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Customs officer Jagpade pulled out the polythene packet filled with white power from its hiding place in the lining of the suitcase and held it up with an accusing glare at the owner of the suitcase.

Deepika’s face turned whiter than the powder in the packet. She stammered “I…I…it’s not mine. I don’t know where that came from and how it got in my suitcase!”

Jagpade’s expression was of one bored with lame excuses.

“Madam, I agree that you are one of the best actresses in Bollywood, but we also see such performances here every day. Every drug smuggler says the same thing.”

“But you must believe me…”

“Madam! Please don’t try to fool me. After I have found Cocaine in your suitcase you want me to believe that you are innocent. For your information, we received a tip that a secret ring of Bollywood celebrities is involved in drug trafficking and that you are one of them.”


“Yes, madam. That’s why when you landed here from Amsterdam which is the drug capital of Europe, I myself came down to check your baggage.”

“But I had only gone there for a shoot.” Deepika protested again.

“What criminal would say that she had gone for drug smuggling?” Jagpade demanded, then added “As a drug trafficker caught in the act, I need to now search you. Please come with me.”

“You cannot be serious! You are going to search me?”

“Madam, a strip search is compulsory in case of drugs, even before I hand you over to the police. Come with me.”

“Are you crazy?! You are going to strip search me?” Deepika could not believe her ears.

“Strip and cavity search, madam.” Jagpade said calmly

“You must be out of your mind. Do you know who I am? I am Deepika Paduko…”

Her flow of words was cut by Jagpade by holding up a hand like a traffic officer.

“Madam,” he said slowly and carefully “we know who you are but we do not care, you are not above the law. Nobody is.”

Deepika looked around to find her manager/secretary to help her out of the predicament but he was nowhere to be seen. When they entered the green channel he was right in front of her. Apparently, he had exited the Green Channel when the customs officer stopped Deepika. Now, she was all alone. She felt like crying.

Jagpade made her follow him to a side room and closed the door. In the whole room there was only a metal table and nothing else. It made Deepika’s gut clench.

She tried to reason with him, then she pleaded him, and offered him money.

“Madam, you don’t know what deep trouble you are in. Please don’t make it worse. If I search you and don’t find anything, I will be forced to consider that may be you were framed. Then I could help you or even let you go. But without a search I can’t do anything, we cannot even hand you over to the local police.”

Deepika tried to threaten him, told him about her connections and how he could lose his job. Jagpade was adamant like a brick wall. Deepika gave in.

“Okay, but I am a female so you need to bring a female officer to search me.”

Jagpade smiled a wry smile “You are thinking of the police. That rule does not apply to Customs. Still, I have called a female colleague, she will come if she is free. In the meantime, let’s get started. Please empty all your pockets on this table.”

Deepika, finally convinced of her helplessness in this situation, put her clutch purse down on the table and took out her keys etc. from her pockets. She put them near the purse.

Jagpade nodded “Good. Now, please take your clothes off.”

Deepika tried pleading with him again but he reminded her harshly that the sentence for drug trafficking started from 8 years in jail and could be as long as 75 years. Deepika hung her head and accepted defeat.

Slowly, she opened her jacket and placed it on the table. Underneath she was wearing only a black lacy bra. That was her look for today, the middle part of the sexy, lacy bra visible through the half-open jacket along with a deep cleavage and a nice expanse of her fair skin.

Now, without the jacket, it made her feel very naked. The expensive, lacy, Victoria’s Secret bra barely containing her full, firm breasts made her feel like she was on display. Even without looking up she could feel Jagpade’s eyes on her, taking in every detail of her shapely, slender body.

“Keep going. I don’t have the whole day for you, madam, please cooperate, believe me things can be made worse for you.”

Deepika bent over and undid the strap of her 6″ high heel ankle boots and took them off, one at a time. Now, she was out of options, she would have to take off her bra.

Under Jagpade’s insistent gaze, she reached behind her back and slowly unhooked the bra clasp. As she pulled the lacy garment over her arms, she was very aware of Jagpade’s eyes on her as her full breasts came into view. She put the bra on the metal table.

“Can we get on please?” Jagpade prodded her verbally “Take the pants off now.”

Her pants were very tight, thin Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort denim jeans which clung to every muscle in her legs. In the morning it had taken her better than 15 minutes to pull them on, they were that tight. They showed off her ass cheeks perfectly smooth. Every step she took, her tight, shapely ass cheeks could be seen and admired by anybody behind her. She had heard many flattering comments from passengers in the queue behind her at the airport.

“Move faster, please, madam, it is better for you to cooperate with the law. The pants! Now!”

She opened the button on the pants and pulled the zipper down. She blushed cherry red as it hit her with a flash that she was not wearing any panties. The pants were too tight even for the skimpiest of thongs, and this morning when she dressed she had decided to leave panties out of her outfit. Now, she was ashamed and embarrassed at what had been a fun and frisky decision a few hours ago.

With Jagpade watching and prodding her verbally, she started to roll down her tight jeans over her long, shapely legs until they were around her ankles. Jagpade signalled and she stepped out of them. She picked them up and put them on the table with the rest of her clothes.

Deepika could see Jagpade’s sneering leer as he noticed that she had no underwear on. She tried to close her legs but she knew very well that her smoothly shaved pussy was fully bare for him to look at.

“Now, put your hands on the table and bend over for me, please.” Jagpade commanded in an impersonal, matter-of-fact voice.

She looked at him with pleading eyes but found no sympathy in his face. Deepika moved to the table where he had indicated and put her hands on the edge of the table.

Her head jerked up as she heard a snap and saw Jagpade pulling on a pair of spandex gloves. Her heart was beating fast and her gut hasn’t unclenched since she stepped into this room. She felt like a trapped animal. The whole thing had a nightmarish feeling, a nightmare that she could not wake up from.

“Spread your legs wide and push your ass back, madam. Ghodi ban jaaiye theek se.” (Bend over like a pony.)

He was still using respectful words but making her do humiliating things, this was getting to Deepika and messing her mind. She was feeling degraded and treated like an animal.

She followed his instructions and bent over the table with her legs shoulder width apart. Immediately she felt a gust of cool air between her legs and a shiver ran up her body starting from deep within her pussy and traveling up her spine.

As Jagpade approached her with white gloves on his hands Deepika felt the shame and humiliation of what she would have to go through in the next few minutes. She hung her head in helpless shame and a couple of drops of tears fell on the table.

Deepika held her breath and waited for Jagpade’s gloved fingers to enter her pussy hole. Somehow she knew he would not be gentle. He would probe her like an animal and degrade her deliberately.

Suddenly the door opened explosively and she looked quickly up to her right. A man entered wearing a business suit. At first she thought it was one of Jagpade’s colleague come to make her nightmare even worse. But then she recognized the well-known Bollywood director commonly known as Romeo. Deepika felt a new hope in her heart. Then he spoke.

“Deepika, come here, darling!”

She ran to him like a river merging into the sea. In a single, smooth motion she flowed into his arms and clung to him tightly. As he closed his strong arms around her naked body, she felt safe and protected.

Romeo took off his coat and covered her with it. She was still clinging to him tightly so the front of her naked body was pressed against his, her breasts flattened against his chest. But she felt the warmth as he covered her backside with his coat.

Jagpade who had been shocked into momentary inaction by Romeo’s sudden appearance came back to life and confronted Romeo.

“Hey, who do you think you are, she cannot leave…” he reached a hand to grab Deepika’s arm. She cringed.

Romeo rotated slightly to put her out of his reach again and turned his head to look at Jagpade “You touch her, you die!” He said in a voice filled with cold fury. Jagpade instinctively took a step back at that voice.

Jagpade tried to establish his lost authority again “This is official business, you cannot come here…”

This time Romeo raised his voice. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Jagpade shut up.

Romeo took out his cellphone, pressed a button on screen that said “Unmute” and offered it to Jagpade.

“Take this!” He said.

“I don’t have time to talk on the phone. Get out of here, you have no business here…”

“Don’t talk. Just listen.” Romeo handed him the phone.

There was that in Romeo’s voice that made Jagpade shut up and take the phone.

“Hello” he said. Then he said nothing for 2 minutes, just listened. Angry squawking noises Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort could be heard coming from the phone’s small speaker.

At the end of it, Jagpade just said “Yes, sir.”

He put the phone down on the table and walked out of the room without a word.

Deepika breathed a deep sigh and hugged Romeo tight. He lifted her chin.

“Can you walk, babydoll?” She nodded.

“Can you dress?” She shook her head. Staying another second in this room looked like an ordeal to her, even to put her clothes back on.

He pulled her away from him and looked at her. The coat being made for a man was too long on her. It was covering her ass and thighs well. He buttoned the coat up carefully so it covered her breasts properly. It was loose on her but it would have to do.

He nodded “Ok. Come with me.”

With his left hand he scooped up the stuff from the table and collected her in his right arm. Deepika braced herself against the public humiliation that was to come as soon as she stepped out the door. She closed her eyes.

After walking a few steps purely with Romeo’s arm for support, Deepika started to feel something different. The noise of the cameras and news reports was completely missing! She opened her eyes.

She was amazed to see that they were passing through a deserted airport corridor. Romeo had anticipated that she would feel humiliated if led out dressed like that from a Customs detention room and had chosen a back route to spare her that ordeal. At that moment, she absolutely loved him for being so considerate of her feelings!

When they got into his car, she breathed easy and cuddled against him. She closed her eyes and hid her face against his neck while he said to the unseen driver “Let’s go!”

Deepika entered Romeo’s study and saw Romeo on the phone. He gestured her to come in.

She was wearing a short nightie that came up to her thighs. It was lacy with an open back. Her own suitcase was still at the airport, she had borrowed the nightie from one of Romeo’s girls. Once again she had not put on any panties, but now she was in Romeo’s house and knew how he liked his girls dressed.

She had had a nice bath and put on lotions and perfume. She was feeling much better now.

Romeo opened his legs as she approached and Deepika easily slid in between them and sat on his thigh with her arm around his shoulders. He slipped his left arm around her waist and kept holding the phone in his right hand. She cuddled up to him until her soft, bra-less breasts were pressing on his chest.

His hand moved caressingly up and down her bare back and she felt a nice warmth emanating from her centre. She buried her face in his neck and kisses softly up and down the side of his neck, while he talked on the phone. Deepika tuned out his conversation and just cuddled up to him like a kitten.

As Romeo hung up the phone Deepika turned to him and kissed him full on the lips. He kissed her back and she opened her mouth for his tongue. She hugged him with both arms and pulled him close, it was like she couldn’t get close enough to him! His arms went around her slender, barely-clad body and crushed her to him.

When the long and passionate kiss finally broke, Deepika looked into his eyes and smiled.

“Thank you!” she said with heartfelt gratitude.

“You are welcome, pet.” He smiled. “I am trying to find out who framed you. It was not an innocent mistake. Somebody planted those drugs in your bag and somebody called to tip off the customs.”

“Yes, sir. Please find out if you can. I would like to clear my name.”

Before Romeo could say anything the door opened and Katrina entered.

“Sir, who is coming with you to tonight’s party? We all want to know so we can dress for it.”

“What party, sir? You are going somewhere?” Deepika asked.

“Yes, I have an invite for the premiere of “Ek Villain” tonight. Usually I am not interested in that sort of thing but Mohit Suri and Ekta Kapoor are both close friends of mine so we will go for a while to the after-premiere private party. You will come with us.”

Deepika shook her head. “No, sir, I can’t. I am not in a position to face anyone right now after all that negative publicity from today!”

“What publicity?”

“Why, the news reports about my arrest today, and the whole…the whole…God knows how much they have distorted it! I have not even seen any news deliberately because of it.”

Romeo shook his head. “There was no news. On the spot there was only one news reporter who got a hint of the real story and I have had a talk with him. The story in the papers will be that the customs had a misunderstanding that your suitcase handles were real ivory when they were actually imitation only. It was cleared up in a short time. Pictures of your suitcase have been provided to the newspaper to go with the story and I think they will use a glamorous file photo of you as well.”

Deepika’s response to Kurtköy Vip Escort that was to kiss Romeo’s face all over a few hundred times while mumbling “Thank you, sir! Oh, thank you, thank you thank you!”

Romeo grinned after her emotional outburst finally came to rest.

“I have arranged things for you, doll, but you will have to pay the price yourself.”

“What price, sir? Money is not a problem for something so big. I am just so happy you have managed to suppress this horrendous story.”

“Not money, darling, you will have to sleep with the reporter.”

“That’s fine. Done! I will do it!” Deepika said without hesitation “And thank you so much for saving me and my reputation!”

Katrina, who had been watching silently for all this time, spoke, “Um…sir…the party? Who’s going with you, sir?”

“Oh yes, it will be you, Kareena, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika here.”

“Okay, sir. We’ll get ready and come back for your approval of our dresses later.”

“Wait, take Deepika with you. Help her get ready. We’ll get her suitcase back only by tomorrow. Lend her some dresses. She’s going to stay here for the weekend.”

Deepika smiled as she heard Romeo making the decision for her without asking her. She kissed him again on the lips and went with Katrina to get ready for the party. Now that a big weight had been lifted off her mind, there was a spring in her step. She was already thinking about choosing some outrageously sexy and slutty dress to wear to go out with her idol director.


A Bollywood after-premiere party is radically different from a movie premiere. The former has none of the fanfare or the huge crowds that is just about textbook form for the latter. The after party is a very small, very exclusive affair usually held in a hotel suite with no signs in the lobby and no printed invitations. The few people who were invited were called directly by the producers and they could bring whoever they wanted to bring with them.

The invitees usually consisted of the movie’s cast and top crew members and other producer directors from the industry. Beautiful, ambitious starlets always wanted to get into these parties as this was the best way to get to know the movers and shakers of Bollywood at a personal level. Established heroines were usually invited, and alongwith some of the most promising and cooperative girls who were known to be “good girls”.

“Ek Villain” had its premiere in a big multiplex with a big crowd. But the after-party was held in a single suite in a 5-star hotel in midtown Bombay. There was no sign of any activity that could tip off to the press that a bunch of big name celebrities were gathered under one roof. Except one.

There were two strong, husky bouncers stationed outside the suite. They didn’t talk to the guests nor did they ask for any identifications. Everybody who arrived was either a famous celebrity in himself or herself, or they arrived with a celebrity.

Deepika had chosen to wear a skintight pink minidress that had no back and even left an inch of her ass crack visible. The skirt draped tightly over her shapely ass and finished on her upper thighs. The pink fabric was bordered by wide black leather straps that went around her neck to form the halter neck. Her heels were 6″ high pink open-toed stilettoes with black straps across her instep.

The other girls had dressed in similar revealing, sexy dresses. Outside the suite they all took of their street coats and revealed the glamourous beauty of their shapely, gorgeous bodies. They entered on Romeo’s arms flanking him closely on both sides.

Inside, the scene was as colourful as it was drab outside. The suite had almost a hundred people there, but the noise level was a hum rather than the roar usually found in a party. There was music, but it was so soft that you heard it only when you listened for it. It created the ambience rather than a cloak of noise to drown out all conversation.

Ekta Kapoor, dressed in a tight, strapless gown and sporting multiple gold bangles on each arm came bustling up to Romeo and welcome him with a full kiss. Then she called out to the side.

“Shraddha! Come here, baby.” She signalled to a group of people and gestured for two beautiful girls to come over.

A cute girl wearing a tight, cropped halter top and a very short micromini skirt came over and Ekta introduced her to Romeo as “Shraddha Kapoor”.

Shraddha came close to kiss Romeo on the mouth and pressed her body against him as she opened her mouth for his tongue. Her skirt while being super short, was not tight, Romeo’s hand went easily under it and started to knead her smooth, bare ass cheeks. She opened her legs giving him full access to explore her while she sucked his tongue.

As the kiss went on hot and intimate, Deepika felt a pang of jealousy at the new girl who was throwing herself at his boss. Then she thought that that’s what Katrina and the other girls must have thought about her when she waltz in this afternoon into Romeo’s mansion! That made her laugh inside. And technically he was not even her boss, she had not been in any of his films. But then she realized that she had actually been thinking of him as her owner not boss. She looked down as she felt a warm flush spread over her cheeks at the thought.

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