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Hannah is around five foot tall with perhaps and inch or two to spare, but not much more than that. Her hair falls around her face in waves of blood red curls, something from a bottle. Her eyes are a bright green, her lips are pale pink and her form slim. She’s standing in a doorway at the moment, staring into the night sky out the door, watching it quietly. She doesn’t want to leave the safety of her porch, where the light pushes back the darkness, but the cool night air helps her think, helps calm the racing of her heart.

For years she has corresponded with James, a friend of hers from Ireland. They had started emailing and chatting on instant messenger after their first meeting in Ireland, during her vacation after high-school. Her head swam from the rum and the conversation. It had started out innocently enough.

DarkCynic01: Tell me what you’re thinking?

SweetTart04: Hehe, wouldn’t you like to know?

DarkCynic01: Wouldn’t have asked, doll.

SweetTart04: Mmmn. Well.. I’m in a mood!

DarkCynic01: What sort of mood?

SweetTart04: Lets just say that if I had a dom, I’d be being bratty just to get spanked.

DarkCynic01: Would you?

SweetTart04: Yes!

DarkCynic01: Would you like me to punish you, pet?

At first she had been taken aback by this idea. James was her friend, had been for years. There was attraction there, but it had always been somewhat latent. Now, however, is blossomed in her stomach, her toes curled. The red headed woman’s fingers shook, and she didn’t know how to respond, not at first. She worried over her lips and finally responded.

SweetTart04: I thought you weren’t into that sort of thing?

DarkCynic01: If you knew my qualifications, you’d want me to do this.

SweetTart04: I need to AFK.

SweetTart04 has left the chat.

Hannah fled her office then, ended up on her front porch, staring out at the night sky. An owl hooted out in the trees somewhere, some sort of rodent rustled in the fallen leaves. The pitterpatter of rain slowly started and then grew louder, causing Hannah to close her front door and step back into her small house. Her bare feet sounded so loud pattering against the wood floors of her home as she was drawn like a magnet back to her office, to where her computer still sat on. Disconnected from the internet, but there… waiting for her.

She was just about to sit back into her black leather computer chair when the shrill ring of her telephone made her jump. Hannah scampered over to the phone and picked it up, answering breathlessly, “Hello.”

“That wasn’t very nice of you, pet.” Came the soft sultry voice of James, causing her insides to clench with appreciation.

Instinctively Hannah responded with, “I’m sorry.”

A soft chuckle greeted her, James murmured, “Don’t say it, show it, pet.”

“Why.. Why are you doing this?” Hannah asked tentatively, almost fearfully.

“Because I care for you.” Was the almost annoyed response, as if it should be obvious to Hannah. James continued, “Because I want you to be happy, and I know doing this will make you happy.”

Hannah worried on her lower lip, moving to the living-room and settling down uncomfortably on her couch, her knees drawn up against her chest. A soft whisper given into the phone, “Are you… Really?”

“Yes, Kurtköy Esmer Escort is that so hard to believe, Hannah?” the sexy voice over the phone asked, sending shivers down her spine.

Hannah didn’t have a response to that, not really. So she took a deep breath and then asked softly, “What.. would be our ground rules? What should I call you? Sir? Master?”

“Which would you prefer to call me, pet?” Asked James curiously, his voice calm and soothing over the line.

Already a sweet peace was settling over her, it took only a heartbeat for her to respond, “Sir rolls so easy with ‘yes, sir’ but.. master sounds so.. right.”

“Then you will call me master, pet.” James murmured into the phone, and Hannah lapsed into a silence prompting him to continue, “I cannot see your expression, pet. What will you call me?”

“Master!” Hannah responded, embarrassment twinging her tone a little shrill, “I will call you master… master.”

“Good girl.” He murmured, in the background she could hear the sound of something pouring.

Hannah couldn’t help but wander, “What are you drinking?”

“What are you drinking, what?” asked James in a quiet tone.

“What are you drinking, master.” Hannah responded, cheeks flushing even if he couldn’t see it. Her toes curling both in embarrassment and carnal appreciation of the reminder of her place. She switched phones from ear to ear and she asked softly, “Master? What will be our ground rules, safe word? How are.. how are we going to do this?”

James chuckled softly over the phone and murmurs softly, “You pick the safeword, pet. As for the ground rules, you will do as I say when we are in the roles of master and slave, we will not always be in them, pet. You trust me to know what is good for you?”

“Yes…” Hannah responded slowly, “Yes, master, I trust you to know what is good for me.”

She could hear him taking a drink of whatever he was drinking, and the drink reminded him to answer her question, “I am drinking a rum and coke, pet. Now, what is your safe word?”

“Giraffe.” Hannah responded with a nod of her head, even if he couldn’t see it. Her fingertips lifted to run through her red curls, brushing them off of her face. A happy sigh escaped her lips, as she settled in.

“Very well, pet. Giraffe it is. If ever anything is too much, you must tell me Giraffe. Understand?” James responded a firmness in his voice.

Hannah swallowed and she says softly, “Yes, master, I understand.”

“Good girl.” James responded, sending a zing of pleasure through Hannah’s body, causing her toes to curl. In that moment she wanted nothing more than to please him, to have him say ‘Good girl’ over, and over. It gave her such peace and such pleasure at the same time. She was dwelling so heavily on this she almost missed when he said, “Now, pet. What are you wearing?”

Hannah swallowed and responded feeling particularly unsexy, “A pair of lounge pants and a tank top, master.”

“No bra or panties, pet?” Asked James, causing her to wince faintly. “Give me details, pet. What color pants, what material tank top?”

“Yes, master, I am wearing panties. I don’t normally wear bras when I am at home.” Hannah responded, shyness in her voice. She winced when he cleared his throat, clearly waiting for the details he asked Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort for. She murmurs softly, “I am wearing pale pink lounge pants, master, they fall just below my ankles and are a very soft material. They feel very good against the skin of my legs. My tank top is black and is a soft cotton nit. It.. it feels really good against my..”

“Your what, pet?” asked James over the line, his voice deepening faintly. He knew what it felt good against, he just wanted her to say it.

“My nipples, master.” Hannah responded softly, shyness and embarrassment coloring the cheeks he couldn’t see. She tilted her head downward, as if she could hide from him in her hair. Even if he couldn’t see her hair. Her breathing was speeding up, and her nipples were hard, rubbing softly against the material of her tank top. It felt too wicked to bear. But she remembered she needed to continue and whined faintly in her throat, “Master.. my underwear are a pair of red panties, they are made of a satiny material.”

“Your nipples are hard, aren’t they?” He asked softly, his voice causing them to become so tight it hurt and they begged to be touched.

Hannah shoved her free hand underneath her leg and whimpered, “Yes, master.”

“Are you wet, pet?” He asked, causing her to shiver and whine softly with pleasure. His voice so wicked and low, it was a caress against her nerve endings. Something intangible but so very real to her.

“Yes, master. I am very wet, and very hot.” Hannah said, trying to hold back the moaning whine from her voice. The sound of his voice was too much for her, she needed to touch herself. Her cunt ached to be touched, to be pounded by a thick cock and her nipples needed to be sucked.

“You’ve been very good so far, pet.” Says James over the line as if sensing her needs, without being able to see her. The sound of his voice was like velvet across her ears, causing her to let out a soft moan in response to his praise. He continued on softly, “I want you to go get one of your toys, pet. I know you have more than one. Go get your favorite.”

It took her all of a minute to comply with this order, shooting up from the couch and rushing into her bedroom. The wooden drawer of her bedside table pulled open and the vibrator pulled out of it, thin and long but made of a hard plastic. She whispered softly, “I have it, master.”

“Good girl, where are you in your house now?” He asked softly, a little pure in his voice.

“My bedroom, master.” She responded, looking toward her bed with longing, and then toward the hard wood floor that was already becoming cold with the chilly night.

“I want you to put me on speaker phone, undress and then lay down on the floor with your vibrator, pet.” James ordered softly in that velvety voice of his.

This was done in short order, the phone placed on speaker phone and set on the edge of the bed. Her hands slowly removed from her tank top, peeling it off and shivering as the material slid across her aching nipples. A whine escaped her lips and James murmured something encouragingly, correctly assuming that her whine was from her undressing. Her pants came off quicker, the draw string untied and they dropped to the ground, to be kicked away with her panties. The vibrator grabbed from her bed and the phone as well.

With Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort the phone set on the floor next to her head and the vibrator in her hand she murmured, “I’m on the floor, master.”

“Good girl, such a good pet. You know that, Hannah?” He asked softly, her name like a caress of satin fingers against her nerves, causing her to gasp and squirm on the cold floor.

“Thank you, master.” Hannah murmured softly, one hand resting on her stomach, and the other curling tightly around her vibrator, clenching it tightly.

“You are welcome, pet. Now, if you have a vibrator, I want you to turn it on. Then I want you to start pleasing yourself, but I want you to describe what you are doing, while you do it.” James ordered softly, his voice soft but firm.

It made her voice hitch softly, “Ye-yes, master.”

A whimper escaped her lips as she turned the vibrator on, all the way to the highest setting and then slid down to press between her legs. The thin tip of it slipped easily between her lower lips and found her clit, causing her to gasp softly.

“Pet?” He asked, patiently.

“Master! I’m.. I’m placing it between my legs, the tip is just against my lips.” She whimpered out softly, her hips arching as she started to please herself. The pulse of the vibrator felt so good against her clit, causing pleasure to uncoil in her stomach and spread out over her body. The pleasure of it wound slowly down to her joints, causing herself to strength her legs out, twisting her hips with it. Hannah whimpered and continued, “I’m.. I’m rubbing it against my clit, master. It feels good. I need, I need to come… soon, soon master, please?”

“Already, pet?” James asked a soft chuckle in his voice.

“Yes! Please, master. Your.. your voice had me so.. worked up, master. Please, please I need to come.” Hannah whined, begging softly for it, as she moved the vibrator faster against her clit, faster and faster in slow circles that made the pleasure spiral through her. Each stroke causing a spike of pure bliss to shoot from her groin out through her body, soon she wouldn’t be able to wait for permission, even though she knew she should.

“Very well, pet. You came come for your master. Do it now.” James ordered softly over the phone, causing her to yelp with pleasure.

That last push was all she needed, his dark voice causing pleasure to explode through her body. Her hips bucked upward, and she was in a frenzy with the vibrator over her most sensitive part. The pleasure of it was so intense she cried out his name as she came, her hips bucking and back arching even more. The release of it causing her to lay flat against the now warmed wooden floor, panting softly.

“Oh… oh god..” She whispered, barely aware of her own body as after shocks of pleasure pulsed through her, causing her to feel like her clit were pulsing with every breath she took.

James murmured softly, bringing her attention back to the here and now, “Good girl, such a good pet. Now, I want you to get up off of the floor, shower, and go to bed. It is very late now, pet and I know you need to get up for work in the morning, pet. After work, I want you to go to the store and buy a special notebook. In that note book I want you to write down, how you feel about me being your master. And how thankful you are for me to have given you the gift of orgasm this evening, my pet. Understand?”

“Yes, yes, master. I understand.” Hannah said as she pushed herself up from the ground with shaky, shaky legs.

“Good night, pet. Dream of me.” He murmured softly to her.

“I will, master, I will. Good night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32