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As Angela grabbed her overnight bag and headed toward the door on a Saturday morning, she told her husband, Don, to enjoy his two days to himself. She promised not to spend too much, but a couple of previous shopping weekends with her girlfriend always seemed to cost him. If he only knew how much this time.

He spent the morning doing some chores around the house he had wanted to get done and by mid-afternoon was pleased with how much he had accomplished. So he decided to treat himself and took a long, hot shower. Then he opened the box he brought from the garage earlier and commenced to look through the contents until he decided what to wear. As a closet crossdresser he seldom got the opportunity to indulge in his fetish. So he decided to go full out with garters, stockings, panties and a bra. An hour later he was lying on the couch watching some porn movie and stroking his cock, his mind far from his surroundings as he took his pleasure while watching two women in the movie make passionate lesbian love.

So engrossed was he in his own world, he never heard Martha, Angela’s mother, enter the house or notice her taking a couple of videos of him on her cell phone. When she spoke, he froze!

“Well, well, well. Look at what I found, my daughter’s husband all dressed up like a sissy and playing with his own cock! I wonder what my daughter will think when she sees these videos,” Martha asked.

“Please, no you can’t tell her, please no!” replied Don sounding like a man about to have a panic attack.

“Now before you get any stupid ideas, like trying to overpower me and get my cell phone, just know that I have already sent them to my e-mail, so there is no getting them back, unless you do exactly as I tell you. And I mean exactly!” And then Don heard her break into laughter as the realization of the predicament he had gotten into hit home.

“And if you don’t do as I demand, my lovely daughter will see these videos before she gets home. Just imagine what she will think, little man! And I do mean little man looking at that tiny cock. I can’t imagine how you ever satisfy rize escort Angela with that pathetic thing” And more laughter filled the room.

“Oh please Martha, please don’t let her know. I’ll do whatever you want, just please keep this between us, please!!” begged Don.

“You are so pathetic, begging like a little child about to get punished. Alright, I won’t tell her as long as you do everything. Now put your hands behind your back.” Pulling a set of handcuffs from her purse, Martha quickly snapped them shut on Don, stunning him as he wondered why she would carry handcuffs. “Don’t worry, I have carried these for years, you never know when a lady might need them,” chuckled Martha, seemingly reading his mind which added to Don’s apprehension about what was going to happen.

“Now you stay right there while I get my bag out of my car,” said Martha, leaving him on the floor getting more nervous by the minute.

When Martha returned, she saw that Don had not moved at all, and that pleased her, “So nice of you to do as you were told although I would have enjoyed sending those videos to Angela!”

“Now hold still while I lock this collar around your neck. You will be kept under my control with this leash that attaches right to the front ring. And if you try to break away, well there is a lovely shock feature on this dog training collar. I am sure you won’t do anything to make me use it. Now get up and let’s get you into the bathroom.” As Don stood up slowly, Martha yanked hard on the leash and pulled him quickly to the bathroom.

“If you are going to dress like a sissy, then you will need to improve your looks, that’s for sure! Stand in the tub.” As he climbed into the cold tub, Martha quickly wet his skin with the hand held shower and then started rubbing some kind of lotion all over his body, covering everything from the shoulders down. She paid extra attention to his genitals, which he found rather embarrassing since this was his mother-in-law, who seemed to be rather rough with him. She chided him repeatedly about his little cock and how her daughter was really missing out on being properly fucked. She even wondered out loud if she had ever had an orgasm from his little cock. All this of course just made Don feel more nervous he felt a sickening feeling deep in his gut about what Martha really had in mind.

“Stay there, I will be back in fifteen minutes to finish up and then we can get on with the rest of my plans.” Martha strode from the bathroom leaving poor Don standing there feeling helpless to stop her since she had those damn videos. If only he had not been so engrossed in that lesbian sex scene.

As he stood there awaiting her return, he felt his skin start to tingle, almost burn at times. He started once again to feel anxious as to what Martha had planned for him. He just knew that if his wife saw those videos, there would be hell to pay and he certainly did not want to jeopardize his marriage any more than he had.

After a half hour, Martha returned and started to rinse off Don’s body. When he realized that all his body hair was coming off, he started to get very nervous and immediately wondered how he was going to explain this to his wife. As Martha finished up she started teasing him verbally, “I wonder how my daughter will like the new look of her husband? A hairless body, all smooth like a sissy should be, with his tiny cock all exposed now. I bet she will be mad at you for getting rid of your hair without telling or asking her first. Maybe she will punish you.”

As Martha had him step out of the shower, he saw himself in the mirror and really started to panic as he realized what he looked like. Naked, handcuffed, and hairless from the neck down! Thoughts and fears of how his wife was going to react flooded his mind as Martha dried him off, all the while taunting him about his “new” look.

“Now let’s get you dressed properly, sissy boy!” And Martha grabbed him by his leash and led him into the bedroom.

As Don stood there submissively, Martha put his garter belt back on him and had him put his stockings and bra back on. All the while she taunted him about how much better he looked now, even though his little cock was exposed. Then she brought out some pink panties she found in his box of clothing and pulled them up tightly.

“See, sluts like you should always wear their panties over their garter belt so they can be easily slid down. After all, sissies must be ready to offer themselves up for whatever pleasure may be desired by their owner. Yes, I said owner, and that is what I am now, your owner, as I have the videos that you don’t want my daughter to see! Now bend over the end of the bed!”

Seeing little choice in the matter, Don bent over the rail at the end of the bed and then felt more panic as he felt Martha attaching leather cuffs to his ankles, then securing them to the legs of the bed, leaving him spread wide. Then he felt her fingers under the waist band of his panties and heard her taunting voice, “Now let’s slide your panties down and see what you have to offer me! Oh look at that smooth little boi pussy! And those soft white ass cheeks, they look like they are begging for a good spanking!”

And before that remark fully sunk in to Don’s mind, Martha let loose with a hard smack across his left ass cheek, followed by one to his other cheek. “Oh that put a touch of color in those cheeks. Let’s see how red they get!” And she commenced to deliver a long hard spanking, covering both cheeks and even landing a few swats on the backs of his thighs. Before long, Don felt tears rolling down his cheeks and when Martha spotted them, she was delighted, “Look at my little son-in-law, sobbing like a sissy from a little spanking! My goodness, imagine what you feel like when I decide to use a paddle or a whip on you! Rest assured that I will use those things on you, since I own you and can do with you as I wish, when I wish.”

Just when Don felt like his world had hit bottom and his mother-in-law would being using him after this weekend, he heard the laughter of two female voices, then words which scared the hell out of him.

“Oh my mother, you did just what you said you would! I can’t believe you could pull it off. Kristi and I picked up the items you had asked me to get. Now let’s get on with the rest of your plans! Welcome to your new life, hubby!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32