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You get that look in your eye, that sudden, “I want this” look in your eyes where there is no turning back. You can feel every single one of your holes getting hungry for cock. You are extremely pleased at the thought that there are two of me here to have their way with you. Because, although you have always been against the idea of a threesome, you have not been against knowing what two of your hubby are capable of doing with you.

Both of me have on their tight jeans, but one has on a blue v-neck, and the other his nicki minaj shirt. You have on short, tight jean shorts that have the ripped look around the bottom of each leg-hole. The jeans tightly hug your amazing ass. You also have on a tight tank top, with a push up bra beneath making the top of your breasts show quite a bit, and an Egyptian-esque “belt” of gold rings on just above your waist, but below your breasts, which then has two more rings dangling down to the right of your belly button and sending a plunging leading line down to the soft pink between your legs.

You unbutton your jean shorts that even when on, are hardly there to begin with and squat down low to the ground. You look up at the both of us, letting us know that it’s time. Time to fulfill your currently-unavoidable desires. Desires to please and to be pleased, to take and to be dominated.

We both walk over to you, and you immediately reach up to rub the hardness in our pants with each hand as we face you on each side. You tug at both of our belts, letting us know exactly what you want. You turn and face one of me, yanking down my jeans, causing my erection to pop up out of my pants as they fall. You immediately grab hold, and wrap your fingers around my shaft and give me a sexy grin.

You then turn to the other of me and lightly tug at my pants, telling me you need the both of us. Pulling the two of us closer together, you bring both of our cocks to full attention and begin rubbing both of us at the same time in a synchronized motion. You look back and forth up at the both of us, not losing a single motion in your rubbing, and thinking to yourself that this will truly be a pleasure-filled time for you. You get lost in your own mind, so excited and uncertain of what urfa escort the both of us filling and fulfilling you will bring. Coming back to reality, you pull us both closer together, just close enough that both of our erect heads are facing each other like they are about to whisper to one another, leaving just enough space for you to slide your tongue between and lick, hitting both of our heads at the same time with the sides of you delicious, soft, wet tongue.

You continue giving us both a good licking at the same time, and soon pull away from that, giving full “lip-service” to one cock, and then the other, back and forth, and back and forth once again. You then pull off of both of me and suggest that you want to sit on the couch. We sit down side-by-side as if watching a movie together, and you grab both cocks with each hand and jack us off. You feel a twitching at different times between both cocks and wonder which one you are going to make cum first. It becomes a game in your mind, but we are far from release.

The one of me on your left then gets up and pulls you up by your arms, turning you around and pulls your shirt off, exposing your bra that follows suit and quickly falls to the floor. The one of me on the couch begins rubbing your breasts in his hands and then kissing, caressing, and licking them. You soon feel your pants being dropped and your head pulled down to a level in which you can suck the cock in front of you. The other of me drops to his knees and begins kissing your ass, teasing it, and soon licking around your anus with hand reaching around to your now, dripping-wet pussy. At this moment, you find yourself being used for pleasure from your front, and you are now only wearing your heels and the gold ring belt. I grab your head and begin to thrust into your mouth ever so slowly, picking up speed as you allow it. I get deeper and deeper, now penetrating your throat with my cock and causing you to make the slightest gagging noise. As this continues, you feel a spank from behind and penetration enter your ever-so-ready pussy. A rush of two conflicting feelings come over you. One of complete security and pleasure, the other an uncertain reckless-abandon. balıkesir escort

A hard smack comes from the hand behind you across your ass, causing your thighs to quiver in pleasure, and you look up at me in the front with your big, soft, beautiful eyes as I continue to thrust into your throat. You soon lose hold of me in your mouth as your hair gets pulled from behind, making your head tilt back, while you continue to be rammed from behind. The clapping of my waist against your fantastic ass grows louder and louder as the penetration becomes more frantic and aggressive.

We then bring you back to the couch, where the one of me that was at your mouth gets his turn at having your delicious pussy. The one formerly penetrating stands up on the cushions and squats down so that you are able to tilt your head back and lick away at the outer prostate area, over and over and over. You lick and lick, back and forth-just to the edge of my anus and the edge of my balls, over and over again. All this happens while you feel your pussy get fingered, and your clit licked.

Your mind is in such a whirlwind of pleasure that you don’t even know what you want next, you only know that you don’t want this to ever end. You think to yourself that it couldn’t get any better than this, having all this extra attention paid to your body, yet all from your husband.

The licking of your clit is making you feel like you’ll burst as you begin licking my anus above you.

Suddenly, you find yourself pulled to the floor, and a plug enters your ass, while a cock once again enters your aching pussy. The other of me offers no penetration this time, but licks, suck, and caresses your breasts once again. My hands move down to your waist and slide over your legs and stomach. While my hands run over you, I swing my legs over your head to each side so as to be in a 69 position so that my dick can once again be licked.

Now you are overwhelmed with ecstasy as your pussy and mouth are both once again being used, all while hands frantically make themselves run all over your body. You start to shake and your mind races, your breathing picks up, quicker and more trabzon escort frantically yet, and your chest rises and back arches. As you are about to cum, you get picked up once again and one of me sits on the couch, turning you around to a position of sitting on my lap. You take my dick inside of you and begin bouncing up and down, taking my dick deeply. You breasts bounce around and the gold rings on your belt do the same. The other of me stands in front, loving seeing the bouncing of these rings and your breasts now out of unison. I stand in front, continuing to watch and now jacking myself off in front of you. You watch with a smirk as you continue bouncing frantically on top of the other me. Before you realize it, a quiver once again enters your thighs and you arch back, continuing to bounce. You feel the rush of orgasm pouring throughout your whole body, and you let out a huge moan-filled sigh.

The cock inside of you begins to twitch and you are pushed off of it into a standing position and immediately turned around in time for the cum to shoot into your mouth and down your chin. You keep most of the cum in your mouth and swirl it around, while suddenly your mouth is brought to the cock of the other me and the cum from the previous load drips out as you suck away. The cock in your mouth begins to twitch and is suddenly pulled from your mouth and your hand forcefully wrapped around it to jerk off the rest of the way. The final twitch happens and a burst of sperm fires against your face. Your lips, cheeks, and eyelids are now covered. This makes your eye shadow run and blend beautifully with my milky-white cum. The both of us watch as it drips down your face, and we take turns using our cocks to rub the cum around your face, glazing every inch of your skin with it. You pick up the drops on your breasts with your fingers and slide them into your mouth, giving our sperm a taste. You give a look like it is the most delicious thing you have ever tasted.

We make you leave the beautiful, shiny glaze on your face, and you look at us and tell us how much you love our cum, and how much you wanted and needed it.


Moments later, you wake up and your eyes slowly adjust to the dark. Your arm is around me, your one and only who is currently fast asleep.

You now know what it feels like to be taken by two, yet only one- your husband.

It was all a dream, but it was more, you realize, as you feel cum from your pussy drip out down one of your thighs, and you feel a damp stickiness left on your cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32