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His e-mailed instructions had been cryptic… “Prepare yourself for Me – 7pm”. I knew what this meant. I was to bathe and shave and lay naked on the couch having left the front door unlocked for His entry.

i arrived home at 5pm, 30 minutes earlier than usual. i sat on the couch and leaned my head back, envisioning His arrival. It would take about 45 minutes to prepare myself as He wished, so i did not have to rush. i relaxed for a few moments…

A sound startled me and i realized i had fallen asleep. The room was dark and, in a panic, i looked at my watch. 7:15. M’Lord should already have arrived, and i was not prepared. Jumping up, i saw a small scrap of paper fall from my lap to the carpet. On it were the words, “W/we will discuss your disobedience tomorrow. M”. i realized then that the sound which had awakened me was the front door closing. i ran to the window in time to see His car pulling away. i was crushed, i had wanted Him so badly, to lay with Him, smell Him, feel Him, please Him… And i had failed Him instead. i quickly grabbed the phone and dialed His cell number. The call went directly to the voice mail and i knew He had turned His phone off. The disappointment was horrid.

i realized i had disobeyed Him for the first time… and i was afraid of the punishment i would endure for doing so. i dreaded the long, lonely night ahead knowing i would focus only on having disappointed Him.

i fixed dinner and couldn’t eat. i watched tv and couldn’t concentrate. i tried to read, but the words made no sense. Finally, giving up, i drew a bath. Once in the hot, steaming water, i felt my body relax, but my mind could not. i tried touching myself as i thought He might, crushing my nipples, squeezing my clit… but to no avail. i could not become aroused.

Leaving the bath and laying naked and alone on my bed, i thought perhaps i should attempt to punish myself. Cause myself pain that would please Him. i reached down and brought out the largest of my vibrators… the diameter of the head was easily twice that of a normal man’s penis. i opened my legs and, without preparation, pushed the head into my vagina. i felt the stretch and burn of the skin expanding, felt the pressure as i continued to stuff the dry instrument into myself. it hurt. Not the exquisite, burning, glorious pain that He delivered to me. it hurt because i wanted the pain to be a bad thing. i wanted to hurt for having disobeyed Him. i withdrew the head and pushed it in again, harder and deeper. it hurt. i wanted Him. i wanted the pain He would give me no matter how harsh. The wonderful pain that swept me to the edge of ecstasy and over it… i wanted Him.. Pulling the vibrator from my vagina, i threw it across the room and cried. My pussy ached from the intrusion, but i cried Ümraniye Olgun Escort not from pain. i cried for having displeased Him.

The next day was horrible. He did not return my e-mail messages, nor my voice mail messages. At 4:30, as i was leaving the office, i received an e-mail from Him saying only, “7pm”. My heart leapt with excitement for a moment until i realized He would be displeased with me and that i would face His wrath. But that was better than not hearing from Him, not seeing Him at all.

Upon arriving home, i quickly ran to the bathroom and started the water running. When i entered the bedroom, i saw that the over-stuffed chair stood in the center of the room and ‘my’ satin pillow lay in front of it. A black satin blindfold lay on the seat of the chair. i knew what this meant.

i bathed and shaved, putting on His favorite scented powder. When i came from the bath, it was 6:45. i felt my nipples stiffen and the wetness between my legs begin in anticipation. At 6:55, i turned out all the other lights and knelt, naked on the satin pillow in front of the chair. After putting on the blindfold, i bent forward, stretching my hands to grip the back legs of the chair, lifting my ass in the air. And i waited.

In a few moments, i heard Him enter the house and walk toward the bedroom. i heard his footsteps as He walked toward me, knowing He could see my glistening pussy lips beneath my exposed ass. I felt His wonderful fingers lightly graze the skin of my back, slipping up to my neck where His hand pressed my face to the floor, lifting my ass higher. He walked behind the chair and i felt the soft leather strips encircle my wrists, binding them to the back legs of the chair. My wetness increased.

He walked back to stand behind me. He stood there for what seemed like forever. His foot pressed against first one knee and then the other, spreading my legs wide. i felt the thin, long strands of leather tickle the skin on my ass as He lightly caressed me with it. i gasped, knowing now what was to be.

The hiss of the leather strands through the air had registered in my ears as they hit my ass and i jerked forward from the burn. Again, before i could regain my breath, the whip hit my skin.. i felt tears forming in my eyes behind the blindfold. Again, the leather stung my flesh and i felt the wetness of my pussy begin to flow in earnest as the pain swept through me. The burning increased each time the whip strands struck me and i wept as i felt the first stirring of my orgasm deep within..

And then it stopped. my nipples were stiffened and bulging and i found myself praying He would use this opportunity to fuck my ass for the first time. My pussy was drenched and my clit ached to be touched. For several Ümraniye Sarışın Escort moments, there was nothing. Then i felt His fingers as they pulled apart my burning ass cheeks and thrilled to think i would feel Him in me there. Disappointment washed over me as i felt the littlest vibrator enter my ass. I wanted HIM there. He turned it on and His hands left me again.

I heard him undress behind me. Then i heard him walk behind the chair once more. i was confused when i felt him release my hands, but He walked behind me and bound them together. i tried to imagine what i looked to Him now… On my knees, hands tied behind forcing my breasts forward, nipples hard and aching, legs spread, ass reddened and stuff with a vibrator. My pussy ached to be touched…

He can around in front of me and sat in the chair. i felt His knees on either side of my head and my heart skipped. i would taste Him soon! He reached out and removed the blindfold. He sat there, My Lord, My One, naked. His glorious Cock hard and swollen. i wanted nothing more than to taste His manhood, to suck it into my mouth and feel it grow.

But He leaned back from me. He spread His legs wide so i could see everything… His Balls, His Cock, His Anus. His hand began to stroke His Cock, the other cupping His Balls. He moved slowly at first, looking into my eyes, sliding His hand up and down the turgid length of His Penis. It grew harder still and He continued to stroke it as He reached out and pinched one of my nipples. i groaned and swayed as the sharp pain surged to my clit, making it jump. And then His hand was gone and cupping His Balls again. i could see the droplet forming on the tip of His Cock and licked my lips. i wanted so very badly to taste that drop, to pull His Cock into my mouth and feel Him fill me there.

He continued to stroke His Cock and massage His Balls. I thought surely when it was time, He would push me over and ram into me. I waited in unbearable anticipation as His hand moved faster and faster. The droplet grew also, becoming a trickle that i would have given anything to lap up… i saw His Balls draw up tighter and tighter, His Hips moved as He threw His head back and closed His eyes. I knew it was getting close and i knew my dripping pussy would soon be filled with His glorious Cock.

Then, suddenly, He growled and the white, hot liquid pumped from the tip of His Cock. His hips thrust as i knew they must when He was inside me. The fluid pumped and ran down His hand and Cock, over the fingers massaging His Balls, into the crack of His Ass. I wanted to lick it up, to suck it off of Him, to flatten my tongue and lap across His Ass gathering every drop in my mouth before swallowing it. He continued to pump His hand until the fluid Ümraniye Şişman Escort eruption began to slow. His strokes slowed with it. He tightened Hins fingers and, looking into my face, milked the last drops up and out of the slit in the tip of His Cock.

i ached worse than anything i had ever known. My nipples throbbed and my clit felt almost painfully extended. The vibrator in my ass added to the level of excitement, but offered no relief. i screamed in frustration.

He smiled. Rising from the chair, He walked behind me. i felt the hand covered in his cum wiped it on my ass. Bending over, He once more pushed my head to the floor. I felt Him push the vibrator more firmly into my ass. Then His hand grasped a fistful of hair and pulled me up to my knees. He walked in front of me and stood… that beautiful Cock inches from my mouth.

Reaching down, He grasped my aching nipples with the thumb and forefinger of each hand and pulled me by them to standing. Pulling me still, he led me to the bed. He lowered me on to the bed, sitting on the edge. I gasped as the vibrator in my ass pushed deeper still. Then, laying me back, he raised my hands above my head and attached them to a hook on the headboard. He came to the bottom of the bed and tied first one and then the other ankle to the legs of the bed, spreading me.

He came and stood by my head then, smiling and gazing down at me. “pet…,” he began, “you displeased Me last night.”

I nodded.

“This, then, is your punishment.” He whispered, lightly stroked my sides, the undersides of my breasts avoiding my nipples. “I’ve beaten you. I’ve cum without you. Now, my pet,” He said tenderly, “you must be aching to cum.. for relief, yes?”

“Oh, yes, M’Lord,” i answered excitedly.

He smiled again. “That will not be, pet. You will not cum this night. Nor the next. Not until I say you may. Do you understand?”

My astonishment must have shone in my face.

He continued, “I will touch you as I want, lick you, suck you. But you must not cum, pet. You must wait until i say you may.”

“But…” I began.

His hand slapped my aching nipple. “NO! You will cum on MY command the next time. Do you understand?”

i nodded as tears stung my eyes.

“Good. Now, i will leave you here for a while to contemplate this. But first…” His head lowered between my legs and i felt the ecstasy of His hot tongue lap at my swollen clit. I arched my back to grind against His face. He immediately moved His head away and plunged two fingers in to my sopping vagina. i lost track of my surroundings. There was only His fingers pushing in and out, in and out… i felt that familiar buzz begin and pushed against His hand. He ripped His fingers from me and gave a final push on the the vibrator in my ass. Then withdrew.

I screamed in frustration, the need for release so huge, so unbearable.

He smiled down at me again. Pinching one nipple, He moved away. “I’ll be back in a little bit, pet… Think of how you displeased Me… Think of these consequences…” And He was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32