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When I got to her office, Christina was dressed perfectly. A light blue button up blouse and a short black pencil skirt fit her perfectly. She was wearing her mask, but I could tell that she was smiling. I told her happy Friday and that I loved that blouse on her. She blushed a little bit, and I flirtatiously asked her if her lipstick matched her blouse.

We pulled off our masks and both chuckled at our silly flirting. She had a hint of gloss on her lips, and I remarked that it was subtle and perfect. Normally she wore a bolder or deeper color, but she told me that the gloss was so it wouldn’t leave anything … on her coffee mugs. I’m not going to lie, I was already at half mast, and I could tell that she wasn’t going to let up today.

Christina and I had worked on several contracts over the years, and she had repeatedly told me that she would choose me for any contract that I bid on.

We walked into the conference room to sign the paperwork, and as she leaned over me to point out where the contracts needed signed, I could see down her shirt. This couldn’t be an accident. I tried to be subtle, but she couldn’t have accidentally worn a revealing shirt, and an all lace red bra on a day that she knew she’d see me, right?

Or was I making this up in my mind…

Shit, I needed to concentrate on the expensive contract.

I thought that I’d finished every signature, but then she pulled out the duplicate copy that needed my signatures.

Again she was leaning over me, and somehow her shirt was even more revealing this time. Her bra had a simple little bow in between her breasts. And I knew that if I stood up, it’d be obvious how hard I was.

And then it happened, she caught me looking. Holy fuck was she mad! She slapped me hard, and then she tore up the contracts! I’d ruined it.

As I sat there shocked, I apologized, but then I blurted out, “I can’t believe that you slapped me!” I could tell that she was embarrassed by that. She said “Yeah, I’m sorry. I got a little carried away.”

I realized then, that I had a bit of an advantage. “Yeah, my bursa escort cheek still hurts, and you tore up the contracts!”

She was a bit dismayed. “I can print out new ones?” she offered. She came back after a few minutes with new copies, but for fucks sake, she did the same thing! She leaned over me, and I think she’d unbuttoned a button! I could tell through the thin bra, her nipples were very erect. I got lost in the thought of burying my face in her breasts and my cock in her pussy.

Once more a hard slap, but out of either self-defense or being teased, I slapped her back… but I slapped her hard, right on her ass. She gasped and groaned and took in a deep breath.

I’d never been slapped as a sexual act, and I wasn’t 100% that she was into slapping me, but she DEFINITELY like getting slapped on her ass. When she finally made eye contact, I said “I’m sorry, but you deserved it!”

“Don’t be sorry. I liked it.” I could tell by her sheepish smile that she wanted more attention.

“I do owe you one more slap.” I growled at her. She immediately bent over the table. I’m not an ass guy, but that skirt on her hips would make any grown man cry. I stared for a bit too long, “Are you going to pay me back or not?”

I leaned over her, pressing her onto the table and making her feel the bulge she had created. I put my hands on her hips and began sliding them down her thighs, kneeling behind her until I reached the edge of her skirt.

I slipped my hands under her skirt and as I touched her skin, she let out a playful giggle and that filled my cock with excitement. I pushed the skirt up, and my hands made their way to her beautiful ass. That dirty girl wasn’t even wearing panties. I could feel the warmth of her excitement as I traced my fingers over her exposed pussy.

She let out a little moan as I brushed over her lips. I whispered into her ear, “Damn, you’re beautiful” as I slid my hands back over her bare ass. “I did promise you one more slap.” She giggled and wiggled her ass. I gave her a firm slap, malatya escort and asked her “Did you wear that shirt to tease me?”

She nodded her head guiltily, and I said “How did it work out?” But I was intentionally distracting her, running my hands over her ass, and teasing her pussy and insides of her thighs.

She let out a deep moan as I finally knelt behind her and placed a kiss onto her ass.

“I think before you get any more rewards for your naughtiness, that you should remove your shirt.”

“Yes sir!”

I gave her ass another playful slap as she turned around, and she in turn ran her hand over the bulge in my pants. As she unbuttoned her shirt, I placed my hands on either side of her face and kissed her deeply. She practically melted into my mouth, as I reached around and firmly grabbed her ass, pulling her into me.

I kissed my way down her neck, stopping at her collar bone and sucking her smell in. As her shirt finally came off, I stepped back … It was my turn to moan. She was perfect, her red lace bra showed her perfect nipples, and her skirt sat perfectly on the curve of her hips.

She had a few of the cutest freckles that decorated her light skin tone. As I marveled at her angelic body, she reached out again and ran her fingers up my cock, to my belt buckle. I literally shivered.

As I continued kissing my way down her chest, she began unbuckling my belt. Soon it became a contest of who could taste who first. I gave her the lightest pecks on her breasts, and then kissed her nipples. She paused unbuttoning my pants as she was distracted as I played with her nipple in between my tongue and lips.

She grabbed my head and encouraged me to worship her breast, and she moaned, “oh god, more!” I pinched her nipple lightly in between my lips and her back arched and her fingers dug into my scalp. I decided to overwhelm her, so I reached over with my right hand and played with her other nipple, while I used my left hand to slowly run my fingers over her pussy.

She almost collapsed into çanakkale escort the chair. I knelt in front of her beauty, pants about to fall off, and leaned forward to kiss her exposed lips. She sucked in her breath as I licked my way up her lips and settled on her clit. I teased it a little, then just as I sucked on her clit, I slipped a finger in and reached up with my other hand to tease her nipple again.

As I French kissed her clit, she started moaning loudly and grabbed my hair. I used my finger to press the inside of her pussy, my tongue to lick her clit, and my hand to tease her nipple. It was simply too much, her back arched and she clawed my head as wave after wave of orgasm exploded. She clenched her muscles around my finger and held my face against her wetness.

Finally, she let go. I moaned into her as she allowed my head to move back. And she said, “Let me see it!” I stood up in front of her and she lustily reached for my zipper. As she pulled down my pants, my boxers could barely hold him back.

She leaned forward and lightly kissed my happy trail and followed it down. She reached for my hips, simultaneously got out of the chair and pushed me into it. My cock was now fully erect and on display.

She knelt down in front of me and began teasing my balls with her hand and giving my head the attention it deserved with her. My hands gripped the arms of the chair as she finally sucked my head into her mouth. Out of nowhere, she shoved tip to base into her throat. Holy fuck…I could feel her throat accepting my shaft, and her tongue still flirting with my manhood.

In and out. I grabbed a fistful of her hair. In and out. In and out. She introduced one hand and begins stroking as she focuses her lips and tongue on the head.

She must be trying to overwhelm me as she brought her other hand to my balls and now every inch of me was covered in sensation. From the heat of her mouth to her stroke of me and the gentle play of them below, I couldn’t help but thrust myself in rhythm to her stokes

In and out. In and out. I could feel the pleasure becoming too much to bear and as I moaned, “Oh fuck!” Her response was to moan with me and keep the rhythm. As I released, she continued moaning and stroking, and my grip on her hair is the only thing that I had to keep from shaking my entire body.

She licked up every drop of me as I sank into the chair trying to collect myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32