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It was a dangerous situation to be in…

She had me tied to a chair. My hands were bound by my sides with a rope wrapped right around me, my ankles strapped tightly to the legs of the chair. Then she took off my blindfold. My eyes were dazzled in the bright light, before they adjusted to it.

She held a handgun loosely in one hand, a lollipop in the other. I surveyed the scene. Standing before me was my ex-wife. Dressed as a schoolgirl. Holding a gun. Things couldn’t get much worse…

I wondered what she had in mind. She had somehow copied exactly the uniform of the girls school where I taught. White see-through blouse. Red tartan plaid skirt. Hell, she’d even put her hair in pigtails. Even though my students were eighteen years old and ‘above’, I swore that some of them did that just to look even younger.

It had all become part of the routine…. I never even thought about it, these little things that made my mundane desk job just a little more bearable. The presents the girls bought for me. The daily smell of sweet perfume, the little flashes of their panties – something a few of them did at every available opportunity.

Some of my students were more bookish, others were budding in other ways. I tried my best to treat them all equally and I even went the extra mile to make sure they were happy. I organised field trips and gave them less homework than they needed. In return, my girls loved me for it.

I allowed them to dress more freely, and noticed over time that some of the skirts were getting shorter, to the point were they were merely wide belts that barely covered their peachy little asses. My ex-wife had always made comments about how I was too relaxed with them, urging me to become stricter at work. It had been another bone of contention that had broken us up. As I surveyed her now, she had a nasty gleam in her eyes…

“Okay Michelle, what exactly do you want?” I asked her. There was no response. She paced up and down a little, enjoying my predicament.

“Is it more alimony that you’re after?” She looked at me with disgust.

Silent moments passed by, then out of the blue – a slap came searing across my face. “Ouch! What the f**k was that for?” I complained.

“Shut up! Just shut the f**k up!” she screamed into my face.

“I do the talking! I ask the questions! … Remember asshole … it’s me that’s got the gun!” she said menacingly.

With that, she pointed the barrel straight at me, her hands shaking with either anger or fear, or a mixture of both. Maybe it was the excitement of the power she now had over me, that had her so intoxicated.

“Get a hard on!” she demanded.

“What? Are you out of your mind?” Another slap quickly followed.

“Do as I say!” she shouted. She looked down at my groin for a response.

There was none.

“You mean you don’t find this exciting?” she asked, rolling the lollipop around her mouth. After a while, she put it back into her blouse pocket. Then she rested one of her shiny, black, knee-length boots on the chair, the spiky heel dangerously close to my groin. Her short plaid skirt rode up as she did so, exposing a pair of Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort cotton panties.

“Look, I’ve even shaved my pussy for school,” she hissed, hitching the panties slightly to one side to expose part of her bald beaver. “I look like a girl now, don’t I?” She pressed the toe of her boot into my balls, as she asked this.

I now knew where she was headed, and where it came from. Jealousy, plain and simple.

“You know – don’t you Ron? Now I have the same kind of pussy as those little bitches at your school…. Oh, and how they love their ‘dear Mister Prockett.’ Please Sir, help me with my homework… Please Sir, I don’t know how to write this essay…” she mimicked in a ‘little-girl-lost’ type of voice.

She stood back, easing off with the gun, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse with her free hand. One thing about my ex-wife, she had always had an amazing body – that had been the main catalyst that had kept us together for fifteen crazy years. One of her best assets were her small, peachy, funky little tits. She knew they drove me wild with desire.

She pushed them towards my face, as close as possible without touching. God, they were still beautiful, I had to admit. Her taught nipples stood out like two ripe strawberries ready for the picking. Even though dick started to strain a little, I resisted as best I could.

When that didn’t have instant results, she came in closer until her legs were astride me. Then she lifted the front of her plaid skirt right up and putting it over my head, she pinned it there with her hands. This forced me to look close-up at her panties, as they were now right in front my face, in full view. As she slowly gyrated her hips, I tried to force my eyes closed, but they kept opening again automatically. I surrendered eventually and decided to just go with the flow….

…Her panties had a design of little flowers on a white background, just like any schoolgirl might wear. The thinnest white lacy trim marked where they ended, and where her beautiful, smooth, bald pussy began. She waited for torturous long minutes to pass by, the slow swaying of her sweet little panties and the promise of the heaven below – my only view. How I longed to reach out with my tongue to lick her, right there, where they were indented by her slit, but even if I had tried – she had kept me just far enough out of reach to drive me mad. For now at least, all I could do was look, but not touch. I soon started straining on the ropes that bound me, fighting in vain for release…

She laughed, and grabbing my ears – she pushed her cotton covered pussy into my face. “That’s it asshole, enjoy getting your face rubbed in the dirt, you no-good son-of-a-bitch!” Her cunt must have been on fire going by the heat that was coming from down there, and the old familiar scent of her juices filled my nostrils. She was getting off on this, and no mistake…

“Lick me, you bast**d!” she demanded, holding the gun to my head. I pretended not be enjoying myself, as my tongue lapped at her wet slit, and she pulled her pantie gusset further aside to give me full access. She ground her pussy down into Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort my face, as I lapped all over her lips and swollen clit, eating her out just like in the old days. After a few minutes, she moaned a deep lustful groan and shuddered violently, cumming hard and fast against my face.

She stood back shakily and wiped a drool of saliva from her chin. “What are you smirking at?” she quizzed. She slapped my face really hard this time, almost knocking me and the chair over.

“You enjoyed that a little too much, now it’s payback time!” She cocked the gun at me again. “Well, what were you laughing at asshole?”

“Well…it’s the way… the way you came there Michelle, tells me how good your new husband is in bed!” I answered defiantly. More silence, then she went ballistic. “You dirty f**ker! How dare you say something like that about Richard, here’s more of a man than you’ll ever be! And yes – his nickname is ‘Dick’ – that’s cos he’s hung like a horse – not like you – stumpy!”

She was really furious now. “Talking of which, where’s this hard-on I ordered you to get… huh?” She checked out my groin again. Furiously, she undid my belt, unzipped me and peeled my pants down as far as she could, exposing my underwear. There was the usual bulge, but nothing protruding.

“Not good enough!” she scorned me, “Perhaps we need more extreme measures…” She slowly left the gun down on a nearby table, and straddled her legs either side of me again. She looked down at me as she retrieved the lollipop, and while she licked, she pondered her next move…. Then, sitting down on me, she started grinding her cotton clad pussy into my groin. “Maybe this will help, god only knows you need it…” she goaded me. Her skirt tickled my belly with her movements, as she dry humped me. The head of my cock started to poke out from beneath my pants.

“Please Mister Prockett, I’ve got an itch in my panties, I get it every time you’re near my desk!” she whispered into my ear, in her best ‘little girl’ voice.

“Mmmmm…. I dreamt about you last night Sir,” she went on…. “Dreamt you were holding me and touching me and feeling me up my skirt, behind the bike sheds…” Her voice sounded so innocent and sexy, it was hard to ignore. “Show me how grown-up’s kiss Sir, show me….”

Michelle kissed me gently on the mouth, and her tongue probed between my lips. She licked at the lollipop, and then licked at me. Then she put the lollipop at the entrance my mouth, and licked at everything.

I tried to resist, but soon my tongue was meeting hers as she penetrated and danced wildly in my mouth – she moaned all the while like a young girl, whispering sweet nothings at me. Soon, something really started to stir in my loins, and the longer this went on, the hotter I was getting….

Then she broke off and slowly slid down my body, until she was kneeling on the foor between my legs. She grabbed my cock and pulled it free of my underwear. “Oooooh Sir… it’s so big!” she exclaimed, sucking on the lollipop at the same time. Fluttering her eyelids all the while, she looked at me with a devilish grin, and then held Kurtköy İranlı Escort the lollipop against the swollen end of my cock and rubbed them together, into a big sticky mess. Then she licked back and forth between both, pulling my foreskin back to reveal my purple bell-end. She licked all over it, savouring my taste.

“Mmmmmm… pre-cum, my favourite!” she announced, discarding the lollipop. Then taking me into her mouth, she began sucking… and sucking… and sucking… for what seemed an eternity….

“Ooooh Sir… it’s so big you’re nearly choking me…” she broke off to tell me – then licked and sucked and flicked her tongue all over me again, jerking me off with her hand at the same time. She sucked so hard my skin was red raw. As her head bobbed up and down, the ends of her pigtails danced on my belly. I ached to reach out and grab one in each hand and f**k her sweet little mouth ’til I creamed right down her throat – but she broke off again.

“Show me what else grown-ups do…” she said, getting to her feet. She slowly eased her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She held them to my nose, and rubbed them all over my face…

Straddling me again, she grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her bare pussy lips. “No-one ever needs to know Sir, I promise I won’t tell,” she said, with a sly little grin. I tried with all my might, but it was no good – this was really giving me the hots. My manhood was by now as hard as a rock.

“I’ve never had a real man’s cock before, please Sir, take me – take my virginity, I want you so much….” She stirred the end my cock around the entrance to her pussy, waiting for a reaction.

“Admit those dirty little bitches at school turn you on….Admit it!” she demanded. This was too much, my willpower collapsed. “Okay, I admit it, the… dirty little bitches… turn me on,” I answered feebly.

She smirked a ‘I knew it all along’ type of grin. “You dirty old man, you f**king ba**ard! ” she taunted me, teasing my cock all the while.

Michelle did this until she could take no more herself, then slapped my face hard as she sat down and sheathed my cock in one go. She started riding me, her hands around the base of my neck, her tongue lapping in my mouth, her pussy grinding hard against me, my cock buried so deep inside her.

I felt the walls of her pussy contract, as her approaching orgasm neared.

“Please Sir…. knock me up… put me up the duff!” she begged, her breath ragged, fucking me faster and faster as her orgasm built. “Give me all your cream!” she moaned, before a wave of pleasure overtook her and blasted her all the way there and back again. Her whole body shook like a ragdoll…

That was it for me – my resistance was totalled – my balls swelled up to bursting point – time stood still momentarily – before I rocket launched my hot jizz straight towards her womb in one earth shattering spasm after another, splattering the walls of her pussy with my cum. She ground and humped her pubic bone hard against me, milking me for all I was worth, as she drained my balls completely.

It seemed like forever before we both were spent.

“Mmmmmm…… that was fun,” purred Michelle. “Yep, indeed it was,”

I replied.

“Same time next week?” she asked. “Well, until you’ve paid all your back alimony, you owe me… That means you have to keep me happy!”

I nodded in agreement.

God only knows what she’ll dream up next….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32