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*All participants are at least 18 yrs old. If you are not in to BDSM scenes or nonconsent/reluctance then do not read!*

“Hi Rachel! Hi Rebekah!” Vicki noticed the way Daddy was looking them up and down as soon as they walked inside the front door. She was afraid that would happen, and was desperately hoping that the girls would not have been home until after her house guests had left! Her daughters were young, they were both still innocent. She wasn’t ready for them to be subjected to the sinister ways of this taboo world just yet! But something told her that that was about to change.

“Girls, why don’t you go put your stuff away in your room and I’ll be up in a minute.” Vicki motioned towards the staircase.

“Sure mom, we have lots to tell you! The weekend was such a blast, you won’t believe everything that happened!” Rachel started laughing as they both hauled their luggage upstairs.

“I can’t wait to hear all about it hunny!” Vicki smiled.

As soon as the girls had rounded the corner at the top of the stair case Vicki turned her attention towards Daddy. “I know what you are thinking. And I won’t have it! No way! Absolutely not! Get the idea out of your head!!” Vicki started in on him. Babygirl’s eyes grew big as she listened to this lady telling Daddy all these things. She could hardly believe her ears. Was this lady really telling Daddy no? Was this lady really making rules for Daddy? She must be crazy! Babygirl started giggling outloud without realizing it.

“I suppose you think this is funny don’t you! Standing there acting all innocent. You’re just as bad as he is you know! Maybe even worse! The way you round up these young girls like you’re some kind of recruiting scout for him! These poor innocent girls who don’t know any better. You can just get your dirty little mind off my girls because I won’t be having it! I am drawing the line right now!” Vicki started lecturing Babygirl now. Daddy just stood back and let her blow a little steam off. He was finding himself getting slightly aroused watching this woman before him get all fired up over this! The look on Babygirl’s face was priceless as well. He wondered if he would find himself witnessing a catfight at any moment. Now there was an image he found amusing!

Daddy started chuckling outloud without realizing it and both girls had stopped arguing and turned their attention to him. “You find this funny do you?!” Babygirl asked him, half laughing half serious.

“No, not at all.” Daddy busted out laughing. Then put on his serious face. “In all seriousness though we need to get back to the subject at hand! There are two girls upstairs in that bedroom that I have every intention of having before I leave this house. We all know it is going to happen. So why are we still discussing it?” Daddy stated matter-of-factly.

“Oh no you are not!” Vicki said. She started walking towards Daddy but Babygirl stepped Kurtköy escort bayan in between them.

“And just who do you think is going to stop him exactly? You? Ha! And just who do you think you are? You make the rules around here? No! He does! This isn’t about you, this is about him. If it would please Daddy to fuck those two girls then who are you to stand in his way. You should be helping him! Talk about selfish!” Now it was Babygirl who was getting all fired up and lecturing Vicki.

“But…” Vicki started but Babygirl was quick to cut her off.

“There are not buts about it Vicki! Unless your talking about their butts in which case, yes they will definitely be getting used! ha ha ha You know how it works. This is about Daddy, just let him have it. Think about how great it will be to watch Daddy take their virginity! To help him! Come on Vicki you know you want to do it.” Babygirl was trying to talk her into it.

“I don’t know, I just …” Vicki was getting flustered. Just then Daddy went walking by her and right up the stairs to the bedroom. “No Daddy please don’t do this! Stop! Please!” She tried to stop him but it was of no use. He was already past her and halfway up the steps before she could even react.

Babygirl was quickly behind her. She grabbed her arms and pulled her into her bedroom before she could get to the girls bedroom. As soon as Daddy got to Rachel and Rebekah’s room he closed the door behind him. Babygirl wrestled Vicki onto the bed and tied her down. She grabbed a pair of her panties and stuffed them into her mouth to keep her quiet. Then started lecturing her about how naughty she was to try and keep Daddy’s pleasure from him!

After several minutes of fighting she finally started to calm down. Babygirl had gotten so worked up with all the fighting and by the fact that Daddy was in the very next room getting ready to fuck two virgins! She was getting really horny again. She crawled between Vicki’s legs and started eating her pussy. Teasing her at first before giving in and going at it. After Vicki came Babygirl asked her if she was going to be a good girl now and Vicki agreed. “If I take you over to the bedroom do you promise to be quiet and just watch? You can’t do anything naughty or you’re going to be very very sorry!” Babygirl slapped Vicki’s pussy really hard to get her point across causing Vicki to moan and shake her head yes.

Babygirl took the panties from her mouth and they shared a passionate kiss. Then she untied her from the bed and they quietly walked across the hallway and opened the door to the girls’ bedroom. They could hardly believe the sight before them!

Both girls were on their hands and knees in front of Daddy sucking on him. One licking at his balls, the other sucking on his cock. “Oh yeah, just like that. Oh god I’m gonna cum girls. Get ready. Stick your tongues out!” Daddy grunted and growled and Escort Kurtköy squirted his cum all over their faces. They greedily started licking it all up!

“Climb up on the bed Rachel and get on your hands and knees.” Daddy commanded.

“But why? I thought you just wanted us to give you a blow job? You didn’t say anything about having to do anything else!” Rachel was getting really nervous now.

“Get on your hands and knees on the bed Rachel, now.” Daddy said again, more firmly. Rachel looked at him puzzled, a hint of fear in her eyes of what was to come. She slowly made her way up to the bed though and did as he asked. She kept looking back at him to see what he was doing.

“Good girl Rachel,” Daddy praised her. Daddy stood at the edge of the bed facing Rachel. He looked over his shoulder at the other girl still waiting there. “Rebekah, I want you to crawl over here and stand behind me. Use your mouth and your tongue to pleasure my ass while I fuck your sister.” Daddy stated.

Rebekah’s mouth dropped open and she was getting ready to protest but Rachel had beat her to it. “No, please don’t do that. I’ve never done that before! You’ll hurt me! I don’t want to do this! Please. You never said anything about this. Don’t do this to us, please!” Rachel started begging him to reconsider. She had turned around by now and was sitting on the bed, scooting back away from Daddy. Rebekah was starting to slowly back up away from Daddy while his attention was focused on Rachel.

Babygirl and Vicki walked in to the room and asked Daddy if he wanted some extra help. Not one to turn down some extra girls, he agreed to the assistance. Vicki didn’t know if she could help do this, she still wasn’t totally sold on the idea. So Babygirl grabbed a chair for her to sit on and watch. She went to the closet and grabbed the belt off of one their bath robes and tied her hands behind her back – just in case! Then she went to help Daddy!

Daddy grabbed ahold of Rachel’s legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She was begging him to stop. Trying to kick away from him, anything she could to get out from his hold. But nothing was working. Daddy spread her legs and rubbed his dick up and down her slit a few times. For as much as she was fighting she was awfully wet!!

Without notice Daddy slammed his cock to the hilt into her unprepared entrance and she screamed out, trying to get away from him. Babygirl thought she was going to cum on the spot! The sounds of her screams, that look in her eyes – a mixture of fear and pain with pleasure and lust. It was almost too much. There is nothing like that look in a girls eyes when she doesn’t want it but yet she does. It hurts, but it feels good. Mmmm.

Daddy starts pounding away at Rachel, her pussy soon opening to him and accepting the intrusion. Babygirl gets on the floor next to Rebekah and starts caressing her hair. She lets Kurtköy Rus Escort one hand fall down to her chest and squeeze her tits. Rebekah leans into her and moans. Babygirl pulls away from and leans in to lick Daddy’s ass while he fucks Rachel. After a few moment, Babygirl stops and then gently pushes Rebekah towards Daddy, encouraging her to follow. She does so and before long Daddy has two tongues working his ass while his cock is stretching the new pussy in front of him.

Daddy pulls out of Rachel and tells the girls to switch places. Rachel gets up quickly but Rebekah is very hesitant to go to the bed. Daddy grabs her by the arm and pulls her up onto the bed. Daddy lies down on the bed with his feet hanging off the side. He pulls Rebekah on top of him and in the same fashion as her sister enters her pussy in one hard thrust. She tries to stand and lift herself up off of him but Daddy has ahold of her arms and holds her down onto him. He thrusts himself up into her several more times. Soon her pussy is inviting his dick in and she starts riding him. Daddy lays back and lets her go at it. Babygirl and Rachel kneel beneath him and lick at his balls and his ass while Rebekah rides him.

It doesn’t take too long and Daddy is pulling Rebekah off of him. He stands up in front of the girls and blows his cum all over their tits. They lean in and rub their tits together, sharing his cum.

Everyone takes a break for awhile and relaxes – gathering their strength back up for round two! …

A few hours later …

Babygirl has Rachel bend over the edge of the bed so her knees are on the floor. Then Rebekah lays on top of Rachel so that their backs are touching. Babygirl starts playing with their pussies, licking them and sucking them. Spreading their juices around. She grabs some lube and gets their asses nice and ready for Daddy.

Daddy stands at the edge of the bed and lines his cock up at Rachel’s little asshole. She takes a deep breath as she feels him pushing slightly against her. When the head of Daddy’s cock pops in she starts squirming but with Rebekah on top of her she can’t get too far. Daddy uses this to his advantage and continues to push all the way in. Giving her a moment to relax, her muscles squeezing him so tight he can hardly move inside her!

“Relax Rachel, just relax. You’re being such a good girl for Daddy!” Daddy says soothingly to her. Babygirl climbs up on the bed and lays by the girls. Her and Rachel start kissing, their mouths opening as their tongues dance together. Daddy can feel her ass relaxing and starts pulling back out. It doesn’t take long before is able to start fucking her ass faster and harder and she is begging for more.

Just as she is starting to get used to it he pulls out and slides his cock up to Rebekah. He repeats the same process and eases his cock into her ass. When he has worked her up to the same point he pulls out. Daddy starts taking turns fucking their asses. First one then the other. Rotating between them both.

Daddy slams his cock into Rebekah’s ass one final time as he starts to cum. He pulls his cock out and as his cum drips from her ass it falls down onto Rachel’s. Wow, what a sight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32