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On a recent afternoon I was kicking back with a buddy, on the patio of my favorite watering hole. We had downed a few cold ones, when he asked if I “really” liked watching other guys doing my wife. He knew that Jodi and I were swingers; and that, most of the time I was an active participant. He just couldn’t quite wrap his mind around the idea of me as spectator. It didn’t help any, when I told him that the only thing Jodi liked more than hot and nasty sex was hot and nasty sex in front of an appreciative audience! I tried explaining that it was a total turn-on, whether I was watching my wife’s face as some guy pumped a load of cum in to her mouth, being there as a lover sent her screaming through an orgasm, or to see some guy’s cock, wet and slippery with her juices pistoning in and out of her body. He didn’t get that it wasn’t just some guy doing her; but that it was really us sharing in an erotic experience. And then, when I told him that was true, even if she was only telling me about some encounter I hadn’t been there to witness, he just shook his head. So, I gave-up, ordered another round, and then told him a story. Maybe you’ll get a kick out of it too; anyway, here goes!

Sure the possibilities were endless, but every idea either Jodi or I threw-out that Saturday evening rated a ho-hum! Well it did until I suggested an erotic game some swinger friends had turned us on to. Simply put, we would join the crowd at one of the local bars. There, the plan called for Jodi to pick-out and then pick-up some guy. The idea was that she would invite the lucky winner out to the parking lot for one of her killer blowjobs. I would, of course be right there watching. Jodi accepted my challenge, reminding me, “Yeah, but all you get to do is play voyeur!”

It was a couple of hours later, when Jodi strolled in to our den. Her dark eyes glittered like diamonds above a grin full of sensual promise. Glossy black and curly, Jodi’s hair tumbled caressingly over bare shoulders. And wow, my hottie of a wife was dressed to kill! A jade green cami top left her tan midriff bare, as it clung provocatively to her otherwise bare breasts. And if she bent over, those firm, round, 36-C beauties would be on full display. But then, it was Jodi after all; and considering that a black patent leather skirt barely covered her ass, I figured she’d be doing a lot of bending over. That was of course, whether or not she was even wearing panties, something I was betting against! Either way though, Jodi’s long legs, tan and bare disappeared in to gleaming black, high heeled knee high boots. As for me, well I felt positively shabby in black polo shirt and charcoal chinos, not that anyone was going to notice me anyway!

We chose a club not far from the local College. The place was hopping, but we got lucky and snagged a couple of seats at the bar. Uncharacteristically nervous Jodi made quick work out of a pair of Tequila shots, and was working on a Margarita when she banged an elbow in to my ribs. Target acquired, she called an excited, “Wish me luck,” hopped off her stool, and started across the dance floor.

Hips swaying enticingly, Jodi walked right-up to a table where four college aged guys eyed her approach. The guy my wife was grinning down at was big, football player big. And when Jodi leaned across the table, I figured it was as much for my benefit as his. Sure, her would be stud had an unrestricted look at my wife’s bare breasts! Meanwhile, I and anyone who happened to glance over had a terrific view of her very curvy and very nearly bare ass. And I’d been wrong; she was wearing a thong!

Jodi routinely dances dirtier than most pole-dancing strippers. And in front of her newly acquired audience, she put on quite the show. But the third song up was a slow one, and they both took full advantage of it. Jodi spent most of it whispering in to his ear, and he spent most of it groping her ass. And after that song, I got to buy him a drink. Then, because my game playing tease of a wife figured it would be a kick hearing me ask, she asked, “So bob, why don’t you tell Danny what you have in mind…I don’t think he believes me!”

Jodi stood beside Danny, unashamedly stroking the bulge tenting his shorts, while I explained that we liked playing sex games. And to give him credit, he did buy a round of shots; even if it was only after I told him, “Jodi loves sucking cock! So Danny boy, it’s your lucky night, because the show-off wants me watching while she performs!”

Shots quickly downed, a clearly impatient Jodi gave us each a quick, but still hot little kiss. Then, after proclaiming “OK then, come on boys,” she shot me a wink, grabbed Danny’s hand and started for the parking lot. Feeling just a bit dorky, I followed along behind them. But things improved rapidly once we were outside. And then, when Danny looked back over his shoulder, flashing me a wink as he reached up under Jodi’s skirt, I told myself, game-on! They stopped once, and I’m sure it was only a coincidence that a boisterous gaggle of student types was approaching. Whatever, she pushed Danny up against a wall, arms around his neck ataşehir escort as she delivered what sure looked like an absolutely incendiary kiss. And apparently Danny enjoyed having an audience too. Anyway, while one hand held Jodi’s skirt hiked-up, he had the other one busily fondling her exposed ass.

We had parked in a far corner of the lot. And except for the fact that our car was parked practically right under one of the parking lot’s lights, it was, well sort of semi-secluded! I wasn’t sure what to expect. When our friends played the game she usually positioned the guy in the passenger side seat. Then, she would lean in through the open door, while hubby watched through the driver’s side window. That sounded sort of creepy to me, so I was glad when Jodi walked Danny around to the front of the car. I moved quickly around to where I could lean against a wall, in shadow, but with a great sightline.

Clearly in control, Jodi had Danny backed-up against our car. And forget about stealthy, she was giggling like a schoolgirl, hands gripping his shoulders as he struggled to get her top tugged up. Then she was kissing him, and I figured it was the raw animalistic intensity of that kiss that distracted the poor guy. Anyway, to my surprise, and long before that kiss had burned-out, he had abandoned my wife’s bared breasts. At least the fool had showed enough good sense to have grabbed a double handful of her bare ass. But then, Jodi had wriggled out of his grasp. Stepping back, and snickering mischievously she had given Danny a look I read as, let’s fuck! And when Danny hesitated, she didn’t! In one fluid move, she pulled her top off, and tossed it on to the car’s hood.

It was Danny’s move. And I wanted to whoop, when he stepped in, sweeping her off her feet, his hands supporting her ass as her legs wrapped around his waist. Only that move left me thinking, forget blowjob, it looks like you’re going to wind-up watching that guy fuck her instead! But no; instead, after Jodi said something I didn’t catch, surprisingly, Danny put her down. And down is just where my wife went!

From a squat, Jodi reached up, unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped Danny’s shorts. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and when she tugged those shorts down, up sprang hard cock. I managed to stifle a chuckle. I figured Jodi had been expecting a cock worthy of Danny’s otherwise impressive size and was at least a little bit disappointed! Still, she didn’t hesitate, whooping an enthusiastic “Yummy,” as she leaned-in and latched on to his hips. So I watched as her flicking tongue raced up and down Danny’s cock, slowing only so she could swirl it in turn around his balls and that cock’s head. Well the big guy had a hand tangled in Jodi’s hair long before her lips closed around that head. Then, wham-o, and with one sharp downward bob of her head, she had an “Oh fuck,” bellowing Danny deepthroated.

In a move that was pure Jodi, She batted Danny’s hand away. Then, she laced her fingers behind her back. And with me muttering “Lucky bastard,” head bobbing she began rocketing her lips up and down that suddenly wetly glistening cock’s full length. Jodi loves performing that little trick; but I was thinking slow it down, or there’s going to be a quick end to our game! Apparently so had Danny! But, she backed off, and that’s before he pleaded, “Please baby, slow it down!”

The terrible tease began popping just the head of his cock in and out of her mouth. But, when Danny groaned, she relented…sort of anyway! Only I saw the mischievous glint flashing in her eyes as her tongue licked its way down that cock’s spit slicked shaft. And when it stopped its flicking, it was just so she could snug her lips around his balls.

Jodi still had a mouthful of balls, and was holding on to a fistful of cock, when one of the guys Danny had been sitting with unexpectedly popped-up. Leaning back against the wall beside me, he blew out a long slow breath, before sounding-off with a rather obvious “Fuck, that’s hot…wow!” I gave him a brief glance, and by the time I looked back, Jodi had a mouthful of cock, and a handful of balls. So, I went right back to watching my cock-sucking wife delivering as promised. And then, right after our newly arrived spectator told me his name was Jack, I heard him yelp, “Oh shit!”

Oh shit was right; because, Danny had just taken Jodi’s head between his hands, and was doing an absolutely righteous job of fucking her mouth. So in front of an audience of two, three if we’re counting the guy yelling, “Fuck yes…I’m gonna cum,” my wife began gulping down cum. Absolutely riveted, we watched the stuff squirt from the corners of Jodi’s mouth and run in rivulets down her chin. And of course, Danny went right on powering his cum erupting cock in and out of her mouth. Then, making sure she got it all, Jodi wrapped a fist around that cock, pumping it wildly, franticly working to coax loose one final climactic eruption of the white stuff. Only she missed her timing; and oops wound-up getting it splashed across her cheek.

I didn’t notice him slip away; but suddenly, Jack ataşehir escort was standing beside his buddy. And while I watched, he introduced himself to a wide-eyed Jodi. But then, those eyes narrowed; and suddenly, my grinning wife had me nervous. And yeah, I desperately wanted to know what she was whispering about, and in such conspiratorial tones no less. Well, right after watching her wipe the smears of cum off her face, and then casually lick the stuff off her fingers, I found out!

Bare-breasted and grinning, Jodi walked right up to me, and then, she issued a challenge. “Still want to play lover,” she asked. Then, jabbing a thumb over her shoulder, she told me, “The boys are…ah, well sort of hoping for more! So I’m thinking, if we invite them over…well gosh, I’d really be able to put on a show!” And honestly, I would have agreed, even if she hadn’t added a snickered, “Come on, I dare you!”

We were in the den, the boys leaning against our pool table and taking long nervous pulls on their beers. I was standing by the bar, mixing a margarita for Jodi. I’d already told them that like back in the parking lot, I’d only be playing spectator. More importantly, and meaning it, I let them know that anything Jodi was up for was fine by me! And not long after that, Jodi sauntered in, wearing her version of “Something more comfortable.”

Jodi still wore the boots, but black fishnets stockings covered her legs. And I was betting the only thing under the short, black silk robe she wore was a garter belt. She collected her Margarita and stood gazing at a pair of suddenly very nervous looking guys. And when neither of them made a move, Jodi sat her drink down, tsk-tsking as she performed a slinky strut that left her standing right in front of them.

Head cocked provocatively, Jodi pulled her robe’s tie free. Then a pair of subtle shoulder shrugs sent it sliding down her body to the floor. Her legs were spread, one hand resting on a jutted hip, while the other one flicked that tie like a silken whip. I saw her catch Jack’s eye, and then with two long strides, she was standing right in front of him. Then, without a word, she tugged a surprisingly compliant Jack’s arms around behind his back, and secured his hands with her silk tie.

Danny walked over to join me, still shaking his head and nattering about how he should have left the asshole in the parking lot! But he turned in time to watch Jodi give Jack a long lingering kiss. It ended, and I think Danny actually growled when Jodi dropped in to a crouch. Working quickly, she got Jack’s pants undone. She yanked them down, and the cock that popped up actually ripped a startled, but triumphant gasp out of her. Not looking at all shy, Jack stood there sporting the over-sized cock Jodi had expected to find on Danny. It was long, I figured eight inches, and not only was it thick, but its head was just freaking enormous!

Striking like a snake, Jodi wrapped a fist around that long cock’s thick shaft. And then, forgoing the, “Yummy,” I expected to hear, my throatily purring wife popped that giant-sized head in to her mouth. And when she swallowed it whole, it was Danny who practically gasped, “Fuck me…shit, she took it all!”

Obviously enthralled by Jack’s jumbo-sized equipment, using just her lips and tongue, my grandstanding wife put on a virtuoso performance. And when she wasn’t licking, flicking, or sucking, her vigorous bobbing was bouncing the head of that cock in and out of the hot, wet, and definitely tight confines of her throat. Well I knew the look, and Jodi wasn’t just turned-on, she looked positively orgasmic! But it was an amazed sounding Danny who muttered, “Shit dude, she looks like she’s gonna cum!”

I was nodding in agreement, when Jodi sucked Jack’s swinging balls in to her mouth, slapped a fist around his fat cock’s shaft, and began wildly pistoning it up and down its full length. And suddenly it wasn’t only my wife who looked ready to cum! Jack cut-loose with a strangled, “Now, oh fuck…now!” But, my Poor wife wasn’t quite fast enough! She did manage to direct some of Jack’s first fountaining stream of cum in to her open mouth, but most of it wound-up splashed across her face. Then, and it was almost comical; Jodi’s head was bobbing like it was spring—loaded, but Jack went right-on franticly thrusting his hips in a vain attempt to keep his cum spurting cock buried deep in her throat. And then when Jodi stood-up, I really did want to laugh.

Jack’s hands were still tied behind his back. And with him backed-up against the pool table, the poor guy wasn’t able to dodge the cum laden kiss my shameless wife gave him. Then, she left him standing there, while she strolled over and picked-up her drink. So I walked over, untied Jack, and handed him a cold bottle of beer.

Looking very much in charge, Jodi walked back over to the pool table and hoisted herself up on to it. Then, lying back with her elbows braced on blue felt, she carefully positioned her high heels, one in a side pocket, and the other one in a corner pocket. Satisfied with her position, she called out, anadolu yakası escort “Come on boys, it’s my turn!” Jack was on the move before she finished asking, “So Ok, who’s going to be first?”

Danny and I wandered over, but I stopped where I had a good view of Jack’s wig-wagging tongue. Jack was standing, bent over, hands resting on Jodi splayed out thighs, and already energetically plunging his tongue in and out of her pussy’s glistening pink opening. Danny had walked on around, stopping behind Jodi. She was still propped-up on her elbows, grinning coquettishly as her gaze shifted back and forth between jack and me. She ignored Danny, until he reached around her, engulfing a breast in each of his big hands. And when he pinched a pair of already popped-out nipples, Jodi threw her head back and almost snarled a commanding, “Hard Danny…do it, I love it hard!”

Maybe Jack felt snubbed, because he stopped tongue-fucking Jodi, eyebrows pinched as he looked around questioningly. But with a shrug he leaned back in, and used his thumbs to spread her pussy’s soft pink lips apart, leaving her clit exposed to his attacking tongue. Jodi squealed, “Yes, do that,” and Jack looked-up long enough to flash me a wink.

I assumed Jodi’s command had been directed at them both, and apparently so had Danny! Anyway, when I checked he wasn’t just holding her nipples captive between his thumbs and a pair of rotating fingers. Not only was he twisting them as if he thought they unscrewed, but he was doing it while repeatedly giving them sharp tugs. Just watching that bit of sensual torture hurt, but Jodi only growled out an insistent, “Ooh, ooh, yes…OK, OK…now, hard!”

My eyes were on the bounce, but Jodi’s were scrunched tightly shut. Her head was thrown back, back arching as an orgasmic surge tore loose a guttural, “Fuck, fuck, oh fuck yes I’m cuming!” Then, in typical Jodi fashion, she began screaming demands for “more,” and didn’t seem inclined to stop! Her two conscripted horn-dogs seemed only too happy to comply. But even Jodi can’t cum forever, and finally wound-down!

I hadn’t noticed that Danny was still dressed, not until he started stripping anyway. And I figured if he thought he needed to be naked, he most likely had something in mind other than doing some tongue-fucking. Well that was Ok with me; and besides, I figured Jodi would be eager to take-on something harder and bigger than tongue. And with that in mind, I had a plan!

It was me who pulled Jodi’s boots off, stripped her out of garter belt and stockings, and then helped her to her feet. And then, it was me who retrieved that silk tie, using it to secure my naked wife’s hands behind her back. She didn’t object, the mischief glinting in her eyes demanding, bring it on! I couldn’t resist; ordered “Bend over,” and then gave her ass a cracking swat. But then, seeing how ready to pounce Danny looked, I altered my plan. So, instead of sending her off to the bedroom with instructions to wait, on her knees, and in the middle of our bed, I led her over to Danny. “I think there’s something Danny wants,” I told her. “And if you ask real nice, I bet he’ll tell you what it is!”

Not about to beg, with a derisive sniff, Jodi spun on a heel. Then, she did a slow hip rolling strut over to my leather recliner and assumed the position, and with her legs spread, and her ass in the air, she waggled it invitingly. It was all the invitation Danny needed. But I liked that before he grabbed her hips, he took the time to bang a swat off her ass first. Jodi’s yelp was almost lost in the slap of flesh on flesh as he drove in to her. Jack and I stayed put, watching Danny bang-out a truly ferocious fuck. Unfortunately, it was a short lived fuck. Jodi barely had time to scream a solitary, “Come on, yeah…fuck me!” And then, grunting and snorting like a maddened bull, Danny slammed in one final ass slapping thrust, grinding his hips as Jodi squealed, “Yes, do it…oh god yes, cum in me!”

I left Jodi’s hands lashed behind her back, back on plan as I ordered, “Wait for us in the bedroom!” She was glowering, but when I barked, “The boys and I will expect to find you kneeling in the middle of the bed,” she scampered-off.

Turning my attention to her young studs, I rather needlessly asked, “Having fun guys?” After their enthusiastically delivered assurances, I told them, “Well Ok then, she’s all yours; and really, anything goes! I’m sure you two notice Jodi likes it hot and nasty; and trust me, stop isn’t in her vocabulary!” And having decided to let the anticipation build, I suggested another round of beer. Needless to say, those beers disappeared in about a New York minute!

Seeing the look on Jack’s face when he spotted my bound and obediently kneeling wife, I got out of his way! He practically leapt on to the bed, coming up laughing, and with both hands full of boob. Well, the big head of his big fat cock was poking out from between Jodi’s legs, and it almost looked like she had a cock. And I was contemplating the erotic possibilities, when jack pulled her head around for a kiss. Then, and without any urging my wife settled chest down, legs spread, and her ass in the air. Jack grabbed for her hips. But, unlike his buddy, he didn’t just slam it in with one powerful thrust. He ran the head of his cock in and out of her a few times; and then, with a whoop, he buried it balls deep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32