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When Karen first started working with us, I didn’t give her that much attention. She was quite a bit older than me, almost 30, and rather plain. She had a kid and a live-in boyfriend. Not exactly what a guy 2 years out of college, and fresh out of his first serious relationship would consider part of the talent pool.

Most of the 20 or so people in the office were older than I was, and they were often eager for news of my dating life; seemed like the whole lot of them lived vicariously through me. They were certainly full of advice, most of which I blissfully ignored. I’m sure I kept them entertained with my shenanigans. I may not have been the world’s most successful Romeo, but it was certainly not for lack of trying. And I did have my successes.

When Karen was tasked to work with me on a new small project, things started to slowly change. The only other person on this project was Brenda, a thirtyish chubby married brunette who was a bit of a prude. Karen would grill me on my dating, and would talk openly of sex. Brenda would act offended, but always managed to stay close and soak up the conversation. There was some friction between the two of them, both being new, and I think Karen went a little overboard just to bug Brenda. Our discussions got more and more overtly sexual and even included some minor office grab-ass.

One thing lead to another, and soon I had Karen giving me hand-jobs in the closet at work, after hours, and on the way back to the office from lunch. She wouldn’t do anymore, she said, since she was living with a guy. Our conversations were very personal and she had confessed to me almost every detail of her life. She lived with the guy for convenience. She rented a small townhouse she could barely afford. With him as a roommate, she had a little extra cash. She couldn’t really rent out the only other bedroom, since that was her 6-year-old kid’s room. She was usually strapped for cash, and didn’t enjoy our work that much, but it paid the bills.

Her sex life was less than fulfilling. She wasn’t a big fan of oral sex – she sort of doled it out to her live-in as a reward for good behavior. She was getting laid about once a week, and doing the oral about once a month. The more we talked about it and how much her boyfriend loved it, and would jump through hoops for it, the more I was convinced I had to move past the hand stage, and into a more intimate sexual relationship. I thought I should have a fairly decent chance since she clearly didn’t love this guy, she basically paid him in sex to be her roommate and share the bills. I don’t know what it was about this skinny, bigmouth, dirty-blonde but something certainly pressed my buttons.

Over a period of several weeks, I had been hounding her to get more intimate. I kept describing to her how badly I wanted to go down on her, figuring if I could get her pants off, there was a decent chance of reciprocation.

“You know Karen, we could head to my place for a break. I would love to make you squirm on the end of my tongue,” I was teasing her one evening around 7:00pm. She stayed late at work once a week, every Wednesday, since it was the only chance she had to get caught up. Craig, her live-in picked up the kid and watched her on those nights. You can bet I stayed late Wednesdays.

“God, Jack – don’t say that around here – anyone could hear you,” she admonished me.

I took her hand and placed it on my ever-present hard-on. “I get so hard, just thinking of licking your pink.”

“Jack, God! You are so bad. You know I won’t do that. You know I’m in a relationship.”

“And you’re telling me you don’t want to trade up?” I told her. I’m not sure why I said that. I wasn’t really looking for a relationship with her. I just wanted in her pants. I was actively dating other women, and she knew it. In detail.

“You don’t want an old woman with a kid – you’re just horny.” She was squeezing my cock through my pants, which was a good indicator. With the place virtually empty, I knew I’d be getting my hand-job soon.

“You always make me horny,” I responded.

I stood up and drew her after me, down the hall, to a small utility room. She came along reluctantly, offering some minimal resistance. It was all part of the game; this had basically become a ritual for us.

She entered the room behind me, and I opened my pants. My dick flopped out, hard and ready. She sat on a 10-gallon bucket, and started beating me off.

“You have such a pretty mouth…” I started.

“No. You know this is all you’re getting, now lean back and enjoy.” We went through this all the time.

Karen normally talked incessantly. This was an odd occasion. She was mostly silent, while she slowly worked her hand up and down my cock. After a few minutes of her quietly stroking my dick, she broke the silence.

“Are you still working on buying that house over on Preston?” she asked me, as she worked her hand back and forth. It usually took her several minutes, and she would change bursa escort hands several times. She had recently taken to letting me play with her breasts while she worked me, in order to speed things up I figured.

I opened her shirt, and slipped my hand in her bra. Her nipple was hard as usual. She might fight the game, but she seemed to enjoy it. She just had her own little rules.

“Yeah, but the house won’t appraise, it’s in such bad shape. The lot is great and the foundation and frame is good, but it’s only livable on about half the main floor, and pretty much not at all on the top floor. I need to come up with about 8K more to get in it.” My hips were thrusting in time to her stroking, and I was feeling pretty good.

“You’ve got the money, just do it.” She was in a pensive mode tonight. She often teased my about my relationships while whacking me off, tonight she was a little distracted.

She seemed to think I was loaded. I was an engineer, and she was a graphic designer. I made easily double her money, but it still didn’t go that far. If I hadn’t received a sizable bonus for completing a pretty tough project ahead of schedule, I wouldn’t even be thinking of buying my own place.

“Yeah but I need the cash to fix the place up. You’ve seen it. It needs a lot of repairs. At least the kitchen is new. On just my salary, I won’t have much cash left over to do all the work it needs.”

Out of the blue, she leaned forward, and licked the head of my cock. For the first time. Just once, then she smiled a wicked smile and continued the stroking.

“Oh, shit, do that again.” I begged her.

“Did you know Debbie broke up with John?” Debbie was a friend of hers. Another single mom, Debbie was 25, and was a knockout. She tended to be very over made-up, with too much eye-makeup, heavy face powder, and bleached blonde hair, but she was a looker none-the-less. And her body was of the type dreams are made of. I had tried to get Karen to hook me up with her in the past.

“Really? Great! You gonna hook us up?” I asked her, leaning forward, trying to get my erection closer to her mouth. I had removed my hand from her tit, and was rubbing the back of her head; of course she knew all my tricks, and twisted away from the encouragement with a little laugh.

“Well she’s got a problem, she needs a place to live. She moved in with that bastard John, let her apartment go, and now she’s stuck. She’ll be staying in my living room for a while. Craig isn’t happy about it, but I know he’ll be trying to get in her pants. Since he hasn’t been getting in mine.” She leaned forward, and took my whole cock in her mouth, and with her lips tightly circling the shaft, she slowly drew her head back, holding just the head in her mouth for a few seconds, before she let it pop free from her lips.

“Jesus. That was nice. Don’t stop.” I told her, gasping.

“How would you like this every night?” She asked me, as she repeated the long slow suck.

“Hunh?” I was young and a little slow on the uptake.

“I was talking to Debbie. You know my lease expires end of next month. If you bought that house, maybe we could all live together. Debbie could stay home and watch the two kids, and you and I could work and bring in the money.”

“Karen, I don’t even know Debbie, and that would be kind of odd, her in the house…”

“I don’t mean just live together, I mean LIVE together. We could take turns sharing your bed. We’d each have our own room, but you could have either one of us every night.” She was really excited by the idea, and was stroking me really slowly, while almost pleading with me. “Come on, it has 5 bedrooms. What are you going to do with 5 bedrooms? And the extra income would be great for fixing the place up. We could all save money.”

“Are you serious? What does Debbie think of this?”

“Debbie would do anything to stay home and raise kids. She hates working. She wants to be a homemaker. She’ll clean, she’ll cook, she’ll watch the kids, and I’m sure she’ll fuck your brains out if you let her be a mommy. I know she thinks you’re cute,” she said, accenting the last statement with another deep suck.

“Oh, that’s nice. Suck me off, so we can talk about this more seriously without the distraction.” I told her.

“Wouldn’t you rather fuck me in the ass?” She asked. Like she didn’t know. She knew everything I liked and wanted. Man this girl was the queen of the hard sell. She was definitely in the wrong profession.

“Are you kidding? Of course! What’s the catch?” I asked her.

She stood up, unbuttoned her pants and stepped out of them. “Here’s the deal. Friday, you give Debbie the keys to your apartment. Then Debbie and I can spend Friday and Saturday convincing you what a good idea this could be for all of us.” She bent over, wiggling her ass at me. “No other strings attached. I haven’t told her about this little plan, but I know how badly she wants to stay home. malatya escort And she DOESN’T want to get married again. Both our kids could use a man around the house, and you know that Craig is a pretty sorry excuse for a man. What do you say – is it a deal?”

“Friday and Saturday, huh? Why not?” I told her, sidling up behind her, grabbing her skinny ass cheeks in my hand.

“Good, now come get a taste of what the good life could be like.” She again gave me her mischievous smile.

I rubbed my cock up and down across her pussy lips, mostly by feel; she was not one of those who maintained a closely cropped cunt. I slipped my cockhead between her pussy lips, feeling the wet warmth. I couldn’t play around too long, I was pretty heated up from the discussion and the work she’d done so far.

I pushed up inside her, and she pushed back, with a pleased groan. “God, you have a nice cock, Jack. Damn Craig has a needle-dick. It’ll be nice to be filled for a while.”

“You could have had it at any time.” I told her, slowly stroking her pussy. She was pretty wet and the going was easy.

“You now I wouldn’t cheat on him. Right now we’re not even speaking. He’s been talking about a new apartment, but I won’t discuss it with him. I think he knows that no matter what, after next month it’s over. Basically, we’re just sharing a roof now. He hasn’t gotten any in about 3 weeks. And isn’t likely to get any more. Not if I’m getting this,” she told me, with another wiggle of her rump. “You wouldn’t want your girls cheating on you would you?”

Man she was talkative. I was fucking her pretty hard now and it didn’t slow down her conversation a bit.

I pulled out and pressed the head of my cock up against her tight little brown hole.

“You know, I need to hook you up with Krista some time,” she was telling me, as I made my first push into her butt. “Ooooh, gentle lover. Take it slow. Oh! That’s it. Krista loves it in the ass, she doesn’t look like much, but buy her dinner and you’ll get some.”

She was crazy. She just kept on with the conversation. I pushed my cock into her ass, with a series of small thrusts until I was bottoming out.

“That’s nice right there. You feel so thick in my ass Jack. Can you imagine Debbie licking your balls while you fuck my ass. She’d do it. Ask her Saturday. What do you want for dinner Friday? Or should I just let Debbie make one of her specialties? She’s really a great cook.”

Incredible. Her ass was wonderfully tight. I was fucking my brains out, and she was making dinner plans. I knew I wouldn’t last long now, so I started fucking her butt-hole even harder. “Whatever, I figure fur-burger would be nice.”

“You’re so nasty. That’s for dessert. I’ll have her make one of her favorites. You know you can still date other women. We won’t be jealous. Neither of us is really that into dating. I think Debbie needs to get it pretty regular, but I don’t think that would be a problem for you, do you?”

“Fuck, Karen, your ass is so sweet. I’m gonna come soon. You are so tight.” I was really screwing her deep and fast now. I was working up a sweat. I couldn’t help but think this would be pretty nice to screw on a regular basis. A little quiet might be nice, but the ass was sweet.

“I know you are baby, I can feel it. I like it. Come in my ass for me.” She was smiling at me, an affectionate look on her face, nothing like the pure lust I’m sure I was showing. For some reason, she always managed to make me feel like some kid she indulged.

I finally exploded, deep inside her, telling her how fucking hot she was. I came over and over, then stood there, breathing heavily, while my cock enjoyed the sensation of her ass squeezing away at me. She was doing some kind of Kegel exercise, and it was like she was milking me dry.

“Do you like that, lover?” She asked me teasingly. “That was so sweet, I haven’t had a nice dick in my butt for so long. I think I’d like to have you do me like that a little more often. Would you like that baby?”

“Oh fuck. That was intense. So Debbie is up for this?” I asked her, the idea starting to do wonders for my previously wilting cock.

“Absolutely. I’m sure she’ll go for it. I’m telling you, this weekend you better be ready, because she can be VERY convincing.” She was still working my dick with her ass. I don’t even know how she could concentrate on it while talking.

“And if we do this, no teasing right? If I want it, I’m gonna get it?” I didn’t want some bait-and-switch game, getting a little action to start, and soon finding myself in the once-a-month blowjob rut. I had grasped her hips and was making some small in-out movements.

Karen pulled off my semi-hard dick, and turned on the water in the utility sink, wetting some paper towels. She stuck some between her legs, then turned and used a few more on me, cleaning me up.

“Well, I’m pretty sure you’ll get as much as you want, but we can çanakkale escort discuss that this weekend. I gotta get home; Debbie picked up Ashley for me, and is expecting me. Plus I want to tell her the plans.”

* * * *

When I saw Karen the next day, she was eager to get me alone to talk. It was driving me crazy. I would normally have had lunch with her, getting my rocks off and finding out the information, but some dingleberry had scheduled a lunch working meeting. It wasn’t until around 3:00 that I was able to get her to go outside with me for a walk. We headed down to the shore-walk, and ambled along.

Karen got straight to the point. “Debbie is SO into this. She was almost crying last night. Don’t be a bastard now and take advantage of her because you know how bad she wants this.”

“Well, Christ! Of course I’m going to take advantage of her.” I told her.

“I don’t mean that. I mean, well, just don’t be mean. She really has been fucked over by the last half-dozen guys in her life. She could use a decent relationship for once.”

“You crack me up. You call this a decent relationship? She doesn’t even know me, and she’ll be my shack-up sweetie just to stay home and have a roof over her head? While you two take turns warming my sheets?” I laughed.

“Don’t be an ass. God! You can be a jerk. Think of how bad her life has been, if this is the greatest thing that has come her way in a long time. She’s been on her own since she was 17, been a mom since she was 20. I’ve had good times and tough times, and I know this can work ’cause you’re really a good guy; poor Deb is just desperate for some stability of any kind.”

I had been thinking about it a lot, wondering mostly how I’d explain living in sin with two single moms to my parents. Then again, they were a long ways away, and I could always claim it was a purely platonic relationship, just renting out rooms.

Just that morning I had set up an appointment with my realtor for that evening to make my formal offer on the house. I was putting almost 30K down on the house, to be able to get into it. I would be almost broke, but I was determined to get me a tax break. And the potential benefits had finally made up my mind for me. But I wasn’t about to let these girls know that. Not yet.

“Listen,” I told her, “I think you know me pretty well by now. I’m not going to fuck either of you over. I kind of like the idea of this thing. There’s some problems to be worked out, but hey, that’s what we have this weekend for.” I reached across and held out my spare keys.

“I know,” she told me, as she took them. “You’re aura is way too bright and too blue. I know you think I’m silly, but I’m sure we’ve been together in a previous life. I just know you too well. You’ve always been good to me.”

Oh. Did I forget to mention that my friend Karen was deeply into the whole numerology, psychic, and past-lives thing? Sometimes I felt she was a certifiable nut. A fun, cheerful, sexy, certifiable nut. What the hell was I getting into?

She reached over and took my arm and held it tight. Almost desperately so. “Please, let this thing work out. I know it’ll be great for all of us. Give it a chance.” Her head was leaning against my shoulder and we’d stopped walking. We had circled the property perimeter, and were almost back to the building.

“I’m going into this with a very open mind. If we can work this out, I think I’d be willing to give it a try. No guarantees – but I’m open to the idea. Let’s leave it at that for now.”

Karen took off at 5:00pm sharp as she did four days a week. I went out and bought a love nest.

I won’t go into detail, but the house was a shambles. I was getting the place for little more than the value of the land. If I could get it fixed up, it would be worth probably 3 times what I was paying for it.

I would be taking possession in less than 3 weeks. At that time only one bath would work, the kitchen would be in good shape and the bedroom on the main floor was livable. My first job was to re-roof the place. Then I could consider the rest of the work ahead of me.

* * * *

Friday morning, I got up and made my bed – which I rarely did. The night before I had neatened up a bit, so the place wouldn’t be a mess.

At work I was in a constant state of arousal. Karen was a horrible tease, rubbing against me when we were alone and whispering “Do you think Debbie gives better BJs?” or maybe “Hope you’ve been taking your vitamins.” She even went so far as to say “You know, I’ve never been with another girl, you’re not going to make us do that are you?” I tried to get her to go to lunch with me, but she claimed she had to go out and take care of some personal business. I must have had an eight-hour erection. Let me correct that. Make it two four-hour erections, I finally ended up going into the men’s john at lunch and jerking off. I had never done that before, I mean in the men’s room, and I was nervous as shit, but my balls were starting to ache.

Finally 5:00pm arrived. I never get to work by 9:00, and I never leave before 6:00, but today I was willing to make an exception. I walked out to the cars with Karen.

“Debbie is working really hard to make tonight special. Say something nice when you get there,” she advised me as we got to our cars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32