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This is how the part one ended:

Then turning to me she added, ‘Randy do you know why he refused?’

‘I have no idea’ I replied.

‘No I don’t believe you. There is something going on which he doesn’t want me to know’ she said, ‘Randy look me in the eye and answer my question.’

For a moment I did not know what to say. One thing was certain that I was not going to tell her that the MD was vary of Swami. Given half a chance Swami would have broached her virgin choot before you could say Jack Robinson. Looking into her big black eyes I lied, ‘Promise Mala I have no idea why your uncle won’t let you work in our department.’

I don’t remember for how long we sat with our eyes locked. Then her lips parted and she moved her face towards me. I met her half way and as I placed my lips on hers I saw her eyes close. She grabbed my head and crushed my lips on hers. Her mouth opened and our tongue darted into each other’s mouth. We were panting when the kiss broke.

‘Oh Randy’ Mala moaned.

‘Oh Mala’ I moaned.

My erect cock pressed me to seduce this beautiful virgin but on the other hand my mind warned me that Mala is the beloved niece of my MD and if things went wrong it would have disastrous consequences. As I was still debating this…

Part 2

‘Randy kiss me again’ she panted. As we kissed she slid down on the floor taking me with her. I pushed one hand inside the bathrobe and caressed her shapely tits.

‘Oh Randy! I am randy’ she moaned.

For a moment I was confused and not understanding her replied, ‘No I am Randy. You are Mala.’

‘Oh Randy I am feeling so randy’ she repeated.

By now my cock was hard as rock and oozing pre-cum. It formed a big tent in my pajamas with a large wet spot at the top. I was so excited that I did not care any longer if Mala saw my hard on. I pushed open her bathrobe exposing her naked body to my gaze.

‘Oh Mala you are so pretty’ I moaned and kissed her boobs and sucked her taut nipples.

‘Oh Randy it feels so nice’ she moaned.

I worked my way towards her cunt. Her pubic hair was clipped short. I kissed and licked her cunt. Then taking her swollen clit between my lips I pressed it hard. ‘OHHHHH’ she squealed with pleasure. I raised her legs and for the first time saw a virgin choot entrance.

‘God it is small’ I thought.

It was just large enough to accommodate the tip of my little finger. As I flicked my tongue on her fuck hole she squealed with pleasure and then with a loud ‘AAAHHHH’ came in my mouth. Mala grabbed me by my hair and tried to pull me on top of her.

‘Oh Randy, get on top of me and take me. Yes! Fuck me and make me yours’ she commanded.

I moved on top of her and placing my cock at the entrance of her cunt hole I asked, ‘Mala are you sure you want me to do it?’

‘Yes Randy yes. Fuck me. Deflower me’ she shouted excitedly.

I pushed my cock inside her. ‘OWW’ she cried as the swollen head of my cock slid in till it reached her unbroken hymen.

Holding her firmly I said, ‘Mala it is going to hurt a little.’

‘Yes I know’ she squealed, ‘just do it.’ I gave a mighty push and my lund tearing her cherry to shreds sank balls deep into her virgin choot.

‘AAAAYYYYIIEEE GOD IT HURTS’ she screamed with pain. I stopped and saw tears of pain running down her cheeks.

Kissing away the tears I said soothingly, ‘Darling the painful part is over. Now you will feel only pleasure’ and started to pump my hardness gently in and out of her cunt. Her tight cunt gripped my lund like a vice and with each stroke she groaned with pain as my cock rubbed against the edges of her torn virginity.

After ten minutes of pumping her tight pussy, she started to moan loudly. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my strokes. She was squealing and moaning with pleasure, ‘Oh Randy, Oh Randy’ encouraging me to pump faster.

‘Oh Randy go on. Don’t stop’ she shouted, ‘I think I am about to cum.’

I felt my sperm rising and not wanting to put her in any danger started to withdraw. ‘What are you doing? Keep pushing’ she screamed.

‘Mala darling I must withdraw. I don’t want you to get pregnant’ I replied.

‘NO! DON’T YOU DARE. Just keep fucking me and cum inside me’ she yelled.

‘B…but..’ I stammered.

‘NO BUTS! CUM INSIDE ME. FILL MY CHOOT WITH YOUR CUM’ she insisted and clasped me tightly to her. I recommenced the fuck motion.

Her body arched. ‘OH RANDY IT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD. Y…HES, OH Y..HES I AM THERE. Y…HES I AMMMM CCOOOOMMMMINNNNG’ she screamed as I shot my load inside her choot.

For a long time we lay panting enjoying the after glow. When my drained out cock slid out of her cum filled choot I rolled off her

‘Oh darling it was lovely’ she sighed.

‘Yes my love it was great’ I replied kissing her.

I fondled her breasts and moved towards her slit. I was keen to see what a recently deflowered choot hole looked like. I separated her legs and saw her ravished hole. The tiny hole was now very much larger. It was oozing blood stained adana escort cum, which collected in a heap on the bathrobe.

‘Randy can you give me some coke and rum. Make it a stiff one’ Mala said.

‘Sure darling but I thought you did not drink alcohol’ I replied.

‘No I drink alcohol all the time and I love coke with rum’ she laughed taking the glass from me, ‘I shouldn’t be telling you this but I will. When I peeped out of the bathroom to ask you about the bathrobe I saw your cock getting hard. The sight sent shivers through my body. When I came out I saw your lund getting hard again. My body was still tingling from the first time, this time I felt hot liquid gush out and my choot became soaking wet.’

‘I had a strange premonition that today I was destined to lose my virginity. If this was so, then I wanted to be stone sober when it happened. I did not want an excuse to console me later that it happened only because my judgment was clouded by alcohol. Now that I am no longer a virgin I can enjoy my drink.’

‘Oh I am sorry I had no intention of doing it’ I replied apologetically.

‘Don’t worry Randy. If I had not wanted it then I would have stopped you’ Mala said,
‘Good that I am no longer a virgin. I have no regrets.’

In ten minutes I was hard again. She took hold of my erection and giggled, ‘Randy put it in again.’

‘Is it wise? Aren’t you scared of getting pregnant?’ I questioned.

‘Yes I am. It will be disastrous if I do’ she said then giggling added, ‘you have already poured so many sperms inside me and a few million more will make little difference. So why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves?’

That evening we fucked three more times. At nine Mala said, ‘Randy I must go now.’

‘It is only nine’ I replied, ‘I will drop you home at ten.’

‘No I told my mother that I am going to a movie and she will be expecting me home around this time’ Mala replied, ‘if I am late then she will lose faith in me and never trust me again.’

Next morning I reached office a little late. When I switched on my computer an e-mail from Mala was waiting for me. It read, ‘Darling it was lovely last night. Let us do it again. I will be with you at six today evening. I love you. Mala.’ Through the glass partition I looked towards her seat. She waved at me grinning happily. I sent a reply reading, ‘Yes let us. I will wait impatiently for the clock to strike six. I love you. Randy’ and waved back.

At lunch Meera said, ‘Tau akhirkaar humaare Randy ne Mala ki kori choot phard hee dee (At last our Randy has deflowered Mala).’

I did not reply though I was bursting to tell someone that I had at last fucked my first virgin. ‘Why do you say that’ Neha asked.

With a patronizing smile Meera replied, ‘All right children I will tell you. Today morning when I came to office I ran into Mala and as everyday said, ‘Good morning Mala. How are you today?’

Mala’s reaction was very different than usual. Oozing happiness she smiled brightly, ‘Yes what a beautiful morning’ then hugging me she added, ‘Oh Meera I am soooo happy.’

‘From this you concluded that she was no longer a virgin’ Abida said skeptically.

‘I have seen this sort of reaction once before’ Meera elaborated, ‘one afternoon when my youngest sister, she was only eighteen then, returned from her music tuition she behaved exactly like Mala. Being of a suspicious nature I pressed her for an explanation. Ultimately she confessed, ‘Didi today my music teacher popped my cherry. It was so lovely. I am so happy. I feel I am in heaven.’

‘This could be a coincidence’ Neha replied.

‘This was not all. The way Randy walked into the office today, with jaunty steps and a song on his lips, confirmed of my earlier conclusion’ Meera said.

Both Neha and Abida turned to me, ‘Randy is this correct?’

I couldn’t hold myself and burst out, ‘Oh ladies it was lovely. Her choot was sooo tight. I thought that my cock is being held in a vice.’

‘See I was right’ Meera said in a superior tone, ‘now girls we must let Randy enjoy his new conquest and we should not go to his flat any more.’

‘What! You want us to miss out on his big lund. No way’ Neha said angrily.

‘We won’t have to’ Abida giggled jingling the keys to the stationary store, ‘long live the stationary store.’

On the way home, to be on the safe side, I bought a dozen condoms. In the days that followed we met daily and fucked to glory but with protection. Five days later Mala announced that she is not pregnant. When she was well again we recommenced our fucking.

‘Randy must you wear this stupid rubber. It takes away half the fun out of screwing’ Mala said when we had finished fucking one evening.

‘It is a must. We were lucky once we might not be so the next time. The only other way is that you take birth control pills’ I replied.

‘Yes I know but firstly no one will prescribe them for me and secondly my mummy or uncle might get to know about it’ she said tearfully.

When we met the eskişehir escort next time she said, ‘Listen Randy I have started to take the pills but my stock will last for only ten more days. Somehow you have to get more.’

‘Hey good work. How did you manage that?’ I inquired.

‘I did a bit of thinking and snooping. I found a bottle full of them in my aunt’s medicine chest. I went back to her room when she was there and complained, ‘Oh aunt Komal I have such a severe headache.’

My aunt said, ‘Child take some aspirin. There is some in the medicine chest in the bathroom.’

I took out a handful of the pills, put them in my pocket, and dropped the bottle breaking it. ‘Oh aunt Komal I have broken your medicine bottle’ I cried tearfully.

‘No need to cry. It is not important. I can always get more’ my aunt said helping me clean up.

‘I had thought she would let me throw the broken glass pieces away. That way I could have salvaged few more pills but she did it herself. So I am stuck with a small stock only’ she continued then excitedly added, RANDY! Why don’t you ask Meera or one of the other ladies in your department?’

‘It won’t be wise. They will put two and two together and know that we are fucking’ I replied.

‘Oh Randy I don’t care. I am fed up of this rubber business. It is like eating a thick juicy steak still in it’s cellophane packing. Oh darling please ask them’ Mala pleaded.

Every night I dreamed of marrying Mala. It was not because; I was in love with her but to be the son in law of the managing director. Who knows I might be the future MD of the company?

Next morning catching Abida alone I said, ‘Abida I would like you to do something for me but promise to keep it to yourself.’

‘What can I do for you?’ she asked, ‘of course I will keep it a secret if you want.’ I told her what I wanted.

She laughed, ‘Yes darling I will get them for you.’

At lunchtime Abida promptly announced, ‘Hear, hear Randy wants me to buy birth control pills for his latest love.’

I looked angrily at her and said sarcastically, ‘I thought you were going to keep it a secret.’

‘I had to tell them. We share everything, our work, our lunch and also your lund, so how could I keep such a juicy bit from my friends. Don’t worry it won’t go any further. Right friends?’ the other two nodded.

‘Why don’t you use condoms?’ Neha asked.

‘We do that but Mala doesn’t like them’ I replied.

‘Sensible girl’ Meera commented. The next morning giving me a packet Abida said, ‘Here take this. It is a year’s supply. Have fun my love.’ And we did.

I was having a glorious time, fucking the three ladies in the office during the day and Mala’s tight choot in the evening. This went on till Mala returned to her college promising to return soon. The ladies in turn returned to their old routine.

For over a year I had not been home. In each letter my mother pleaded with me to come home for a visit. I also missed my family specially Ritu and Nitu, my sisters. Taking leave for a month I left for home.

It was nice to be home. First time in my life I felt comfortable in my own home. Everyone was highly impressed by all I had achieved in this short period. My father could not get over the fact that I had done something praiseworthy. If only he knew about my extracurricular activities he would surely have killed me. There was nothing for me to do. I ate and lazed around basking in my newfound glory.

One afternoon my father announced, ‘Randhir I have fixed your marriage. The girl’s name is Arti. The baraat (groom’s marriage party) will leave in four days.’

My heart shouted, ‘NO FATHER I DON’T WANT TO MARRY ARTI. I WANT TO MARRY MY MALA AND BECOME THE MD OF THE COMPANY’ but aloud I could only muster enough courage to say, ‘yes father, whatever you say father.’

Tonight is my wedding night. My bride Arti is waiting for me in our bedroom and I am stuck with my friends, most of them married and my married brothers. Every one of them was giving me some advice or the other as to how I should tackle my bride.

‘Randhir tonight is your wedding night. Don’t go in and yawn loudly, get into bed and announce Arti it is getting late. Go to sleep and start snoring’ my friend Mohan said amid lots of laughter.

‘No! Then w..what am I s..supposed to do’ I stammered playing dumb.

‘Remember your bride is a girl. Girls have a choot and not a laurda like you have’ another friend Shyam said.

‘Come on boys Randhir knows that’ my brother Shashi said coming to my defense, ‘he is old enough.’

‘Just making sure Bhaiya (elder brother)’ Shyam continued, ‘in school Randhir was quite a dumb dodo.’

‘Of course I know that’ I said in a hurt tone. I wondered what they would say if they knew that I had already fucked four women and one of them was a virgin. To avoid making them suspicious I listened to them with rapt attention.

‘On her wedding night a bride expects to be fucked good and proper. So don’t sakarya escort you disappoint her’ my friend Ramesh said.

‘Yes I know but how am I supposed to do that’ I asked blushing.

‘Go in. Catch her by the ankles and spread her legs wide and shove your lund into her kori (virgin) choot’ Ramesh advised amongst lot of sniggering and laughing.

‘Stop it Ramesh you are confusing poor Randhir. Don’t listen to him Randhir’ Mohan said, ‘don’t follow Ramesh’s advice. He is a barbarian. Your bride will definitely be a virgin so proceed cautiously. Take her tenderly in your arms, kiss her lips and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. Then…’

‘Catch her by the ankles and spread her legs wide and shove your lund into her kori (virgin) choot’ Shyam, said completing the sentence. His remark brought the house down with laughter. Mohan kept trying to complete the advice he was giving but no one was in the mood to listen to him. They were too busy laughing at him.

Whenever I tried to leave one of them would say, ‘Hey man! What is the hurry? Listen to this last bit of advice before you go.’ This type of fun went on till it was eleven. At this point my mother came in.

‘Enough boys now let Randhir go. Poor Arti must be waiting for him’ she said and with naughty smile added, ‘I am sure he is also very keen to join her.’

‘That he is since last one hour’ they shouted together laughing loudly.

Entering the bedroom I locked the door behind me. The strong scent of jasmine hit me. The whole room was decorated with seasonal flowers. Arti was sitting on the decorated bed with her legs drawn up; her face covered with her pallu (the upper part of her sari) was resting on her knees. Hearing me enter she raised her head.

Sitting down next to her I said, ‘Arti why have you covered your face? My mother tells me that you are very beautiful. Uncover your face and let me also see your beauty.’ Arti replied with an imperceptible shake of her head. If I had not been looking at her I would not have noticed this slight movement.

‘If you are not going to lift your veil then I will have to do it’ I whispered.

She did not react and taking this as her tacit approval I slowly lifted her veil. She continued to sit with downcast eyes. Putting my finger under her chin I raised her face by. Her beauty, even with her eyes closed, took my breath away. My mother was right Arti was very, very beautiful. Mala was not half as pretty compared to her.

For few minutes I stared at her pretty face. ‘Arti you are the prettiest woman I have ever seen. Please open your eyes so that I can drown myself in them.’

Slowly she opened them. It was like blossoming of a lotus flower. I placed my lips on her blood red lips and kissed her lightly. Other than blushing deeply there was no other noticeable reaction from her. She was laden with jewelry. Kissing her face I slowly removed her jewelry one by one.

‘Come Arti let us lie down together’ I said pulling her down next to me. For a while we lay, without moving, in each other’s arms. Then placing my hand on her shapely breasts I squeezed them gently. ‘What are you doing’ she protested softly.

‘Just feeling your beautiful boobs’ I replied gently.

When I started to unbutton her blouse she caught my hand and whispered, ‘Please don’t.’

‘Let me darling. Tonight is our first night together. It is meant for us to be one in body and soul. I don’t want these clothes to come in between us in our first union’ I replied soothingly.

‘Switch off the light. I will die of shame’ she said softly.

‘Let it be on otherwise how will I see your beautiful body’ I replied smiling.

Then one by one I took off her clothes. She kept protesting feebly but also helped me by subtle twists and turns of her body. ‘Oh Arti your naked body is much more beautiful than I had imagined’ I said. She blushed again and shut her eyes even more tightly.

I caressed her firm boobs and sucked on her taut nipples. She moaned softly. I was very keen to see if her virgin choot hole was as small as Mala’s. Kissing her body I worked my way down to her belly button and then to her cunt. Her cunt was covered with tastefully short clipped pubic hair.

Parting her lower lips I gave her slit a couple of licks. ‘Oh yeh mat karo. Ganndi hai (Oh don’t do that. It is dirty)’ she moaned softly.

‘No darling, it is not dirty. It tastes very nice’ and continued to lick her pussy and clit till she came with a loud moan. Now I moved lower and lifting her legs looked at her choot hole. Yes, it was as small as Mala’s hole before my lund had enlarged it.

‘Don’t look at me there’ she said struggling to release her legs from my hold, ‘it is so embarrassing.’

‘Darling, don’t feel embarrassed. We are married. Your body is mine and my body belongs to you. If you like you can see my lund’ I said gently. Blushing beet root red sheshook her head vehemently.

Pulling off my clothes I got on top of her. Her thighs were pressed tightly together.

‘Darling spread your legs and make place for my lund.’

She did not react to my request. I asked her again but instead of opening them she pressed them tighter together. Not wanting to use force I rubbed my cock between her cunt lips. Slowly her body relaxed, then with a loud sigh her thighs separated. I pushed my knee in between them and spread her legs wide.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32