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Big Dicks

So my freshman year at college was spent pretty much naked, once I had met Jack and had a crush on him. He managed to get me to do anything he wanted and I never objected to him. I might have been screaming in my mind, “Don’t do this!”, but it never got out of my mind. If he told me to strip, I did. Naked and told to spread my legs, I did. I liked him looking at me. I wanted him to see all of me. I never said no to Jack.

He wanted sex, he got it from me. And the funny and probably the most stupid thing was I never got on birth control, and he did me bare for my entire freshman year. He probably fucked me five times a week for nine months, every time bare, every time shot off inside me.

Jack told me early on that if I got pregnant, we would just get it taken care of. I took him at his word. But if I was late with my period, I was a nervous wreck until I finally got it.

The second year he had written me and told me that he had a town house rented and that I was going to live with him, but not to let my parents know that it was with a guy. So I concocted a story of this girl from school, a fictitious girl of course, that I was going to live off campus with. My parents were fairly trusting, since I had been a fairly quiet, church going girl. If they only knew what I had turned into that first year of school.

So I got there and parked in front of the town house and went up to knock on the door. Jack was there, of course, smirking at me. I got this funny feeling, funny good feeling. He helped me move my stuff in, helped me unpack. He got rid of my bras first thing, not my panties though. Clothes hung up and put in drawers. Got rid of the boxes and put my suitcases away. Nothing had happened, nothing that I expected anyway.

I had expected that he was going to tell me to get naked for him first thing after I had arrived. But that didn’t happen.

Jack ordered pizza for us and dumb me thought nothing of it. We just sat and talked while waiting for the pizza, no orders to take my clothes off, nothing. I was enjoying just talking with him.

Then the pizza arrived, a young man, probably a bit older than me was standing at the door. Jack brought me up with him, he paid for it and then had the guy come inside for a minute. Still dumb me, not thinking of anything at all. Jack went and got a dining table arm chair and set it in front of the door. Then he turned to me and smirked.

“We might as well get things started out right for this year, Sabine. Take off your clothes.”

I was kind of shocked at first but soon thought, this was just like last year. And I began to get excited. I looked at the pizza guy and he was looking at me sort of funny, until I pulled my shirt over my head. Then I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, down off my shoulders and my tits were bare. I next got rid of my shoes and undid my shorts, pushing them down so my panties were showing. Kicked the shorts off and away from me. Then hooked my thumbs in my panties and pulled them down, getting more and more excited as each piece came off. The panties off my feet and I looked at Jack, grinning at me.

“You know what to do.”

He pointed to the arm chair and I went to it, sat with my ass at the edge, hooked my legs over the arms and leaned back. My tits and pussy on show to a guy I had never seen before and Jack.

“If you want you can feel her tits.”

Oh he wanted. He stepped up to me and both hands were all over my bare tits. It felt good, they are sensitive and having my nipples touched just does something to me.

“Pull your cunt open and show him how wet you are.”

I reached down and pulled my lips open and I was really wet, already, just from showing off. He took a real good look at my open pussy. The pizza guy didn’t want to leave, but he finally did. Jack chuckled as he looked at me naked, once again, for him. But showing myself to the pizza guy had gotten me really aroused again. I liked getting naked for Jack and discovered that doing it again made me hot. But also getting naked in front of a stranger was arousing too.

So we were alone again and Jack took my clothes and put them in my bedroom, leaving me without anything at all to wear. He came back, put the pizza on the coffee table, turned it sideways and had me sit at one end with my feet up by my ass and knees wide so he could look at my tits and pussy.

The whole thing was making me really horny. Sitting like that, with him looking right at my pussy. I hadn’t realized until then how much of a turnon it was for me to be naked in front of someone. I had a really bad crush on Jack, which didn’t help me at all, because I wanted to be naked in front of him. I really wasn’t too keen on taking off my clothes in front of the pizza guy but that was a turnon for me too.

But most likely the biggest turnon for me was being naked while the guys had clothes on. I mean, I liked when Jack got naked and fucked me, but it was almost better to have him dressed and telling me to strip.

So we finished eating and Jack took the leftovers in the kitchen, leaving me nude in görükle escort the living room and he came back and sat across from me. He grinned at me.

“So Sabine, did you fuck anyone over the summer?”


“Did you get naked in front of any guys?”


“Did you think that you’d be doing that when I got in touch with you? That when you got here, you’d be stripping again for me?”


“Do you want to be doing this?”


“Good girl.”

I smiled at Jack. My nipples were so hard and my pussy was almost ready to leak.

“OK, for some rules for you, Sabine.”


“When you come into the town house, either you strip at the door or go right to your room and strip. After that you wear nothing at all. Not until you are leaving. You can wear panties when you go out unless I tell you not to. Understand?”

“Naked in the town house, panties OK unless you tell me I can’t wear them.”

“Where do you want to strip?”


I thought about that for a bit. I knew Jack would prefer I get naked as soon as possible and wearing clothes for maybe five minutes more was not a real positive for me, so…

“I’ll strip at the door.”

“No matter who is here?”

Oh God. Oh God. Jack had seen me naked so often it really didn’t matter with him, but…

“I’ll strip no matter who is here, unless it’s a teacher at school.”

“Unless it’s an art teacher, and I’ll tell you if it is. I may have you model for art classes this year, Sabine. Figure studies. Bare ass figure studies.”

I swallowed. I wasn’t too sure about that, since the teachers and students would see me afterwards on campus. But…


It would be kind of exciting. It would be girls too. And I was sure Jack would figure out a way to make it as humiliating as possible for me. As I thought of doing a class like that, I began to feel even more horny than I already was today.

“If you see my cock, I want to fuck. Speaking of which, are you on birth control yet?”

“I have a prescription for BC pills but I haven’t filled it yet. I got it at the free clinic before I came to school.”

“So you could get pregnant still?”

“I guess.”

“So I suppose you don’t want to fuck until..”

“It’s a month, supposedly before you’re good, but if you want to fuck me, I’ll fuck, Jack.”

“That’s good because I’m fucking you, Sabine. Seeing you bare ass again gives me a hardon. And I’m not waiting a month until the pills take hold. I am fucking you bare and I’m going to blow my nuts inside you every time.”

I shivered. That was what I wanted. I wanted Jack to do me as often as he wanted, when he wanted, wherever he wanted. I didn’t want him to have to wear a condom ever. I wanted to feel him bare inside me, cumming inside me. I wanted to feel his cum running down between my ass cheeks, knowing that it had just been shot into my pussy.

“Last thing, at least once a week, I am going to have you naked in front of a stranger. Completely naked, Sabine. Figure study classes don’t count. Oh and it isn’t a pussy, remember? What is it?”

“It’s a cunt.”

“That’s right. If anyone asks you, you tell them that you don’t have a pussy, you have a cunt.”

“I understand. I have a cunt.”

That word is bad, I don’t particularly like it, but it gives me a little shiver inside when I say it. Jack means for me to say that I have a cunt, but implied is that I am a cunt.

Then he stood up, pushed his shorts and underwear down and sat back down. He had a hardon. He smirked at me, a real dirty smirk.

“Mount up Sabine.”

I got up and moved over to him, straddled him, knelt on one side and cocked my other leg up, grasped him and then found my hole with the tip. I sat there for just a moment, looked at Jack and then slid down on him. No lube or playing with me necessary. I was wet as hell.

I took his hands and put one on each tit and then started pumping my ass up and down. He felt good inside me, hot, hard, stiff as hell. I knew I probably wasn’t going to get off, this was just for him. Just for him to empty his balls inside me, squirt his cum into me.

That didn’t mean I didn’t try to get off. I pumped my ass up and down for a few minutes, glad that he didn’t cum fast and then slammed myself down as far as I could, then ground my clit against his pubic bone as hard as I could. I was just getting close when Jack tensed up and I knew he was going to cum. He had just been sitting there, letting me fuck him, but now he was bucking up into me and then I felt his cum shooting inside me.

He had been mauling my tits and when the first spurt came he squeezed them hard and he just kept spurting and spurting. He finished and I just sat there, as he softened inside me. When I could feel it leaking out around my hole, I got off of him and knelt, looking at a partly hard cock.

I didn’t really like to suck cock, but it seemed right at that moment, so I bent over him, lifted it and sucked and licked him clean of my juice and his bursa escort bayan cum.

It hadn’t been three hours before he saw me naked again, and just about four hours til our first fuck since we left school last spring. The last time had been on a country road, me bare ass and bent over the hood of his car, just his cock out, fucking me.

So done for now, I got up and told him I was going to clean up, went into the bathroom and showered, cleaned my pussy really well. And then we went to bed together. Jack got naked too and we were a tangle of legs, tits, pussy and cock. We fell asleep like that.

I woke up first, Jack on his back and I sneakily slid the covers down. He was sprawled out on his back, cock lolling over a thigh. I slid down the bed, not even thinking that I didn’t much like a cock in my mouth and started sucking him. He was asleep when I started, woke up shortly and just laid back and enjoyed what I was doing. He got hard, of course. He was a young man and got hard easily.

I felt pretty dirty and damn excited, thinking about everything that was going to happen to me again this year. So, I pushed his legs apart and a first for me, I got between them and started licking his balls. After a bit Jack moved me around so my ass was up by his face and I was sucking him again. I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart. Then a finger at my asshole, then worked into it.

“Is this virgin?”

I lifted my head a bit.


“I’m going to make you a three holer this year Sabine. I’m going to fuck you up the ass.”


I was somewhat afraid of that. But I never thought of objecting to it. I figured it would hurt some, but I would at least try it once if Jack wanted it.

So now Jack had a hardon, but he let me get out of bed after I had sucked his cock and licked his balls. I went into the kitchen and Jack followed me. I was standing at the counter and his hand grasped my neck, bending me over it. One of his feet pushed my feet apart and then I felt the tip of him at my hole. It slid into me and Jack pumped me a few times and then pulled out of me. I turned around and looked at it, glistening with my juices, sticking mostly straight up, hard. He chuckled.

“I can fuck you anytime I want, can’t I Sabine?”


Then he put it away, chuckling at me. I’m naked and he has shorts and a t-shirt on. He catches me in the kitchen, forces to bend over and just sticks it in.

I’m now in the bathroom, washing my face and Jack bends me over again and sticks it in me. One hand on my neck, pushing me down and fucking me. He gives me about five or six pumps and pulls out again, chuckling. Pulls up his shorts and walks out.

I finish in the bathroom, walk out into the living room and Jack grabs me again, bends me over the arm of the couch and I knew what he was going to do. Holding me by the neck, feet kicked apart and his cock goes up me once more. He’s slowly fucking me and the door bell rings. Jack shouts out…

“Come on in, it’s open.”

I start to struggle more than the minimal struggling I done before, I don’t want anyone to see me fucking.

“Well, well, well. Who’s the slut?”

My head is down and Jack is still slowly thrusting in and out of me. A body sits on the couch and a hand pushes my head up and it’s a girl, smirking at me.

She looks down my body and giggles.

“Nice hanging tits, girly. How does that cock feel?”

I don’t say anything.

“Jack, how long have you been fucking the slut?”

“You mean today?”

“Oh, it’s more than just now?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve been fucking her since the second week of school last year. Probably 150 times in all. Every one of them bare.”

“That right girly? 150 times?”

I still said nothing. Then I watched her hand go under me and grasp a nipple and pinch it, hard.

“Yes. Yes, yes. Jesus, let go of me!”

She laughed and pinched harder.

“You look good naked with a cock up you. You gonna let him shoot in you?”

She twisted my nipple.


“Honey, tell me, is he going to cum in you?”

“If he wants.”

She let go and laughed at me.

“You look good bare ass. A little chubby, but good. Now tell me has he fucked you 150 times?”


She giggled.

“This is humiliating.”

“It’s all right honey, I’ve seen Jack’s cock before.”

Yeah right. Like I was humiliated by her seeing Jack’s cock, that self-same cock shoved right up my pussy, while she grinned watching it. And me naked besides.

Up until she walked in it was kind of fun. Me naked as the day I was born, walking around in front of Jack. He had clothes on. Then with no warning or asking me, he bent me over, stuck it in me and pumped me a few times, then pulled out and pulled up his shorts. A few minutes later and he was doing it again, holding my upper body down and fucking me for a bit, then pulling it out and putting it away. I kind of had an idea but mostly it was a surprise. It was like he’d catch me and fuck me.

But now it bursa escort was a strange girl who I didn’t know watching. Just naked wouldn’t have been so bad. Bad enough the first time, but fucking?

She got up off the couch and moved out of my sight, Jack still slowly pumping in and out of me.

“Hey girly, your pussy looks good. Did you know the lips roll out and in as you’re fucked?”

I wanted to die. Then Jack said…

“What is it Sabine?”

I wanted to die even more. I knew what he wanted me to say and I didn’t want to say it.

Then I did, very softly…

“It’s my cunt.”

“Pardon me Sabine, I didn’t hear you.”

I pretty much screamed this time…


She burst out laughing. I really did want to die. After she stopped laughing at me…

“Can I invite a couple of guys over Jack?”


She took out her cell and called…

“Hey, would you get Rob and come over to Jack’s. Their is someone I want you to meet.”

“OK, in about fifteen minutes.”


She grinned at me.

“This is going to be so much fun!”

So Jack had me sit in an arm chair, with my legs over the arms, my ass at the edge of the cushion, showing it all, the girl and Jack sitting on the couch across from me, staring at my tits and pussy.

I was pretty much humiliated, but also getting really horny. No clothes on, spread. The bad thing about it was I was getting aroused by this. After a few minutes of her staring at me while I was naked, it didn’t seem so bad, except for her seeing me with Jack’s cock up inside me and pumping it in and out of me. I was thinking I was a live porn star, except I was this slightly chubby sophmore girl.

As I was sitting Jack asked me…

“Do you know how to make yourself cum?”

It was a fair question, but I felt totally stupid because I had no idea. The fact that I didn’t even know my own body well enough to say yes made me feel awfully ignorant.


“Take a finger and find the little bump at the top of your, what is it again?”

I hung my head and mumbled an answer…


“I didn’t understand that, Sabine.”

“Oh for God’s sake, it’s a cunt, it’s a CUNT!”

She burst out laughing again.

“It’s so funny to hear that coming out of her mouth!”

“Say it again, Sabine.”


“Tell me whose cunt it is.”

“It’s my cunt, OK, my cunt!”

They were both smirking at me. I felt dirty, nasty. Then the door bell rang.

“Would you please go answer the door Sabine.”

Oh this was just absolutely fucking wonderful. I was bare ass and going to get the door. The idea made me shiver inside. Every new thing was uncomfortable, until I had done it. This was going to be hard, but it was going to be good too.

I swung my legs down from the chair arms and pushed myself up. And as I did, I got that electric tingle in my abdomen. The one that told me that I was going to get even more turned on than I already was.

As I walked to the stairs leading down to the front door, I was both nervous and excited. This was going to be embarrassing and arousing both, in a matter of seconds. I heard the two of them walking up behind me and then nothing. I looked back and they were at the head of the stairs, grinning at me. I got to the door, peered through the side light and saw two guys. My mind just said to me, “Fuck it”.

I wasn’t totally stupid though. I opened the door hiding behind it. When they walked in I covered my tits and pussy and pushed the door closed with my hip. Giggles from up the stairs.

“Move your hands, Sabine.”

I reluctantly but also eagerly lowered my hands to my sides and got a whistle from one of the new guys. I suddenly got really brave.

“Come on upstairs and I’ll let you pose me so you can see what you want. I’m guessing that you want me to spread my legs for you, right? So you can see my bare cunt?”

I walked up the stairs slowly, letting them watch my bare ass rolling in front of them, my bare everything. Once I got to the living room I moved the coffee table so it was the short edge facing the couch and got on it.

I sat with my legs together until they had sat down on the couch. Then I rolled my hips up so the globes of my bare ass were more full, leaned back on my elbows so they could still see my face and lifted and spread my legs wide. Everything I had showing to them. A dirty smile on my face. My nipples were hard as stone, my pussy almost ready to leak.

I sat up more and reached down and pulled my pussy lips apart so they could see inside me. I held that pose for a while, then rolled over on my hands and knees, knees wide and looked back at them, showing my ass crack, asshole and pussy and one tit was dangling in their view.

I was so aroused!

I turned to face them, hands and knees, my tits dangling under me and shook them for them. Moved my top from side to side so my tits swung back and forth, slapping together. I just really wanted to let them see all of me.

Jack was standing behind the couch, looking too, with a big smile on his face.

“Are you enjoying this, Sabine?”


“Why do you like it?”

“I just like being naked and having people looking at me. Not spread though, just being naked doing normal stuff.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32