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It had long been established that for the set of personality traits the captive presented, the best results would be achieved if she was allowed to exercise some choice regarding her enslavement, albeit limited to alternatives that coincided with the objective of preparing her for her new station in life. Thus, her own choices and deepest desires established a baseline for her future role, ensuring that she would eventually realize her full potential. Without further ado, the metal implemented the measures that would put the subject into the appropriate state of mind.

‘Oh no, what now?’ Lin was shaken from her stupor when a thick strand of the metal shot upwards and wrapped itself around a stout branch that arched over the trail. Once securely anchored, the strand contracted and Lin was hoisted feet first up into the air until she found herself dangling upside-down about a meter above the ground. It was an awkward position to have to endure, yet due to her excellent circulation (and probably the metal’s meddling), she felt no ill effects at all. Hence, she suffered it uncomplainingly and only groaned when the insidious assault on her erogenous zones resumed, this time mixing pleasurable and painful stimulation in equal measure.

The preceding orgasms had left her satiated, drained and exhausted, hence she did not believe she would be up for another round, yet to her surprise, she soon found herself becoming wet again. Her body had already been conditioned to respond indiscriminately to the metal’s manipulation with arousal, regardless of whether her mind tried to tell it otherwise. Besides, her earlier mortal fear had given way to the titillating thrill of the unknown: The prospect of having to submit to a formidable, alien Mistress excited her like nothing before in her life and if her adventure up to now hinted at what her future with Mistress would be like she wanted to sample its pleasures with an absoluteness that left no room for doubt. And she wanted so much more of it! However, the metal had changed tactics once again, as she soon realized to her chagrin.

Instead of continuously ramping up the intensity of its harsh fondling, the metal kept her lust simmering on a level too acute to endure but backed off the moment an orgasm approached. Every time this happened, Lin howled with frustrated need into her gag. With each new round of this awful game, the unbearable tension was ratcheted up another notch until she felt she must surely burst.

Once more the vicious cycle started, her pussy, breasts and every other erogenous zone she possessed was exposed to a continuously stepped-up whirlwind of sensations, varying between tender caresses and nasty shocks, yet each perfectly attuned to whatever desire her brain telegraphed to her wily tormentor. In record time, Lin was once again shuddering with pleasure in her restraints. She was a hair’s breadths away from exploding into a spectacular orgasm when every stimulation suddenly ceased and she was left high and dry for the umpteenth time.

‘No, no, not again!’ She had been so damned close! It was grossly unfair to be denied again and again. In a fit of temper, Lin bucked and strained with all her strength against the bonds that held her arms uselessly at her sides, desperately attempting to somehow reach her crotch. If bone and sinew had been up to the task, she would surely have ripped the strands of metal apart, but so all she achieved was a totally ineffectual rocking movement that mocked her titanic effort. Beside herself with rage, she screeched at the top of her lungs, yet even her scream was effortlessly muffled by the lump in her mouth, leaving Lin at her wit’s end, frantic with unfulfilled lust. Then it got even worse.

The metal had learned an impressive new trick and the next time she was at the brink of what promised to be the greatest orgasm of her life, it held her there, twitching and moaning, but unable to find the release she desperately craved. She absolutely needed to climax, yet could not! When, after interminable minutes, the metal finally released its hold of her mind and allowed her raging libido to subside a little, Lin was a sobbing wreck. She would do whatever it took to be granted her climax! Whatever was required of her, she would gladly agree if only Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort it ended this erotic torment. Suddenly, she knew this thought was, in fact, the key to her salvation.

Her Goddess had graciously accepted the gift she had made of her lust and pain. Now it was up to her to demonstrate her unconditional surrender to the Mistress’ dominance. Now she had to turn herself into the slave she had dreamed of becoming for so long so that she might be rewarded with the boon she craved. The Goddess’ metal minion had been tasked to put its considerable means at her disposal to help with her transformation.

In Lin’s mind formed a surprisingly detailed image of how she currently looked: Dangling upside-down from a tree, flushed and panting from exertion, her blonde hair matted and disheveled, her running outfit stained and soaked with sweat. Her bondage was more cumbersome than tantalizing and apart from her upside-down configuration far less challenging than the positions she regularly attempted on her own. In addition, it gave her the aspect of a sausage caught in netting, like a salami hanging in the pantry – this would not do. Like, not at all! So in her mind’s eye, she began to make changes and the metal dutifully implemented them in reality.

First, she decided that a proper slave needed to be naked. The metal made short work of her clothes and shoes, forming blades that shredded them to small pieces that rained down on the forest floor below. She critically surveyed her now exposed body. Normally, she shaved regularly, but since she was staying alone in a remote place, she had foregone the routine for the past week and some stubble had accumulated at her crotch, legs, and armpits. Somehow she knew that the metal could take care of that, once and for all. Before she had even consciously formulated the thought, an army of silvery blobs crawled all over her, excising all body hair below her neck and also completely eradicating the follicles at the same time. Still brimming with pleasure, Lin did not mind the discomfort that accompanied her permanent depilation. Besides, the entire process took only a few minutes and when done, her skin appeared smoother than it had been since she was a baby.

Encouraged by this success, she proceeded without pause to have other flaws corrected that conflicted with her idea of a perfect body. Before long, her few moles, an in hindsight rather embarrassing tattoo on her ankle and the scar on the back of her hand that attested to a conflict of opinion with the late family cat were gone forever. Unfortunately, nothing could be done about her boring blue eyes; while such changes were possible in principle, they required gene editing beyond what the metal could accomplish on short notice. On the other hand, it excelled in modifications of a more surgical nature and was able to speed up the healing process miraculously.

Contemplating her newly unblemished body, Lin experienced a moment of bliss. The metal rewarded her with another burst of teasing that made her pelvic muscles twitch around the intruders stuffing her, but it ended before she was pushed over the edge. She willed the metal minion to continue or at least free her arms to let her engage in some old-fashioned masturbation, but her request was denied. Obviously, the sway she held over it was strictly limited, so she had no way out but to keep calm and carry on by directing her attention towards her bondage.

To relieve her submissive urges, she frequently watched bondage clips or read pertinent stories on the internet and over time had found herself compulsively drawn to the more extreme end of the spectrum. Best were the tales that chronicled how the hapless heroine gradually got in over her head, until she ended up in lifelong slavery, preferably against her loud protests, yet in line with her secret desires – albeit taken to unanticipated extremes. Bonus points would be awarded if the reluctant slave was equipped with permanent shackles and her body perforated by serviceable and demeaning piercings. Although those stories were often far from realistic, they never failed to arouse Lin and her mind automatically turned towards them now.

Featured in her favorite tales were a number of stringent bondage positions Kadıköy Çıtır Escort she had always wanted to try, but that were far beyond what could be accomplished with self-bondage alone. Somehow, she had gained the knowledge that even the most strenuous, long-term bondage would not be allowed to do her harm; the Mistress’ minion would take care of that, ensuring that her blood flowed unobstructed and that her muscles did not atrophy. Lin could not decide whether she should feel reassured or frightened by that tidbit of information, yet her libido welcomed it unequivocally; and to aggravate matters further, it was not her rational mind but her raging libido that had been artfully manipulated to be in charge of her transformation.

Readily obliging her out-of-control desires, the metal drew her arms behind her back, gradually forcing her forearms together until her elbows were tightly pressed against one another. For a moment, Lin reveled in the ease with which her elbows met, although she had expected nothing less: She had always been flexible and kept herself supple with gymnastics, even after she had given up ballet to concentrate on her studies; besides, being slender and willowy certainly played a role as well. Unfortunately, always the over-motivated achiever, Lin was constitutionally unable to content herself with such an easy win, but felt compelled to push herself harder and found a congenial accomplice in the metal.

It slowly twisted her arms around until her palms were pressed together at the small of her back, fingers pointing towards her head. Next, gently but inexorably, her forearms were drawn towards each other, so that her hands were forced up her spine, while the gap between her elbows shrank. The metal exerted a steady pressure and, working like a ratchet, capitalized on every millimeter her muscles and tendons yielded. Soon the strain became painful which only served to stoke the fire in her loins higher, while the rational part of her looked on in impotent horror. Instinctively, she knew the process would not stop until her arms had achieved the perfect reverse prayer position.

With her arms being taken care of, her thoughts wandered towards her legs. The mesh forcing them together was certainly effective, yet in her considered opinion unsightly. Lin much preferred the shackles of the classical slave girl look. The metal apparently concurred and reconfigured itself into bands that flowed around her ankles. For sure 8 cm wide and half a centimeter thick, they held her with an authoritative grip, yet somehow did not bite into her Achilles tendons when she experimentally rotated her feet. The latter, however, was deemed an unwanted degree of freedom and so the metal also linked her big toes to the strand she depended from, forcing her feet into a strict en-pointe configuration.

Inevitably, the topic of her genitals came up next and although the metal had already proven to be fully in control of her lust, Lin nevertheless clung to the belief that a slave girl’s access to her own sex should be barred by physical means. The tight belt around her middle constituted a promising start and soon was complemented by a tight, U-shaped crotch piece that sealed her stuffed pussy and rectum behind a formfitting, impenetrable shield. In a somewhat misguided effort to reassure her, the metal revealed that it was perfectly capable of taking care of all her bodily wastes and hence there was no need to unlock her loins for hygienic reasons, ever. As if to rub in the fact that sexual gratification had been taken out of her hands for good now, another near-orgasm shook her for several minutes and the poignancy of her unfulfilled yearning skyrocketed once again.

“Nnnhh!” Lin groaned into her gag when she was once more denied the climax she so desperately longed for. Resuming her quest to become the ideal slave girl so she might be granted release from the unbearable tension at last, her feverish thoughts now focused on her gag. Although the lump in her mouth effectively inhibited intelligent speech, she figured it could definitely be improved upon. In her favorite stories, the unfortunate heroines always had their heads imprisoned within a full head harness. The metal seemed to approve of this notion as well, Kadıköy Elit Escort since the mesh that had ensnared her head reformed itself into a set of flat straps that fastened a wide panel in front of her mouth, complete with an integral deep cup for her chin.

However, that was not the end! At the same time, the metal inside her mouth expanded, forcing her jaws even further apart and also flowing between cheeks, gums, and teeth to fill every nook and cranny of Lin’s oral cavity, while her tongue was captured in a pouch that immobilized it completely. The appendage that went down her esophagus developed into a veritable feeding tube, with its lower end firmly anchored in her stomach. Although she was already resigned to the futility of her efforts, Lin simply had to test the beefed-up gag and so she screamed at the top of her lungs and tried to somehow expel the intruder from her mouth, both efforts meeting with negligible success, if you discounted becoming seriously short-winded and a little light-headed.

Like all her other restraints, the head harness fit like a glove, with its straps pressed deeply into her features and its panel hiding the lower half of her face from her chin to just below her cheekbones behind an unbroken expanse of shiny metal, except where the feeding tube’s external socket marked the position of her concealed mouth. Since the metal would ensure that no dental or other issues arose, Lin realized with horror that with this arrangement she could very well be kept gagged indefinitely. Being forced to endure a gag for days on end was a fantasy she had frequently entertained, but now that it threatened to become reality, she was of two minds about it: The sensible one abhorred the idea while the other unabashedly rejoiced. Clearly, if she ever got the chance, she would urgently have to work on curbing her libido’s impulsiveness. At least, she was confident the metal would spare her the agony of sore muscles commonly associated with the way her jaws were spread wide apart now.

It was a foregone conclusion that her collar had to be upgraded as well, after all it symbolized her new role like no other item could. The metal band around her throat widened and thickened while around its circumference, at the front, back and both sides large, swivel-mounted rings formed. A slave girl needed a collar that unequivocally stated she was owned and the 10 cm high, 5 mm thick, seamless tube now snugly encircling her neck fit the bill perfectly.

Lin could not help but imagine herself being paraded naked and leashed by her new collar in front of her fellow students. Doubtlessly, they would use the opportunity to gloat over her downfall from annoyingly prim and proper model student to wanton sex slave, her real nature openly revealed to all. Maybe she would even have her orifices unlocked and be forced to service them sexually? She shuddered, yet the imagined humiliation acted as a strong aphrodisiac and in an involuntary reaction she squeezed her legs together, tensing her pelvic floor muscles so that the intruders in her loins made themselves felt even more poignantly. A wave of lust suffused her, but still it was not enough and Lin sobbed in frustration.

Meanwhile, the inexorable pull of the metal had forced her forearms into close contact along their entire length, so her helplessly fluttering fingers grazed the nape of her neck. As soon as her arms had reached their final configuration, the metal reformed into wide cuffs around her wrists that were attached by means of a short, rigid bar to the bottom edge of her collar. Another set of rigidly joined cuffs around her biceps kept her elbows pressed together and also connected them to her belt, thus locking her arms into the double-jointed position of a full reverse prayer.

This was the ultimate bondage of her dreams brought to life, which made enduring the sweet ache in her arms worthwhile. The feelings engendered by the awareness of her absolute helplessness were overwhelming and for a little while, Lin forgot everything around her, just relishing her pain and the euphoria of finally allowing her mind to just soar in the moment and let go of all the mental baggage that usually weighed her down. Unfortunately, the precious moments of pure sensation and blissful oblivion passed all too soon and were again replaced by the unbearable sexual yearning. Lin had almost dared to hope this consummation of her bondage would finally provide the last drop that allowed her pent-up lust to spill over into a gargantuan orgasm, but her alien Mistress’ minion was implacable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32