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Big Tits

Ch. 03: Morning After

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.

The morning sun filtered through the bedroom’s blinds, casting lines golden of light on the bedroom floor. These lines slowly crept up the bed, illuminating a chaotic scene. The sheets are a mess, thrown all around the bed in messy piles and thoroughly wrinkled. Pools of cum had dried up overnight, leaving crusty spots here and there, and in the middle of the mess was the naked form of Samantha, sprawled across the king-sized bed, laying where she’d fallen in the wake of some truly incredible sex, sprawled on her back. The light crept up her body slowly as the sun rose higher, from her black leather boots, past her well-fucked pussy, up to those massive breasts. Her nipple barbells glimmered in the morning sun as the rays of light rolled over those imposing peaks, before the sunlight finally settled on her eyelids.

Her eyes squeezed tight as the light hit them and she tried to shut out the light as much as possible, but it was already too late. The sudden light had woken her, despite her best efforts. She groaned her displeasure at being awoken and rolled over, pushing her face into the sheets to try to escape the coming of morning, seeking to flee back into the blissful darkness of sleep. It took her a moment of feeling the silk on her cheek before she realized that these weren’t her sheets. Suddenly, the events of the previous evening came rushing back to her, a blur of sex, cum, and orgasms. So many orgasms. Then she felt the ache from between her thighs and groaned again. Perhaps six rounds was too many for one night… Not that she regretted a second of it. Her pussy throbbed softly, a gentle ache and a naughty tingle rolling over her with each pulse. She smiled she ran a finger down her belly to touch her clit at the memories of last night, of her and her daddy, bodies wrapped around each other in the throes of what had to be the most incredible sex in history. Speaking of him, where was he? She glanced around the room, rubbing the sleep out of the corners of her eyes, and found him absent. Well, knowing daddy, there were only a few places he would be before noon. She smiled softly as she rose from the bed, reaching out to take hold of her phone. It was just as well he’d left already, she supposed. She had some calls to make.


It was about a half-hour later when she came to the bottom of the stairs. She’d ditched the last of her gothic accessories, the boots, stockings, and gloves, and washed off yesterday’s makeup, letting her all-natural beauty shine. And she certainly shone. She hadn’t bothered with clothes, considering what she was expecting to happen next, and she strode through the house utterly nude. Her head-sized breasts softly wobbling as she moved, her rosy, pierced nipples hard, thanks to both the kiss of the cool morning air, and the naughty feeling she got from walking around the house naked. Her hips swayed left and right with each step across the carpeted floor, her ass wagging alluringly from side to side. If any of her classmates had been there to see her like this, they would have passed out from the sudden rush of blood.

As she approached the basement door, she heard a faint, rhythmic clanking sound, and smiled. Seems she was right on the money. She opened the door and silently tiptoed down the carpeted stairs into the basement. The basement was roughly divided into four rectangular quarters, divided by partial walls, or full walls in the case of the home theater, which was soundproofed. There was storage, or ‘furniture limbo‘, the laundry room, the aforementioned theater, and the source of that rhythmic clanking sound, the gym. The gym was a very complete home workout setup, with a half-dozen weight machines of various sorts, a weight bench, a slowly-swinging heavy bag, and a rack of dumbbells ranging from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. The solid basement walls were lined with padding, and the false walls, with mirrors.

She could see him in the mirrors, on one of the machines, his body glistening with sweat, his muscles rippling and bulging with each motion, the machine’s maximum weight rising and falling as his pecs strained. He was near the end of his daily workout at this point, a one-hour routine that took him through every machine in the gym. The jock strap in his workout shorts gathered his beefy package into a single enormous bulge, nearly the size of a volleyball, the loose fabric shrouding its outline but not its awesome size. She bit her lip as she watched him work out, her nipples hardening a little more. He was using the butterfly machine, sitting upright and crushing his forearms together in front of him, his powerful slab-like pecs straining to overcome some 200 pounds of resistance with each movement.

Stepping out from around the partial wall she strode calmly, confidently toward her father, her smooth, perfect skin almost glowing under the fluorescent lighting. He noticed her about halfway across the room, a notable hitch appearing in his rhythm samsun escort when he spotted her nude form gliding toward him. He didn’t say anything as she approached, grinning, his every muscle glimmering with a sheen of sweat.

“Good morning, daddy~” She called out in a singsong voice. He said nothing, the rhythmic clanking of the machine the only sound for a long moment. But despite his silence, his eyes showed their interest, roaming up and down his daughter’s nude figure. Porn stars had become millionaires with less to work with. Even without any makeup, she was the most beautiful girl he could possibly imagine.

She pouted playfully at his quiet. “Nothing to say to me, daddy? Not even a hello? Even after all those hours… and hours… of hot… steamy… taboo… sex?” She asked, filling each syllable with erotic impact, her plump cocksucking lips shaping around each new letter as she leaned over in front of him. His eyes couldn’t fight the gravitational pull of those twin mounds, and were drawn into that creamy valley of pale cleavage, smooth and oh-so-very soft. Still, he said nothing, gritting his teeth as he continued to pound out reps on the machine.

“Come on~, daddy… That was the best night of my life. A half-dozen rounds with daddy’s titanic cock pounding my sweet, unprotected womb… You filled me soo~ full… Maybe I’m pregnant already.” She asked, running a hand over her stomach, fingertips dipping low enough to just graze the lips of her hairless pussy. His eyes followed them and he swallowed, a particularly impressive bead of sweat running down the side of his face. Still, he was silent as his pecs strained with the effort of maintaining his composure.

She was beginning to actually get a little upset with him now. Timing her movement, she slipped into his lap, her legs spread around his, her breasts against his pulsing pecs as she looked up to his face, pouting with those plump, perfect lips, eyes a little watery and wide, a well-practiced puppy-dog look. “Didn’t you like it, daddy?” She half-whimpered.

Finally he opened his lips, speaking out through gritted teeth. “99… 100!” He grunted with a note of finality. His hands abandoned the bars at the very moment he hit 100, his massive arms were wrapped around his little girl before the weights hit bottom again with a heavy crash. He pulled her body tighter against him, his hand going up behind her head to pull her into a loving, passionate kiss, the best kind of morning greeting she could think of. His arms held her so tenderly, cradling her like she was delicate and precious, despite the immense strength just demonstrated. After a long few seconds of tongue-wrestling, he pulled his lips away, smiling at his little girl, still holding her close. “Good morning, Sam, my little angel, my nymph, my beloved daughter. Last night was the best night of my life, and not just for the obvious reasons. Though I will admit, that is an added perk.” He added with a small smirk and chuckle.

She smiled back at her daddy, and returned the embrace, squeezing around his broad chest, then pulling back a bit, nose crinkled. “Daddy, I love you, but you’re all soaked in sweat!” she giggled, wiping herself off.

He shook his head. “Well, what did you think you were gonna find when you came down in the middle of my workout?” He teased, kissing her on the forehead lightly. “Why don’t you run upstairs and get the shower all warmed up for me? I got one more set to do and then I’ll join you. I think we’ve both got plenty to clean off before we start the day.” He told her, gesturing his chin toward the door. She smiled and kissed his sweaty forehead, wrinkling her nose again at the salty taste before pulling away from her daddy and padding lightly upstairs with a giggle, butt jiggling as she ran.

He shook his head softly and headed over to the dumbbell rack, wrapping his hands around a pair of 50-pounders and hefting them out of their slots. “One…” He muttered to himself as he started his curls.


Upstairs, Sam was preparing for an… interesting shower. The master bathroom had a huge shower, occupying the whole end of the long, narrow bathroom. Most of the room was white tiles and cabinets, and a white-and-tan marble countertop with a pair of inset sinks. The shower was separated from the rest of it by a low ridge and thick glass panels. He didn’t really need any privacy in here, since the master bath was attached to his bedroom and nobody else used it. Well… Nobody else was supposed to. Sometimes she’d use it when he was out of town, since it was just such a luxurious shower. Plus, she got the chance to really put the massage setting on that showerhead to good use, but that was her little secret. The tiled walls of the shower were three different shades of warm brown, and there was a small bench emerging from one wall of it, below the shelves set into the wall where all the shampoo, soap, shaving cream, and other shower supplies could be found. There was a fog-proof mirror on the opposite end, under urfa escort the handheld shower head mount. And not only was it a spacious five by five square, it was also tricked out with a bunch of fancy features. Rainshower heads were built into the ceiling, in addition to the handheld variable-spray shower head. A waterproof digital panel on the wall allowed temperature control down the degree, and doubled as an MP3 player and radio to pump sweet tunes while you washed up.

She was still putting all her shower supplies into the built-in shelves when he stepped in the doorway. He’d already ditched his workout shorts, standing naked at the other end of the room from her. She had to admit, it was liberating, being able to stare at his rippling, sculpted muscles without needing to be subtle, without having to hide her arousal at the power they contained. Rich felt the same way, his hungry eyes casually roaming her voluptuous body without any of the guilt or remorse that had been there just yesterday. She smiled, and beckoned with a finger. He returned the smile, and swiftly crossed the room with long, purposeful strides. He was quickly in the little glass chamber with her, his 6’3 frame looming over her much shorter 5’6”. He closed the door behind him, the tiny click of the latch sealing them in together. She felt like she was in the room with a hungry tiger the way his eyes roamed her curvaceous figure with hunger and lust. She shivered softly at the thrill.

As he reached out for her, she did too, but as his hand landed on her shoulder, hers went to the side, and with a tap on the digital screen, the water came on. It poured down over the two of them from all four rain shower heads, soaking them from head to toe and rapidly filling the room with steam. The water was hot, very hot, hot enough to sting for a half-second before one’s skin got used to it, hot enough to relax away the tension from deep inside freshly-worked slabs of muscle. The suddenness of the deluge has caught him off-guard and his dark hair had fallen down over his face, the tips dangling in his line of sight. He huffed a protest before reaching up to sweep it out of his eyes. Uncovered, they fell upon his little girl, her every inch glistening wet and her dark hair clinging to her amazing body. For a moment, he was almost jealous of it as it lay across the upper slopes of her pendulous breasts, before he realized that he, too, could embrace her delicious body.

As he stepped closer, she giggled and poked a finger into the middle of his chest and pushed. His muscular frame didn’t budge, apart from looking curiously at the digit digging a long, manicured nail into his sternum. “Oh, no, daddy! Once you get started we’re never gonna get clean, and you’re all sweaty! You gotta look sexy today.” She chided. He frowned softly, a tad disappointed. He had been looking forward to a little morning fun-time with his little lady, particularly after that show in the gym. She had a point, though-

“Wait, why do I have to look good today?” He asked, the question suddenly popping into his mind. He wasn’t planning on going anywhere…

She put on her best innocent look. “Well, daddy, I told you about how I promised to share… So, I had to call all the girls when I got up… And I told them about the night we had… and how you had agreed to everything… So, they should all be arriving around noon.” She finished, flashing her best ‘don’t eat me’ smile.

He blinked for a second, as the connections were made. He squeezed his eyes shut, raising a hand to massage the bridge of his nose. “…So, all of your friend are going to be here in an hour and a half, and we’re just getting in the shower now… Okay. Okay. I would have liked a bit more warning, but we can make it work.” He sighed, looking up as he counted out his tasks on his fingers. “Okay, so, if we can shower in fifteen minutes, that’s fifteen minutes to get dressed and do makeup, half an hour to make and eat breakfast, and then whatever time’s left we can use to tidy up a bit.” He muttered, counting out on his fingers.

She giggled a bit. “Daddy, they’re not coming over to tour the house and have afternoon tea. They’re coming to get FUCKED. They’re coming over because they want what you gave me last night, every last inch of my daddy’s monster cock, they want to feel it reshape their sweet little pussies one by one… All you have to do is take out that giant fucking daddy-dick and show four hot teenage sluts a whole new definition of deep…” She purred lustily, dragging a fingernail lightly over the length of his flaccid member. It pulsed once under her touch and she licked her lips and he let out a soft groan. “..But first things first, daddy. Turn around, we gotta get you clean.” she said, gesturing for him to turn.

He sighed as he grabbed his shampoo and turned around, starting on his hair while his little girl lathered up and massaged his broad back. His shoulders flexed as she scrubbed at his scalp, muscles pulsing under her fingertips, hard and sinop escort thick. She smiled to herself. This was… nice. It was sexy, yes, running her hands over her daddy’s muscles, but there was no… pressure. It was like before, being father and daughter, just… better. She felt closer to him, physically and emotionally. He didn’t demand anything of her, like her boyfriends had wanted, there was no constant need to try and please him or worry about losing him. He was her daddy, and he was so much more.

Hot water running over their bodies, the two got cleaned up quickly, their hands only wandering from their tasks a few times. They were only human after all, his muscular form was every bit as alluring to her as her luscious curves were to him. Still new to each other, their hand were eager to explore one-another’s bodies. But she kept the two of them more-or less on task, but as she washed out the last of her conditioner, her daddy was still sporting a baseball bat of rock-hard cock. She smirked softly.

As he reached for the door, to get out, he paused as he heard her call to him. “Wait, daddy! There’s one more place I need you to help with…” She purred lustily. As he turned to find out what she meant, his eyes fell upon the sight of his recently-virgin little girl, bent over, her hands on the wall, her amazing ass lifted in the air, her legs apart. Ready to be mounted. His cock throbbed, his two heads warring over the sight before him. His head said they had a lot to do before the girls arrived. His other head was quite insistent that he make time, reminding him that if he were to walk away, it could make the rest of the wait very uncomfortable. He let out a groan, surrendering to his lusts as he stepped up behind her, rubbing that flared head over her pussy.

She let out a soft moan at the sensation, but shook her head. “Not there, I’m still all sore from last night.” She purred.

He frowned, thoroughly confused now. “Are you just teasing your poor old man?” He grumbled.

She licked her lips. “Daddy, I still have one virginity for you to take…” she muttered, holding a bottle of baby oil up over her shoulder with a knowing look.

It took him a second to make the connection, then his eyes widened. “You mean-? No, no way, baby, there’s no way it’ll fit. I could really hurt you…” He protested, but his eyes couldn’t help but follow the bottle of baby oil as she raised it up behind her and upended it, drizzling the clear, glossy oil over her perfect bubble butt, the droplets converging to run in a rivulet over her puckered pink rosebud. He swallowed.

“Daddy, I practiced there too… I promise I’m ready. I want you to be able to use every inch of me. Please, daddy? I want you to have all my firsts…” She moaned, wiggling her hips invitingly.

He felt his self control wavering at the sight of her jiggling, glistening ass cheeks. His cock throbbed again, and he knew the battle was lost. Snatching the bottle of baby oil from her, he upended it, liberally pouring the clear, slick oil over his red-purple throbbing member and spreading it with two strokes of his large, powerful hand. “You tell me if it hurts too much. I can’t believe I’m doing this…” He muttered, lining up his meaty member with her tiny hole. Even the very tip of his head completely eclipsed her tight little balloon-knot.

He hesitated then, but she knew what she wanted. She pushed herself back, biting her lip as she felt the titan grinding against her virgin asshole. She felt her hole stretch, the slick oil helping as that beast burrowed it’s tip into her tight little butt. She felt her body react against the intrusion, but bit down on that response, and harder on her lip as she pushed back again. She heard him groan, and pushed back further, wiggling her hips, her tunnel stretched to what felt like it’s limits against that swollen head. But suddenly she ran out of room to push, her arms straight out against the wall, the fat head still eluding her grasp, and she whimpered with need. Then she felt his huge hands on her hips, fingertips digging into her curves, and her eyes widened.

He couldn’t hold back any longer, the sight of his python disappearing into her tightly-stretched asshole was just too sexy. He pushed forward, and there was a popping sensation as the head delved into her rear, completely vanishing into her body. She let out a ragged moan, half pleasure, half pain at the immense intrusion into her backdoor. He froze, concerned, and started to pull back. “No daddy! It’s okay, I’m alright.” She assured him, looking back over her shoulder, eyes a little watery as she smiled. “Just… Give me a second.”

He had to admit, even still, her tight ass was completely different from anything he’d had before, and it was nothing short of incredible. He’d never done anal before, he had enough trouble convincing his dates to try to fit his massive meat normally, he‘d never imagined he‘d have a chance to sample the backdoor‘s pleasures. The super-tight ring of her ass gripped tight just behind his cockhead, the deeper depths of her hole hot and welcoming, despite the twitches of her rear trying to adjust to him. It was amazing, and even more amazing than the sensation, was his daughter’s dedication, spearing herself on his cock.

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