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Lying on my side in the cage, i heard light footsteps on the wooden stairs. The wire door was opened, and I felt the leash being attached to the ring in my leather collar.

“Out slave!” Mistress Black Canary commanded.

While on my hands and knees, i was forced like a puppy dog to follow Her. The dark-skinned lady led me to where i’d shot my load onto the tile floor. Pushing my head toward the pool of cum, she ordered me to “Lap it up slave!” The salty taste stuck on my tongue until the floor was dry. “Swallow it slave!” It sure didn’t taste like beer.

After that, Mistress led me over to where She sat on a chair. She laughed uproariously. “I told you Dano, that you’d be naked and on your knees in front of me!”

My reddened face was all the satisfaction She needed. Submissively i looked up at her, as i licked the cum from the corners of my mouth.

Slap!…”Keep your eyes down slave!” My faced burned. “Don’t look me in the face unless I order you!”

“Yes Mistress,” i whispered.

Slap!…”I can’t hear you slave!”

“Yes Mistress!”

“Now, let me explain a few things to you.” Keeping my eyes down, i remained silent.

“I am a professional night club singer. That’s how I got the name, ‘Black Canary’. I have sung in clubs in Chicago, New Orleans and Miami. My dream gig is Vegas. My agent is working on that.” Having seen ads about her when she’d appear in local shows, i knew what she said was spot on, although i’d never heard her sing.

“Now, about Frank, he is my paid body guard. He comes with me everywhere. One asshole in New Orleans jumped on stage and tried to grab my butt. Frank was on him in a flash and security ejected him in quick fashion. He is also my assistant, as you have discovered first hand.”

A sarcastic laugh ensued. “I love it when he manhandles you slave!” The vixen enjoyed humiliating me.

“And slave!…You will address Frank as ‘Sir’. Do you understand?”

Keeping my eyes down i answered quickly, “Yes Mistress.”

“Now about my close friends, Red Bird, Grey Squirrel and Yellow Swallow.” I hadn’t met the last lady She mentioned. Reading my mind, Mistress explained. “Yellow Swallow is a petite Korean, who loves to swallow cum. Hence her name. I raised my eyebrows. “She’s bi and a switch. She’s comfortable with men or women, and she can take a whipping as well as give one.”

Hearing this, one of my favorite fantasies is brought mind: to be totally dominated by a group of women.

Mistress informed me the reason all of their names are bird related. It was just a natural progession that began with her own nickname.

“Now!” She said as She pulled the leash up Ümraniye Fetiş Escort tight. “Let’s set a few rules for you slave! You will sleep here, which means you need to move out of your apartment, and put your funiture in storage. You may sell it all off eventually. Occasionally, if you’ve been a good slave, I may allow you to sleep on the floor beside my bed.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Most of the time around the house you will be clothed in only those red panties. I will take you back to Amy’s so you can buy more.” She laughed out loud.” I am sure Carole would love to see you again.”

My face reddened. “Yes Mistress.”

“Now,” She said in a happier tone of voice, “to celebrate your new status as My live-in slaveboy, we should go out to a restaurant for dinner.” Since that was a declaration and not a question, i kept silent. “Would you like that slave?”

My ears heard a question. “Ah, yes Mistress!” Then i felt her hands run through my black hair and lift my face upward. Her gleaming brown eyes penetated my own.

“Very well then. You may come upstairs, shower, and we’ll give you your clothes to wear.”

“Yes Mistress,” i said in a gleeful tone.

Promptly, she led me up the stairs by the leash with me on all fours. ( i was told that i’d be led in this fashion anywhere in the house) i had exactly twenty minutes to shower, use the bathroom and be in the living room ready to go. i wouldn’t like the consequences if i was late!

Accomplishing that order, Mistress, who was dressed in an off-white gossamer button down blouse and cherry-colored tight-clinging slacks that showed off her well-rounded derriere magnificently, ordered me to bend over so that my forehead was touching the floor, and my butt was pointing toward the ceiling. In short order i felt my butt-cheeks parting. A hard, rounded object was being forced into my anus. Grunting , my ass was soon filled with the ten inch plug. Then ordering me back up, She threw me the same red panties i’d worn earlier. “Put’em on!” They once again felt tight around my genitels, but what really made me uncomfortable was the intruding butt-plug under the frilly undies.

“Ah don’t you look cute slave,” she mocked as she snapped the waistband of the panties. “But I have something else for you!”

She walked over to the upholstered sofa, and picked up a plaid garment that was resting on one of the arms. She brought it to where i was standing and held it up to my waist. “Ah yes,” she exclaimed. “I want to have access to cock and balls at all times.”

My eyes widened… A kilt!?

She ordered me to put it on, and stop stalling. Totally embarrassed, Ümraniye Gecelik Escort i was wondering why i had agreed to all this. Once in place, I was ordered to stand in the middle of the room and model it for us. My tall, lean body must’ve looked silly with a kilt on. Black Canary and Frank both whistled as I twirled around at Her behest.

Then she told me to put on a buttoned down white shirt with ruffles in front which showed off my chest hair. Frank whistled. “Your slave-slut is looking deliciously inviting. I have a supreme urge to throw him on the floor and fuck him!”

Black Canary laughed out loud. “Down Frank. He can be our dessert later.”

Sounded ominous, I thought.

I was then led by my leash out to their four-door Lincoln. Frank opened the back door on the passenger side, where the lady entered. i was ordered to sit next to her. Frank drove. We hadn’t driven two blocks before Mistress bound my hands behind me, and lifted the hem of the kilt so she could fondle my cock that was pressing out the velvety smooth material.

“I love playing with cocks,” she cooed with a snicker. “They are so fascinating.” I sighed audibly as she then fondled my balls. “And these little guys here, I just love rolling them in my fingers,”she gleamed as she gave them a little squeeze., making me wince. It felt strange when we were whizzing down the highway, while this sexy dark-skinned lady was having fun with my package.

Once Frank parked, Black Canary removed her hand from under my kilt and freed my hands. We exited the vehicle. The big man, who was dressed in a light blue pullover shirt and dark trousers acted as the valet. He opened the right passenger door allowing me and the lady to slide out. We were led to a booth by a polite young woman, who stopped and handed us each a menu. Black Canary gestured for me to be seated close to the wall as she slid in beside me. Frank’s massive frame nearly took up the entire length of the opposing side.

It was really a pleasant conversation. We talked about football, politics, entertainers and food. Drinks, appetisers and entree were served efficiently by a polite young man who looked to be college age.

The lady took advantage of the fact that i was wearing that kilt, running her hand under the plaid material to fondle my goods. Being trapped in this seat left me a sitting duck to my Mistress’s advances. The butt-plug wedged itself deeper in my ass as we ate and talked.

“Don’t you dare cum, slave,” She whispered in a menacing voice as she gripped my balls. “That means no precum!” She admonished with a slight squeeze.

Finishing up our meal with bowls Ümraniye Genç Escort of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, i was told that slaves always pay, when the waiter delivered our check.

Riding back to Black Canary’s residence, it was a repeat of the ride to the restaurant, with Mistress fondling my cock and balls under the kilt.

Once Frank had parked the Lincoln in the garage, i was ordered to strip my panties. The plug was left in. Hooking a leash to the collar that was quickly placed around my neck, i was led like a puppy-dog into the house.

Down the basement steps we went as Mistress held the leash. “Lie on your back slave!” Obeying, i was trussed by my wrists and ankles to the same board that Frank had slung me down on earlier. Hearing Mistree’s high heels click across the tile floor, i heard Her open a drawer. Curiosity got the better of me, and i tried to see what She was getting. Knowing i was watching, She held the object away from view until She stood over me.

“This is a chastity belt slave! Since cumming without permission will get you brutally punished, I have taken this step to keep you out of trouble. You really should thank me!” She said with penetrating eyes. Silently, i looked up at Her as my eyes widened.

Slap! My face burned.

“What do you say, slave!?”

“Thank You Mistress.”

Slap! “Thank Me for what slave!?”

“Thank You for my chastity belt, Mistress!”

“That’s better.”

Freeing my ankles so She could remove my panties, She recuffed me quickly. She then held my cock and fit the chastity device to it so that no ejaculation was possible.

Laughing uproarously, Mistress taunted me. “The big bad police detective is now controlled by his dick! You will keep this on permanently unless i free your little man. I will unlock it if you are a good boy. If you are really a good boy I might let you cum. Your dick belongs to me!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And by the way, the butt-plug stays in until i remove it!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now slave, when you come home from work each day, you will strip to your panties immediately upon entering!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That is the only garment you allowed to wear in the house unless I say otherwise.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“As far as the plug, if you need to take a crap, you will replace it afterward. Clear!?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Even at work!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Very well then,” She said as She uncuffed my wrists and ankles. “Hands and knees!”

Obeying instantly, i was led to my cage and ordered inside. Mistress attached a longer leash to my chastity device. “This chain is long enough for you to reach the bathroom if you need to use the toilet. You should be able to piss even with the device on.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Have a good night slave. Frank will be down in the morning to get you.” The room went dark as She ambled up the stairs.

“Yes Mistress.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32