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*Like I said guys, the last chapter wasn’t completed, so this is the completion of chapter six*

Another comment he should have refrained from was the one about he and Rhea being in a relationship. That was technically a lie, she had only promised to think about his proposal, but again, adrenaline, anger and the need to bring Mitch’s ego down a few notches pushed him. Would he apologise? To Rhea he would, to Mitch? Maybe not, he would just iron out certain details, an apology would be a whole other ball game.

Japhet raised his brows, whatever had happened must have been pretty bad, “Okay.” He drew out warily.

Jared continued on his way, but was again stopped by his brother’s voice, he frowned, “What?” He ground out as he made a mental note to himself to rent an apartment or stay in a hotel the next time he came home, he was way too old to be staying with his parents anyway.

“Um…Rebecca”s in your room.”

Jared’s eyes shot to his brother’s hearing that all too familiar name, “What?” He asked as he went back to his brother.

“You know, Rebecca Mendoza, high school sweetheart, prom date, the girl you fucked in the attic…”

“I know who Rebecca Mendoza is Jet, what’s she doing in my room?” Jared asked impatiently.

“I dunno, she came over about an hour ago to see you, I told her she could wait in your room.”


“Cos I was tryna watch some sports News and her fine ass was distracting me. I swear men, if I had a girl that fine, I would’ve hacked the shit out of ‘Google’ to find her.”

Jared ignored his brother and just went on his way up the stairs. Rebecca was here? He hadn’t seen her in twelve years, not since he went off to college and her family moved. He never thought he’d see her again after they lost contact, and now she was in his bedroom? He walked slowly up the stairs as he prepared himself to once again see the first girl he had ever fallen in love with, the one whose virginity he took.

Images of that night he had made love to her in the attic flashed in his mind. She had told him she loved him and he had told her same, just before they made love, that day with her was one of the most memorable days he had ever had, and it wasn’t just because Japhet had burst in on them- along with his parents just when they were in the throes of orgasm.

A small smile crept on his lips remembering how his mother had fainted, she had never liked Rebecca, perhaps seeing her dark limbs wrapped around his firm buttocks as they both screamed their release had been too much for his conservative mother.

As he got closer to the bedroom, he could hear strange noises, what was going on in there? He walked a little faster fearing something might have gone wrong. He neared the slightly opened door curiously and stopped dead once the sounds got clearer, a female-no, Rebecca was….moaning?

He opened the door just a little woder, but not so much she would notice him there and peeked inside. He gulped nervously at the sight before him, there she was, on his large bed, pleasuring herself. She wore a navy blue skirt that was bunched up around her tiny waist, on her legs were a pantyhose that led to a garter belt, her lace panties were around her ankles and she had two slender fingers inside her wet snatch as her other hand fondled her breast, he could hear every moan and whimper as he watched her moving hands enter that dark sheath he had once had wrapped around his cock.

“Oh..oh Jared, please…” She whimpered.

What the fuck? She was masturbating to thoughts of him? His eyes briefly went to her face, it was etched with pleasure, just having his name escape her lips got him hard in an instant. Visions of him going in there to pull her hands away from her sopping cunt and shove his cock deep into her crossed his mind, but he was entanced by the sight he was witnessing to move an inch.

His eyes were once again drawn to her pussy, her hand was now moving just a little faster and seeking to move deeper. She always did have small hands, a third finger joined the previous two and a satisfied hiss of “Yesss” filled the room.

His eyes briefly left her snatch to look at her face again just when hers shot open. He could swear his heart stopped beating at that moment, but he couldn’t pull his eyes away from hers, and she held his gaze, he watched her bite her lower lip as she moaned louder, “Yes Jared, just like that, stick that big, white cock inside my black pussy. Oh..oh, yes, right there.” She moaned as she raised her knees up and spread her legs wider so he could get a better view of her slit.

At this point, Jared wasn’t sure she was still talking to the imaginary him. He just dtood there, transfixed, watching this beautiful, dark goddess whose body he had once worshipped, fuck herself on his bed, knowing he was watching her. He was now hard as a rock, he wanted so much to touch himself, or better yet, have her touch him, but this whole thing was so wrong. She shouldn’t be here, she shouldn’t be mardin escort on his bed, and he sure as hell shouldn’t be thinking of fucking the clothes off another woman when he just warned Mitch off Rhea.

“Oh…oh yes…Jared..oh fuck!” Her orgasmic sounds pulled him out of his conflicted thoughts, he watched her eyes roll back and close, a click suddenly went off in his head and he pulled the door shur, with a speed he never thought he posessed, he walked down the hallway and to the living room where Japhet was sitting and watching a repeat of a football game.

He gave him an odd stare, “What the fuck happened?”

“Nothing. She’s pre-occupied.” Jared replied, he failed to sound as calm as he wanted.

Japhet quirked a curious brow, his eyes moved to Jared’s crotch and a sly smile formed on his lips, “I wonder what with.” He said to himself.

Jared noticed the direction his brother’s eyes moved to and he followed only to meet the sight of his dick at attention, damn it! He glared at his brother, “Fuck you, Jet.” He shot as he sat across from him.

“I’m definitely not the person you’re sporting a hard-on for.” Japhet replied with a snicker.

Jared replied with a growl, “uckily for them both, Japhet was smart enough to not push harder, jared tried unsuccessfully, to watch the football game, it was college football between Michigan State University and Notre Dame. It didn’t take long for his thoughts to drift elsewjere, specifically to Rebecca. God, he still couldn’t believe what what he had just seen, she had some guts doing that in his bedroom, what if some other person had caught her? His parents weren’t home luckily, if they were, Rebecca wouldn’t have gone past the threshold of their front door that was for sure, his mother still hadn’t recovered from that incident in the attic, everytime he called her she would end their conversation with a warning.

“…and make sure you don’t go about tryna breed those darkies.”

Where she heard that word he would never know and wasn’t interested in knowing. He couldn’t help it if he was more attracted to dark-haired, brown-skinned, curvy women, rather than the blonde or red-haired, pale skinned, thin women she wanted him to be with. Ever since he hit puberty, all his adolescent and teenage fantasies involved ‘darkies’, he had tried to conform to his mother’s expectations the first few years of dating, he had even lost his virginity to a girl that fit his mother’s description of a ‘lady’. He knew how difficult it had been for her to even arouse him, he had pegged it to be due to nervousness- it was his first time after all. She had had to suck him off for almost ten minutes before he finally grew hard.

A year later with Rebecca, all it tool was a make-out session to get him hard and ready, he never looked back after her, all through college, whenever he had to hook-up with a girl, he only looked out for the brown-skinned ones. His friends thought he was odd, especially as he had the looks to have whatever girl he wanted, they would throw jabs at him and even composed songs to include the words ‘jungle fever’ and ‘once you go black, you never go back’

Mitch had been one of those that teased him with those words, he didn’t tease as much as the others, but he did have his own fair share, he could bet even Mitch never thought he’d end up getting jungle fever as well.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of clicking heels. He looked toward the stairwell and his eyes met the greys that belonged to Rebecca, as he stared at her, he realised something- she looked A LOT like Rhea, they were about the same age give or take a few months. Never mind that Rebecca’s father was Cuban, she had inherited more of her Haitian mother’s traits than her father’s , she was a few shades lighter than Rhea though, but save for that noticeable difference, they could pass as sisters or cousins at least. A part of him wondered if he wasn’t after Rhea simply because she bore a strong resemblance to his first love.

A smile crept upon her full lips, “Hello Jared.” She began in her sultry voice. She sounded like…sex, her voice had that husky tone that could cause any man to have a boner.

Jared stood up, “Hi, Rebecca.” He replied.

No words were exchanged between them for what felt like hours as they both studied each other, from the smile on her lips, it was safe to say she liked what she saw.

“I’ll just go take a shit” Japhet said as he stood up and went upstairs with a grin.

Rebecca smiled, “I see Jet hasn’t changed much.” She began once Japhet was out of ear-shot.

Jared snickered, “Much? He hasn’t changed at all.”

They shared a laugh- an awkward one going by what had gone on between them minutes ago. After a while, she broke the silence that had brooked between them, “The years have been good to you Jared.” She spoke and then started a slow, seductive walk toward him.

“They’ve been good to you too Becca.” He replied, van escort he tried to sound as casual as possible, but it was so damn hard to sound casual toward a sexy woman you had just seen masturbating to thoughts of you, plus, the way her full hips swayed wasn’t exactly making things any easier.

She stopped just inches away from him, even in her heels, she was about three inches shorter than he was, that was another difference between she and Rhea- Rhea was taller, “I’ve missed you.” She whispered.

He didn’t need to be told that, he had seen how much she missed him. Before he could reply to that, he felt her small hand crawl up his chest and to the nape of his neck, slipping into his hair, her eyes never leaving his. She brought his head down until their lips were inches apart, Jared knew he should pull away, she was giving him that opportunity, wasn’t he trying to begin a relationship with another woman? He had sacrificed a lot to get to where he was with Rhea, but as much as he wanted to think so, his attraction to Rebecca had never waned, it had just been docile since her absence.

“Did you enjoy the little show upstairs?” She whispered against his lips just before she captured them in a passionate kiss. Her tongue slid across his lips seeking for an opening. She got it. Her tongue slithered into the hot coven that was his mouth, drawing out his for a little tango

Jared groaned, she tasted like cranberries, he didn’t want to succumb to her, but she used her tongue so well, and it had been a while since he had kissed anyone. His hands clasped her waist and drew her to him as he deepened the kiss, his lips moved against hers with fervor and she returned the favor. The twelve years had turned his innocent little Rebecca into a sultry vixen, to think there was once a time she shied away from kissing.

Her free hand travelled between their bodies to grope his hard member, Jared gasped and pulled away, “Rebecca we need to stop.” He spoke, his words coming out in harsh breaths as she stroked his bulge which had come to life during their kiss.

“Why? Are you scared your brother will find us?” She asked as she placed light kisses upon his neck.

“No, I just can’t do this.”

“But I’m so wet for you, my fingers are nothing compared to your cock.”

Really? Dirty talk? Was she trying to end him? He couldn’t think straight with her hand rubbing his cock, or even with her being so close. Using the last shred of resistance in him, he stopped her moving hand and stepped away from her, “Becca I’m kind of trying to start something with someone else.” That sentence seemed to take her out of her lustful state, she looked hurt. Seeing her this way made him…sad, he didn’t like to see her hurt, even less, be the cause. They might have been apart for years, but he still cared for her, and maybe even loved her.

Rebecca’s eyes were downcast, of course he would be seeing someone, Jared was too good a man to be single. She had been pleasantly surprised to find out he wasn’t married, and when she had gotten here, her hopes had risen with Japhet’s confirmation that he was single, perhaps Japhet didn’t know very much concerning his brother’s love life, “Is…Are you guys serious?” She asked, why she was asking that question she didn’t know, she still harbored feelings for Jared, but not enough to move in on another woman’s turf. They had been apart for twelve years, he had the right to move on and lose whatever feelings he had for her.

Were they serious? They weren’t even official yet, Jared’s blie eyes studied Rebecca as his brain tried ro come up with a technically correct answer, “Becca…” He sighed, he couldn’t think up anything. She was making it even more difficult as she stared up at him with those captivating eyes he had gotten lost in countless times when they were younger.

Rebecca looked up at him quizzically, he seemed a bit conflicted, wasn’t he certain of his relationship status or was he in one of those ‘here and there’ relationships where the other party was stalling? Maybe she came on too strong, “Jared I…if I offended you with the whole room thing I’m sor…”

“No Becca, it’s not that.” He cut her off a bit too quickly. He blushed once he realised his insinuation as a small smile crept up Rebecca’s full lips.

“So you did enjoy the show.”

He shoved his fingers in his hair, “I’ll admit it was…interesting, and highly unexpected, but…I’ll need some time Becca.” He had inadvertently told her there was a chance they could date.

Becca smiled, in her head she was doing the Macarena, it didn’t matter that he wasn’t outrightly saying ‘yes’ this was as good as a yes for her, “So, you and your lady love aren’t serious?”

Unsure of how to reply that question, Jared chose to totally ignore it, “So, what brings you to Texas? I thought you never wanted to see this place again?” He asked using the exact words she had used when her family was moving, he knew she ankara escort hadn’t meant them, at the time she had been speaking out of pure frustration due to the backlash she had received from friends, neighbors and rivals concerning her relationship with him- his mother spreading the fact that she had caught them in the act hadn’t exactly made things better for her.

Rebecca smiled, recognising that for what it was- a diversion, “I was hoping to come across a certain man who popped my cherry in his family’s attic.” She replied, going along with the distraction. She would bide her time, patience was key. She hadn’t come all the way from Boston to leave without achieving her aim. Whoever the new woman was in Jared’s life was going to have some stiff competition to tackle and she didn’t plan on losing.



That was Lynn’s reaction once Rhea had explained to her how chaotic her life had become in less than forty-eight hours. She had just finished her laundry when Rhea came knocking at her door. Once she saw the sad, helpless look on her best friend’s face, she knew something unpleasant was going on, but she definitely hadn’t expected this.

“The whole seeking full custody ish was a threat right?” She asked.

Rhea shook her head,”I don’t..I don’t know Lynn, he seemed pretty serious this time, there were no signs that he was just making empty threats.” After Mitch left she had spent two hours cursing out herself, then Jared, then trying to determine how ready she was for a custody battle, then she had though of telling Jonas about his father. Basically, she had ended up distraught, confused and in need of someone to talk to, hence, her coming to Lynn.

“But he…you told him you and Jared weren’t official right?”

“I didn’t Lynn, I couldn’t, he barely let me say a word. I…I don’t think he’s pissed because of me and Jared, he just wants Jonas.”

Lynn scoffed,” Please Rhe, we’re talking about Mitch here, I bet he just wants Jonas now cos Jared pummeled his ego and deflated the shit out of it. He can’t stand the idea that another man has what he thinks is his and is throwing it in his face. He would have been okay with threats for a year just so he could manipulate you, but Jared pulled one sick move on his psych so he’s hitting back by taking at least one person, the one he does have the right to take- his son.”

Rhea realised Lynn did have valid points, but all she could think of was the fact that she was going to lose Jonas, she didn’t care for the purpose behind Mitch’s action, she just wanted a solution, “What am I going to do Lynn? I…dammit, this is all Jared’s fault!” Okay, so maybe she did care about the motive behind Mitch’s actions. She just wanted to blame some other person for now.

“Maybe you should talk to him.” Lynn suggested.

“Talk to Mitch? I told you he wasn’t listening.”

“Well, go to his house and try again. Try and work something out with him, trust me girl, you do not want to have custody battle with a man like Mitchell, he will run you down and then some.”

Lynn was right, knowing Mitch’s antecedents, he would fight dirty if need be, she needed to do something to halt or at least stall the impending legal battle and if talking to Mitch would help, so be it.


He didn’t want to see her again today, but this was worth it.

As Mitchell drove home after picking up Jonas froms school, he couldn’t help but replay the events of the day, he had been having such a great day until Jared ruined it, then there was Rhea and the custody thing…if she wouldn’t be with him, she could have at least made his existence known to Jonas, she had no idea how much of a torment it was to have his son so close, but not close enough to claim him. It was getting harder to just ‘be cool’ around Jonas everyday. There were some days he just wanted to grab him and tell him he was his father, especially when he exhibited ceertain traits he knew had been gotten from him- like flirting.

Currently, Jonas was telling him about some confrontation he had in school with another boy,”…I mean, all I did was talk to Kennedy, what’s-his-face didn’t need to jump me like I was stealing his girl.” He completed, apparently still pissed by the incident.

Mitchell smirked, the kid even spoke like him, even a blind man would easily figure who his father was, “Maybe he thought you were moving on his girl.”

Jonas gave him an incredulous look, “Me and Kennedy?” He scoffed, “she wishes.”

Mitch burst into a fit of laughter that left him wheezing once he was through. He wiped a tear from the corner of his eye, his day just got better, “So you don’t like Kennedy?”

“She’s weird. I told Riley to get his red-neck hynie away from me or I would punch the bugger out his nose.”

Mitch chuckled, Jonas was really cracking him up, “Did he leave?”

“First, I thought he wouldn’t, then he ran off crying like a little baby.” Jonas replied and then burst into laughter, “You should’ve seen him Mitch, his face was red and there was snout and tears all over.”

That’s my boy. Mitch thought to himself with a smile, “Hi-five.” He said as he raised his palm to Jonas, who smacked it with his.

There was a bit of silence in the car that was broken by Jonas, “I like you Mitch, you’re cool.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32