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This story contains content involving Female Domination and feminization of sub males and homosexuality. This story also contains strong BDSM themes. If these subjects are not to your liking, then, Please!!, do not read the following! And please do not give anonymous feedback about how wrong my story is to contain such content. I think, just as some latent homosexuals need to attack gays, other anonymous commenters can’t admit to their depth of kink and want to “kill the messenger” out of their own denial their own perverse (to them) desires.



He surveyed the bar as his eyes adjusted to the dark room. As he made his way to the bartender for a drink, he scanned the room to see if there were any new prospects for tonight. The bar was about half full with most of the crowd being couples or groups of men. Initially he felt a little let down, maybe this wasn’t going to be one of his nights, but there, back in one of the booths, was someone who caught his eye.

He could only see her from behind, but it was clear even from this perspective that she was striking. She was dressed in a skin-tight leather body suit and her hair was tied tightly in a ponytail. He decided with very little thought that he would make his play with her and see how it went. He had usually done quite well with women and most found him attractive and entertaining. As he neared her booth, he could see that he was right about her beauty. Her cheekbones were high and her eyes wide-spaced, giving her an exotic feline appearance.

“It seems such a shame that a beautiful woman like you should be drinking alone,” he said, trying to be charming.

“I’m not the woman you’re looking for,” she coldly responded.

Ever up to a challenge, he asked, “How do you know? We’ve only just met”.

“Believe me, I’m not your type,” she said dismissively.

“Oh, are you into women then?” he lightly asked.

“No, that’s not what I meant,” she said, laughing. “It’s just what I want and what you want are likely quite different,” she replied.

“Maybe I could be what you want, if you were to give me half a chance,” he implored.

She left him standing there while she pondered what to do. She seemed in no hurry to decide her course of action either. Finally, she instructed, “Sit down then, and just listen. If you speak just one word to me without my first seeking a reply from you, then this encounter is over. You will get no second chance, ever,” she commanded.

Somewhat surprised and flustered, he sat down. Whatever her game was, he’d never met anyone who treated him like this.

“I still don’t think I’m who you’re looking for, but I will explain what I’m about. Just to clear up any misconception you might have about me, I am into men, very much so. But what I need from men is their obedience. I need to be completely and absolutely in charge. What I need from men, including you, is to do exactly what I say without question. In fact the first time any man questions me or resists my demands in any way our association ends. Is that clear enough for you? You may briefly answer, but that doesn’t give you permission to ask any questions or talk about other things”.

He’d heard about women who were in charge, dominant women, but he’d never met one before this night and wasn’t sure he was ready to experiment with this deviant sexuality. But she was beautiful and powerfully sexual in how she presented herself, and he found himself becoming aroused.

“So, what will it be? Will you do exactly as I say, or will we go our separate ways?” she asked.

He was fully erect now and answered, “I will do as you say”. She held her hand up to indicate she wanted no more talking from him.

“I live just 2 blocks from here, and we can walk to my place. I want you to follow after I get up and walk about 10 feet behind me. When we get to my place, I want you to wait at the bottom of the front steps until I signal you to come in. Can you do this? Just nod if you will comply,” she commanded. And immediately following his nod, she arose and walked out of the bar, and he followed dutifully 10 feet behind her, watching her beautifully swaying, leather encased ass the entire 2 blocks, mesmerized by its roundness and tight jiggle. He wondered what he had gotten himself into, but his rock hard cock gave its approval to the mystery.

When they got to her large Victorian house, he waited and the foot of the stairs as instructed while she ascended until she turned to him and just said, “Come,” like she would a dog and turned away and went inside. He followed her up the stairs and into the house. She had gone from the entry to the living room and was seated in a large overstuffed leather easy chair. She said, “You will remain standing for now. I want you to strip naked and put your clothes on the chair over there,” gesturing nearby. “Remember that this evening continues as long as you completely obey my every command. If you fail to yalova escort obey properly, I will dismiss you or will punish you for your failure. I may punish you anyway. Your duty is to fully do as I ask without concern for what you want. Is that clear?”

“Yes” was all he said as he slowly took off his clothes, hoping that when he turned around she would also be naked. He was somewhat surprised to see her still dressed in her leather. The zipper at the front of her outfit seemed to be a little lower, revealing more of her breasts than before.

“I know this is all fairly new to you,” she said holding up her hand to signal him not to answer, “and I know this may all seem very strange, but our little friend here,” gesturing towards his raging hard-on, “seems to be very interested in tonight’s events, and isn’t that all that really matters?” embarrassing him greatly. She then reached into a drawer in the side table next to her chair and tossed him a little leather item with straps and snaps. “Put this on,” she ordered.

He fumbled with the leather device, trying to figure what it was and how one would wear it.

“One strap goes around the base of your cock and balls, and the other, wider part goes around just your balls. Put it on and be quick about it”. He fumbled with this foreign device, finally managing to get it around the base of his cock and balls and then struggling a bit to get the wide part around his balls which had never experienced the stretch they were receiving now. He felt a sense of relief when he closed the final snap. His cock seemed harder now than it had ever been before despite his balls’ discomfort.

“Now stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart and with your arms behind your back. Look straight ahead and do not move. This is the position should always be in when waiting for me,” she explained as he complied. Slowly she walked around him, her hands trailing across his body, lingering here and there to get the feel of him. “There will be no need for names here. For you I am Mistress or Ma’am”, she informed him. “We’ll see if you ever merit a name”. She slowly raked her fingernails across his chest and nipples and then pinched one very hard, twisting at the same time. “I told you not to move,” she complained after he grimaced and flinched from the rough treatment his nipple had just received. “Do you want to leave already,” she inquired.

He just shook his head. He didn’t understand it, but he was extremely excited, like few times before this moment, and she hadn’t even touched his cock. When she did the same rough treatment to his other nipple, he did his best this time not to flinch, although he did grimace a little. She took note of the change and improvement and thought that maybe she had been wrong about this one.

She walked behind him and moved so her legs were on either side of his left leg. As she slowly ground her crotch into his leg, her right hand began to explore his ass, grabbing and squeezing his butt. Again he jumped a little when her fingers found the bud of his anus, and the sting of the sharp slap she administered elicited an “ow”, and she admonished, “I told you not to move”.

When he started to apologize, she quickly put her hand across his mouth, “I only want you to talk when I want a response from you. Are we clear on this, or do you need another reminder?” and with that she delivered another sharp slap to his buttocks. “You are actually doing fairly well for a first time, and you may have a potential for this that I hadn’t fully appreciated when we first met”. His pride swelled along with his excitement upon hearing her praise. He felt confused but at the same time he did want to comply and follow whatever direction she commanded. He didn’t understand it, but he felt like giving himself to her. Even the slaps were arousing if just a little painful and surprising.

She walked back to the end table, putting something on her fingers and moving back to his left side. “Maintain your position,” she again ordered, and this time she moved to straddle him at his left hip, grinding her crotch into his hip. As she did this her fingers found his nipple and she dug into it with he nails, again twisting them hard. At the same time, her right hand found his ass, and he could feel her smearing the now warming lube deep into the crack of his ass, then felt her fingers exploring and caressing his anus, and then slowly entering his tight ring. He gasped as she pushed in for the first time, giving him a shiver of pleasure. “Shh,” she cautioned him, and she slowly began pistoning in and out of his tight sphincter, “Don’t move,” she admonished him.

He felt overwhelmed by the both the sensations of what she was doing to him and the surrendering of his control to this amazing woman. He had no idea that his ass could experience so much pleasure. No one had done much more than graze his anus in the past, and when they did touch escort yalova his ass, he tried to move their focus elsewhere as quickly as possible. But here she was with her fingers in his ass and exploring the inside of his rectum with these same fingers. The pleasure and intensity of these new sensations were overwhelming. In this moment he felt crazed but unable to allow himself to physically respond to the weight of what he was experiencing. The tension within him was becoming almost unbearable.

“Tell me if you are close to cumming. You will only cum when I tell you to cum. Is that understood?”

He nodded vigorously up and down to indicate his agreement to her order; all the while his excitement was building to increasingly unbearable levels. It was everything he could do not to thrust back towards her finger. Then she stopped her penetration and started rimming his anus with her fingers. Pausing again, she then penetrated him with one finger and then a second, fucking him roughly with both fingers. “Come on slut, show me how much you love having your ass fucked. You can move and make your sounds now,” she allowed, and with her permission he began thrusting back in earnest, moaning his passion.

“That’s right slut, fuck that hand. Let me make you my bitch!” she urged him. And fuck her he did. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would be anyone’s bitch, giving them his ass, and wanting this as much as he did right now. Hardly anyone had even touched his ass, let alone penetrate it so deeply. Yet he was hooked on the pleasure she was giving him, pleasure unlike anything he’d ever known. Then she yelled in his ear, “Cum now you dirty slut,” and bit hard into his nipple. In the midst of his thrashing around moaning his extreme pleasure, he came as never had before, pumping stream and after stream of hot cum all over the floor.

Finally the two of them slowed down, both of them panting hard. He started to say, “That was amazing”, but she put her hand across his mouth before he could say “amazing”, reminding him that he still didn’t have her permission to speak. She gave his ass a couple more pumps and then withdrew her fingers.

“Stay where you are and try not to move,” she said, her chest, like his, still heaving. “I like this energy between us, and I hope you do too,” she said as he nodded his agreement. “I have just one more thing for you to do. And you’ll have to do it if you ever want to see me again,” she said as he listened for her condition for continuing their association. “I need you to lick up this mess you’ve made on my floor. If you lick it all up, I will see you again. If you refuse, then I will say goodbye forever. So, do you want to see me again? I’ll give you a minute to decide, and you can answer out loud”.

He was in a large quandary. He had never been so excited or had such an intense orgasm, but this wasn’t him. He didn’t eat cum, even his own. He began to feel humiliated by what she had just done to him. But she was so irresistible and desirable. Despite what his head said, his body wanted what she offered. Even his cock, which had just had the orgasm of his life, was still hard and getting harder. So it somewhat surprised him to hear himself saying, “I want to see you again”.

She had him kneel on the floor in front of her chair and then she scooped up as much of the cum as she could off the floor and smeared cum over the top of her leather boot, just above where her toes would be. “Show me how much you want to see me again” was all she said, and he began to move his mouth towards the top of her boots.

Slowly he stretched his tongue and began to lick. Initially he began to gag a little, but then he realized that the taste wasn’t as unpleasant as he had imagined after all, and soon he was cleaning her boot with a submissive passion. After the boot was clean and shiny with saliva, she offered him her hand to clean, and again he felt he was giving himself to her. He licked her hand and sucked each finger clean and didn’t stop until she withdrew he hand. “Now do the floor and don’t miss any spots.” What had moments before had seemed unthinkable was becoming an automatic and erotic duty for him. She finally told him to stop after it was clear that the cum was entirely gone.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by this evening and would very much like to see you again, maybe often, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Give me you phone number, and I will call you when I want to see you again. Memorize my address so you know where to return. If you are otherwise engaged when I call, you will have one hour to get out of your situation and be at my front door. You are to ring the bell and then go to the foot of the stairs as before. I will open the door and call you in, and you will go to the living room just like tonight and strip. You will find the cock strap in this drawer and will put it on just like tonight and will wait in the yalova escort bayan position I gave you tonight. If you are longer than an hour or are unable to come, then our time together will be at an end. Are we clear?”

“Yes” was all he could manage.

“Just so I make this very clear to you,” she said as sincerely as she could and leaning close to his face, “I want to see you again. In fact I order you to return when I call. You can get dressed now and leave. Don’t forget to remove the cock strap”. And with those instructions he dressed and left her house, feeling overloaded from what he just experienced.

The next few days were quite troubling to him. What he experienced with this woman was so different from his dozens of other encounters with other women. Hell, he didn’t even know her name, apart from Mistress, and she was ordering him to return. His cock noticeably twitched when he thought, “ordering”. What was this woman’s power over him? In the past he had always been the one in charge. Women seemed to love his assurance, and he did too. He seemed to always be the one who broke off the relationships, and he could break off this one too. All he had to do was stay home or go somewhere else when she called for him to return. Yes, that was what he would do. She was awfully arrogant thinking that all she had to do was order him, and he would comply. And what was this anal stuff? He wasn’t gay. He was sure of that. He felt a profound sense of humiliation about how she had used him and spoken to him and how intensely he had responded. It was just too much.

However dreams of the scene the two of them played out came back to him often, usually paired with a raging hard-on. What did his cock know that he didn’t he wondered. He went out with friends and even went on a couple of dates, but when these women indicated their romantic interest, his interest completely disappeared.

A little over two weeks after they first met, he received a call from her, ordering his return within the hour, then hanging up. He had been out with friends. Initially he told himself there was no way he was going to her house, that she wasn’t the boss of him. Anyway what would he tell his friends? What would happen for him if they knew what he was doing? This wasn’t him. He wasn’t anyone’s bitch. He was a ladies man. The women loved him. Finally something snapped after about 40 minutes, and he begged his excuses and left for her house in a cab, getting there with just 5 minutes to spare.

He rang the doorbell and quickly descended to the bottom of the stairs to await the next chapter of this new experience. The front door opened and he heard her voice call, “Come”, and he entered as before. She wasn’t there when he got inside the house but he remembered her instructions and went to the living room to comply. Even though he was immediately hard upon entering her house, he found it easier to put on the cock strap than it had been the first time. At least I know what it is and what it’s for, he told himself. He waited in the position she prescribed for what seemed like an eternity. He was far more nervous this night, having a sense of what might be in store for him.

When she finally entered the room, she was dressed far differently from before. She wore thigh-high black leather boots and instead of the leather cat suit, she wore a boned leather corset with half cups holding out her full breasts just beautifully. Her inch long nipples were on full display and seemed to be unusually red. She also wasn’t wearing any panties and her sex was fully shaved and glistening with moisture. If there had ever been a more erotic sight, he couldn’t imagine one.

“It seems that tonight was more of a test than you might have thought,” she said, walking very close to him and brushing her exposed breasts across his arms and back. “Are you here to obey,” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am”, was all he could muster.

She went to the drawer to get some lube and then applied it to his eager ass. It surprised him how much he enjoyed being penetrated by her fingers. After getting in a second finger, he felt ready for another fucking, but she surprised him by withdrawing her fingers and walking towards another, much larger cabinet built into the wall. “Keep your eyes facing forwards. What I’m doing should be of no interest to you. You job is just to obey and do as you are told, right?”

“Yes Ma’am,” he replied, meaning it.

“Spread your legs a little more,” she ordered, and he complied. He thought at first she was fingering him again but quickly became aware that the intruder at his rosebud was no finger but a medium sized butt plug. Ever so slowly she pushed this plug in and out of his most private place, and more and more he was becoming aroused and hungry for the anal delights she was offering him. Then with a sudden shove, the plug stretched him painfully, and almost as quickly he felt the relief of the plug fully resting inside his rectum, filling him pleasurably.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” she said to him noting his excitement, “but this first part of the evening isn’t about your enjoyment. It’s about you making me wait nearly an hour for you to decide whether to return to me when I ordered your return. Now tell me, is that obedience?” she hissed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32