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Jill buckled into her seat in first class for the flight from JFK to Zurich, and breathed a sigh of relief. She really did love Jack, but he just did not understand where she was coming from sexually anymore. He couldn’t really, because she had no way of explaining it to him. All she knew was that she was tired of the sexual routines they had fallen into over ten happy years of marriage, and she wanted something. She wasn’t sure what, but Jack’s patented brand of first-position intercourse was no longer it.

She wasn’t a cheater, she knew that. She didn’t want a boyfriend, although God knew she could get one easily enough; she was about 5’4″, with natural blonde hair that she wore long on top and short on the back and sides. Naturally athletic, she kept her hair short this way to make its maintenance easy after her frequent workouts, and also because the faintly boyish cast it lent to her facial features served to subtract about 8 years from her apparent age. There was a lot to be said for looking 25 again.

But Jill was not trying to get laid. She wanted Jack as he was when they first knew one another, in their college days, when any kind of sex was great sex. Now, there was almost no sex at all between them, and it was getting to her. There were times when her desire came upon her, usually when she was alone and on the road somewhere, and she would masturbate for relief. She wasn’t afraid of masturbation, but she was afraid of doing it too much, or liking it too much, or doing it so much that it would lose its specialness too. She was frustrated, plain and simple.

The first class flight attendant came by with the usual offer of a drink, which Jill accepted, and a meal, which she declined. She would have one glass of white wine and skip the late dinner being offered, and wait for breakfast, which would come about 2 hours before her plane change in London. Though her ongoing flight to Switzerland had the same flight number as the transatlantic leg, it in fact involved a change of aircraft to a smaller jet. Until then, she intended to sleep blissfully, and hope to be in some kind of shape for her meeting that afternoon.

The wine appeared on her tray table at the end of a beautifully manicured hand. She followed the arm up to the body and read the name tag just above the uniform breast pocket.

“Thank you, Janet,” said Jill, gratefully. “This is exactly what I needed.”

“You’re very welcome,” Janet replied. “Are you sure you won’t have anything for dinner?”

“No, thanks. I’ll see you at breakfast,” Jill said, with a smile.

“Just ring my bell if you change your mind.”

With that, Jill settled into her leather seat, and got comfortable. She was an old hand at flying the Atlantic; she made this trip as often as twice a month, as North American marketing coordinator for a major Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer, and she knew how to relax on these long flights. She always wore soft fleece clothes, essentially sweats, but a little more stylish; they were a pale pink and tailored to her athletic figure. Underneath, she wore a matched bra and panty set of stretch nylon in her favorite shade of lavender, that were so soft and smooth that she barely knew she had anything on. On her feet, she wore little fur-trimmed ankle boots in honor of the wintry night outside, but undid the side zippers so as to be able to kick them off if she got warm. In effect, she got onto the plane in her pajamas, and since all she planned to do was sleep, she was dressed precisely right for it.

The 747 pushed back exactly on time, and Jill finished her drink. She looked out the window. It was January, and it had snowed heavily the day before. Now, the soft, cold snow blew lightly around the windows. Jill loved being up in first class on a 747. She was so high off the tarmac, it seemed she could see the whole airport. The fallen snow was piled high alongside the runways, and the airfield lights glowed in that ghostly shade of blue that she never saw anywhere else, and which now was accentuated by the snowfall upon which it reflected.

Snow had also been predicted for the mainland of Europe, and Jill prayed that it would not interfere with her schedule for the week, which was extremely tight. But now, once on board the aircraft, with the door closed and the plane taxiing toward the long runway, there was nothing anyone could do about it, and that was a relief in itself. She began to feel drowsy. At some point, Janet had come silently by and replaced her empty wine glass with a blanket and pillow, which Jill immediately put to good use. She spread the blanket over her gratefully and looked up. From her seat in the front row of first class, she could see Janet, buckling into a crew seat that faced her, about 8 feet away just beyond the galley.

Jill’s eyes met Janet’s briefly, as the plane began its takeoff roll and the engines began to scream.

‘Thank you,’ Jill mouthed silently, snuggling obviously into her soft blanketed nest.

‘You’re welcome,’ alt porno Janet responded in kind, and laughed a little. She had a very pretty smile, thought Jill. Janet was tall and naturally very elegant-looking. Jill guessed she was about 10 years older than herself, making her about 42, but very attractive nonetheless. Her hair was a deep red and she had hazel eyes and clear skin. Her makeup was impeccable. She had rather long legs, on which she wore regulation blue hose to match her cabin attendant’s uniform, which consisted of a blue pinstriped skirt, matching bib apron and white blouse. Her hair was up, out of the way behind her head, and the overall effect was a rather girlish one. ‘A really nice person,’ Jill thought, as she drifted off to sleep.

She had been asleep for about an hour when a dream came upon her. It was a sexy dream, as was often the case after having a fight with Jack about sex. She dreamed about a time when they were still college students and had gone camping in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, at the end of their summer vacation. Their tent site was in a private campground about 100 yards from the beach, and it was an easy walk to go for a quick swim anytime they wanted to. It was about midnight, and it was very warm in the tent, so they decided to go swimming. Jack wore a pair of running shorts and she had on a print bra and panty set, that passed at that hour for a bathing suit. It didn’t really matter, as there was nobody else on the public path through the campground to the beach, or on the beach itself.

Still, Jill felt a little wicked, wearing just her underwear out in a public place, and the familiar warm feeling began to spread through her genitals. They got to the beach and waded in. It was low tide, and the sea was very calm and very warm. She ducked down just up to her chin in the water, keeping her hair dry; and the unlined bra cups clung to her defenseless nipples, which became immediately erect. She stood up again, waist-deep in the warm sea, and her brassiere, now saturated with water, was nearly invisible, revealing her rampaging nipples.

Jack swam by, stopped in front of her and smiled.

“Look at you,” he observed. “You’re totally turned on.”

“Look who’s talking,” Jill retorted, gleefully, indicating the substantial erection that had formed in his thin running pants.

“Oh, yeah. What are we going to do about it?” He said, as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, feeling her pointed nipples pressing into the flesh of his naked chest through the sopping wet material of her bra.

“Oh, I don’t know…”

“How ’bout this?” Jack released her, and slid his shorts off in the warm, dark water. His erection sprang free, hard and stiff between them.

“That’s a start,” Jill allowed. She kissed him and fondled his cock in the lovely, warm night.

“I want you now,” Jack said urgently, but I’m not going back to that freakin’ tent. It’s too goddamned hot.”

“Well, what then?” Jill smiled.

With that, Jack covered her mouth with his, and, still naked and holding his shorts in his left hand, he swept her off her feet and into his arms. He turned and carried her thus to the shore.

The night was moonless and the sea was silent. About twenty yards from the surf line were some open block huts with picnic tables in them. Jack carried her there and lay her gently on the cool table top. He bent over her and kissed her deeply. Jill sat up briefly and looked deep into his eyes, then reached around and undid the clasp on her bra, which fell away from her copious breasts. She slid the wet panties down and off, and then she too was quite naked. There were no people about and they could have heard anyone coming a mile away, so they felt relaxed. Still, there was that feeling of doing something forbidden, of being nude where it was not allowed, that added to their excitement. They were ready.

Jill lay back with her buttocks just at the edge of the table top. She spread her thighs slowly to him, and felt the glorious, sticky wetness of her fluids already flowing liberally.

Standing on the cool cement floor of the hut, Jack entered her slowly, and pulled her gently to him by her hips. Luxuriating in the sensation as her cunt lips effortlessly parted to receive him, Jill lay on the table and gazed at him. She lay there, deliciously impaled, very nude in a very public place, her arousal growing by the second; but Jack remained nearly motionless, his expression a mixture of agony and pleasure. Jill looked at him quizzically.

“If I start moving now, I’m going to come in about ten seconds,” Jack said, suddenly, almost laughing at his predicament.

“I was just thinking the same thing. If you so much as touch my clit right now I’m going to explode.”

“Oh, good,” said Jack, relieved. And with that, he lay two fingers on either side of Jill’s swollen clitoris and began to rub gently, while he began stroking smoothly into her soaking hd abla porno wet pussy.

Jill’s eyes shut and her head rolled back, as her sexual pleasure overtook her. She could feel Jack’s cock enlarging more and more, as he stroked her pussy in time with the rhythm of his fucking. His eyes glazed over and the luscious sensation of an oncoming orgasm captivated him. He was so turned on that he forgot where he was and what he was doing. He lost his balance momentarily, and he gripped the sides of the table to keep from falling, resultantly removing his hand from her cunt. Recovering his composure, he apologized.

“Sorry about that,” he said, and reached for her clit again; but Jill took his wrist gently and held it back.

“It’s okay, baby…I’ll do that part. You just keep doing what you’re doing.” And with that, she slid her right hand down her belly. Locking eyes with Jack, she reached her left hand up to her right breast and fingered her distended nipple, while she began to rub her soaking pussy with her right.

“You are so fuckin’ hot, I can’t believe it,” Jack exclaimed, breathless. “Are you trying to make me come right now?”

“Yes,” she replied wickedly, and increased the speed of her own hand on her clit.

“You better mean that, because . . .shit . . . I can’t believe . . . oh, God . . .

The combination of their public nudity and Jill’s lascivious show of self-stimulation was at last too much for Jack, and he came off inside her with a gasp. Jill so close to coming that she scarcely felt him climax, aflame with lust as she was; with her own two fingers deep in the sodden mass of her pussy she rubbed herself furiously for just a few seconds, and in that time her orgasm reared over her like a tidal wave on the nearby sea . . .She was about to come, naked on the beach with her lover’s cock still hard inside her . . .like a wave, it was coming . . .almost . . .almost . . .

Jill woke with a start, and for a time she didn’t know where she was. She thought for a moment that she must have fallen asleep in the recliner in the TV room at their beach house, and figured she’d better get up and let the dog out, and get into bed. The lap belt pulled her back into the seat, and she realized where she was.

‘Christ,’ she thought, ‘what a dream!’ She was sweating slightly, and she was very, very wet between her legs. It was normal of her to dream of happy past sexual times when she was fighting with Jack about sex. It was extremely normal of her to wake up just before attaining orgasm in her dream, she reflected wryly.

The first class cabin was quiet. Dinner was over and the lights were dimmed for sleeping. Her pillow was under her back, and her blanket was in the aisle. She leaned over the arm of the seat with her left hand and attempted to retrieve it. Janet, the flight attendant, observed this from her crew seat, unbuckled swiftly and got it for her.

“Oh, thank you,” Jill said. “I was sleeping.”

“Well, yes, I know,” Janet replied, with a big smile. “You’ve been out cold for four hours. You slept through dinner and the movie, and now we’re about 4 hours from the gate at Heathrow. Are you okay.”

“Yes, I…I just had a dream, and it woke me up.”

“Nice dream or nightmare?”

“Um…pretty nice, I have to say. The kind you wish you didn’t wake up from.”

“I think I know what you mean,” Janet ventured, and laughed gently. She regarded Jill for a moment. “Would you like a glass of water?”

“Yes, please,” Jill replied, feeling suddenly about ten years old, getting a drink from her mommy.

Janet went briefly into the galley and returned.

“I just ran out of cups, but I called down to Coach for some, and they’ll be right up.”

A few seconds later, she heard someone coming up the spiral stairs from the lower deck; it was another flight attendant, who appeared with a stack of cups and went into the galley.

“‘Who is it for?” Jill heard the new girl ask Janet, just out of sight in the galley.

“She’s in seat 1-B.”

“I’ll take it out to her.”

The other girl came out with Jill’s ice water. Her name was Carol, and she was short and pretty, with shoulder-length black hair and a very perky disposition.

“Here you go. This is from Janet. She’s filling the cup dispenser, so I brought it out for you.”

“Thank you so much,” Jill said, and promptly drank it.

“No problem. Do you want anything else, or are you going to sleep?”

“Sleep, I think,” Jill said.

“Okay. You know where we are if you want us,” Carol said, smiling, and left her then. Janet snuggled back down into her blanket and pillow and tried to relax once more. She caught sight of Janet, who switched off the light in the galley and went back to her crew seat once more. She buckled in, again facing Jill, and stretched out her long legs before her, and closed her eyes, keeping one ear awake, as always, for the chime of the passenger call button.

The air rokettube porno was smooth and the plane seemed motionless, suspended between earth and heaven. It was dark and quiet again in the cabin, and Jill closed her eyes once more. She began to drift again, between sleep and wakefulness, from dream to reality. She dozed fitfully, and dreamed again of her lovemaking on the beach with Jack so long ago. In her half-conscious state, sexual arousal began to grow in her once more, and Jill suddenly had the urge to masturbate. The dream had been so intense, so real, that she had been genuinely aroused, and she wanted conscious fulfillment for what had begun as only a dream.

She looked around. Everyone was asleep; even Janet dozed in her crew seat at the front of the cabin. Beneath the blanket, her hands began to roam. ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ she thought momentarily. ‘But then, why not?’ She rationalized. ‘Nobody’s awake, nobody’s looking, nobody can see . . .’ This was not the kind of thing she was used to doing, but her need was extreme. She really wanted an orgasm.

Still covered by the blanket, Jill slid her right hand under the waistband of her fleece pants, and ran her fingers over the silky fabric of her panties. An excruciating shock of pleasure ran through her, and her nipples sprang instantly to stiff, round tips. She ran her left hand up under her shirt and stroked both nipples through her bra, while softly rubbing her nylon-covered crotch. She was beginning to be seriously aroused.

‘What the fuck am I doing?’ She thought, with sudden apprehension. ‘What if someone wakes up? What if someone sees?’ But with that thought, her arousal suddenly intensified, became urgent. The thought of being discovered, of doing something forbidden, suddenly made her feel very wicked.

‘Fuck it,’ she decided, and abandoned caution to the winds over the Atlantic.

Jill stretched her long legs out toward the bulkhead before her, and the tips of her fur-trimmed booties just touched the wall. She tried not to disturb the covering blanket while her hands began to move in earnest. Jill slipped her right hand under the waistband of her panties and parted her pussy lips gently. It was unbelievably wet, and she stretched two fingers out, one on either side of her clitoris, and her hand began to move in a slow, circular motion. At the same time, she slipped her left hand under the fabric of her bra, and took her right nipple between her fingers, and rolled it slowly.

Jill was getting ready to come. She looked around one more time, saw only sleeping figures. No one moved; and though she was afraid of getting caught, the mere fact that there was a chance of getting caught was a huge turn on. In her sexual heart, she faced a new fact about herself: she actually wanted to get caught. She wanted someone to see!

It would not take her long. Wild images flashed through her ecstatic mind. She was back on the beach with Jack, with her legs dangling off the end of the table in the little beach hut, and she stroked and stroked her pussy while he plunged effortlessly, in and out of her drenched cunt. Her arousal built to a fever pitch, and she was trying not to make any noise or show any movement outside her blanket. Keeping quiet was no trouble, but keeping still was another matter. Her hips ground almost involuntarily against her hand. She knew she was visibly moving about now, but when she was this aroused she just didn’t care.

Beneath the blanket, she slid her hands down her sides, and pushed her sweats and panties down to her knees. Unhindered by clothing, she gained free access to her clitoris and labia, and she gently worked three fingers of her left hand between her pussy lips, and stroked her clit, now with the firm, full pressure of her right hand. Half-naked under the blanket, with a plane full of people around her, Jill fist-fucked herself like there was no tomorrow. Terrified of being discovered, yet powerless to stop, she spiraled rapidly toward orgasm. In moments, she attained that point of no return at which orgasm was inevitable, but at the same time she fought to resist it, to prolong her ecstasy. She moved her hand slower and slower, and all her limbs tautened in the struggle between the desire to climax versus the desire to feel this way forever. Finally, she clamped her hand over her swollen pussy and pressed hard, and a distant scream began to cry out in her head. She was almost . . . almost!

And then a bell went off just behind her. Someone was calling the flight attendant, and Janet was unbuckling to help the other passenger. She would walk right past her…

Jill hung, suspended and paralyzed, fighting off the urge to climax but terrified that she would be discovered. Her hand cupped her vulva harder and harder, but resistance was futile…

Janet looked at Jill as she went up the aisle and smiled at her as she went past, then Jill let herself go at last. Climax crashed over her like the sea in a Cape Hatteras hurricane. Contractions seized her entire torso, seemingly, and wave after wave of sexual lust and fulfillment pounded through her. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, and rode the wave in. Gradually, the roar of the sea was stilled, and the throbbing of her pussy faded away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32