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Double Penetration

Pamela was yard saleing, Going to yard sales was one of her Saturday morning rituals. She seldom actually bought anything but slowly picking through other peoples junk was a good way to relax and get to look though other peoples lives. The things people thought might sell were amazing and were often as unique and informative as asking direct questions. At least the things for sale didn’t lie and the window into heir lives was very telling. As she fingered one item after another Pamela noticed her profile in a full-length mirror propped up as against a filing cabinet. Not bad she thought, 47 no belly to speak of, a nice ass, pretty face and reasonable sized boobs. She turned again as if to see if the different view could change her mind. A giggle form beyond the mirror drew her attention away from the quite good looking woman in the reflection.

“Ma’am” she heard a small female voice ask, “do you like the mirror? It was in my room but now I have a new one.”

Pamela turned quickly slightly embarrassed to have been caught admiring her own view.

She looked at the young girl, a very pretty redhead, short with the soft blue eyes and pale complexion many natural redheads have. A splash of freckles looked as though they had been sprayed across her face. “Kind of busty for one so young” Mused Pamela

“I like it sweetie, but it doesn’t match my rooms decor. ” Answered Pamela.

The young girl smiled as she brazenly stared into Pamela’s eyes, ” I think you are pretty too!” With that remark the girl sauntered away, her bubble butt shaking like she was on the beach trying to excite the boys.

“That was kind of strange”, thought Pamela “Almost flirty, my oldest son would love her”


As the young girl walked away Pamela felt her own nipples tighten up at the sight of the girl shaking her butt. “Whoa! Where did that come from ran through her mind,” lechering after young girls wasn’t her usual reaction. “Must be too long since I got my own ashes hauled” Pamela just smiled at her own weirdness this day and continued to pick up the odd object here and there.

From across the yard Cindy, watched Pamela, Cindy’s eyes took in Pamela like a cat takes in the sight of a bird. No one knew, but Cindy liked girls, her mom and dad would have been scandalized to hear her thoughts now. “WOW, what a sexy looking woman, such a tight body, wonderful smile, such nice feminine hands and fingers! So confidant”

Pamela’s thoughts and eyes returned to the items for sale, an erotic book, “I wonder if that cute little redhead has been reading this? A set of clear Corning cookware, with a pot and a lid missing, but not the same pot or lid, old board games, vinyl records, early 80’s pop rock. “Ahh yes, The Police! Zenyatta Mondatta, In good shape too!” Pamela took the record over to the small bench the Girl was sitting on. “Miss, I’d like this record”

The girl was all smiles as she took the record and started looking for a bag to put it in, “No that’s ok!” I don’t need a bag.

The girl brought the record back up from under the bench where she was rooting for a bag. “Ok” she said brightly, her hand seemed to caress Pamela’s as she took the dollar from her hand.

Again Pamela had that odd tight feeling as she touched Cindy, Cindy caught her eyes again and Pamela tried to shake off the feeling of arousal.

The drive home was uneventful, except the vision of those pale blue eyes, red eyebrows and eyelashes. “Very disturbing thought Pamela” When she got home the fighting kids and other responsibilities drove the thoughts of the blue eyes from her head.

That night as she laid in bed Pamela began to caress her body, it had been a long time since she had been good to herself, being a single mom didn’t allow much time for fantasy but tonight as she slowly built up thoughts of flat bellied young men, muscled arms and piercing eyes suddenly the pale blue eyes of the girl at the yard sale hovered in front of her, the long red eyelashes, long curly hair, and heavy boobs began to make her nipples hard. Pamela shook her head to clear her mind but the girl’s image remained and as Pamela slowly began to caress her kitty the redhead’s image began to drive her toward ecstasy. As she came, her entire body convulsed with he best orgasm Pamela had experienced since she could remember. As she lay there in the after glow, she realized she had called out very loudly. She listened closely to see if her boys had awakened but no sounds came from the house other that the usual creaks and groans as the house cooled down from the days heat. Pamela smiled to her self, “Damn I’m a perve in my old age! A dirty old woman!” she slowly drifted into a dreamless sleep.

The next day was busy, breakfast, clean the house, wash her oldest son a pair of pants for his date tonight. The day was long and tedious as many days are for most single moms. But finally with the days chores done and the oldest boy on a date and the youngest Bostancı Sınırsız Escort in his room playing video games Pamela decided to listen to her new album, Pamela had always thought vinyl sounded better than CD’s warmer, better defined. As she took the album out of it’s cover and put in on the turn table and cleaned it her thoughts returned to the young girl at the yard sale, “so pretty, why did she affect me so?”

As she settled down to listen to the album on her head phones Pamela took the jacket cover out to read the liner notes, as she did she noticed a small slip of paper fall to the floor. Pamela picked it up and unfolded it. “Some love note left by the original owner 30 years past?” suddenly the blood drained from her face and then slowly built back up into a blood red blush, “A note from the young redheaded girl!”

“Miss, I am so glad I got to see you today, I desperately need to meet you! Please meet me for lunch at the mall food court next Saturday! One O’clock, I’ll be waiting for you!”

Pamela just stared open mouthed at the note, “No way! How could she have known! Is it that obvious? No way no how will I meet this little bit of jail bait!” Pamela didn’t even notice the record as it skipped on one line “Temptation Frustration, Temptation Frustration, Temptation Frustration!”

The week went by as weeks do, work, dinner, chores, frustration, especially frustration, every time Pamela closed her eyes the vision of blue eyes and red hair haunted her. Every night became filled with dreams of the young girl, blue eyes, long red hair and brazen gaze.

Saturday came with the same problems as usual, fighting kids, yard work, house cleaning. When Pamela finally looked at the clock it was 11:00, her heart skipped a beat, two hours until the redheaded girl would be waiting for her at the mall! She hastily told her boys she was going shopping and went to take her shower. As she stood under the hot water She ran through her mind what she would tell the girl, “I’m not gay, you are too young to know if you are gay, I am too old for you, the reasons went on and on. As she dressed she put on her best black push up bra, black silk blouse, a black flared skirt about 3 inches above the knee, black thigh high stockings, no panties of course, as Pamela stood on front of the mirror she admired her form, “wow I could pass for late twenties!” She searched through her closet for her spike heels, her ex had called them her “fuck me” shoes, as she put them on she suddenly gasped, “what the hell am I doing, “fuck me shoes” to impress a teenaged girl? I must be insane!” she started to take off the wildly sexual outfit but a look at the clock told her she was too late to do that. If she was going to go she had to wear what she had on!

The trip to the mall was heart stopping, Pamela could barely concentrate on the road and missed her turn off to the mall twice. Once inside she walked slower and slower toward the food court, “what am I doing, this is so wrong, so damn sexy,” As she gazed across the food court she could see the crowed areas around the perimeter, mostly teenagers, the younger girls cruising in packs with the boys watching from the sidelines. Pamela also noticed men watching her, “Damn I must look like a hooker in this outfit!” As she stood looking for the girl Pamela almost felt naked, “I should have worn my panties, and a damn jogging suit” As that thought passed her mind she sighted the girl, sitting alone in a booth, about as private a location as the mall food court provided. Pamela started to turn and go, maybe she hadn’t seen her and this craziness could stop before it had a chance to start! But the girl caught Pamela’s eyes and she went to the booth. The girl motioned for Pamela to sit, her eyes were dancing as she reached for Pamela’s hand and said, “My name is Cindy”

“Pamela” came out of her mouth almost unbidden. She looked into Cindy’s eyes, “why did you want to meet me?

“Pamela” the word seemed to dance off Cindy’s tongue then a flood of words. “I am so hot for you! I know you think I’m crazy or young or both but I am so attracted to you! I just had to talk to you,!”

Pamela blushed again, “Cindy, do you even know what you are suggesting? I am not gay, what makes you think you are gay!” As she talked Pamela took in Cindy, she was so girly, sweet face, pouty lips, pink lipstick, cute tight jeans, red high heeled shoes, a light green peasant blouse that showed off her boobs. She could feel her own nipples tighten as she looked at Cindy.

“Cindy, what makes you think you are attracted to me? You are way too young to even have sex much less sex with an older adult! You should be out teasing boys and laughing with your friends!”

Cindy laughed an almost bitter laugh, “Pamela, I’ve tried the whole boy thing, all I really enjoyed was practicing kissing on the girls, pretending to make out, but they just do it to tease the guys. When I want to really Bostancı Suriyeli Escort get serious they always reject me! Oh Pamela, I am so very attracted to you! Your smile, your eyes, your face! Some of the girls talk about seducing older men and how great they are as lovers, I want an experienced woman not some grubby old man!”

Pamela sighed, “Cindy, what makes you think I would be interested in another woman? Do I look butch or something? Sure a kissed a couple of girls in college but I have two sons, I have always been with men since then.”

Cindy smiled a mischievous grin, “Those hard nipples showing through your blouse makes me think you might like me more than you let on!”

Pamela drew back her hands from where she had been holding Cindy’s on the table, “Cindy how old are you?”


“Cindy do you know what would happen to a 47 year old woman who had sex with you? They would put me in jail! It’s against the law no matter how much I like you!”

Cindy leaned forward her breasts smashing up against the table as she reached for Pamela’s hand across the table. “Pamela swear I would never tell anyone, I am 18 that’s legal age, please teach me about love and sex, I am really desperate, I want you!”

Pamela laughed a heavy laugh, “Cindy you haven’t thought this through, what am I supposed to do, get a hotel room and be seen taking a young girl in for the night? I have kids I have to take care of, a household to run. I don’t have time for rendezvous with anyone, much less someone I could go to jail for being with!”

“Damn, the girls who take older men as lovers don’t have to go through this,” thought Cindy. “Pamela, I have it all planned out, at least our fist time anyway! You won’t go to jail no matter what happens, I am 18! My Mom and Dad are out of town with my brother for the weekend, they are checking out a college several states away and will not be back until Monday evening! I have a bottle of wine on ice at home, a plate of finger food I cooked, candles ready to light, I am ready today! Please come to my house! No one will suspect if they see a woman come home with me, they’ll just think you are a teacher or a friend of the family!”

Pamela sat back in her seat, “Damn she has been planning this, I am glad a wore a black skirt, if it’d been white I’d have a stain as big as my hand showing when I get up!” “Cindy, you are so pretty, very pretty, and I admit that for some reason I am attracted to you,” Pamela shook her head with exasperation, “Ok, I’ll visit you, but I’m not going to promise anything, just a visit!”

Cindy’s face lit up with excitement, she jumped up and took Pamela’s hand as she got up. “Let’s go, you won’t be disappointed!”

As she led Pamela out of the Mall Cindy babbled almost uncontrollably, “We have a pool, we can swim, I’ll cook for you, I have some special lavender massage oil, I’ll treat you like a queen, it will be a wonderful evening!”

Pamela suddenly realized they were walking to the wrong entrance, “Cindy, my pick up truck is at the other end of the mall, I’ll have to go back and get it and meet you at your house.”

Cindy looked devastated, “Pamela, let me drive you there, you can leave your truck here and we’ll ride in my car, I’ll bring you back when you want, I want you ride with me just like we’re on a date! I’ve never been on a real date before!”

By this time they were standing at Cindy’s car, a jet black Mazda RX-8, Pamela bent over to look into the little sports car, “Damn it’s a stick shift!” She felt Cindy’s hand slid across her butt as her arm went around her waist, “ya wanna drive it?”

Pamela looked at Cindy again, she had that mischievous look in her eyes again. Pamela smiled back, “Oh hell yes!” Cindy handed her the keys, Pamela went around and opened the passenger door for Cindy and closed it as Cindy slid into the seat. Pamela stood for a moment to take in the situation, she shook her head and thought, “crazy, crazy, crazy!” Pamela did her best strut as she walked around the front of the car, opened the drivers side door, as she slid down into the seat her dress was pulled up exposing her stocking tops, she caught Cindy’s hungry eyes taking in her legs she slid on into the drivers seat and Pamela blushed and modestly pulled down her skirt. The driver’s seat fit her like a glove, butter soft leather, a dash full of gauges instead of idiot lights, Pamela loved it!

Cindy handed her a thin pair of soft black leather driving gloves, “I always wear these!” Cindy said with a wink.

Pamela held the gloves for a sec, so soft and supple, Pamela made a show of pulling them on, they were the type that most of the fingers were exposed, just the palms of her hands and just below the first knuckle was covered. Pamela pushed the key into the ignition and turned it, the deep growl of the rotary engine as it fired up was enough to make Pamela grow goose bumps she loved powerful Bostancı İranlı Escort cars. She adjusted the mirrors and turned to look behind as she clutched the transmission and moved the smooth standard shifter into reverse.

Cindy snuck a quick kiss, her lips slid over Pamela’s own as she ran the tip of her tongue over Pamela’s lips “Damn, Damn, Damn, this can’t be happening!” Was the thought running through Pamela’s mind as she backed up and pulled out of the parking place. Pamela shifter into first and the car leapt ahead, the shifter firmly in her hand she clutched and shifted again, she felt Cindy’s small hand run up her skirt finger her stocking tops and then touch Pamela’s smooth bare kitty.

Cindy’s giggle rang out, “I just knew I had picked the right woman!” she cuddled up to Pamela as she gave the directions that would take them to her home.

As she drove up Pamela was impressed, obviously the yard sale had not been held here! She got out of the car making sure she showed as much leg as possible, went around to open Cindy’s door “oh hell might as make as it sweet for her as possible!”

Cindy jumped out of the car eager as a small puppy and led Pamela inside. Inside the house was as Impressive as it had been on the outside, very tasteful but still way beyond what Pamela was really used to. As the front door closed Cindy turned to Pamela and threw her arms around the older woman, Pamela felt her hands squeezing her butt. Cindy slowly raised to her tiptoes and put her face near Pamela’s, “Kiss me, please kiss me Pamela!”

Pamela looked into those big blue eyes and under those red lashes and slowly began to kiss Cindy, lipstick made both their lips soft and slick, she moved around to Cindy’s ear, and ran her tongue over it and bent down to kiss Cindy’s neck, She can feel Cindy’s heart beat thundering under her lips, Cindy’s breath is heavy as she begins to slowly slide to her knees, Pamela is surprised as she watches the beautiful face look up at her as she raises Pamela’s skirt, urges her to stand with her legs apart and begins to kiss Pamela’s bare kitty.

“Damn, I’ve never had anyone get on there knees to me! She shudders as Cindy’s tongue finds her clit and begins to flick back and forth over it!” Pamela can’t resist the temptation to grab a handful of Cindy’s red hair and pull her face in tight against her kitty, “god it feels so wonderful!” Pamela’s mind begins to wonder, “this is so wrong, so damn good sooo, whoa, WHOA! WHOAAAAOOO”, a wave of orgasm washes over her unexpectedly, she hears a giggle come from Cindy, she feels Cindy’s tongue go in deep as she begins to suck Pamela’s clit, Another wave of orgasm runs up her spine as Cindy’s attentions begin to get uncomfortable, Pamela tells Cindy to get up in a low voice, again a painful orgasm washes over her. Pamela pulls Cindy off her kitty and up on to her feet, as Cindy rises up to look Pamela in the face she can see Cindy’s lipstick is smeared and her face is moist, Pamela kisses her again and runs her tongue into Cindy’s mouth.

“That was wonderful Cindy, simply wonderful! What am I going to do with you my little angel?”

Cindy smiles that little mischievous smile, ” I have some idea’s Pamela, in fact I have more than a few ideas” Cindy takes Pamela by the hand and leads her on into the house…..

Part two

Pamela felt like she must be looking like a hayseed as Cindy lead her to the back yard. Double glass doors opened out to a pool surrounded by a tall stonewall. A huge hot tube sat beside the pool, pool furniture for at least a dozen people sat on the smooth stone patio surrounding the pool, Cindy was beside her self with excitement, Cindy took both Pamela’s hands in her’s and faced her. “Pamela, lets go up stairs, I have some things to show you and we can come back down after we’ve had a little bit of food and wine then we can enjoy the hot tube or swim or both. We can do anything you want, we have the house all to our selves!”

Pamela smiled at her young lover, “there can’t be but a hand full of men with in a hundred miles that wouldn’t give anything to change places with me right now, She is simply beautiful, nothing like the nerdy looking girls I made out with in college!”

Pamela pulled Cindy to her and bent her head down to kiss her. Cindy’s kiss was open and full, it took Pamela’s breath away, when she pulled back Pamela whispered to Cindy, “Lets go up stairs my little angel, I’ll show you a few things about making love.”

Cindy wrapped her arms around Pamela, hugging her so tight it made Pamela stagger, she backed off and took Pamela’s hand, “lets go my beautiful lover, I can’t wait any longer!”

Cindy almost ran as she pulled Pamela across huge room to the broad staircase. As she climbed the stair case Pamela almost felt like she was in Gone With The Wind, not quite Terra but way past her little brick ranch in the suburbs, Again the feeling of how crazy this was ran through her.

When they got to the top of the stairs Cindy led Pamela to a room, it was bigger than Pamela’s own living room, a big poster bed, a pink canopy covered the bed that was lined with stuffed animals and big pillows. Suddenly Pamela was overwhelmed, Cindy must have seen this in her face. She looked up at Pamela.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32