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Sadie disconnected the call and sat there wondering what was wrong with people.

This new job paid well and was worth moving to a new town for, but it sure had it’s moments with the occasional whack job one had to deal with in customer service. Plus moving from a large city to a small town with little night life had made for a difficult transition. At least she could take breaks once in awhile to check out some porn I the bathroom to spice up the long day. Still, she had made a few new friends.

But her new supervisor certainly couldn’t be counted as one. A real dragon lady, all prim and proper, neat as a pin every day keeping her section functioning like a well oiled machine. She reminded Sadie of one of her high school teachers with her hair always pulled back so severely and wearing old lady glasses.

“Hey, you ready to get out of here?”

Brandi was turning out to be her new best friend, she had been so welcoming and quick to show her around town and what little amusement there was to be found.

“Sure, what do you have in mind for tonight?”

“Oh, something really special, I think you’ll be quite surprised with tonight’s activities.”

“Sounds good to me, I’ve been so bored at home, I need some excitement.”

“Oh, girlfriend, just you wait.”

So off they went their separate ways to go home and change.


Brandi was driving this night, but Sadie had to wonder if she knew where she was going as the neighborhood kept getting sketchier until they finally pulled into the parking lot. There were other cars around, but the place didn’t look busy and was kind of quiet for a club.

“Are you sure about this place, Brandi?”

“Well, I’m sure about it, but not so much about you.”


“Look, I’m not sure if this is for you or not. Just keep an open mind is all. I just thought that you might get into it based in some things you’ve said in the past few weeks.

“You do seem to have some wild tendencies. If it’s not for you, we can always leave.”

“Geez, you sure have my curiosity going now. So let’s go check it out.”

There was just a single bulb lit over the steel door as Brandi knocked on the door. Sadie could see a camera above watching them as a mechanical voice from the intercom asked for a password which Brandi readily gave and in they went.

The entryway was dim and dark, not all what she expected from a club, but she could see lights ahead and the quiet murmur of voices. Ahead, Sadie was surprised to see plush oriental style carpet; heavy ornate embroidered furniture, but the biggest shock of all were the activities that people around the large room where engaged in. Most of them were in various stages of undress and the ones that did wear clothing had on various fetish style costumes ranging from corsets, garter and hose, masks and lots and lots of leather.

“What the hell is this? What did you bring me too?

“Now just relax Sadie, hear me out. I know you’ve been bored to death here, but some of your comments made me think you had a taste for this kind of thing. You don’t have to participate or get naked or anything like that. We can just find a seat and watch for one night.”

“What kind of pervert do you think I am, Brandi?”

“I think your just like me except istanbul escort you’re trying to avoid accepting it.”

Sadie had to admit there’s was some truth to that. Her move here was an attempt to get away from home to be free to explore her sexuality. And as she glanced over and watched a woman her age receive a hard whipping on her bare, red bottom, she could feel her pussy twitching and getting moist.

“Okay, but we’re just watching tonight, right?”

“Sure, sure, they don’t mind if we take one night to see how things work. Let’s sit over on that couch where can see the entire room.”

Sadie couldn’t help, but look around as they walked to a couch from where they could survey the entire room.

Then she could only stare open mouthed as a naked athletic blonde furiously sucked and stroked 2 men over on a love seat situated on one side of the room. To her right another woman was strung up in what looked like some serious Shibari rope work dangling from the ceiling. All around the room, there were people engaged in an array of sadistic fun; whips and crops turning tits and asses red; large penises being stuffed into open mouths, gaping pussies and tight assholes; ball sacks encircled by rope with heavy weights stretching them towards the floor and much more.

But what caught her attention first was the large leather couch in the center of the room where 2 very attractive blondes and a redhead were going at it. The redhead was laid back against the arm rest as a big titted blonde had her mouth glued to the other girl’s crotch. But what Sadie kept staring at was the other petite blonde slowly working her entire hand into the other girl’s asshole. As she moved it in and out slowly, the fistee let out a moan and laid her head on the redhead’s tummy to catch her breath.

A smattering of applause started in appreciation for the poor girl’s accomplishment. But that didn’t stop the pummeling her poor butt hole was receiving. Sadie could only watch and wish she could trade places; it had been so long since she had been stretched like that.

Brandi touched her arm and pointed to a corner of the room where a chubby spectacled woman was wrapping her mouth around the biggest dick Sadie had ever seen. It was a stereotype, but yeah, it belonged to a black man who was taking obvious pride in the attention and looks he was receiving.

After a few minutes of sucking and stroking, the girl turned around and presented her behind to be penetrated and slowly, but surely, her cunt widened and stretched to eventually accommodate every inch of the huge dong.

“Geez, don’t you wish you were on the receiving this end of that, Sadie?”

“Mmmm, I don’t know if I could handle it, but I’d sure try.”

“Brandi, how did you know that I wouldn’t totally freak out on you when you brought me here?”

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to mention that. We’ve been online friends for a few weeks. When we went shopping a few weeks ago, I noticed your tattoo. I thought I had seen it before on one of those, aaaah, websites. So I made a friend request and in our online chats I figured it was probably you.”

Sadie’s face turned red as she remembered some of the pictures posted there minus her face, of course. Then there was the filthy fantasies she had shared with her online escort bayan “friend”.

“Okay, I’ll let that go, you never know who might see what you post online, although I’m still a little embarrassed.”

“Oh, get over it, my pictures were just as bad.”

Yeah, Sadie thought as she remembered a picture of Brandi fitting her hand into her ass. We may have to “explore” this more later.

But right now she wanted to focus on the live action in front of her. The black stud had positioned his partner in the floor with her legs pulled back to her chest so he could pile drive his cock deeper into her cunt. She let out a little grunt each time he bottomed out in her pussy. Sadie kept watching until he finally pulled out and squirted into her mouth and she licked up the last drop.

Over in a corner of the room, a petite Asian girl was pinned to the floor by people holding her hands and feet as a man brutally fisted her. She had marks from her breasts to her knees from being whipped by a thick rod. Sadie could only watching fascination as the finger thick rod was brought down repeatedly on the poor girl. She couldn’t tell if her crying was from pleasure or pain.

The night continued with more of the same; Sadie kept squirming in her seat as her crotch got warmer and moister as the evening went on. She was tempted to join in, but just wasn’t ready to do that in front of Brandi just yet. Although she had a feeling that it would happen eventually.

She really thought she might go over and help a young woman who was on her knees surrounded by a group of men. There was a sign taped to the post by behind her saying, “Use me” and they certainly were. She was naked wearing only a blindfold, but as the night wore on Sadie counted at least nine men that had fucked her mouth and cum all over her nice tits. Her Master kept encouraging her and at least provided a towel to wipe off with.

Her eyes kept going back to the naked woman hanging from the ceiling. She certainly seemed familiar, but the full mask and yards of rope wrapped her around the kept Sadie from getting a good look.

Her legs had been pulled back to her thighs and tied down; her arms tied behind her back with her hair poking through the hood and tied back to the rope holding her to the ceiling; they had her lowered to about “dick” height face towards the floor and already men lining up to use her wide open mouth and waiting pussy. So one took his place in front and one behind and eventually set up a rhythm with the Mistress using the ropes to swing her body back and forth impaling her three or four inches at a time

Sadie was envious as she watched them all take turns moving from front to back as the mood struck them forcing the poor woman to taste her own cunt. Then Sadie watched the Mistress belt on a huge rubber dick that was as thick as her arm and move behind the helpless slave.

“Gawd, there she goes again, you gotta watch out for ” Strap-on Jane,” she’ll use that thing on anyone.”

Sure, enough, she made the woman suck and lick the big cock profusely before she moved behind her and with a thrust pushed it past the opening and slowly forced it deeper until the dangling woman let out a low moan. Then after squirting some more lube on it, she started fucking that cunt as it widened Kurtköy escort and opened more to accept a hard pounding.

The men continued to take turns at her mouth while her cunt was raped by the large rubber dong; it went on for a long time until Jane ordered the woman to come for her which she eventually did leaving her body trembling with the aftershock of a very intense orgasm. Sadie could recognize the signs having gone through a few of them herself.

“I need to go, I can’t take anymore of this and I’m just not ready to participate just yet.”

Brandi shook her head in agreement, “Yeah, it’s been a pretty intense night even for this place. I gotta a go home and get some toys out.”

Sadie started making her own plans as they stood up to leave thinking about which of her own items to bring out of her “special” drawer; the electric toothbrush, the clothespins for sure, maybe a butt plug to start things off.

She was so busy caught up in her thoughts that she missed seeing the woman released from her bondage until she walked towards Sadie and Brandi apparently heading to the restroom. The woman stared hard at Sadie and she could swear those eyes seemed familiar. But then she was gone and they were out the door each thinking of their own rendezvous with pleasure after they got home.

The rest of the weekend seemed to creep by in a blur of intense masturbation bouts interspersed with naps, snacks and watching porn. Sadie even managed to catch Brandi online for a quick cam show which left them both red faced and wondering how they’d face each other at work on Monday.

But Monday did come around and off Sadie went to work. As soon as she sat down at her work station she saw the post it note telling her to report to her supervisor.

So off she went.

“Please sit down, it’s nothing to worry about, it’s just time for your first review.”

While the words sounded nice, she still looked severe.

“Yes, ma’am, I hope that my work has been satisfactory?”

“Yes, it has, Sadie, I hope that you’ve settled in okay and have found plenty to entertain yourself around town.”

“Oh, yes, I had a great weekend.”

“Hmmmm, yes, it looked like it to me.”

“Uh, what?”

“You know, we have some very talented people around in our tech department although some might call them hackers. Consequently, we do a very deep background check on our applicants and yours showed some interests that coincides with my own.”

“I’m not sure that I understand.”

“Oh, yes, you do, you certainly appeared to enjoy the show the other night.”

Those eyes! They were the same ones she saw at the club on that roped submissive and as she looked closer, she could recognize the physical similarities between the dragon lady and the woman from the club.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I didn’t recognize you.”

“That’s OK, now it’s unethical for me to connect your work here to attendance at outside activities, but I do hope that you’ll join us again and perhaps participate next time. I do so look forward to us becoming closer friends.”

Sadie’s mind was jumping all over from excitement to fear, but definitely there was a thrill of sexual excitement in the mix as well.

“Yes, ma’am, I do understand, I do want to be a good girl as best I can.”

“Well, I’m sure that I can help with that as time goes by. You may go back to work now.”

So off she went wondering if Brandi knew about this and already planning her next round of masturbation.

To be continued…


August, 2016

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32