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We lost mom five years ago. I was thirteen and my older sister Trisha was sixteen. Her death was sudden; she died in a car accident when her car hit a patch of black ice. It was devastating. Trisha and I were completely shell shocked and dad was a wreck. He and mom had had a great relationship, the kind that always made other older couples jealous. They were high school sweethearts and got married in college. They were totally in love up to the day she died. I know my dad still loves her, even though she’s gone.

While my mom’s death was the single worst thing that had ever happened to me, it did bring our family a bit closer. My sister took on a new role in our family about a year after the accident. I don’t know what really happened to make her change so much but all of the sudden she was a lot more mature. She helped out around the house without being asked and began to cook dinner for me and dad. She would tuck me in at night even though it was unnecessary; I was fourteen after all but didn’t have the heart to tell her. After awhile I realized she was trying to be “mom” to me and “wife” to dad. Even now I feel sorry that I didn’t help her more, I just wanted to get on with my life. I suppose I was in denial.

My relationship with my dad, while always good, became a lot better. Losing someone you love so much made it that much more important to not take anyone or anything for granted. My dad tried doubly hard to make sure my sister and I were happy. While he’d always been a typical, somewhat strict dad, he now gave us a lot more leeway, as long as we were honest with him. He tried to be a friend as well as a father and for the most part it worked out fine. Of course Trisha and I both had a few rebellious moments but we worked through them.

Trisha is in college now and I’m in my last year of high school. Though Trisha was accepted at a lot of great schools, including Dartmouth, she decided to go to Ohio State instead, to so she could live at home. My dad tried to change her mind but she wouldn’t hear of it.

Everything about my life had started to feel normal until last Saturday. Trisha and I were watching America’s Next Top Model, the same we do every Saturday and then our dad walked out of his room and everything changed. Instead of his usual jeans and faded t-shirt, he had on black slacks, a light blue linen shirt that was buttoned up and tucked in and he had on a copious amount of cologne. He’d put gel in his hair and had styled it. He faced us with what looked like an apologetic smile.

“Girls…I’m going out. Should be back by eleven or so.”

“Where are you going?” Trisha asked.

“To have some drinks with Sandy Perkiss.”

“Our new neighbor?”

“Yeah. She asked if I knew of any good bars in town and I told her I knew a few. So I’m going to show her around town tonight. Shouldn’t be back too late.”

Before we could interrogate him further he’d grabbed his keys and wallet off of the console table and had walked out the door. Trisha and I looked at one another, shocked.

“Is he going on a date?” I asked Trisha.

“He’d better not be,” she said blackly.

Trisha abruptly turned off the television and went into her room. She slammed the door shut.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with myself. This was really weird. I couldn’t imagine my dad going out with that woman. I shook my head and tried to not think about it. I decided to go to my friends house to get my mind off it.

I came back around midnight. My dad’s truck was not parked in the driveway. I walked in the front door and saw that Trisha was sitting in a living room chair, alone in the dark.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“Waiting for dad to come home.”

“I don’t think it matters where you wait for him.”

“Shut up Tess.”

I was really surprised but not about to argue with her. She was in one of her super bitch moods. I grabbed a can of Nestea from the fridge and retreated to my room. I put on my headphones and played with my ipod until I found the new Muse album. I turned up the volume and fell asleep after listening to a few of the songs.

The next morning, I peeked out the window and saw that my dad’s truck was where it normally was. I got out of bed, went into the bathroom and ran through my normal routine. I headed into the kitchen and was surprised by the standoff I saw in front of me.

Trisha and my dad had squared off over the kitchen counter. Both of their faces were red and they looked as though they’d been yelling at each other. When they saw me they both calmed down and tried to pretend that nothing was going on. My dad mumbled some excuse about having to mow the lawn (that he’d mowed three days before) and Trisha claimed that she had to go to class (even though it was Sunday). I decided to just ignore it.

The next few weeks were a blur. My dad was seeing Sandy a lot. While it bothered me a little bit, (she wasn’t mom), I knew that it had been a long time since my dad deneme bonusu veren siteler had been outside the house. I was more or less happy for him. Trisha and my dad weren’t talking at all. She was pissed about it and was threatening to move out. I know she hurt dad’s feelings when she made threats like that but I didn’t want to get involved in the fight. I figured eventually Trisha would get over it.

Another two weeks went by and Trisha had packed her bags. I couldn’t stay out of it and I cried and pleaded for her to stay. My dad was stoic about the whole thing and I was furious with him for allowing it to happen. I screamed at both of them and stalked off to my room where I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I was surprised to see that Trisha was still at home. She was cooking breakfast and smiling and acting normal. I wondered what had happened but didn’t want to ask for details. Dad was acting really strange, he looked as though he’d seen a ghost. I had no idea what had happened between them but dad didn’t go out with Sandy again.

I didn’t find out until four months later when I stumbled upon something that changed my life.

It was a Friday night and I had plans to go to a party. I made plans to spend the night there (it was my best friends house) and took off around 8. I had a great time at the party but decided to go home when my friend and her boyfriend retreated into an upstairs bedroom and didn’t emerge. It felt weird being otherwise alone so I took off around 2.

I got home at 2:30 or so. I didn’t want to wake anyone so I came in through the back and was really quiet about it. I froze when I heard someone cry out as though they were in pain. I walked down the hall toward my dad’s room where the sound was coming from. The door was partially open and I peered in. I’ll never in my life forget what I saw.

My sister was naked and on top of my dad. She was bouncing up and down and letting out little moans. My dad had his hands on her breasts.

The two of them were fucking.

I was horrified. I was disgusted. I wanted to scream at them. I wanted to cry.

But I couldn’t make myself do anything; I was frozen. I couldn’t even blink.

It went on and on; the fucking. Like animals, they humped for what felt like hours, never once looking toward the door where I was standing.

“Yesssss…God….yesss. Fuck me dad, fuck me!”

My depraved sister was fucking her own father. What the hell was wrong with her?

“That’s right Trisha…you like that, don’t you? Don’t stop baby…don’t stop…”

As they raced toward some sort of completion my dad groaned loudly and my sister gasped as she swiveled her hips and bucked up and down faster. Their cries were loud and reached a crescendo that was overwhelming. Their movements eventually slowed and then stopped. They panted together in the dark. Then she leaned forward and began to kiss him. The wet sounds of their mouths sent a jolt through me and I backed away from the door, as quietly as I could. My heart was racing. I went out the back door and didn’t turn back. I was paralyzed. That scene kept playing in my head over and over until I thought I was going to be sick.

I stayed at my friends house for three days until my dad came to get me. He and Trisha acted like they were worried about me. I couldn’t look at either one of them. Once I was home I barricaded myself in my bedroom and tried to block out everything but it was hard.

About a week later I was in the shower. I was unhappy and tense. I wondered if they’d ever had sex anywhere else in the house. I wondered if they’d had sex in the shower; the same shower that I was standing in. Instead of the revolted feeling I’d expected, I felt a little tingle between my legs. It was unfathomable, this sensation. I shook the feeling off, trying to ignore it.

As the hours went by I became more and more turned on. My panties were soaking wet and I had to change them. After changing my underwear three times I was so frustrated I could scream. I decided that I just needed a release…then everything would be better. I wasn’t turned on by my sister and my dad. No way. That was disgusting.

I went into my room and shut the door. I pulled my clothes off and decided to lie on my bed. I contemplate what I’m doing for a moment but shrug rational thought aside. My pussy is aching for attention. I rub my clit a tiny bit and moan because it feels so incredible. I let my fingers toy with the greasy little nub for a few minutes until it is standing at attention, swollen from my ministrations. I collect the juices that are seeping from my vagina and slide my fingers up and down the slippery slit, moving those juices around. I play with myself this way until I’m panting then, when I can’t stand it anymore, I push two fingers into myself and the immediate sense of completeness engulfs me. I close my eyes and imagine a cock sliding into me. I wonder what that would feel like right onwin now…as hot as I am…to have a big, hard cock pushing into me…mmmm….yessss…

My muscles tense and condense into this tiny hard ball of pure desire that verges on pain until certain muscles flutter and I cry out as that ball is released and pleasure pulses through me, hard and fast. I gasp for air and my body trembles with the power of the explosion.

As my heartbeat calms, I think about what I’ve done. It isn’t as though I did anything wrong; I wasn’t even thinking about anything but a cock while I was cumming. I justify my actions to myself and feel much better.

Later that night, I decide to eat dinner with my dad and Trisha. They’ve both been tiptoeing around me lately, wondering what’s been going on. I don’t have the heart to say anything to either of them; I just can’t. I decide to pretend that everything is normal. We eat a decent dinner and then watch tv together. We feel like a proper family. Eventually it gets late and I hug my dad goodnight. He and Trisha are sitting there on the couch together, staring at the TV.

I go into my bedroom and pull on my pj’s. I hop into bed and try to sleep…but I can’t. I toss and turn for a half hour. I can hear the TV on, even though it’s on low. I sigh and then decide to ask if they will turn it down. I pad down the hall and turn round the corner. I see my sister is laying down on the couch, her head resting in my dad’s lap; only, it isn’t still. I halt and my mouth drops open. My sister’s head is moving up and down slowly in my dad’s lap. He has his head tilted back, his eyes closed and his mouth open in a large “O”. She’s sucking his cock. There’s no other explanation for it.

It’s too much. I have to say something. This is sick and twisted and wrong!

But I stand there and watch. My clit seems to twitch. I watch as her head moves up and down, the curtain of her hair, shiny and brown, swinging gently and also blocking the view. I find that I can move, and consciously decide to go back to my room. I take three steps back into the dark hallway. I pause. There is this tiny part of me that wants to watch, wants to see this sick thing come to fruition. I war within myself.

My dad gasps in pleasure. My pussy trembles in response. I realize that I’m incredibly wet. I feel dirty. But still…I watch.

Her head moves faster, I can hear the slick sound of her mouth as she sucks him. My dad puts his hand on her head and runs his hands through her hair. He pets her and then he begins to push her head down. He pulls her hair back off of her neck and holds it at her nape and watches her intently. I can now see everything. Her mouth, wrapped around his cock. It’s much bigger than I ever thought it would be…not that I’d ever thought about it before. I stare, transfixed at his pulsing cock, plunging into my sisters mouth.

“That’s it…that’s it…uhhhhh!”

My dad jerks upward and strains forward…my sister clamps her lips tightly around the head of his cock. He humps her mouth a few times and after a few moments gently pulls her away. Trisha lets go with a tiny plopping sound and I see my dad’s cock break free of her lips. It sways gently, to and fro for a moment. Unconsciously I lick my lips…and then realize what I just did.

As quietly and quickly as I can, I retreat down the hall and go back into my room. I hold the doorknob so that when I shut the door it doesn’t make a sound. I stand there, my ear pressed to the wood, just to make sure I wasn’t discovered. It’s quiet. The TV is still droning on. I walk unsteadily to my bed and then sink down into it. I feel slightly nauseous but also incredibly hot. I want to fuck. I can’t believe how turned on I am. I reach into my dresser drawer and pull out a flesh colored dildo that my friend Sara gave me as a joke on my 16th birthday. I only use it when I don’t have a boyfriend and am insanely in need of cock. Otherwise I use my fingers.

At this moment, I need to be filled; I have no other goal in life. I place the cold, rubbery tip against my opening and insert it, slowly into my aching pussy. It stretches me a bit and I have to wiggle it around so that the juices coat it. Once it’s slick and has warmed up because of my body temperature, I lift my hips and push down on the base. I push it in and pull it out, over and over. It begins to feel amazing…push, pull, push, pull…yessss….soooo good. I imagine that it’s real…I think of the perfect cock, thick and straight, glistening with my juices as it plunges into me. I feel myself tightening in response to that thought. I’m close to the edge. I think about what I just saw, my sister, sucking daddy…oh GOD!

I buck up halfway off the bed as my world shatters. I can’t breathe because the pulsing, fluttering, tight heat of my cunt is all consuming. I ride the orgasm out, feeling the high long after I’m spent.

I masturbate three more times that night and twice in the morning. yatırımsız bonus Each time I picture something different, some imaginary scene between my dad and my sister. I imagine him fucking her on the kitchen counter and then riding her up a wall. I picture him licking her pussy after she gets out of the shower. I fantasize about her riding him hard until he cums inside of her.

A week later and these fantasies have changed. I no longer imagine Trisha. It’s me. I’m fucking my dad. I’m the one sucking his cock. I’m the one getting pounded from behind on the sofa. I feel his cum inside of me.

I know it’s wrong. I know it is. But I can’t help it. It’s not like I’m acting on it. It’s all in my head…and that’s safe. That’s perfectly ok.

Soon, my imagination doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I want more. I want to see more. I sneak around the house, trying to catch the two of them in the act but I can’t seem to catch them. It’s really frustrating. Every night I masturbate crazily, trying to ease the ache. I even screw a few guys from school, trying to quench the burning deep inside, but those experiences couldn’t live up to the fantasy. I suppose I’m destined to be disappointed.

A few months later, and Trisha graduates from college while I graduate from high school. It’s a really exciting time for both of us. My sister is offered an incredible internship but it’s out of state. I wonder if she’ll take it. My dad encourages her to go but Trisha is arguing against it. After a week he’s able to persuade her. It takes another few weeks to get her stuff packed and then, just like that, Trisha is gone.

The house seems really quiet. Dad is dispondant and as time goes on, outright depressed. After a month, Trisha comes home for a visit. I “go to bed” early, hoping that they’ll get to it and I can see them again. I don’t know how in six months time their actions went from being the grossest thing on earth to the one thing I wanted to see more than anything. I’m not disappointed. Around one o’clock, I hear my sister moaning. I’m surprised by how loud she’s being. I creep out of my room and sneak up to my dad’s room; the door is ajar a few inches. My sister is on top of him again, but she’s not facing him. She’s facing the back of the room and consequently, me.

Our eyes lock. My heart freezes in my chest. I can’t breathe. Any second she’s going to scream at me…she knows I know…OH GOD.

I wait. She doesn’t pause but continues to ride him. She stares at me as she fucks him and I relax. She’s not going to freak out. I don’t know what to do. I can’t enjoy it while she’s staring at me so I leave. I go into my room and shut the door.

A half hour later, and I hear a light tapping. I open the door warily. She motions like she wants to come inside. Shit.

I step aside and she enters the room. I close the door.

“How long have you known?”

She asks me quietly, seriously. I want to lie and say that this is the first time…but she knows me too well.


“How many times have you watched?”

I’m humiliated. I can’t answer. I’m so ashamed.


She’s clearly not going to back down.

“Three times,” I whisper.

She smirks at me. “I’m surprised you never said anything. If it was me and I caught the two of you…I don’t know. I think I would have freaked out or something.”

“I did freak out, the first time. I thought…it was wrong, and disgusting and I was mad at you and mad at him.”

“So that’s why you were acting so weird. I thought it might have been something like that, but I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t going to bring it up unless you did.”

She’s talking about it so calmly. It’s shocking.

“Yeah well. It was weird. Why would you do that? Why would you have sex with dad?”

“Because he’s lonely. He’s sad and he misses mom. He was only dating that neighbor because she sort of looked like mom. We fought a lot about that and eventually he admitted that she reminded him of mom and he needed to feel close to someone again. He told me he hadn’t had sex in five years. I felt bad and hugged him and told him I was sorry. I told him that he should continue seeing her and I admitted I was being a bitch about it and a little jealous. We were hugging, in the kitchen…and then…I don’t know how it happened really, but we were kissing. It got pretty heated. We began to touch each other and we ended up in the bedroom. I didn’t stop to think and neither did he. We were naked and then we were fucking…and it was amazing and it didn’t register until later that I’d had sex with my own father. It was hard to come to terms with that, at first. Dad felt really horrible, really guilty. He offered to turn himself into the please. I told him I was an adult and what did it matter…it would be just between us. I didn’t want him to feel bad, he obviously needed it badly to do that. We agreed never to do it again…but a week later…I was back in his room. We never talk about it now…it just happens.”

“Wow. I don’t know what to say.” I was shocked but it sort of made sense. I could see how it would happen.

“Now, I’ve moved out and I have a boyfriend, Tom. He’s a great guy, I’ll have you meet him sometime. But now, I’m worried about dad. He has needs.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32