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Work in the law firm progressed without further incident. Josh and I still and sex on occasion, mostly drunk late at night, but I was generally too busy for a relationship. And I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t like the girl I was becoming. Two guys, two really great guys in twenty five years, and all of a sudden, I’m a call girl for this confident prick. But the fact that we kept hooking up made kept me up some nights wondering what was the matter with me.

Work at a law firm is boring. First rate, I studied all my life for this, welcome to a lifetime of homework (really bad homework) boring. The name of the game is client development. If you can be the person who brings in the clients, you don’t have to know anything about the law. You have the client who has the work who you give to some associate. The associate gets a cut, but you take home the real money. So every young attorney is always chomping at the bit to get exposure to clients, so they can be a rainmaker.

So, last week I was slaving away, when one of the partners in my group tells me I’m going to a client dinner that night. I’m really excited. We did products liability defense for a manufacturing company, and one of the products partners who I didn’t know had asked that I attend. I’m in a corporate group, who does IPO filings and such, so this was a bit odd, but the partner in my group said we were looking to get some of their corporate work and I would be a good fit.

I showed up in a professional jacket, and skirt, my “go anywhere and look sexy professional” look. I’m rounding the corner into the lobby when I see him, and I realize my life has taken a drastic turn. The mysterious partner who requested I attend this evening is Josh’s boss. The same boss whose office Josh and I snuck into one weekend to have sex, who caught us in the office, who we lied to and said I was a callgirl for Josh’s birthday, who threw money at me, who I gave a blowjob and then let fuck me on his desk before he fucked, and came in my ass.

Other than Josh’s boss, there are five of the most powerful attorneys at the firm and a handful of other associates. I introduced myself to the group, and although my bravado was contained in my pounding chest, didn’t sense anything remarkable. We made small Betturkey talk and then three limos showed up. The client was a middle aged Asian man, we shook hands. A partner handed out name tags, which had limo number on them, first to the associates, then to the other partners. He handed mine to me first, and I headed for the purple limo in front.

I sat alone in the plush interior of the limo, heart racing, worried Josh’s boss might recognize me, vaguely concerned I didn’t know very much about the clients business. I figured I’d listen on the ride to dinner, and hope to glean enough information to fake it the rest of the night. I glance out the window, and notice most of the others were already in limos, and that I was alone, and my pulse quicked. But then an attractive Asian associate from my firm (who I’d seen but did not know) climbed into the limo. I saw the client and another partner headed to our limo and realized they invited us because we were attractive young women, and they thought the client would enjoy looking at us. I’m not above using my body to get ahead, and had no problem with it.

The partner stuck his head in the limo and said “Be nice to Mr. Yoto.” The partner walked to another limo, and Mr. Yoto got it. He sat next to the Asian associate and smiled. He reached out his hand, “Hello, Jen.” The Asian associate, Jen shook his hand and smiled. She was exquisite. He leaned to me, “I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure.” We shook hands. “Jess. Pleased to meet you.” The car started moving.

“What do you know about our business?” Showtime, I thought, I can B.S. with the best of them.

“Manufacturing, very good financials, very promising quarter, trending up next year.” I figured we weren’t putting the full court press on a failing company.

“Very good answer.” He reached into his pocket.

He handed something to Jen. “Jen, try this.”

He looked back at me. “But you don’t know very much. Do you?”

“No sir. I’m sorry, I—”

“I don’t mind. Just pay attention. And remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Jen slipped her skirt off. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and was completely shaved.

“Jen doesn’t bill hours anymore. She just entertains Betturkey Giriş me, once or twice a month.” He looked me square in the eyes. “You could say she’s moved onto the client development side of the business.”

Jen looked at me, and without a word slipped whatever Mr. Yoto had give her into her shaved pussy. Mr. Yoto pulled out a small remote control (it looked like an Ipod shuffle), and moved his thumb. I could hear a very faint humming noise. “Jess, we make sexy toys. Do you know what those are?”

“Yes sir.” Jen’s hips were gyrating a little now, but she wasn’t faking.

“Unbutton your shirt.” Jen unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. But her hands were trembling slightly now. “Jen, don’t break eye contact with Jess.” Jen stared at me. We rode in silence, save for the faint humming noise, and the sound of Jen’s hips gyrating faster, her ass rubbing against the leather interior.

“All of this is being video taped.” Another fifteen seconds passed, I watched Jen’s pleasure. I could see her wetness. I could feel myself getting warmer.

“Jen, why don’t you suck my dick for a little while?” Dutifully, Jen took unzipped his pants, and pulled out his dick. “Why don’t you do it on your knees in front of me?” Jen got in the aisle of the limo, the back of her right foot touched mine, I was only a foot from her perfect round ass, humming quietly, pussy glistening in the soft light on the limo. I heard her suck him in. “No hands.” She worked on him very slowly, he clicked the remote control in his hand, and I could see it speed up in her vibrations. Her leg was shaking slightly, and she was having trouble staying focused on sucking him. She made a slightly audible moan. And then an “Ooooh. OH. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.” She was shaking all over, her mouth inpaled on his dick, choking and trying to scream. And he click the device off. She purred.

“Get up Jen. See if Jess will let you slip the device into her.” Jen pulled the tiny device out, and touched my inner thigh. I didn’t stop her. She reach up my skirt and tugged my panties, she pulled at them until the slipped over my hips, out of my skirt, and off of my legs. She reached the device up against me. I was panting, and delusional with what Betturkey Güncel Giriş was going on. This wasn’t happening. She slipped it inside me, and rubbed my clit slightly. She spread my legs and moved away. “Sit directly across from her Jen.”

I felt the humming softly and closed me eyes. “You’re going to like this.” Minutes passed, and I was gyrating, grabbing an my breasts, still selfconscious of the surroundings, but lost in the whirring in my pussy. It radiated through my body in ever direction. I was building to an orgasm unlike anything I had ever felt before, when the whirring stopped.

“Would you like me to continue?”

“Yes. Please.”

Open your eyes. I saw Jen. “Lick her pussy.” I couldn’t help myself, I needed to what the device was promising. I leaned forward. Jen took my hands and pulled my face into her hot, wet pussy. I licked it slowly from the top to the bottom. The whirring began again. I was building, and licking, and feeling Jen’s delicate hands forcefully pulling me into her. I could feel Mr. Yoto moving. Could see his feet on either side of me. Was he straddling my head?

The sunroof opened. Instinctively I glanced up. Mr. Yoto was standing on the seat facing Jen, fucking her mouth slowly while he stood out the sunroof. Jen guided me back to her pussy, and my pussy climbed up to the edge and over. I came with a moan muffled in Jen. The speed increased, it was almost too much. Jen pulled my head back. Mr. Yoto was really fucking her mouth now. She pulled my hair back so hard it hurt, and I stared at this stranger fucking this beautiful Asian woman’s mouth. The device hit me perfectly at a million miles an hour, and I writhing in uncontrollable pleasure. His pace was slowing now, and I knew he was cumming in her mouth. She pulled my face into her vagina, muffling my moan for a second, and then pulled me up, and turned me over. Mr. Yoto stepped away, and Jen slowly dripped a line of cum out of her mouth into mine. She French kissed me with a mouth full of cum, and we started making out, cum slipping out of our mouths, onto Jen’s body. We kept making out, and Mr. Yoto slapped my ass a little while he pulled the device out of me.

“Clean her up Jess. Its almost time for dinner.”

Jen, like a light switch had been turned off, stopped kissing me. She leaned back, and dutifully let me lick all the cum off her body. When I was finished, she got dressed. I mimicked her. She put makeup on and cleaned up in the mirror, I did the same. The limo stopped and we joined the others for dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32