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Big Dicks

Hot water bathes her. Rising steam caresses her plump body. She tries to wash her nerves away with a soothing shower expecting what’s to come. Anticipations rise. She just can’t wait. She drops the soap, but ignores it. There’s enough lather on her to finish the job. She’s anxious. After chatting with a new ‘friend’ she met online, she would soon meet him in person for the first time. Thinking back to their conversations written in bold black & white, her womanhood waters. She can’t believe she’s just about to meet a man that moves her so. She fights the urge to touch herself and start early. What could she expect? From what she could remember in mere e-mails… a lot.

There’s a knock at the door. She shutters. The shower quickly goes off. The drip of water echoes in her ear before her thumping heartbeat is noticed. There’s a thud again, not from her pounding heart, but from the door.

“Just a second…” she manages out.

Jumping from the shower; wrapped those all too small towels hotels can’t help but offer every guest of any size; she rushes to the door. She checked into a hotel just as requested, to add to the ambiance. Her excitement almost consumes her. The door opens and there he stands before her. Tall… Dark… Handsome… Everything she imagined he’s be in person. Funny how a still photo of someone; especially from online; can never capture one in full three dimensions and in motion right before you. She looses herself in his deep dark eyes. His voice wakes her from her perverted daydream.

“Did I catch you at a bad time?” he hums.

She just realized that she was just standing there dripping wet, catching cold, staring into the eyes of a ‘stranger’ that would change her life forever.

“No, no, honey, you didn’t. Cum, uh, come right in…” she responded sheepishly.

He walks into the hotel’s modest accommodations as she stands aside. That’s when she catches a glimpse of what he has in tow; a large luggage tote being dragged into the room on its wheels by its long handle.

“So what’s in the bag?” she asks failing to find anything else to say.

“All kağıthane escort in due time”

She decided to take advantage of this time and allow him to ‘set up’ whatever he had in store for her while she made herself more… prepared. Instructing him to make himself at home, she made her way back into the bathroom and nervously shut the door. She tries to make small talk with her friend to buy time as she learns more about him. All of a sudden-

“Come on out, there’s no need to be dressed anyway. You’re much better as you are… Besides, I’m ready”

Her body quivers, still wet with hair clinging to her face, but unable to resist her urges anymore, she rushes out of the bathroom. There it lay before her. Large and black resting on the king sized bed. Resembling a horse’s saddle.

“It’s called a sybian…” he explains.

Nervously wondering, what is he gonna do to me, she responds.

“What does that do?”

Grin wide, he responds pointing at the contraption.

“That powers what’s placed on it”

“Is a dildo gonna be put on it?”

“Something like that…” he returns mischievously.

Out from beside the bed, he pulls out what appears to be a massive, fleshy tuning fork and displays it proudly.

“What is that?” she fires back barely clinging on to her towel.

“That is what you’re gonna be riding… from both ends.”

It was a double dong, a large one. She watches him set up the contraption with eyes wide open. Plugging the machine into the wall, the device hums to life and rattles the walls like an oncoming freight train. Left without breath in her heaving chest, he takes her hand in his and softly kisses her on the cheek.

“Let us get started shall we…” he grins.

“…this is gonna be a long night” he later adds.

Tearing the towel off her, the sudden cool breeze makes her nipples stand at attention. Her wet white skin reacts with red being somewhat embarrassed by the gesture. He smiles taking in all of her beauty. She could only imagine him salivating. With the mechanism off, he leads her atop elit escort istanbul the sybian and instructs her to straddle it.

“How does it work?” she asks again.

“Just lower yourself onto each of the toys and…” there’s a slight pause “…I’ll do the rest”

Taking her hand again, he hands her something cold.

“But first, you’ll need to put this on…”

In her hand was a pair of nipple clamps chained together. Excitement runs in her eyes.

“Allow me?” he adds.

She winces as each cold clamp are introduced to her warm erect nipples. Releasing the chain, the weight pulls her nipples with gravity. Cold metal resting along her belly. She lets out a sigh of pleasurable pain. She’s motioned to the machine.

There was no need for lube. Sheepishly, she slides the massive 9 inch dong into her sopping womanhood; large lips lathering its shaft; while struggling to ease the 8 inch counterpart in her rear. Breathing deeply, heaving, she does what her master instructs her. With the sybian off, she enjoys herself by riding both dongs solo. Her large body bouncing on that which pleases her so. Minutes go by with her friend enjoying the show. She feels she could make herself climax this way alone, waiting for her next instruction which doesn’t come. She continues to pleasure herself. Suddenly, the sleeping giant comes alive. Vibrating wildly, it tries to tear into her. She let’s out a scream and saturates the device beneath her. She never knew it would feel like that. She rides the device even harder now knowing of the pleasures it could give her. Nipple clamps tugging at her sending shivers throughout her being.

“Oh, I almost forgot” he adds.

Reaching down once again, he pulls out a large magic wand vibe as well as straps.

“w w what’s that f f f for?” she struggles out.

Without a word, he takes her hands; which she had placed in front of her for balance; and ties them together behind her. Her full weight now on the two prongs drilling her. He attaches her tied wrists to a harness on the sybian, then wraps two more straps around fatih escort her thighs, seat belting her to the machine. With her mouth hanging open in the form of a permanent ‘o’, he stands before her with wand in hand. Suddenly, with a push of a button, the intensity of the sybian roars up another notch. Her screaming turn into squeals as she cums on herself again. Leaning in, he rests the magic wand directly on her clit. The total ecstasy sent her into orbit. He was sprayed with her juices at close range. He laps up every drop from his fingers and wrist.

Then, there’s another knock at the door. To her surprise, he walks over and opens the door to reveal a familiar face; her favorite Dom. He gives his greetings and walks in.

“I see you started without me” he greets her with.

“I just had to invite him over for this session” was her online friend’s response to her puzzled look.

“After you…” the Dom says.

Struggling to looking around with her eyes half rolled into her head, she realizes that the Dom also brought a bag. Both her friend and the Dom pulled objects out of the smaller duffel bag. Two large wooden paddles. Her mouth hangs open. She’s in total disbelief even though she knows full well what’s coming next. Both men take their place at either side on the bed with paddles in hand. Waiting impatiently, she breathes deep, with the sybian boring deep. They take swing, paddling each of her butt cheeks sending shock waves up and down her body. Unable to told it in, she screams again, then creams again. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, SMACK! Each strike reaching her g spot. She quivers, unable to get away from their merciless paddling or the merciless vibrating sybian. She shouts in ecstasy. Juicy gurgling coming from beneath her, she squirts out a few more pints. The bed is now sopping. They shout commands at her, but there’s a ringing in her ears. How long has it been? Her rear swollen, red and raw. Her wet skin wet once again with sweat instead of bath water. More of the same goes on for some time. She feels herself slipping in and out of consciousness.

Then came something that was unexpected. Something that shook the waves of heavenly pleasure from her head. Something that snapped her out of her orgasmic trance. There was another knock at the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32