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Last night felt like a dream!

I had finally had anal sex! In the process I had taken Maria’s last remaining cherry and Priya had helped me do that. I kept my eyes closed and tried remembering and memorising every small details of the previous night’s events.

I brought my fingers to my nostrils and I swore I smelled both the girls’ assholes on them. I moaned inwards as I pictured the way Maria’s tight poopchute expanded as my mushroom head pushed in. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sensation of half my cock buried inside Maria’s tight asshole and the other half in Priya’s hands.

Feeling extremely horny, I turned to the side and admired Maria asleep on her stomach, naked. Looking at her pale gorgeous derriere was enough to get my cock leaking pre-cum again.

All sleepiness vanished as I moved south and planted a kiss on her smooth ass cheek. Maria’s gentle snoring was soothing to hear as I placed my face on her asscheeks and enjoyed the feel of her smooth skin on mine.

I gently pried her ass cheeks open and inspected her thoroughly fucked asshole. Her wrinkled pucker hole had gone back to its original shape but the redness around it and the slight swelling of the skin around her poop chute confirmed the thorough buggering I had given her the night before.

I slowly but firmly pried opened both her ass cheeks and brought my nostrils on to her asshole. The musky earthly smell filled my senses and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pheromones that were being emitted from my beautiful girlfriend’s backdoor.

I’ve become such an expert in the smells emitted from a beautiful female’s pucker hole I knew immediately Maria will need a visit to the loo very soon. The smell that filled my nostrils was strong and over powering but it was also the smell that I have grown to love and adore. I opened her asscheeks as much as possible and placed my nostrils on the opening of her anus. I inhaled deeply and closed her ass cheeks around my face as I trapped the addictive smell and savoured it.

I knew I could do this till the cows came home but I was also tempted to taste her morning asshole, so without any hesitation, I leaned in and gave her abused hole a gentle lick. A light moan escaped Maria as she sleepily spread her legs as I continued massaging her nether hole with my tongue. The taste was strong and slightly salty, probably either due to trapped sweat in her asscrack or my dried ejaculation from the night before, but I was in no mood to complain as I continued licking and tasting her beautiful asshole.

I was so tempted to pull myself up and bugger her again but I decided against it as I continued smelling and licking her back door. Being just as naked as her and on my stomach, I continued worshipping my girlfriend’s asshole and gently started moving my hips in to the duvet. This resulted in my erect cock getting trapped in the duvet cover creating the perfect friction it needed. I moaned in to Maria’s asshole as I imagined it was Priya sucking my cock from below and continued thrusting my hips in to the duvet.

I spread Maria’s ass cheeks as much as I could and shoved my tongue deeper in to her asshole as my urge heightened, and with my tongue deep inside Maria’s puckering hole I came hard on the duvet cover. As my orgasm subsided, I gave Maria’s well lubricated neither hole a few last licks and gently let her ass cheeks close back as I izmir escort moved away and let her sleep.

I should have been surprised she did not wake up with everything I was doing to her, but she really was a lousy drunk and as far as I was concerned, her being asleep as I used her body was a major turn on factor.

I did not bother putting my clothes back on as I got out of bed and walked towards the toilet with my boxer shorts in my hands. I was hoping to bump in to Priya but was disappointed to see her door was firmly shut. I resisted the temptation of opening her door but instead walked to the toilet, relieved myself and had a quick shower.

Feeling fresh and energised I quickly dressed and made myself a coffee and went for a quick walk outside, on what turned out to be a brisk sunny day. The fresh air did great to my mood and I stopped over and got some fresh bagels for the girls before coming back to their flat. Although the apartment was very quiet, I heard the tell tale signs of Maria moving around and getting ready in her room. Suddenly the nerves were back as I didn’t know how she would react to everything that had happened last night.

Not only did she end up losing her anal virginity the night before, but it had almost turned in to a threesome as Priya helped me take Maria’s ass. For any young girl this could be a lot to take in, but Maria had been a goody two shoes before she met me, and I honestly had no idea how she was going to react today.

Every minute felt like an hour as I heard her move around her room and then go to the bathroom. Either, due to my guilt or the fact I wanted to do something to keep myself occupied; I started busying myself in the kitchen and started making some scrambled eggs and bacon to go with the freshly made bagel. By the time she walked out I had hot breakfast waiting for her with a cup of Cappuccino.

“Ooh breakfast! Yummy I am starving,” she beamed at me as she tiptoed and gave me a quick peck on my lips as she grabbed her cup and plate and went and sat on the kitchen table. I meekly followed her and sat next to her and let her take a few bites of the breakfast before speaking.

“Last night…” I started hesitantly.

“Was different!” she said with a shy wink.

I stared at her with an open mouth as she enjoyed my discomfort as she continued wolfing down her breakfast.

“Um I agree but hopefully it was a nice sort of different? Everything happened so fast I’m sorry if I forced you in anyway,” I attempted again to make sense of her attitude in the morning.

That statement seemed to have hit a nerve, as the smile vanished and was replaced with a look of anger and frustration as she kept her fork down and spoke.

“Listen Mister, do you really think I did not know everything you were doing with Priya all this week? She is my roommate and my best friend and she opened up to me a couple of days back when you were avoiding me.”

I felt the blood drain from my face as I continued staring at her.

“I wanted to dump you as soon as I heard everything from her, but then Priya convinced me you guys never had sex and the only reason you started messing around with her in the first place was because I was not giving you what you wanted,” she continued, but looking sad this time.

“I thought about it and realised I have started falling escort izmir in love with you and there is no point throwing something away without at least trying again, hence the reason I got her to help me yesterday when you finally decided to fulfil your fantasy. Can I at least ask if you do care about me or am I just a piece of ass to you?” She was suddenly on verge of tears and I could feel my eyes misting up too.

“I’m so sorry Maria, I did not mean to hurt you but you are right this has been my ultimate fantasy and I was too afraid to approach the subject with you and when I had the chance to explore it with Priya I jumped at the idea without thinking through. I never want to hurt you and I do care about you with all my heart…In fact I do love you,” I opened my heart out.

Maria looked at me with those piercing eyes before leaning forward and held my hands.

“So does that mean if I say you are never to go near Priya again you will stop talking to her?”

“You are all I need. I like Priya, but I love you and if this is what you want I’ll stop coming to the apartment and we can meet outside somewhere else.” I told her truthfully.

Suddenly I heard a shriek from behind as I noticed Priya walking towards us.

“See I told you he is in love with you silly! He’s just an idiot who did not realise that,” Priya exclaimed as she barged in from her room, confirming she had listened to the whole conversation.

I looked at them both sheepishly as they both grinned at me.

“So where does that leave us now?” I asked Maria as I did my best to not look at the smirking Priya.

“Well I love you and from what I can see you love me too. So I am going to forget everything else as long as you promise me one thing.” she looked at me with those piercing blue eyes.

“Any thing, just ask,” I told her as I looked at her nervously.

“Next time you want to get Priya involved you make sure I’m there, also her pussy is off limits.”.

I must have looked like a train had hit me as both the girls looked at each other and burst out laughing at my confused face.

“Are you guys serious?” I asked in wonder.

“Yes we are. I want to see what more you have hidden inside your perverted mind and if we are going to have a future together we might as well be honest about everything now; not to mention Priya seems to be attracted to you for some damn reason and it’s only fair we help her with her fantasies after what she did for us last night.”

I couldn’t believe what Maria was telling me but finally I realised they were being serious and I relaxed and smiled at them.

Almost as if to prove a point Maria came over and sat on my lap and kissed me hard on my lips. Just as I started getting worked up she pulled back and instructed Priya to come over to us. Priya’s smirk was soon replaced with anticipation as she moved towards us. Maria grabbed her face and brought it towards mine. I tested the waters by leaning in for a quick peck on Priya’s lips but Maria was forceful with the way she held Priya’s face and in no time I had half my tongue shoved deep inside her mouth.

We exchanged copious amount of saliva as our tongues rolled around and both of us started getting worked up as we snogged in front of my girlfriend.

Maria surprised me further as she let Priya’s head go and started izmir escort bayan unzipping my pants. I moaned in to Priya’s hot mouth as Maria fished out my cock that was rock hard and started slowly jerking it off.

“Umm,” I groaned as I suddenly realised Maria was starting to kneel down in front of me. She unceremoniously started tugging my pants down and I lifted my butt up without breaking the kiss with Priya as Maria pulled my pants and boxers off me. I should have been uncomfortable sitting butt naked in the living room of my girlfriend’s flat but I was way passed caring as I awaited with anticipation as I felt Maria’s warm lips envelop the tip of my cock.

“Oh that’s amazing hon,” I pushed Priya away from my lips and groaned loudly as I enjoyed the sensation of Maria’s talented tongue and mouth on my cock.

“Shut up and continue kissing her as I blow you.” If I didn’t love her before I can promise you I was head over heals in love with my girlfriend as I shut my mouth and grabbed hold of Priya and kissed her hard as Maria continued taking turns licking the tip of my cock and sucking me with her sweet mouth.

Priya was worked up so much she spread her legs and placed her pussy, that was unfortunately covered by her shorts, on my left knee and was practically humping my left knee as she moved her hips slowly as she continued kissing me. I could feel the wetness of her pussy through her shorts as she tried hard to cum by using the friction of her shorts on my knee cap.

I moved my left hand and placed it on Priya’s ass as I did my best to suck on her tongue.

“Fuck it,” Priya said as she pushed me away and stood up and quickly pulled her shorts down and kicked it to the side along with her panties and sat back on my knee before attacking my lips again.

I moaned in delight as I felt her sopping wet pussy on my naked thigh as she started moving again and raced to her first orgasm.

Without breaking our lip lock I moved my left hand behind her and pushed it between her asscheeks and placed it on the entrance of her asshole.

“Oh fuck!” she groaned in to my mouth as this pushed her over the edge and she started cumming hard. She kept on moving her hips faster on my thighs as she rode her orgasm until she reached a point where I thought she was in danger of passing out.

Meanwhile, I was so focused on making Priya cum I totally forgot what Maria was doing to my cock but that vixen raised the bar by spreading my legs further and started massaging my perineum with her little fingers as she did her best to take as much of my cock inside her mouth.

That set me off as I felt my balls tighten and my cock grew a few inches longer inside her sweet mouth.

“Oh I’m coming hon,” it was my turn to groan as my cock started to spurt out cum from my balls in to my girlfriends belly. She continued sucking like a soldier until the tip was getting too sensitive to a point I had to push her away.

It was super cute looking at her on her knees with lips dripping with my sperm as she beamed at me.

“Now tell me was this what you meant by your fantasy?” Maria asked Priya as I fought to bring my breathing back to normal after such a great orgasm,

“You bet it is!” she whispered back as she looked up at me with a smirk before smiling gratefully at Maria.

“Good that means later on it’s my turn to try something from my fantasy list,” said Maria as a matter of fact, as I broke out laughing thinking I’ve been played nicely by both these vixens, before pulling Maria in for a kiss.

As I held on to Priya on one side and tasted my self on my girlfriend’s mouth I realised what a lucky man I was and how interesting future was going to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32