, the twin blonde sisters who possessed hourglass figures and breasts that looked like and were the size of small watermelons, had always been close and shared everything, including clothes, dates, and a love of sharing their stories of sex with each other. But here in Africa that sharing had turned into something they never expected as their African masters forced them into becoming incestuous lesbians. Brother princes Mumo and Atua had been so taken by the white twins during the two weeks of public use that they knew the two girls had to be theirs, and so when the auction came up they fought to get them and were successful.

They were dragged off stage and back to their enclave and in each other’s presence fucked them separately and also having each in a DP. Then one night, as the two men sat back in cushions and stroking their hard cocks, the two sisters were ordered to press their nubile young bodies together and forced to press their lips together and French kiss deeply, which they greatly tried to avoid until their new masters brought out their harsh whips and cracked their asses until red and forcing the girls to finally relent. Soon though their horrified revulsion at having to make out and feel each other’s bodies changed to arousal as they slid to the floor and a 69 position to make each other cum. They were soon joined by the two very horny men who fucked the girls from behind, and the girls eagerly cleaned each other’s pussy of the men’s cum. And the entire journey home was spent as one large continuous orgy as the princes and girls explored each other as the sisters were transformed into willing sexual beings with each other and their masters.

For the following three years, the very involved Sapphic sisters were brought together every day and made to perform for and with their masters, guests, and household staff, while at night they were kept across the courtyard from each other in order for them to hear each other being fucked to loud orgasms and increase their desire for each other. They each became pregnant at the same time and helped each other through childbirth, and when they did were traded to the other brother for a child by him. Often times they were separated and sent to another acquaintance’s home to be fucked solo, and when reunited they sexually attacked each other and brought fireworks. And three years later, Melanie watched as the diyarbakır escort sisters continued their sexual exploits as they sat with legs entwined and pregnant bellies fit together while the girls rubbed their pussies together to bring themselves to orgasm. And when they separated they climbed atop a man and mounted his hard cock and rode him and many more like him, feasting on each other’s cum filled pussy after each man.

Anne from Alaska

Anne had grown up in the wilds of Alaska and therefore had never had the environment that would allow her to want to expose her nude body to the sun to get a tan, unless of course she wanted to get frostbite. And so when she was first exposed she had been burnt for the first week, but after that had quickly become tanned fully, and at the auction had been bought by a tribe that lived farther out that any of the other villages the other girls went to. When Anne arrived she was given a drink that immediately made her horny and excited with lots of energy, and so were other men nearby who she was told were the hunters in training. Anne asked what they were hunting, and was told they were the most successful village hunters and were being given the sexual hunt of her. And when they caught her she would be fucked in the bush until the men could no longer last, and she would then be dragged back for the rest of the village until the next hunt.

Her first hunt lasted only an hour before she found herself on her back and being pounded mercilessly by one hunter after another that lasted three hours until she was dragged back into the village and she was had for two days by the village. And an hour into her sleep she was slapped awake, given more juice, and pursued once more to be caught after a few hours this time. And her first pregnancy came three weeks later and she had actually improved her evasion to a days before her expanding belly started slowing her down and she endured a few months of slowdown until she had the baby and was back to running at top speed.

And three years later, Anne was on stage sporting a tanned, lean runner’s body with breasts larger than a regular runner due to breastfeeding, and was challenged by visitors to race which she easily beat any of them. And Melanie was able to watch her racing the young men and then the end result as she fucked her competitor at the end of each race either as a consolation prize if she beat them, or as victory prize if they beat her, which was very rare.

Kelly from Kentucky

Kelly’s new owners had their eyes on her first and foremost for their interest in her already fully tanned, muscular body that she had gotten through cheerleading knowing that not only would she be a good sexual and breeding partner, she could handle the village farm chores as well. When they returned with her, Kelly’s first two weeks were being used purely as a sex machine where she was fucked by every man and woman in the village day and night so that by the time she was to go do the village chores her novelty had worn off and there was less of a possibility that she was going to be grabbed in the middle of her chores to be brought into a foursome in the bush and let a group of valuable livestock escape.

When it did come time for her to be put to work outside of her main purpose, it was learned that she had studied agronomy in school and that made her all the more valuable and attractive that she was actually able to help them improve their crops. She spent the day educating them on improving their crops, with certain times of the day and evenings spent fucking her.

And as the village prospered so did she, with her muscular body proving to be even more fertile than the fields as her expanding belly provided multiple children each time. When the other villages came to find out how they did it, and when she was presented as their saving grace the village found her to be another source of revenue in being rented out. And at each new village it was the same cycle over and over again: during the day, she taught them how to improve their village’s crops and livestock, at night she fucked the villagers, and once she had their child she would be returned to her original village. Here the villagers all had her before she was sent out to the next village to start over again.

Three years and multiple pregnancies of multiple children after her original sale to the now successful village, she was brought back to the auction even more muscular and deeply tanned. And as Melanie stood a few feet away behind a half dozen people, she watched as Kelly was sitting with legs spread at the edge of the stage with head turned to the side and sucking and stroking a large black man while those at the edge of the stage were eating and finger fucking her pussy while also squeezing and pinching her breasts and nipples that oozed milk, all in preparation for Kelly to be fucked and impregnated on stage. And as soon as Kelly’s next orgasm hit, the man she was sucking on stage pulled her around, pushed her to her back and furiously pounded her until filling her with his cum. antalya escort She was then turned on all fours and the half dozen men came up one by one to fuck her while the rest reached up and milked her breasts like a cow.

Jane from Oklahoma

Jane expected to be bought by a poor native village like her friends were, but instead found that when her own sale was over, a tall black man in an Italian suit and lots of jewelry on his hands had bought her. She had a surge of hopefulness that she was going to be in the lap of luxury, and followed him as he led her past shabbier and shabbier and neighborhoods into a storage unit in an industrial park. Inside she found video cameras and she wondered why as he tied her up hanging from the ceiling and gagged her, faced her, and told her that he was the second son of a village chief who knew he wouldn’t get any inheritance, so he left for the city and eventually went to business school in England and came home to find a good thing to help not his people but himself, and Jane was that good thing.

She watched as he undressed to reveal a powerful body with a very powerful dick that was erect and ready, all while telling her that he was going to use her and others like her not just for breeding stock for his village, but in other ways. But he began by untying her and laying her down and fucking her for hours, then redressed and left to return a short while later with a dirty, shabby black man who handed over money, entered to start undressing in front of her, and had her suck him off and then fuck her in every hole, then leave. He was replaced by the next man, and one after that, so that she was continuously fucked for what seemed like forever by single men, and multiples every once in a while. After countless men, her owner came in and told her that he had made her a porn star with the video camera streaming her around the world, and now that the past two weeks had made her a star, she was going on tour around the continent. He rented her out to strip clubs where she attracted customers because she was white and nobody had ever seen a redhead before as she danced sexily, even as she became pregnant and widened as time went on and provided sexual acts on stage with the other dancers, toys, and male customers in public and private.

When they returned two years later after her tour and four children, she was brought not to a club like she always had been, but to a warehouse where she was continuously subjected to being fucked by black men and women, received cum inside and outside of her body, participated in orgies and bukkake gatherings, and various other settings as she became pregnant again and again until it was time for her to be returned for the trade auction. And now Melanie watched as Jane was on display for her fan base to come up and inspect her body they had seen on video, touch her, fuck her, and take pictures and video of and with her.

Heather from Florida

Heather was amazed that she had been bought by a woman, who immediately pushed her to her knees and had her eat her to satisfaction in front of everyone. Satisfied of her purchase, the native woman brought her to a village of an apparently all woman village, where they immediately put her to work learning how to do the women’s work during the day, such as washing clothes in a stream, cooking, and others, which she had no skill at since it was her butler and maid’s job to do that at home. At the end of the first day, Heather was so tired that she felt like she could sleep for a week but found that the hut she was led to wouldn’t allow her to, as it was filled with all the women from the village, each naked and fingering themselves while waiting for her to arrive for an all-night lesbian orgy to celebrate her arrival. She was brought to the matriarch of the village, a skinny old woman with a toothy grin and sagging breasts open her legs as Heather went to all fours and did as she was instructed and began eating the woman to orgasm. And while she was doing this she was having her breasts sucked on while having her own pussy and ass licked and eaten and fucked by fingers, fists, and long, thick vegetables, and it wasn’t until an hour before sunrise before everyone had been satisfied by her and fell asleep. But when the sun came up, she was slapped awake and sent out to do her daily chores, and that night and the night after she was sent to different huts where there was anywhere between one and four women to satisfy the whole night.

And for a month after she had been brought into the village, she was put to work helping fill the storage huts with food until one night when she found out why they did that. She, along with all the younger women, were bathed, shaved, and oiled while also given a drink that would make her continuously horny and wet. She didn’t understand until the next morning when the door to the hut she was in burst open and over her a powerful, almost obese man wielding a seven inch dick who fell upon her and fucked her for over an hour, then left and was replaced by another, and another. For a week she and the other women were all fucked and in between sex served the men food from the huts they had been stored, and one morning all the men were gone and they began filling the huts all over again until the men returned again. Heather was pregnant three months later as others were and continued in the cycle of preparing for the hunters while enjoying their Sapphic love, producing only two children for the village, but both girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32