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This is purely a figment of my imagination. Any words, locations, names or details are purely coincidental.


It started as a typical morning. Coffee. Cereal. His phone ringing. Her Email bleeping. They were both working from home that day.

It started as a typical morning and she barely noticed his clearing the breakfast dishes. His constant pacing and murmur on the phone, comforting and common-place. What she did realize was the beauty of the day. He’d opened all the doors and windows and the sun on the mountain was beautiful. The breeze was warm and the birds were all about. The breeze aired out the house. He’d even opened the bedroom doors and outer curtains. It was a beautiful day.

The breeze was gentle and her typical “pajamas” were comfy. She smiled and went on with her research. Maybe an hour passed. Maybe it was only 20 minutes, she had no idea, time didn’t register on days like this; she’d even lost track of where He was, not hearing Him on the phone, she assumed he was in the office, or getting ready for His ride. She smiled.

Suddenly she felt His hands on her shoulders and though He was clearly on the phone, actively listening to someone, He had that look in his eye. The no-nonsense one.

She wondered what she’d done to displease him and shook it off. She’d quit trying to guess what pleased and displeased him since he made it quite clear usually. It was a relief to not always have to be guessing.

As she looked up at him, her heart skipped a beat in both happiness and anticipation. His nearness always doing that to her.

He leaned over her shoulder and placed a neatly folded sheet of paper on the table in front of her. Her quizzical look was met with a shake of His head as He walked away, already ensconced in His call, again.

She sighed and unfolded it. …

“Zan, it is 12:20pm as I write this. I will be on this call approximately 20 more minutes. When I am done, I expect the following:

1) you will have put away the dishes I have washed,

2) you will have wisely used the time to go to the bathroom, brush your teeth and hair,

3) You will strip (of course you may leave ‘my’ socks on), and

4) You will be standing spread eagle in the doorway of the bedroom-patio door waiting.

That is all. I love you.


The fact that he was in another room, on the phone did not stop the blush on her face or the pounding in her breast as she read it. She grasped the implications immediately. Any hesitation on her part and the game would be over. For good. He’d made that clear.

Any straying from his instructions and the same would probably hold true. She was glad he’d wandered away while she processed it. He mind raced. The hardest part was this for her. The knowledge that there were no consequences for her NOT playing along. … Well none except the biggest of bayrampaşa escort all. The fact that there would be no further voyages into this realm.

The clearing of his throat from across the house was not meant for her, but it brought her back to the present. She shut the computer, quickly moved to the kitchen to put the dishes away, and went to the bathroom, quietly shutting the door behind her.

After performing her short duties, and spraying on a bit of perfume for good measure, she stepped into the hallway and turned toward the bedroom.

Always it was so powerful walking into it. So many feelings raced through her heart and head each time she crossed the threshold. Even now. Sometimes it felt like “home.” Sometimes she felt like an intruding visitor, but mostly she felt a sense of pride. Here mind always saw the room the way it had looked the first time she had seen it. Pillows piled high, comforter perfectly settled.

Her longing to be in it. Her frustration that he would have someone else in it that night. She never lingered on that. She merely found it to be part of their past – that had to happen – to allow them to be what they were, now.

As she thought about his room, this room, she stripped out of her pajama pants and white t-shirt, her nipples already hard from the cold perfume spray, the pit of her stomach felt a little hollow from the instructions. Well, that and the thought that it might have so easily not have been her that was here — had she not chosen to be brave and had he not chosen to let her in.

She moved to the door an watched the sun flicker on the metal planter for a moment. It was then that she realized the note had not instructed her if she was to stand facing in or out … hell … another one of his ways of making her choose … of making her give herself to him. She was certain of that. His thoroughness was legendary. This was no mistake or omission and she swore softly as she thought about it. It was her choice. But what were the consequences for it?

She tried to remember if there were associates coming today, or deliveries, or his “shitty maids” but nothing came to mind. Cursing again softly, she realized he was wrapping up his call in the office, and stepped into the doorway facing the yard. As her hands went to the top corners of the doorway and her feet edges planted themselves against the door bottom, she heard him enter the room behind her.

She closed her eyes feeling very much on display to him. Her body trembled as she felt his gaze on her.

She heard him enter the room and toss the phone and earpiece onto the dresser and then felt more than heard him move across the room behind her. She tensed, but he kept moving. She heard his bedside table drawer open and close and she frowned in confusion, but did not move or speak; her mind racing through the possibilities. …

The escort bayan istanbul room was perfectly quiet and she debated her words — or the wisdom of any at all — then opted for silence.

He approached her, his presence always causing her heart to jump and her body to warm. She quivered as he ran his hand over her shoulder and back then both on her waist, hips, ass and down her thighs. It was when his hands ran back up her inner legs and touched her wet sex that her head fell forward in embarrassment, her hair covering her face.

His laugh was soft as he whispered in her neck, “Happy already, little one?”

She just swallowed hard and prayed that he didn’t expect any answer beyond her body’s reaction to his.

Softly his hands brought her hair back from her face and he stroked her cheeks and then even softer, her lips. They parted for him and her tongue darted out touching his thumb, sucking it softly. Her senses were filled with his body behind her, his hands on her and she swayed against him.

It was only after he was buckling the strap that she realized he’d slipped a small gag into her mouth, she wondered where the hell that had come from, and gasped softly, trying to turn her head to see his face. His hands stopped that, and smoothed her hair and again stroked her lower back. His spot. His place. The soft fur that he’d laid claim to.

“Your instructions were to stand spread eagle in the door, darling, not to squirm about.” He firmly but playfully spanked her right ass cheek.

Those were all the words spoken … the only ones needed. She became still and waited, watching the birds flit and the breeze blow the umbrella flaps. The breeze was making her nipples even harder and her juices were cooling on her outer lips when suddenly it all went black. She blinked, realizing that he’d slipped a blindfold on her and was now carefully fastening it … her heart raced again, the breeze feeling stronger, or perhaps it was just her perception of it.

His hands slid over her skin and it turned from chilled to fiery then back again. He pinched her nipples and ran his hands over her belly, sliding his fingers between her dripping sex, owning it. Probing what she spread her knees to give to him. Her body. Her wishes. Now in line with his. This is how it was with them. This is what she had always known it would be like.

What she had not known how hard he would make it for her. How hard it would be to give herself to him. Intimately. Passionately. Sexuality that was not a game. It cut her to the core, this giving to him. And yet she did it willingly – fully. Knowing that part-way was not an option. He knew how to get to her. He knew that her asking for pleasure … asking to be tasted, to be made love to was what was hardest. But this was the reward. Him. God what an amazing man, but how he made her insane.

She taksim vip escort felt him move away and her body sagged, unable to see or speak, she felt his poke for her to regain her position but what she heard frustrated her. The goddamn phone. He picked it up and settling the headset on, went back to work, leaving her there. Endlessly she stood in the door, shifting her weight, stretching her arms as best she could. Time stood still. The call went on and on. Then another. And another. It may have been 10 minutes or 2 hours she had no idea, only that the tingles in her limbs were beginning to become unbearable. And yet she had no urge to move. He’d asked her to be here and here she would stay.

The cat crossing her ankle made her cry out into the gag, but she realized He probably didn’t even hear it and rubbed it with her foot. Feeling the soft fur flop over on it’s side she knew which one it was and rubbed it quickly before retuning her foot to where it belonged. “Sorry Ru” she thought to herself.

When the doorbell rang it caused her to grip the edges of the wood and stand at attention, chest heaving, nipples taught, eyes closed and concentrating behind the blindfold. “Oh shit” was her only thought as she heard Him say, “The gate’s open, just leave it on the patio by the hose.”

She gulped but steadied her breathing, trusting Him, then smiled through the gag as she heard Him walk through the patio door and come to the front of her, closing the curtains just as the scrape of the gate latch lifted. He stood in front of the curtains directing the delivery. She knew she could not be seen, but felt more exposed like this than she could ever remember feeling before. Her heart raced, her throat was dry, her sex however was dripping wet with His nearness. With their secret.

Before she could even “calm” herself, the delivery man was gone and then He stepped through the curtain. First he released the gag, kissing her soundly, then taking the blindfold off to look deeply into her eyes. Still silent, He picked her up and carried her to the bed, laying her back and massaging her tingling limbs, turning to her inner thighs and stomach playfully. His eyes hinting at his mirth as he reached between her thighs.

Both were impatient and her eyes begged him, though she did not move from where he had placed her.

“What?” was all He said.

She swallowed hard again and took a shaky breath, “Sir, I want you. I need you. I need to feel you. Please …. “

“Say it” he said

She almost made the mistake of shaking her head no, but instead just looked up at him with a deeper blush, “Sir, please make me cum for you.”

It was a simple statement. Not a request. Not permission. That was their way. His way. His torturously evil way of making her ask for her pleasure.

He laughed and stripped, standing before her, his cock harder than she’d ever seen it. The hesitation on his face was one she could read and she laughed, watching him decide … should he use his mouth or cock on her …

Impatient, she moved and held out her arms to him, not caring which he choose, just needing his skin against hers.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32