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Crystal stood in front of the large antique cupboard standing in her bedroom, wondering what to wear. The morning sunlight glowing on the firm spheres of her firm buttocks. She leaned an elbow against the cupboards solid frame; her hand nested in the wild auburn her that cascaded onto her shoulders like a mountain stream. A smile flickered across her full red lips brad had compared to cherry blossoms. Good old Brad always the romantic. Maybe she’d give him a call later. Nah not today she laughed to herself – to dull. Her fingers rifled to the bottom of her underwear draw; she had John lee hooker on the record player drawling out his ‘mood for love ‘; well baby your not the only one. Her fingers found what she’d been looking for and pulled out a neat black package from beneath a pile of identical white cotton panties, and sauntered over to the full-length mirror conveniently situated at the foot of the bed.

Take a good look at your self honey; you don’t get much better than this. Ever since high school, no ever since Steve Bennett in the boy’s locker room; Crystal had been intensely aware of her sex appeal. She’d always prided herself on knowing who she was and what she wanted. She enjoyed this, watching her hands glide over the trim curves of her figure; fondling her beautiful pert breasts until her nipples were hard under her teasing figure tips.

‘Oh god I’m horny!’ she purred to herself. She wasn’t the only one purring Isis, a sleek almost pure white Siamese rubbed himself against her sleek muscular calves. I’m so hot even the cat can’t resist me, she giggled as she ripped open the package from her cupboard pulled out a tiny red silk g-string playfully holding it in front of her hairless pussy, already threatening to get very, very wet. Nothing like the feel of silk. She turned side on to the mirror, to get a better view of her powerful slim legs and peach like butt as she bent nimbly at the waist and pulled the raw silk string seductively up her legs. A perfect fit. She pulled the waist band high over smooth curve of her hips and smiled appreciatively as she cupped the sheer fabric stretched taunt over her delicious pussy, blew herself a French pout kiss and went to feed the cat.

She enjoyed being naked in her own home. Enjoyed the freedom of not wearing a bra, but even more the feel of red silk sliding against her in a thigh as she walked down the passage back to the room., and dived full length onto the bed. Pulled out a small black book from under it. George, not a chance! Sam hmm maybe. Michael, way, way to pretentious. David, sexy yes but a little to arrogant, to clean. Storm- Storm Author, tall, probably six one or two slim and muscular. She could see him now a soft two day stubble always at that perfect length to subtle but soft, his sleek muscular frame, rippling torso and eyes that could of görükle escort made him a lumberjack just as easily as a concert pianist. Storm. Crystal dug under the pillows and pulled out her cordless and started dialing.

* How you doing tiger

* Crystal!

He quickly took the excitement out his voice played it cool, but Crystal had caught it. One of the reasons she just loved Storm.

* Up for some Fun

* Oh you know me, always ready for your beck and call baby

* Well then be a good boy and get that sexy arse over here

She hung up and rolled over and groveled under her bed, pulling out her black leather trousers out from a heap of clothes. They fitted her like a second skin; so tight she had to stay lying down to put them on, but once on she felt like she was wearing nothing at all. This is going to knock him out. She pulled a tight black T-shirt; no bra, not today. Putting a tight fitting gloss black rubber waist coat near the door along with a satchel packed with every conceivable item she could ever hope to use.

This was going to be the best day of the year, no question. It wasn’t twenty minutes before Crystal heard the roar of Storm’s Duccati bike pull up her drive. She’d always thought it sounded like a mountain lion on heat. She grabbed her keys and the black satchel she off the Kitchen counter squeezed into her zip up waist coat and dashed out to meet him, not bothering to lock the door as she swung it shut behind her loving the feel of silk on her slick pussy and raw leather on her tight arse. God he looks good.

Storm straddled that bike like the lone ranger on silver. A hundred percent pure MAN. He flashed her a Harrison Ford semi grin that nearly knocked her out her devil black bitch boots. Keep you’re cool your gonna drive this poor boy wild today sugar. His faded denims held him nearly as tight as her own black leather. Nice legs. Nice crotch. She swung her leg up over the saddle behind him letting herself slam into his back, he had the muscle culture of a race horse and hardly budged on the seat.

* Let’s blow this joint.

He revved up his steed like a cocksure teenager and pulled out of the drive with a squeal of rubber and the hot smell of a well oiled machine. Storm knew the routine and veered south onto the open highway. Trees streaked past on either side like movie on fast forward. Crystal’s hand moved from it’s firm hold on storms muscular chest, letting herself enjoy the ripples of his gorgeous belly, pulled firm in his concentration on the tar. It took skill to handle a machine of this size at this breakneck speed; Crystal knew it but it did not stop her from sliding her hand further down and taking a firm grasp of Storm’s powerful cock.

She kneaded him, squeezing his ample balls to the point where she bursa escort bayan knew that any harder and it would cause pain. Oh God I want this cock inside me. It felt as if his penis had life of its own, like some creature engaged in a futile attempt to escape its denim cage. Well maybe I could lend it a hand.

Storms fly presented no problem. Just as Crystal had hope he was wearing his super tight button up boxers. Buttons were tricky but Crystal some how managed, knowing that Storm was completely under her control. There was no way he’d stop until she said so. With the last button freed from its straining hold Storms cock finally sprung free. Crystal figured no one would notice it at this sped and if they did, all the more good luck for them. Storm’s cock was a sight to behold. If only I could see it; suck it!

For now Crystal’s fingers were her only vehicle for exploring 20cm of unadulterated manhood. but that would soon change. For the moment she contented herself on stroking Storm’s shaft slow enough to keep him from blowing a gasket but just fast enough to get him going. Storm opened the throttle to full; this was only seventh heaven and the faster he went the faster he’d get to eighth. Still clutching storms pulsating cock in her one hand Crystal gingerly moved the other down to massage his bloated testicles.

Right now the only thing keeping me on this bike is this massive cock. She wondered weather Storm could sense her giggles of delight at this speed, weather he was aware of anything at all except the road and her hands tenderly kneading him towards ecstasy. God I love the feel of a man ready to give up his soul for orgasm. She could feel the heat of her own vagina as it clenched in anticipation, could feel her silk g-string soak up the juices of her lust and slip on the leather which encased it. It was time to move things along.

* Pull over.

She had to yell into the wind and Storm only heard her the third time, but he

was more than eager to comply. As they pulled to a stop Storm stamped his boots

into the ground in an attempt to get up

* You just sit tight sugar

chuckled Crystal using her tenacious grip on his manhood to force him to obey. You get a man by his balls and you’ve got the man! It was a concept Crystal had been quick to grasp. She pulled him back on the seat, finally releasing Storm to get off the bike herself.

* Now you see baby, there’s something wrong with this picture. There’s only one of us here getting any real pleasure

* Hell there’s not much I can do from up on this bike Crystal.

* We’ll just have to see about that won’t we? Any way who told you to turn that baby off?

Unable to stop himself grinning like a fool, Storm fired up the engine once again. He’d been on one of Crystal’s bursa escort adventure before but nothing had prepared for this.

His attention was riveted as Crystal played with the zip of her waist coat, and pulled it down to in between her breasts, just far enough to allow them to bulge enticingly over the zip. Knowing that Storm was willing her to go further she stopped. her brown eyes sparkling with glee as she noticed Storming swallowing hard while she massaged her breasts. I wonder if he can see my nipple stand through this rubber? by the look on his face there wasn’t a doubt. In one swift movement she reached back and yanked her T-shirt right out from under the waist coat. Storms jaw dropped, his eyes held like magnets by Crystal’s milky white chest lightly sprayed with minute freckles which seemed to flow down between her cleavage, so dangerously close to bursting from it’s tight rubber sheath.

* I do believe there’s a whole lot you can do for me from up on that stallion.

So saying she reached to her belt line stretched low across her hips. Leaving the button well alone she made for her zipper, knowing that Storms eyes where fully engaged in her little finger dance, she enjoyed the sight of Storms swollen glans bobbing up and down like a puppy dog. A slavering mutt. She grabbed hold of her fly and pulled it down to where it ended; far between her legs. He could probably give it to me up the back with out me even taking these off! The thought of it sent shivers down her spine. Her legs spread wide apart Crystal let Storm drink in the sight of her pussy raising a mound of red silk out the yawning opening in the tightly stretched opening of her pants.

She watched silently as Storm slipped a hand from the handlebars of the bike to take a firm grip of his throbbing cock with out ever taking those baby blue eyes off of her. Not being able to resist the urge she allowed her own fingers to drift toward the patch of red silk darkened by pussy juice. As she watched storm caress himself , rubbing the salty liquid issuing from his silky tip all over his cock, so that it glistened in the morning sun, she let her left her fingers to their own devices. All self restrain gone she pushed the wet silk deep into her sex valley till they found her clit, rapidly pulsing over it. Despite herself she let out a whimper as pleasure exploded into her system causing her long muscular legs to twitch in ecstasy.

To her surprise, Storm was the first to stop this session of self love.

* So, are you going to stand there masturbating all day, or are you going to climb up here and fuck me?

Unable to bring herself to speak Crystal leapt at him like a cat on heat frantically yanking aside her g-string. She Plunged Storms hot cock into her tight vaginal tract. The few split seconds of pain were worth, his gasp of pleasure as her cunt encased him. The feeling was beyond belief, his cock hard as an iron rod inside her she could feel his pulse, his life force beating through their carnal contact, the idling engine making his cock quiver like a vibrator.

* Just Drive!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32