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~ Dr. Alfred Wayes Harden does his usual check-up on a patient and discovers she has not been doing her exercises well enough to give her Master the full pleasure. ~


It was a Friday and I had an appointment with Dr. Harden. He is a special doctor unlike most others. My Master, L.C. Fuller takes me to see Dr. Harden every few months. This is a place where all the masters take their pleasure girls/boys to be checked out for full pleasure capabilities. I am never thrilled to come to this place since I only want to serve my Master.

The nurse calls out, “Fuller and Cee Cee, please come this way.”

We followed the nurse to a room that was filled with different tools and equipment. It was not your regular doctor’s visit. The padded seats to lay your whole body down on had straps to the sides, panels that come up, handcuffs, vibrators of all sizes and plenty of towels. The nurse told my Master to have a seat in a corner and then helped me remove my clothes before she had me on the special bed. It is basically a more cushioned bed created for the doctor’s use. The other padded seat is not as wide or long.

After removing my clothes, strapped my wrists and ankles to the bed that the doc calls the Helper, she said Dr. Harden will be with us shortly and left the room. I noticed my Master was getting very excited to see me in this position. The bulge was starting to show and his eyes were fixed on my soft mound. He was almost about to approach me and then we heard a knock on the door.

Dr. Harden came in and said, “Hello Lucius and Cee Cee.”

My Master replies, “Hi Al. How are you doing today?”

“Oh, not bad. Not bad at all. I will be off the clock soon and then this weekend will be filled with fun in the sun unless I have to do something that really needs my service.”

“You are welcome to join me for dinner tonight if you like, Al.”

“Hmm. It sounds nice. I will check with my nurse if there is anything scheduled for tonight. If not, I will join you for dinner.”

Master and Dr. Harden usually get along well. They meet for lunch from time to time on the weekends. It depends on my Master’s work schedule since he is a manager at the local, hardware store. He is a hard working man about six feet tall, muscular arms, a smooth chest and firm belly. Some what of a tan texture since he enjoys swimming and taking brisk walks when it is sunny.

“Now let see here. How are you doing Cee Cee?”

He asked me a few questions and I replied as he rubbed his hands all over my body checking to see if everything was in order. Then he spread my legs open and then pulled a lever to lock them in place. There was another button that lowered the bed and raised my head to a 45 degrees angle. He then removed the towel around his waist and positioned himself in front of my face.

“Let see how well your tongue works, Cee Cee. Yes, take it all in. Good. Ooooohh… Mmmm…”

He was pressed up against my face very closely for a minute before he backed off an inch. I knew that my Master was very excited since he enjoys watching me servicing another man since he knew how much I did not like to do that. The more I service other men, the more I long to serve my Master. He likes to torment me this way. I do not get his attention as much as I like, but I have to obey him if I want every bit of his attention.

Dr. Harden was feeling my perky blueberries and massaging beşiktaş escort my soft, silky peaches as I made him go from soft to hard with my mouth. He was moaning in delight and I was imagining that it was Master that I was giving pleasure to.

“Oooohh… Good. Yes, the tip. Aaaahh… Now let see how wet you are.”

He backed away to get a good view of my wet flower. Then he rubbed the tip of his hardness all around my inner thighs and poked the edge of where my juices were leaking from.

“Mmmm… Mmmm…”

“Good. You are wet and sensitive down there the way you should be. Lucius, would you like to come over here to get a better view of what I am about to do with your precious, little Cee Cee?”

My Master did not hesitate to walk right up and stood there gazing at my open legs.

“It looks like you are just as hard as I am, Lucius. Why not take that out and let it breathe?”

He unzipped his pants and his semi-hardness hanged out in all its glory. Dr. Harden found that arousing as he touched my Master’s tip and that made him moan.

“Why not fill her mouth with your love, Lucius? I am sure she is ready to take in all that hard love.”

Master positioned himself in front of me and I took in a few inches making him moan some more. I love it when he is pleasured by me. Then Dr. Harden slowly went into my flower inch by inch. I was trying to scream, but my Master kept his hardness in me. The look on my Master’s face was full of excitement as I tried to scream due to the doc pushing against me at a steady, slow pace.

“Ooooohh… You are tight, Cee Cee. Although, I do not think you are wet enough. You should be more wet now that your Master is filling your mouth and I am fulfilling your flower.”

He pushed harder each time making me scream even more. It was obvious that my Master was close to his peak since he was sliding in and out of my mouth faster and faster. The doc stayed still for a moment and told him to relieve himself. He soon did and I took in all of his cream. Master stood still to keep my mouth filled as the doc pushed for his relief.

“AAAAAAHHHH!!! Ooooooohhh… Sssss… Have a seat, Lucius. Ooooohh… You are a lucky man to own all this tightness.”

Both the doc and my Master had thick nine inch manhoods. They always stretch my tight walls and love to see the width of my flower after being inside for a while. It pleases them to open me wide and see me wet.

“You have done a good job of holding back your shaking, Cee Cee. Let me fill out the charts on your abilities.

Mouth… Very good.

Wetness… Good.

Tightness… Very tight.

Screams… Continuous

Twins… Soft, perky and sensitive

Squeeze performance…

Now let see if you have been doing your exercises.”

He kept his semi-hard manhood in me as he put on some gloves and pushed a finger into my anus asking me to squeeze and squeeze.

“Squeeze. Harder. Keep squeezing. It looks like you are not interested in holding onto my generosity. I will pull out since it is clear you have not been doing your exercises to better pleasure your Master.”

I wish he did not say that in front of my Master. Now I know he will think that I do not want to please him.

“No. No, I want to please my Master.”

Master stood up to give me a slap and said, “Silence! You are not allowed to speak unless you istanbul escort are given permission.”

Then he slapped me again. I felt ashamed and humiliated. It was embarrassing to be treated this way in front of the doctor. I wanted to kiss my Master’s feet and beg for forgiveness, but I knew that would not do me any good. He will surely whip me tonight and make me sleep on the floor. The worst part is knowing I will not be able to touch him and please him. I know his temper well. If he is upset with me, he will not allow me to touch him in any way. He will not even let me look at him. I have to hang my head in shame and crawl on my hands and knees where ever I go in the house.

The doc cleaned himself before he inserted one of the vibrators that was with the other tools on the cart. It was a ten inches long and almost two inches wide. He slid it into my wet flower first as far as he could go and let it sit there for a minute before removing it and pushed it into my back door. I was screaming and feeling the pain of my anus widening up.

The doc said to me, “You should be enjoying that. All that hardness inside you. It is very fulfilling, is it not?”

Then he turned it on a low speed making me moan continuously. He went back to his charts to write down the results. I could see my Master’s face was not happy. I fear what he will do to me. One time, he whipped me till my entire body was red for a week. He had a bad week at work and everything I did annoyed him.

“I will be testing how well you hold back your shaking. While your back door is enjoying the vibration, it is time for you to savor my softness some more. Take it all in. Good. Indulge on it since you probably will not get to after you leave the office today. Enjoy my generosity while you can.”

After the doc was ready for relief, he turned off the vibration and slowly pushed his way into my wetness again. It took longer and it also hurts as he went in.


I could see my Master was excited to see me in pain. Part of him did not want to touch me since he thinks I do not want to please him due to my poor squeezing performance for the doc.

“Now you should hold back your shaking, Cee Cee. Hold it back as long as you can as I push you hard.”

Master then reached for a gag and placed it in my mouth. He could see how much pain I was in from my tears running down my face. His emotions were mixed. Part of him wanted to pound me hard for his relief and the other part of him did not want to even look at me.

“Yes. Good. Ahhh… One minute. Keep holding back. Oooohh… Two minute. Mmmm… Three minute.”

Next thing I knew, my mind went blank as I let out a loud scream muffled behind the gag. My body shook all over and the doc stopped what he was doing.

“Looks like you could not handle holding back very long when you are double penetrated. We will try that again in a minute to make sure.”

He removed himself, but kept the vibrator in. Then he touched me all over and pinched my berries. His hardness was covered in cream and stayed firm for a bit.

“I know you are upset, Lucius. It is not good to stay pent up this way. You should relieve yourself. Would you like to go in the front or back of her?”

The doc handcuffed my wrists to the chains hanging from the ceiling before releasing me from the bed. My legs were opened wide and bakırköy escort my knees to my side. If it was not for the bars pressed up against the back of my knees, I would be suspended in mid air by the handcuffs. The doc pushed his way into my wet tightness before Master removed the vibrator to squeeze himself in me as quick and rough as he could. It was painful, but I was happy knowing he was about to be relieved inside of me.

Now I am in mid air held up by two, hard manhoods with a gag in my mouth. I was in tears at the pain and the intensity. They both pushed against me one at a time in motion testing my endurance. I was trying hard to hold back knowing if I did shake while Master is in me and he did not give me permission to shake then I will be punished for that too even though the doc is testing me without punishing me.

“You should be enjoying this, Cee Cee. Look at how much hard attention you are getting today. Now let see if you can hold back longer than before. Are you enjoying the tightness, Lucius?”

“Yes. I need a condom though. She does not deserve my cream today. What types of condoms do you have, Al?”

“Well, I usually carry a large variety. Would you like the smooth and thin one, ribbed or this one full of studded bumps?”

I was frightened and hoping he would choose the smooth one. The French tickler sounds too painful. Even though I endure the pain from my Master, I did not want my anus to be ripped up in this manner. It appears from the sinister smile on my Master’s face that he wanted to use that on me.

“Now I shall tear that tender spot up and you shall thank me for it.”

He quickly slid out and put the condom on and then tried to force his way back in. I could feel my walls expanding more than it did before. There was no doubt which one he put on. He pushed me hard again and again for a minute as the doc stood still and quite aroused. Just when I thought it could not get worse, Master slid in and out of me half way slowly making me react to the pain. Once he was able to slide in and out well enough, he picked up the pace. My back door was burning and aching. He could see the tears rolling down my face.

“It appears your Master is giving you a lot of hard attention. I can see he is a very loving Master.”

I made the mistake of turning my head since the pain was too much. It was intense with all the hard attention I was getting from them.

“Are you not enjoying all this hard attention I am giving you now? You would be so lucky to touch me tonight. I will tear your back door open and you will like it. Is that understood?”

I could only nod to agree and screamed out what I can through the gag. Before long, the doc relieved himself and stayed in place while my Master was still punishing my back passage way. Then he had the doc lower the chains to where I almost laid on Dr. Harden as my Master held onto my waist to pound me with fury. My mind was going blank and finally he reached his peak. I was happy he stayed inside me for relief, but would be happier if he had filled me with his hot cream. It is much more enjoyable for him to fulfill my flower, but to receive his hard attention from behind was consider lucky for me.

When the session was over with, Dr. Harden had the nurse come in to take me to another room to clean up. This is when he talks to my Master of what is in order or not. Fear ran through my veins as I cleaned myself. I was almost afraid to go home with my Master.

After the nurse brought me back into the room, Dr. Harden said that he looks forward to seeing us both tonight. Then my Master walked forward and said that we need to hurry home and prepare for tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32