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Missy had been planning a special surprise for Jay for several weeks now. Her grand plan was now about to take effect. She had been highly interested in Jay’s co-worker Dan for some time now. She had masturbated to mental images of her husband Jay fucking her from behind while she sucked Dan off and had him cum on her face. She really wanted to fuck Dan, to feel a new cock ram inside her. Jay was the only man she had ever had sex with, and she naturally wondered about what a different tool felt like. She had no reservations at all about giving another man a blow job, but pure fucking was still a little hard to think about seriously doing. She and Jay were never quite sure about how to handle that.

She had decided that she wanted to give Jay a special thrill for Christmas. The mere thought of her plan put butterflies in her stomach. The wanted to make a special videotape for a Christmas present and she needed Dan to make it happen.

As was his regular routine, Jay left Saturday morning to run some errands and buy some lumber for a project. When he left, Missy was standing by the door in her robe waving goodbye. But she was very busy after that. She had told Dan early in the week to stop by Saturday morning to help Jay move a couch. But of course she would tell Dan she had forgotten all about that.

She changed into a pair of spandex shorts and an old ribbed tank top. The top barely concealed her 38C tits, and the cool, winter weather made her nipples stick out against the shirt. The spandex shorts showed off every curve of her ass. She took the camcorder out of the case it was in by the closet and positioned it behind some plants in the corner of the room. It would probably go unnoticed to anyone not looking hard for it.

Dan arrived promptly at 9:30, right as Jay was getting to the lumber yard 50 miles away. Dan walked up to the door and rang the bell. Missy cracked open the door and looked out in a very well-faked mood of surprise.

“Dan, what are you doing here?”

“Well, isn’t today when I’m supposed to help Jay with the couch?”

Missy replied with mock realization, “Oh yeah, I completely forgot. Shit, he left 30 minutes ago. I hate for you to waste a trip, you want to help me move it real quick?”

Dan said, “Why not, I’m already here.”

Missy’s heart was beating mile a minute as she opened the door, partly from the thrill of how skimpily she was dressed and partly from what she intended to do. Dan entered and nearly broke his neck from the double take looking at Missy’s large chest pushing out at the shirt. He looked away quickly but knew he’s been caught. bursa escort He made his way to the living room and took up a spot at one end of the couch. Magazines were strewn on the floor at each end of the couch. Missy feigned embarrassment at the mess and moved to pick them up. Standing right next to Dan she bent over at the waist and picked up the magazines. She brushed her hip against his hand to test him. He flinched slightly, but didn’t move too much. After moving the magazines at the other end she grabbed one end of the couch and she Dan scooted it out against the opposite wall… the plants. Missy intentionally leaned over the couch repeatedly to push against the end and scoot it down a few inches, but the motion was really effective in making her big boobs swing back and forth while Dan looked down her shirt. She raised up to wipe the sweat off her brow and looked at Dan. It took a second for his glance to reach up to her face.

She looked over at where the couch had been sitting and gave another well-faked surprise gasp. A nice leather bound photo album laid on the floor. It was the album Jay kept some of his favorite artistic nude photos of Missy. However, she had replaced many of the artistic shots with explicit sexual pictures. Dan made a curious move towards the album, the picture on the front of a topless Missy by the beach getting his attention. She did a great job of acting like she wasn’t sure if he should look or not, but she really wanted him to look.

Dan sat on the couch and opened the album. The first couple of pictures really had artistic merit, but those weren’t the ones she wanted him to see. The first two showed her against a black background in a sheer robe. But the third picture showed her flat on her back with an oversized pink dildo sticking out of her wet cunt. The dildo was covered in her own juices right up to the fake balls a full 8 inches down. The wet trail showed that she had, in fact, impaled the whole thing inside her. Dan got very quiet as Missy sat down beside him.

“You like that picture?” she asked.

He could only nod his approval.

“How do you like this one?

She flipped the page to another photo that showed her dressed in a black dominatrix outfit, squatting over the same red dildo. The look on her face showed she was obviously having an orgasm. Dan shifted in his seat to compensate for the shrinking amount of room in his pants. She pressed on.

“Well, if you like that, you’re gonna love this!”

The next photo showed her laying on her back with a long trail of cum running malatya escort down her tits.

She heard a slight noise from Dan that was part moan, part gasp. She put a hand on Dan’s thigh and whispered in his ear.

“You like this?”

He nodded.

“You want to do this to me?”

He looked at her, then at her chest, then at her face. Another nod.

She stood up in front of him and pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her big tits……

Two months later it was Christmas. Jay and Missy loved the holiday season and their love for each other showed. They got each other the usual Christmas presents: clothes, tools, and stuff for the house. Jay had gotten her some special expensive red lingerie, and Missy had a special present for him already in the VCR.

She said, “Oh, I have one more special gift for you.”

“Cool, I like special gifts”

She pulled off her robe. Totally naked she knelt down between his legs and pulled his cock out of the fly of his boxers. He looked confused, but was catching on, or so he thought. She wrapped her hand around his limp cock and started to pull on it. At the same time she hit the play button on the VCR remote. The big screen filled with the image of Missy standing up in front of his co-worker Dan and pulling her shirt off. Jay’s massive shock was quickly replaced with passion as he watched his wife slide her shorts down over her hips and let Dan look at her nude. Dan’s shock showed his appreciation. She stood him up and knelt down in front of him, much the way she was kneeling in front of Jay now. Missy was feeling Jay’s cock grow in her hand as he watched the tape.

On the screen Jay watched his wife unbutton Dan’s pants and unzip the fly. In one fluid motion she pulled his pants and all down to his thighs. His cock sprang up, pointing at her face. While not as long as Jay’s, it was every bit as thick as her pink dildo. The big balls promised to give her a satisfying load when she got him off. She fit the big mushroom head in her mouth, but not without some effort to work her tongue around it. The fingers of her right hand squeezed his big nuts while her left hand rubbed her own hard clit.

While the video played, Missy began sucking the cock of her husband. Just like when she made the tape, she could taste the salty pre-cum from the overly turned-on man she was servicing. Jay was writhing in his seat trying to keep control while Dan was trying to do the same on video. On the tape, Dan was enjoying a wonderful blow job and ball licking when he decided he wanted more. Missy çanakkale escort remembered well the torn feeling she had when Dan bent her over the couch. She wasn’t sure she was ready to have sex with anyone other than her husband, but the rare opportunity to have a new, thick cock in her won out.

Jay watched his wife tentatively lean over the couch and offer her ass up to Dan. She was tentative, but she wasn’t fighting it. Jay watched her eyes pop open as the new cock tried to make its way inside her. Jay could see the large head finally get all the way in as Dan buried it to the hilt. Missy’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as the nerve endings in her cunt were rubbed like they hadn’t been before. Jay could tell Dan was close to cumming and was going to make it the best he could. He grabbed Missy’s ass and started pounding his thick tool in and out. His large nuts hit her clit with every stroke. Missy orgasmed immediately ash she always did when getting rammed from behind. The orgasm caused her to clinch up, which only made her pussy even tighter. That sensation was too much for Dan, and both knew he was ready to cum. Missy instinctively wanted to feel his load inside her, but she knew she shouldn’t press her luck; she had already done more than she’d intended. She also remembered that this was ultimately for Jay, and she knew what he liked to see.

Jay watched her take Dan’s near spasming cock out from inside her and squeeze it while she knelt in front of him. She released her grip on his dick and gave two long strokes before opening her mouth to give him a target. The first blast squirted right on her tongue, and she felt the second shot hit her cheek inside her mouth. She closed her mouth around his cock and let the rest of the cum empty in her mouth. After squeezing every last drop out, she glanced at the camera with one eye and spit the cum out, letting it drip sown her chin.

Jay’s dick nearly ached from how hard the movie made him. Missy had been sucking him for nearly five minutes now and he felt like he couldn’t wait one more second to fuck her. He hopped of the couch and pushed her into the same position she took Dan on the tape. Only this would be different. Jay roughly grabbed her ass and pounded his long cock in and out. Missy was screaming and cumming from the hard fuck. Her butt and the backs of her thighs were starting to sting from the slapping of skin. Missy once again clinched up in orgasm causing her cunt to tighten. Jay grunted loudly and slammed in deep as his cum spurted out inside her. Shot after shot made her slick pussy even slicker, and it started to run out before he even pulled out.

Both were spent, there hearts slowly getting back to a regular pace. Jay was nearly about to faint from the frantic sex. It was the most intense they’d ever had. Could his wife be full of any more surprises?

Possibly, because he just happened to notice the camcorder behind the plants again……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32