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I usually don’t get my best work done until after everyone else has left the building, which unfortunately isn’t until after 6:30 on most evenings. This evening was no different – at least not yet. My boss stuck his head in my office with keys in hand and told me that Debra was staying late also. I responded with a “Who?” He gave me a quizzical look, then smiled and said she was the new Marketing Director, and reminded me that he told everyone all about her at last Monday’s meeting.

I said, “Ah, I remember – have a good weekend.” I really didn’t remember, nor did I care at this point, I had far too much work to get done.

After about a half an hour I heard someone open the door to the Women’s bathroom, which is near my office, but out of sight. Having the bathrooms and the kitchen in this hallway, makes this corridor one of the high traffic areas in our building – hence the reason I don’t get anything done during the day, everyone stops by to “chat” on there ways to and from there potty and lunch breaks.

A couple minutes go by and I heard the door again (it’s a bit squeaky at times), I then heard a woman’s voice say “I’m making a pot of coffee, will you drink some?” as she walked down the hallway toward the lunch room. A bit startled, I respond “Sure.”

I continued working, and after a few minutes I could smell the freshly brewed coffee. I took a deep breath and smiled. I really love coffee, and like most adults, I am pretty addicted to the stuff. About 5 minutes later I heard her yell out from the kitchen, “Do you want cream in it?”

“No – I like it black.” I responded. I heard the coffee being poured.

“Do you want it in there, or do you have time for a short break?” she questioned.

At this point, I realized that I was taking advantage of her kindness – not only had she made the coffee, and poured me a cup, she was about to deliver it to me. I yelled back “I have time for a quickie, be right there.”

I made my way down the hallway toward the kitchen; I turned the corner and entered the room. I stopped dead in my tracks! Debra, our new Marketing Director, was drop-dead gorgeous! She was wearing a tight mid-length jean skirt, with a white polo shirt, and sneakers. Her skin the perfect shade of… well, coffee! At least coffee with a bit of cream in it. She stands about 5’7,” with a very “fit” body – All the curves in the right places. :o)

Now, I normally don’t stop dead in my tracks for just that – but her chest! She’s about a 34C, but that wasn’t even what caught my attention… You see, I don’t consider myself a “breast man.” I enjoy all sizes, big flappers all the way down to flat chested women – if and only if, they meet ONE criterion – they must have above average length nipples! Debra definitely fit the bill; I couldn’t take my eyes off of her tits! She was wearing a bra, but even then, they stuck out at least 3 quarters of an inch!

It may be rude to stare at a Woman’s chest, like I currently was, but in my defense – I was horney as hell! You see all Work often leads to no sex, and no sex often leads to being incredibly horney! I stood there for what seemed like an eternity. Yes my mouth was open – I may have been drooling too.

She said, “Oh! I’m sorry,” and looked down at herself, “I…I thought it would be ok to change, since everyone is gone.”

I looked up, realized my mouth was open – shut it, tried to process what she just said, and finally stammered our “Wha?… oh, that’s ok. It is after hours.”

I then added, “Besides, I’m not your boss.,” with a wink and a smile – finally regaining some of my composure.

“Here’s your coffee,” she said, as she handed me a cup.

We both sat down across from one another. I kept trying not to look at her chest, but I couldn’t help it… Yep – they’re still hard as rocks! I sighed, and felt my dick start to wake up from its long, long sleep.

“I can go change…” gaziantep escort she trailed off, seeing that I was looking at her shirt again…

“No!… no, no. It’s not that…” I told her, as I realized how she must have been interpreting my stare.

…”Well, what then?” she responded.

Ok. Think… but before I could, I blurted out; “It’s your nipples… there so. Big…,” while I made a sweeping gesture with my free hand. My face immediately turned red. Shit, I thought with the wrong head again!

This time her mouth was open… and her eyes were wide. There was silence. Complete and utter silence. No noise whatsoever; the pop machine, the refrigerator, even the coffee pot were all silent! Oh boy, what have I done..? I think to myself “say something dumb ass…”

She looked down at her breasts, then slowly looked up and away. “Uhhm. Yeah. tha..that happens. to me when I. I get cold…” she trailed off.

Interesting… something didn’t seem quite right I thought to myself, as I tried to formulate a way out of this conversation without burying myself any deeper.

“It’s not cold in the building today,” I say matter-of-factly! The little head was apparently in complete control at this point.

Her face turned beat red, which was quite impressive for a woman – or should I say a goddess – of color.

She snapped back “Well – what do you want me to say, I’m horney as hell, I haven’t had a cock in…” Bam her hand went up to her mouth in mid sentence, her body slamming back against the chair, and her eyes opened as wide as they possibly could! Wow I thought to myself, “apparently I’m not the only one that has a problem with their libido taking control of their mouth!”

I set my coffee cup down, realizing I hadn’t even taken a sip yet. “Look… I’m horney as hell too, that’s why I can’t take my eyes off of you. I find you extremely attractive… and your nipples are exquisite to say the least…” – Did that just come out of my mouth? The guy who can’t even ask a woman out when he’s been assured by all his friends that she is interested in him.

Before she could say anything, I added “I realize I’m probably coming off as a pathetic loser, but I would love to spend the rest of the evening making you cum…” – hey I had nothing to loose at this point, if she was going to get me for sexual harassment, I might as well make it a worthwhile accusation.

“I’ve never been… asked that way before.” she said calmly, looking me straight in the eyes… “I should say No… but I can’t,” she continued.

“Then don’t. Come with me.” I said as I stood up and extended my hand. My heart was racing at this point.

She got up, stumbled slightly, and took my hand. Once we were both on the same side of the table I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately. Our tongues intertwined, our bodies pressed together. My leg found its way between her thighs. Pressing. Pushing up her skirt. Her hand moved down my back to my ass, squeezing, and kneading it. It was now on my thigh – a short hesitation – then it was grasping at my raging cock through my dress pants.

I reached down and moved a chair out of the way. I partially break the embrace, placing my hands around her waist. I lifted her up onto the table. I moved in. We embraced again. Tongues searched each other out. Tasting the other. I moved in, spreading her legs with my legs – raising her skirt. Her hand was still on my cock – not stroking, but griping and releasing. I could feel her nipples through our clothing, against my chest… Our mouths broke free of their bond, we both gasped for air.

“Fuck me. Now…” she said in a raspy, wanton voice, in between gasps…

“No” is all I said, as I pulled her shirt up. She was wearing a thin lacy wire bra, clasped in the front.. I undid it as I continued to raise her shirt with my forearms. She konya escort grabbed the shirt and pulled it off, tossing it to the floor. I released her chocolate mounds from the bra. She removed it from one arm, then the other and let it fall on to the table behind her. I pushed her back. She placed her palms on the table behind her for support. I gasped as I saw that her nipples were mostly dark, with a slight pinkish tone – they looked delicious. I immediately grabbed a breast and bent down to put the nipple in my mouth.

She recoiled – hand on my chest – pushing. I looked up – baffled by this unexpected reaction. She said in a sexy voice “two things… no office gossip, and DON’T be gentle with me.” She didn’t wait for a response; she pulled me to her breast.

I immediately sucked the nipple into my mouth. I made sure I got it wet and slippery with my saliva. She repositioned her ass so that it was closer to the edge of the table. I could feel her mound blatantly gyrating against my mid-thigh. My cock pulsated in its confinement. She struggled to undo my belt as I sucked, then lightly bite on her nipple. She stopped, arched her back slightly and let out a sigh.

She moved her head near mine, so that her mouth was near my ear. She was breathing heavily. She got my belt undone. Next my pants are unbuttoned. Then my zipper. She scooted my pants down a bit they fell to the floor. My cock surged again; feeling the cool air, knowing it would be IN her soon.

I move my attentions from her right breast and nipple to the left one. I am amazed at how firm they are… both the breast and the nipple. I sucked and bit it as I kneaded both her breasts, making sure I kept attention on the right one by twisting it between my thumb and forefinger. Gentle at first. Then harder. She gasped and then moaned – a long deep one, ending it with …”yes. More.”

She stroked my dick through my boxers, grabbing and squeezing my balls on the down stroke. Pre-cum began oozing out the top and made the cotton material of my underwear stick to the head of my cock. She stopped. Grabbed my boxers and pulled them down – setting my member free. I felt both hands – one on my nut-sack, the other wrapping itself around my cock. I moan… “Hmmm.”

I turn my head toward her and our tongues intertwine again – each passionately seeking the other. I can feel her pussy flesh through her panties – grinding against me… the heat. The wetness. Her scent – I took a deep breath, my nostrils flared. Primal, animal instincts began to take hold. Her scent was strong – she will taste good.

“Fuck me! I need it… bad.” she demanded in her raspy voice. I broke the embrace. In what seemed like one motion I let go of her breasts, and roughly grab her mound with my right hand – thumb at the top of her pelvic bone, searching through her wet panties and her folds, for her clitoris. My fingers snaked between her ass cheeks as I cupped them upward. Two found the opening. I pushed roughly – forcing her panties inside of her.

“Yesss! oh… [gasp] god.,” she forced out with great pleasure as her back arched and her pelvis instinctively thrust forward into my hand. Forcing the fingers in deeper, and my thumb to push up through her folds and across her swollen clit. I started to move my hand in and out. She stiffened and released with a loud grunt. Her mound met each of my thrusts forcefully with one of its own. …”ughm… faaa uck.. Me. ” she let out in between gasps. She grabbed my wrist with both of her hands. Wrapping them tightly around it, and began to piston my hand, finishing her sentence with; “har [gasp] der.” My fingers – and her panties – were being pushed inside of her cunt hole, to just about the third knuckle, which forced me to abandon my assault on her clit.

With each forceful thrust the waistband of her panties were being pulled down. I could see the top kayseri escort of her moist folds for the first time, and her bright pink, swollen clit stuck straight up! It was as big around as a dime, and almost a half-inch long!!! Each time my fingers plunged into her cleft, the waistband of her panties would come down and her clit would be flicked out from underneath it – causing it to stand to attention. Then when my fingers were pulled back out of her cunt, the waistband went back up rubbing across her enormous clit again! Each motion caused her to jerk uncontrollably and let out a grunt.

I couldn’t stand it anymore – I knew I was going to explode soon. I looked up at her. Her eyes were half closed and filled with a burning lust. Her teeth were clenched tightly together. The muscles in her face, neck and shoulders were tense as if she were lifting something way to heavy. Sweat covered her ebony skin. Her nipples stood still and erect like little statues on her breasts as they moved up and down with the intense finger fucking that her body was experiencing. Her chest heaved as she breathed laboriously through her clenched teeth. She was close to Cumming!

“Stop!” I gasped out defiantly as I pulled my hand free from her cunt and the grasp of her two hands. Still moving her body in a pistoning motion, she looked up at me with a mortified look on her face – as if she were a little girl, and just learned that her puppy ran away. I pushed her hands to the side. I leaned in and grasped her sweaty butt cheeks and in one motion I pulled her up, pushed her panties to the side, and impaled her on to my rock hard cock. We both gasped at the new found pleasure. I felt her warmth and wetness encase my prick as she slid down my member – all the way to the base. Moaning she said, ..”uhghmmm gahd… [gasp] fuck. yeahesss…”

Blood surged into my cock, my sack tightened, causing my balls to retract slightly. She was tight – I am going to cum soon too… We didn’t loose a beat. I began thrusting, and she met each thrust with one of her own. Her legs were completely wrapped around my mid section. My hands were holding her ass checks apart – all the while supporting her weight. My fingers begin exploring immediately – feeding my building orgasm with the sensations my fingers were experiencing.

I found her tight, puckered asshole with the middle finger of my right hand. My left found her cock filled cunt. I could feel my cock as it thrust in and out of her opening. Copious amounts of vaginal fluid were running down my cock and balls – more with each thrust. I wet my fingers and move her juices to her asshole. I began pressing the finger from my right hand into her asshole. Her eyes locked on mine, she moaned out; ..”yeah… ass.. [grunt] yesss” I felt a lot of resistance, I forcefully pushed. Her face contorted, she stiffened, and stopped thrusting. Her cunt tightened around my cock. She threw her head back – her legs began to straighten as they tensed up – she began to release a low, almost inaudible at first, moan. I’m in to the first knuckle.

My balls tightened. Then my cock – all in response to the pressure her cunt was placing on it – released. My balls dropped back down – then almost immediately tighten up again. Another release. Longer, harder then the last one. She was bucking uncontrollably. My knees weakened. I forced my finger in just a bit more and moved it side to side. I made out; ..”ffaaaaahhhhhhkkkk yess! Ca-Cuhhmmm [grunt] innggha..” as her cunt contracted uncontrollably.

I felt another load build up and then squirt out of my cock into her pussy. My legs gave. We fell. I landed on my ass. She was pushed off of my cock, and fell backward – pushing the table out of the way with her back as she fell. I grabbed her arms to keep her from hitting her head. We both collapsed – laying on one side looking at each other. We still twitched from the after effects of our first orgasm(s) of the evening.

A minute or so went by, and she said “More Coffee?”

ThE eNd?

– – –

Comments are always welcome and strongly encouraged. I am looking for constructive criticism, as well as Women to exchange stories, fantasies, or just to ask / answer questions you might not ask someone you know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32