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Karen and Emily enjoyed the idea of going out for a pleasant New Year’s brunch at noon on the first day of the year. Their favorite spot was called Glenda’s, and not only because it was quiet and cozy and had superb, imaginative cuisine to boot. Glenda herself, the proprietress, was a lissome lady in her 30s who dressed in executive-style conservative suits and tweeds, belying her own very strong attraction to similarly-appearing women.

Emily had known Glenda from when the latter had first arrived in town and the two had reached that level of friendship where knowing nods replaced any need to communicate by word. So on New Year’s, Karen informed the three submissives who lived with them—Emily’s older sisters Leslie and Linda, and Karen’s mother, Marian—that they would be having brunch together at Glenda’s.

All three women suppressed their instant reaction, which was a fearful one. They all knew all too well that for them, the most significant location in Glenda’s restaurant was the ladies’ room. This was where Glenda had made it clear that domes were free to use the couch to discipline their charges in a semipublic manner. All three had been spanked on the couch and had seen other women made to lower their panties and climb across their dominant’s lap to be punished in this childish manner.

Karen then went on to detail her instructions as the three women fretted about the outing. To their disappointed faces, she told them they would all be required to wear hicut white cotton panties with a small pantiliner. Everyone knew that this meant that the liner was likely to be inspected by Karen or Emily and when found to be soiled or stained, would result in more severe disciplining.

The women were then made to lower their panties for pre-lunch inspection before leaving the apartment. Linda lowered her hicuts first and everyone saw the tell-tale string that indicated she was on her period. Karen immediately issued the humiliating order to Emily’s sister to remove her tampon and replace it with only a very small pad. Poor Linda realized that this meant she would indubitably stain her panties and receive extra punishment, as well as supreme humiliation when bared in the ladies room.

Usually, Karen’s mother, Marian, was the most resistant to training and thus was punished the most harshly, mostly by her own daughter. Karen took special pleasure in putting Marian through her paces because her mother had been offhandedly dismissive of the petite Karen while the young dome was growing up. Now Karen, still in her 20s looking like a teenager, was a superb domme in the making, having learned many of the necessary attributes from her great friend Emily. While both had regular boy friends, they often spent nights together in Emily’s spacious bed, as they explored their feminine charms.

Marian began to open her mouth to protest the pantiliner requirement and before she could have her say, Karen pulled out a tiny pair of little girl panties—the kind with bunnies on them and a reinforced plastic crotch to take care of the inevitable accidents young girls experienced—and held them out. “You will wear these, Marian,” she intoned, as her mother cringed but accepted the shameful panties and then began the even more Ümraniye Grup Escort embarrassing process of removing her regular underpants so she could put the tight little girly ones on.

Leslie, the second sister, had avoided the humiliations visited on her older sister, Linda, and Karen’s mom, Marian. She tried to focus on staying quiet while she inserted the awful little pantiliner in the crotch of her hicuts. Now that all three subs had been inspected, Karen told Emily that everyone was ready to go. They arrived at Glenda’s and the owner smiled gratefully as they entered.

Glenda was appreciative of the patronage Emily had generated for her café. She also had enjoyed being invited to Emily’s luxurious apartment on an evening when everyone else was away. The two had had a lovely light repast and then repaired to Emily’s commodious bed for a night of exciting pleasures. Glenda was an experienced lesbian but even she had no awareness previously of the amazing techniques Emily knew to heighten sensitivity and postpone gratification.

Glenda’s bright auburn curls contrasted appealingly with Emily’s sprightly dirty blonde ponytail. Emily never dressed as her conservatively-attired friend Karen did. She preferred much more distinctive but exceedingly well-tailored outfits that exuded her own imagination and originality. Her assistant, Wendy, led the party to a choice corner round table and sparkled as she chatted with Karen while Emily remained to exchange a few words with her boss.

“If any of your charges misbehave,” Glenda said with a grin, “and you decide to take them to my ladies’ room to be disciplined, be aware that I have obtained a few little items that you might enjoy making use of,” she explained to a very interested Emily. “There’s a small box in the second drawer by the sink that contains what I call ‘punishment tampons,’ sweetie. When inserted, they emit occasional little stings that produce interesting reactions from the wearer,” she giggled.

“Oh, that will be fun,” Emily replied, “since my sister Linda is having her period.”

“And also, for your delectation, my dear, I have provided in the next drawer in there a supply of lovely little canes and whips that are appropriate for use in, shall we say, a lady’s most delicate spots?” Glenda said with a huge smile. “You needn’t feel that you are in a way less well armed than one of those Dedeaux characters when they used to playfully give their victims a few ‘pussies’,” she added.

Emily was quite familiar with the novels to which Glenda referred. She only resented that some of the most severe dominance in them was always coming from men to be visited upon women. It was her intention soon to begin to train her boyfriend to be as submissive as the three women sitting out at the table in Glenda’s café now.

She now kissed Glenda lightly on the cheek and joined her party at the table as everyone enjoyed the brunch. Glenda came by and poured some mimosas for them herself. Then they were served some delightful salads with mushrooms, peppers, arugula, and frisee. Marian had ordered an omelet, which arrived perfectly cooked, and Emily herself enjoyed one of the light frittatas Glenda had become well-known for Ümraniye Manken Escort serving.

In her haste to enjoy the omelet, and knowing that the pleasant part of the meal was coming to an end shortly, Marian began eating more quickly than she was able to swallow, a nervous habit she had always had. She coughed on her food and actually released some from her mouth that landed on the front of her jumper. All three of the subservient women were normally required to wear schoolgirlish outfits such as sweater sets and jumpers.

Karen of course noticed that Marian had behaved badly by eating fast and then spitting out her food on herself. She took her mother by the hand and said, “It looks like you have earned the first trip to the ladies room. Come with me now,” she added, as the shamed Marian wiped herself clean and rose to be taken by the hand as if she were a small child to the ladies room.

Once there, Karen took Marian into the handicapped stall and bade her lift her skirt and lower her little girl panties. Marian reddened as she complied with the embarrassing orders. Karen saw immediately that there was liquid and white creamy staining on the plastic crotch of Marian’s tight cute panties. “It seems you are unable to control your girly secretions,” Karen said in a clinical tone. “Now go ahead and empty your bladder so we have no accidents when you are across my lap,” Karen said as if she were addressing a six-year-old instead of her 50-year-old mother.

Marion proceeded, with difficulty, to pee while her daughter bossily watched her sitting on the toilet with her legs open and her little girl panties at her knees. Finally she released her urine in a loud splash and nodded to Karen that she had finished. “You have completed your wee wee?” Karen asked. “Yes, Miss Karen,” Marion answered in ritual tones, knowing that Karen would insist that she say, as she did, “I have done wee-weeing, Miss Karen.”

With that, Karen bossily took a sheet of toilet tissue and wiped her mother’s hairy vulva. She told Marion to keep her panties at her knees and to stand up. Karen flushed the toilet, opened the door of the stall, and led Marian by the hand to the couch where the ultimate humiliation would be imposed on the very scared Marian.

Without further prompting, Marian climbed across the small skirted lap of her daughter. She realized how ridiculous she looked lying across Karen’s lap, with her large buttocks displayed so that her hair between her legs stuck out between her rear cheeks. Karen made the scene even more revealing by placing her hand between Marian’s legs and indicating she was to spread them as far as the panties at her knees permitted.

Marian had a vulva that protruded to the rear so now it was glaringly visible to Karen and to anyone else who might appear while Marian was being disciplined. Karen began to apply spanks to Marian’s prominent cheeks. Soon, as Karen spanked her mother, an attractive woman in her 20s came into the ladies room and rushed to stall, where soon the loud splash of her pent-up pee was heard hitting the water. She quickly wiped herself, pulled up her pants, and emerged to wash her hands and adjust her makeup.

Lori, for that was her Ümraniye Masöz Escort name, noticed Karen spanking Marian on the couch. She smiled at Karen and asked, “Has this little girl been naughty today so that you had to bring her into the ladies room for her bare botty to be spanked?” Karen loved the tone of Lori’s inquiry and responded in kind, “Oh yes, this little girl behaves very badly in company so as you see, she needs to be spanked and I’ve been having her wear this sweet little girly panties as punishment.”

“Do you ever find it necessary to punish her more severely?” Lori asked, now with a wide smile across her attractive face. Lori had flaming red hair and a cute figure that Karen envied.

“Well,” Karen answered, “she does misbehave quite a lot, for someone who has been in training now for some time. She is a very naughty girl and sometimes I have to use a soft whip in between her legs.” Marian cringed as she thought of the strands of the whip striking her most sensitive places. “Do you want me to show you?” she asked Lori. Pointing to Marian, she added, “She won’t enjoy this but it will be good for her.”

“Oh…..sure,” Lori answered. “I really don’t want to cause her any more serious punishment but I’d find it interesting to see her disciplined the way you described.”

Much to both of their surprise, Karen reached into the drawer Glenda had mentioned to Emily and withdrew a small whip perfectly suited to punishing a woman’s most sensitive and intimate areas. She humiliatingly tapped the whip between Marian’s spread thighs, meaning that her mother was now expected to spread her legs more to receive the whip right in her open vulva.

Lori noticed that Marian’s girly bits were darker than her own more youthful ones. Marian’s vulva actually looked sort of brown-colored to Lori, but before she could examine it more carefully, Karen flicked her wrist and the small whip landed right between Marian’s labia and tickled the tiny peephole and the opening of Marian’s vagina.

Marian somehow held off a scream and instead whimpered as more strokes landed within her most intimate and sensitive place. “You see how she knows she needs this punishment,” Karen confided to Lori, who nodded her assent.

“You seem quite able to control her and give her what she needs,” Lori said with respect to Karen, who cherished this kind of regard. She smiled at Lori and said she would love to give her a call and get together soon if Lori was so inclined. Lori responded with a grin and took out a sweet ladies’ fountain pen and write her number down on a business card and handed it to Karen.

“Maybe you’d like to help punish her?” Karen asked the red-haired visitor.

Lori nodded in the positive and Karen handed her the whip. Lori ran her finger between Marian’s thighs and teased the older woman’s clit with her fingertip. “Oh, she is quite wet,” Lori reported. Then she took the whip from Karen, lined it up, and snapped it right between Marian’s labia so that Marian was surprised and let out a louder scream.

“I’ll give you something to scream about,” Karen responded, clearly annoyed. She reached into the lower drawer and extracted a ginger fig which she carefully inserted into Marian’s cute little anus. Marian cringed as she felt her anus invaded, and now Karen ordered her to pull up her panties as she stood. She escorted Marian back to their table and waved good-bye to Lori. Both women reflected on their meeting and liked what they saw awaiting them, now and in the immediate future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32