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Chapter 9 –An Amazing Dream?

I awoke sometime around 8am to a blinding light. Sitting straight up from the warm soft bed my eyes began to focus. At first I was startled at my surroundings, the lush black carpet and the exquisite art lining the walls; the large four poster bed, and my bureau with its huge mirror facing me just opposite. I stared motionless into the mirror. It all seemed familiar but . . . had it all been a dream? I got up and walked across the room, my long red hair falling down to hid my milky white breasts. I looked out through the window still a bit baffled. The sun was bright and I could feel the warmth on my skin; I watched the powerful ocean waves break just 200 yards from where I stood. It all seemed so vivid, so real. . .

The realities of my real life started filling in the confusion, my shitty go nowhere secretary job, lack of anything I would consider a real boyfriend, and all the bills I was just barely able to pay. It wasn’t long though before a smile washed across my face. I remembered the night before, and the dark and mysterious man I met.

His name was J.D., and I had met him at the Diamond Club on Sunset in Hollywood. I was dancing in the Summerland room when I saw him at the bar. He was quite handsome and had a breathtaking smile. I struck up a conversation with him and he bought me a drink. I had managed to get rather intoxicated and he made certain I got safely into a cab for the trip back to my house in Venice. I got home, stripped off my clothes, and passed out on my bed.

More reality came slipping back to me, and I wondered what had happened to my car. I had parked it in the lot next to the club and the owners of the parking lot usually were not too fond of overnight parking. I grabbed the folded piece of paper on my dresser and unfolded it to reveal J.D.’s phone number, and a little note:

It was great meeting you Sarah,

too bad the night had to be cut short;

I’ll take care of everything.


I grabbed my silky black robe from the end of my bed, slipped it on, and tied it just enough to keep the front closed. I made my way to the kitchen where I put on a pot of coffee and grabbed my phone. I was a little nervous about calling J.D. He was very exciting, and just the thought of him I could feel myself getting wet. I laid down on the couch and dialed his number. It rang and rang, but there was no answer. I set the phone down on the coffee table and thought more about the night before:

It was Friday and I had got off work early. All my friends were out of town so I decided görükle escort what the hell, I’d go it alone. I was having a decent enough time, drinking, dancing, and talking to random people, but then I found him. Once I saw him it was only an instant before I was sitting beside him at the bar. He was tall; I’d say maybe six foot two or three, which seemed to tower above me at five foot five. We danced in between drinks, grinding into each other, sexual tension oozing from both of us. I remember feeling his hard cock through his jeans pressed up against my ass; his hand firmly holding onto my waist and making their way further up.

I lost myself in thought as I lay on the couch, my hand sliding down the silky robe sliding its way down and across my wetness. I caressed my smooth pussy and slowly pushed a couple fingers inside. I moaned softly as I imagined J.D.’s body against mine, seducing me with every move. . .

Just then, the doorbell rang causing me to jump, opening my eyes and once again drawing me back into the real world. I stood up, and adjusted my robe a bit to cover up and went to the door. I stood on my toes to look through the peephole and it was HIM!

Without the smallest consideration for how I looked or what I was wearing (or really the lack there of) I flung the door open. J.D. greeted me with that gorgeous grin of his. I smiled back and said hello and asked him in for some coffee. He agreed and we both walked in to the kitchen. I poured us both cups of coffee, set them on a tray with the pot, and suggested we go out to the back patio to enjoy it. He followed me through the living room and out the sliding glass door to the patio. It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the sound of the ocean and the birds seemed to drown out the whole world. We sat down at the table, our chairs right up close together, and we took a sip.

“Beautiful day isn’t it?” I said, taking another drink of the hot coffee.

“Yes, Sarah, and even better that I have beautiful company to share it with.” I chuckled at the cheesiness of the comment and blushed at the compliment. “I brought your car back, it’s parked in front,” he continued. “That was some crazy night, last night.”

“Yes, I had a blast, thank you J.D. for taking care of me, and my car.” I said, giving him a wink. He moved a hand to my thigh and I could feel the warmth from his touch shoot through me. I wanted him. I felt the urge to jump on him but restrained myself.

“So how are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m okay, just feeling a bit strange bursa escort bayan because of this crazy dream I had last night. It was so long, and seemed so real. I really don’t know what to make of it.”

“What was the dream about?” J.D. asked without hesitation. I began to recant to him all the sordid details of my amazing dream. He sat listening enveloped in every word. As we sat his large warm hands caressed my thighs sometimes just a breath away from revealing my desire for him. When I finished the story J.D. smiled, “So what do you think it all meant?”

“I really don’t know. I’ve been kinda wondering that myself.”

“I think it means you need to search for new experiences, and push your limits.” I smiled back at him and he leaned in to kiss me. As his lips locked with mine he pulled his hands around my back and lifted me up out of my chair. I held on to his neck and he carried me to the thick railing that lined the patio. He sat me down and pulled the tie from my robe. It dropped over the other side of the railing and down onto the sand.

The sun felt warm and wonderful splashing down on my naked body. He pulled off his shirt as I quickly unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor. The boxers underneath came off with just a slight tug. J.D. slid his hands down under my knees and pulled up causing me to scoot closer into him. His hard cock was pushing against my pussy, first lightly and then with increasing pressure until finally it found its way inside me. So slowly he pushed his dick into me until he couldn’t possibly go any further. Suddenly and quickly he pulled back and then thrust all at once deep into my wet snatch. He felt so good, and I felt so full with his manhood stuffed in me.

Without even a word he began to fuck me deep and hard. Both of us groaning and moaning so loud they seemed to echo along with the sound of the waves. Pounding me relentlessly I came right away, while J.D. continued to grind into me. I thought I would explode as wave after wave of orgasm shuddered through my body making me squirm against him and my toes curl. Still he kept pounding into me, almost beast-like, devouring me from the inside.

He then picked me up off the railing and stood me on the floor. Almost under his breath he said, “Turn around, I need more.” With his hands on my shoulders he spun me around and pushed me forward to lean over the side of the railing facing out at the water. I felt his huge cock pushing with determination against my asshole. I squirmed a bit and his hand came up to grab a handful of my bursa escort hair assuring me of his intentions. He pushed further and further until the head of his cock slipped in; slowly he kept pushing until all his glory was deep inside my ass. And then, for what seemed like an eternity, he kept his cock there not moving even an inch.

One of his hands was full of my hair and suddenly the other came sown swiftly on my ass making a loud cracking noise. I jumped instinctively and I felt his cock throb inside me. He pulled out just slightly and then shoved his cock right back in me. Over and over, and with each thrust his hand found its mark on my ass. My moans were loud and almost indistinguishable from screams. Harder and harder he fucked me with ever growing intensity and cruelty. The hand full of my hair now pulled back as far as my neck would allow my body to bend, his other hand pressed firmly in the small of my back he fucked me like he was on a mission.

I felt his cock lunge and pound deep in my ass, and then in one swift movement, he pulled out of me turned me around and pulled me down to my knees by my hair and let his load go in my face. His warm cum shot out and splashed against my skin. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth hoping to catch a drop. He pulled me closer and shoved his dick in my mouth and I felt the last drops of his hot nut hit the back of my throat causing me to gag and choke. He released his hand from my hair and I slowly slid my lips from his dick taking every last drop of his seed with me. I looked up at him with sparkling blue eyes and smiled. He offered his hand to me and I stood up.

J.D. grabbed his boxers and pants and pulled them back on. He pulled his shirt on and sat back down. I looked down over the railing at my robe and I couldn’t see it. Figuring it had fallen under the patio I ran down the steps to grab it. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I came face to face with two guys who looked about twenty-two maybe twenty-three years old. I could tell by the looks on both their faces they had both seen and heard what had just happened. I smiled coyly at them and walked over to my robe bending at the waist to pick it up. One of the guys looked as though he wanted to say something but the words just didn’t come out.

J.D. looked down over the railing, “Who are your friends?” He asked, smiling.

“Oh just a couple of guys who I think got a pretty good show,” I answered as I pulled my robe back around my naked body.

“You should invite them up for round two.” J.D. said.

I smiled back at him and then switching my glance back to the guys, “Would you like to come up for coffee?” I gave them a wink and turned around to walk back up to my patio. Neither guy said a word, but I could hear both of them tripping over themselves following me up the stairs.

To be continued. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32