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Standing in the kitchen with nothing to keep you from full exposure but the tiny apron you wear per your Master’s instruction, your heart jumps with excitement as you hear the front door opening. Bouncing into the living room as your breast rub against the thin fabric you stop just before me with a wide grin and your hands cupped together in front of you.

“Hello Master.” You say with joy beaming through your big smiling eyes. “Your dinner is almost ready Sir.”

“Hello my precious pet.” I say smiling back at you in your apron. “Arms out pet and turn about for me to have a good look at you.” With pride you lift your arms out to your sides and slowly turn in place before me as I inspect my little one. “Very nice I say as you turn back to face me as I walk towards you. Slowly circling you to have a solid look I stop behind you as your head spins slightly to follow me. “Eyes front!” I snack firmly as you instantly respond, jerking your head straight ahead as you feel a small sharp sting on the crown of your ass as my hand warms your skin with a tiny swat. As I come back round in front of you and place a small kiss on your lips I give you your grade. “Very nice my pet, very nice indeed!”

“Thank you Master.” The pride once again beaming in your smile.

“Now go and fetch me a cup of coffee dear.” I command as I take off my coat and lay it down on the arm of the chair.

“Yes Sir.” You say as you spin on one foot and hurry back towards the kitchen delightfully. “Your coffee Master.” You say as you come back into the room to find me comfortably resting in the large green chair near the door. Bending at the waist to insure me a nice look inside your apron you hand me the steaming cup. I retrieve the cup from your grasp as my eyes sink deeply into the opening to see your wonderfully erect nipples. As I take my first sip of coffee I look back up at you.

“Well little one it looks like we are going to have a long evening aren’t we?” Placing the cup down on the table next to me I reach out my hand toward you.

“Why Master?” You ask with a slightly concerned look covering you lovely face as you reach out and place your hand gently in mine.

“You forgot the cream again my pet.” I inform you as I pull you over to stand beside me. “I am sorry Master. I will go get it right now!” You exclaim as I turn your body to face the wall to my right.

“Hush pet.” I say as you look down towards me. “Kneel down right now!” I command tugging gently on your hand as my grip tightens slightly. As you kneel down resting on the carpet on your knees I shift forward to the edge of the seat. Pulling your hand and taking hold of your shoulder with my other I bend you over at the waist until the weight of your body lies across my knees. Placing one arm across your back I press your gently wiggling body down firmly into my lap. “Stay still now or this will just have to take longer.”

“Yes Master.” You say as you close your eyes and take your lower lips between your teeth as you feel the weight of my arm press more firmly now into your back. “OH!” The sound escapes past your lips as you feel my hand fall across the tender skin of your ass. Your body instantly jumps at the sting, but is driven firmly back down by the arm holding you in place. Another small gasp crosses your lips as a second slap hits your ass but this time the arm holding you down has a firm hold and the jolt of your body is useless. Three more swats strike your soft ass, the final one stinging just a bit more. Then you feel the warm moist touch of my lips as I bend down and gently kiss the pink spots of your butt. Suddenly a massive shivers moves through your skin drawing tiny bumps over your whole body as the coolness of me blowing air across the wetness of the kisses passes through you.

“There you go little one.” I say as I lift my arm from your back and allow you to sit up. Taking your face in my hands I pull you to my lips and kiss you softly. “Now go get that cream dear.” Smiling once again you start to rise but are stopped by my hand on your shoulder.

“I’m going to get your cream Master.” You say as you look towards me wondering why I have stopped you.

“Yes I know you are.” I say as I open my legs and firmly shift you around in front of me. You scoot around on your knees until you are between my thighs. “Take out my cock pet.” I command as I lean back in my chair and smile down at you.

“Yes Master.” You say as you reach up with both hands and undo the button of my jeans and pull the zipper down. Reaching inside your hand finds the rigged shaft of my cock and pulls it out into the warm air.

“Stroke it slowly now little one.” I say as I watch you wrap our hand around it and start gently pumping it from the base of my cock up to the swelling head. “Now kiss my head like a good girl.” Leaning forward you gently place your lips on my head and kiss it. Opening your mouth slightly as your tongue slips out and starts tracing it’s way around the tip. “UMMMM!” Gasps from my throat as I watch you licking my cock head slowly leaving moist trails of pleasure behind your tongue. “Take it in your mouth my little slut!” I Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort exclaim. “I want to feel your wet mouth on my cock now!” Your lips spread wide as you sink your hungry mouth down on my throbbing cock shaft until my head presses slight into the back of your throat. Taking you hand off the base of my cock you sink your mouth as far down as you can manage before you draw back up until my head is all that remains in your warm mouth. Your hands take hold of my thighs as your body starts to move up and down as you go right into a solid pace of driving my cock in and out of your mouth sucking it until your cheeks draw in as your lips slide up and down. “Oh fuck yes slut that’s what I like!” I call out as I take hold of your wrists and lift them from my thighs and bend them back to hold them behind your back with one hand as I slip my fingers into your hair and grip the silky strands to control the pace. Pushing on the back of your head and then pulling your hair slightly to draw you back up again I push you into a reckless rhythm. The under side of my shaft slides back and forth across your wiggling tongue as my head sudden swells while I cry out with a loud groan. My hand presses hard against the back of your head holding you down as the sudden explosion of my cum erupts in the back of your throat filling your mouth with my warm tingling load. You passionately suck in an attempt to drain my ball completely as you swallow. The silky feeling of cum slips down your throat as my grip in your hair lessens and you bob up and down a few times under your own power to make sure you get every drop.

“See Master I didn’t forget your cream.” You say smiling as you lift your face from my cock to see me in my orgasmic pleasure. “Now if you want to rest a minute I will get your dinner.”

“Thank you pet, you’re right you did take care of the cream didn’t you?” I say as I look down at you kneeling between my legs slowly working my cock in your hand still.

The candles on the table have burned down just past half way as we finish our dinner. You cooked wonderfully but it is hard for me to think about the meal as I watch you across from me in that tiny apron. As you start to clear the table you ask me, “Did you enjoy your meal Master?”

“Yes my pet, it was very good.” I say as I watch you walking away from me towards the sink with a hand full of dishes. The sight of your bare ass walking away sends shivers through my body and raises the attention of my stiffening cock. “But what about desert?”

You hand your hands together before you as you walk back to where I sit. “Master I didn’t fix any desert sir, I am sorry.” You say with a slight pout to your lips. Sliding my chair back from the table I take you hands and pull you in front of me.

“Well my pet we will have to do something about that wont we?” I ask as I take firm hold of your hips and lift you up setting your butt on the edge of the table. “Spread open your thighs pet so I can have my desert.” I command as I look up into your eyes above me as you sit there on the table. Your knees open as your legs spread wide for me. The flap of your apron fall between your legs covering the delicate pussy I desire. “Hold up that apron pet right this second!” I command as you take each corner in one hand and pull it up to unveil your tender pink lips. Placing my hands on your knees I lean forward softly tracing kisses across your knee and moving inward up your thigh until I reach the swelling lips of your pussy. Opening my mouth I breath a deep sigh blowing warm air across your naked pussy sending a bolt of lightening through your flesh before slipping the tip of my tongue out and teasing you pussy. My lips wrap themselves to your lips nibbling and sucking them into my mouth and thrashing them with my tongue as I work my way down from your clit to the bottom of your pussy then stroking firmly upward with my tongue between your lips. Sliding one hand down your thigh to your pussy my finger spread you open fully for me to show off your swelling clit. The tip of my tongue strikes across it franticly flicking it back and forth in the air as my finger hold you open. The war pressure of my lips wrapping around your clit overwhelms you as you eyes close tightly and a small gasp crosses you lips. Sucking deep and hard I pull your clit into my mouth and suck it for dear life as my tongue attacks it wildly. As my mouth works maddeningly on your clit my fingers start to wander up and down gently between your lips. Tracing their way down to your soaked tiny hole tow of my fingers firmly press there way inside you drawing out a louder cry from your mouth as your breath quickens into a heavy pant. My fingers pull completely out of your body and start working up and down between your lips once more, spreading your sweet juices over your whole pussy. The tips of my fingers press into the very bottom of your lips where they come back together and rub wetness over the tiny delicate skin between your pussy and your tiny asshole. A sudden jerk of your body goes along with a massive gasp as you feel the tips of my finger press slightly against the tight skin Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort of your ass. They move around in small circles rubbing the warm wetness all over your tiny hole. M second hand quickly moves up your leg and two of my fingers invade your soft pussy and start a firm pace of fucking their way in and out of you as my mouth quickens it’s work drawing your clit in between my lips and rolling it about as my tongue thrashes across it frantically. Your breathing pushes your hard nipples up and down under the thin apron as your hips push forward and back on the edge of the table to meet the force of my mouth and fingers. Your breathing is broken by a cry of pleasure as the tip of my pinky, wet from the flowing juices of your pleasure, pushes it’s way gently inside you ass wiggling it’s way deep inside to fill you. The feeling of your body being so full as your clit is sucked well is driving you crazy and bringing your body near to cumming. Suddenly my finger pull back from inside you and you clit feels the cool air of release from my lips as I stand up from my chair causing you to cry out.

“NO Master please!”

“Hush pet!” I say with a firm tone as my hands take a firm hold on your shoulders and push you backwards. Your body falls softly and lies back on the table with your butt still on the edge and your legs hanging off. Walking around the table to your right I take out a strand of ribbon from my pocket and gently tie it around your wrist as I pull your arm out from beside your body. Once tied snuggly I pull the ribbon and tie your arm out beside you by attaching the other end to the table leg. Moving to the other side of the table I fix your second arm in the same way. Going back to my chair I sit down and take up your ankle and tie a bit of ribbon to it as well pulling your legs open as I tie each ankle to a table leg. Standing once again I walk around to your side, lifting a small steak knife from the table I cut the strap off your apron from around your neck, then from your waist. My hand grabs the cloth of the apron and firmly pulls it from your body leaving you bond and naked. You hard nipples heave up and down on top of your breasts as you breath heavily. Reaching into the glass near you head I pull out a small piece of ice and gentle trace it around your nipple leaving a tiny trace of water trickling down your breast as you gasp loudly before the coldness of the ice is replaced quickly by the heat of my mouth as my lips engulf your nipple pulling it deep into my mouth as my tongue flickers across it as you back arches up from the table to meet my lips. Stand back and releasing your nipple I walk slowly back to the end of the table pulling the ice down from your breast and across your belly button, then down over your hips to your thigh. Standing between your tied open legs I softly run the edge of the ice over your pussy lips bringing out small shiver from your body as you pull at the bonds that hold your legs. Parting you lips with my fingers I rub the ice on your clit and then bend down to give it the same treatment as your nipple while you start to thrash your head from side to side moaning loudly. Walking back to the head of the table I take up your apron and roll it into a rope. “Open your mouth little one!” I command as you lay there with your eyes closed tightly gasping for breath. As you lips open I gently lift your head and place the apron in between your teeth and pull the ends behind your head and tie them loosely before lowering you head back to the table. You watch me as I walk back to the end of the table and slowly strip down leaving my jeans on the floor in a pile of clothing. My hard cock stands out before me as I walk up to the table between your legs. Taking my shaft firmly in my hand as I walk up t your body I step close up to the table and tease your pussy by rubbing my head firmly between your lips up and down from you clit to your ass covering it with your wetness as you gasps are muffled by the gage in your mouth. Finally I slip my head into your tight pussy and let my hand free of it as I stand there with only my throbbing head inside you. Grabbing your hips with both hands as you lie there on the table I lean forward and pull hard on your hips pulling your butt across the table and driving my cock deep into you with one hard stroke. My fingers grip into the flesh of your hips as I waist no time in beginning a fast pace. Pulling your body towards me as I drive each stroke of my cock as deep into you as I can reach as you bounce back and forth on the table with your breasts bouncing in time with my rhythm. I stand looking down at my cock as it vanishes into your waiting pussy. The table creeks as it slips slightly under the force of my hips pounding into you as I fuck you frantically, like a starving man. The sound of my balls slapping against your ass fills the kitchen with your breathing and muffled gasp. Suddenly your body goes rigged on the tabletop as I feel your pussy spasm around my cock in orgasm. The wonderful feeling of your pussy squeezing tightly around me trying to suck the cum from my cock is maddening. My pace picks up and I jerk your Kadıköy Ucuz Escort body up off the table now with each stroke of my cock driving into you until I burry my head deep into your cunt as you feel the heat of my cum blasting out inside your body as I hold you tightly to my hips while I fill you completely with every drop of my steaming load.

After desert is over and you are untied, I take you by the hand and lead you to the bathroom. I sit down as you run a warm bath for me with just a touch of bubbles.

“For fun!” You say as you look back over your shoulder at me smiling towards you. As the water trickles to a stop I step past you and into the tub slowly sinking down into the seaming water.

“Oh pet it’s a bit hot.” I say as my skin turn pink beneath the water.

“I like it hot Master.” You say with a keen look in your eyes as you kneel beside the tub.

“Ummm that feels wonderful.” I say as you start to scrub my back with a washcloth. “So precious did you enjoy your dinner as much as I did?”

“Yes Sir.” You comment with a giggle. “Especially desert!” Reaching from the water I take hold of you hand and pull you to me as you stand and step into the tub facing me.

“Come here you!” I say as you sit and sink below the water line. “Thank you very much pet for fixing dinner for me. I say as I lean forward to kiss you gently as you have already gotten back to work soaping up my chest with your washcloth. Leaning back against the edge of the tub I sit and watch you as you finally go about cleaning yourself. The water rolling down your shoulders and over your breasts as you whip the cloth across your neck looks so wonderful to me. The tiny bubbles dripping of the tips of your nipples into the steam rising up past your body from the tub stir an instant reaction from me. As you hands slip below the bubbles floating on the surface I hear you gasp.

“Master again?” You ask as your hand brushes across my cock and you discover my erecting.

“Yes again pet, what can I say? I like to see you wet.” Leaning forward from my resting place I take hold of your ankles and pull your legs around behind me before reaching to your hips and lifting you up and dropping you on my lap. As my hands keep there hold on your warm wet hips you reach down in front of you and wrap your finger around my stiffened cock and guide it into your pussy as your body slips down into my lap. As you sink into place with a soft gasp my cock fills you to the base. “Oh pet that’s perfect.” You wrap your thighs tight to me as you calves cross behind my back. Reaching out to the sides of the tub with your hands to balance yourself you start to work your body up and down in my lap. Sliding my hands from your hips and firmly stroking them over your wet stomach as I work my way to your breasts I press my hips up a bit to meet your slow push downward. My hands covered in warm bubbles reach your firm breasts and squeeze them as the massage over your nipples. The feeling of your breast so slick with water being paid such attention brings out a tiny squeal from your lips as you suck in your lower lips and bite down on it firmly. You hands lift from the edge of the tub and wrap themselves around my neck as you push close into my lap grinding yourself hard against the rigged shaft deep inside you. Pulling both breasts upward in my hands my head bend down and my lips wrap around one then the other giving them long deep kisses as I thrash them with my tongue and massage each breast in my palms.

“oooo Master!” echoes off the bathroom walls as you fly into a near jumping pace driving your ass down hard against my thighs with each stroke. “Ahhhhh Master ppleaseeee!”

“Please what my sweet pet?” I ask as my lips pull off your nipples and my eyes look up to meet yours as the bob up and down half open.

“Oh god Master please may I cum!” You gasp out between breaths. “I need to soooo badly sir pleaseee.” Letting free my grip on your breasts I slip my arms under yours and turn them upward to grab hold of your shoulders. With a solid grip I pull hard down on your shoulders as you push your own body to a down stroke, driving you hard onto my cock as you scream out loud. Instantly I follow with a second hard jerk bringing you down even harder onto my lap. “God! Oh god Master!” You scream fills the small room. A third tug brings you down so I feel the head of my cock slam into you as you body heaves with pleasure. “Pleaseee, fuck Master please let me cum.” You beg as I pull you down once more.

“Now pet cum for me now!” I cry out as I pull you to me harder feeling the tightening of the walls in your pussy gripping at my cock. You arms around my neck tighten holding my to you for dear life as your body jerks in flooding orgasm. The heat of the bath and your rapid heavy breathing in frantic orgasm are simply too much and in the middle of your shaking I feel you go suddenly limp in my arms as you faint away. Hold you tightly to my chest with one arm as you lay draped over my shoulder with your sweet face on my neck. I reach behind me and slightly turn on the cool water. Taking up the wash cloth and soaking it with cool water I bring it to your face and softly whip your bright red cheeks and fore head gently kissing your ear as I do. Slowly your eyes open under the coolness of the cloth and I see your big eyes gazing into mine. “Hay there little one welcome back.” I lean in and give you a soft peck on your lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32