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Ahhh….Sunday….a day off work….well….at least WORK work that is! Ha Ha! Too many things to do to spend the day in bed….no rest for the wicked they say. I’m in a good mood anyway! I watch your even breathing and think how lucky I am that you, Robert, are my Master!

Out in the kitchen, I have the coffee started and I sit staring out the window at the myriad birds and colorful leaves flitting around in the light Autumn breeze. A good day to hang the laundry and do some yard work.

“Good morning, pet!” The smell of the coffee must have wakened you. We talk about what we will accomplish today and, after the dishes are done, I start a load of wash. You are already getting the tools we will need out of the garage. You look so handsome standing there in only a pair of shorts and sandals! I sure am a lucky lady!

I hang the clothes on the lines stretched between the posts that you put in for me. That was a lot of work digging those holes and pouring cement. As I again think how lucky I am, I walk over and start digging the flower bulbs that I must let dry ’til Spring. I can feel you watching me as you rake the leaves into a big, fluffy pile for bagging. “There,” I said as I picked up the basket of bulbs and tools. “That’s done now.”

You leaned the rake against the tree and took the basket from my hands with a quick kiss on my lips. Was that a chuckle I saw in your eyes, Robert? You put them in the garage and returned to stand in front of me. You wiped a smudge of soil from my nose and grabbed me up in your arms. Oh, my, Robert! What are you up to now? “Eeek!” escapes my lips as you laugh and toss me into the pile of leaves. Aha! It was a chuckle in your eyes! You had this planned all along! You followed me into the pile and we wrestled each other until we tired of the game, then lay there side-by-side quietly staring at the clouds. I didn’t say it, but, once more, I thought how lucky I am.

The evening chill of Fall was beginning to settle üvey kız kardeş porno in for the night. I shivered lightly and snuggled up close to you. You have such a great “thermostat.” Nothing seems to ever make you cold. After a few minutes, you stood and pulled me to my feet. We laughed and brushed the leaves from each other. “Time to go in, pet.” “I’ll be there in a minute, Robert. You go ahead and shower while I take the clothes off the line.” I watched the way you walked….the movement of your ass….the swing of your arms….the ripple in the muscles of your shoulders….until you closed the door. I think how lucky I am, unaware that you watch me from the window.

I put the clothes and basket away and then it was my turn to clean up. You thought it would be an eternity before I was done. What you didn’t know was all the little things I had to do to look my best for you. Yes, it took time, but it was worth it to please my Master. It was my way of thanking you for loving me.

Just as I shut the hot water off, you walked in and handed me a towel. You watched appreciatively as I dried myself and I noted a gleem in your eye. You were up to something again….

You followed me to the bedroom. “Wear this dress, your garter belt and stockings, and no panties,” you commanded….and watched me dress. I love it when you look at me that way because I know you want me. I sure am lucky!

“We have worked hard today, my pet. I’m taking you to dinner.” I wrapped my arms around your neck and hugged you tightly, my tits pressing against your chest. You kissed me deeply, hungrily, and then held me at arms’ length. “Mmmmm….that will have to wait!” You grab my hand and pull me toward the door. “Where are we going, Robert?” “I thought we might try that new place over on the east side the guys at work were telling me about. They say the food is great.”

It was already past the main dinner hour when we arrived and xnxx porno only a few patrons were there. The hostess asked where we would like to sit and you asked for the booth over in the corner. The place was dimly lit and each table had a rose scented candle. You placed me on the inside against the wall and sat next to me. You lit the candle and I studied the contours of your face in the flickering light. Yes! I am a lucky woman!

The waitress brought our coffee and took our order. We were alone again. I felt the gentle touch of your hand on mine and the soft kiss on my neck. The fire danced in your eyes as you looked deep into mine. You turned so no one could see and carressed my breast, then pinched my already erect nipple, knowing I dare not cry out. “Mmph….” escaped my lips and you knew you had me. I saw your quick little grin. God, I wish we were home! I wanted to feel you sucking that sharp little pain away!

Our witress returned with our salads and we ate without a word. As you took my empty plate, you let your arm brush that still smarting nipple and I squirmed. Why are you doing this in public, Robert? I can’t undress here! “He he….it’s my turn to tease you now, Robert,” I think gleefully. I let my nails trace zigzags across your thigh as I approach your hardening cock. I apply more pressure and squeeze your balls. Petting you, I can feel your discomfort as that big cock of yours takes up all the free space in your shorts. “A little tight is it, Master?” I think chuckling under my breath. “What a big cock you have, Master!” I am so lucky!

Once more, you turn to face me and I see the desire in your eyes. “Did your Master give you permission to do that, my pet?” you ask quietly. “No, Sir.” I dropped my head, feeling bad. ‘I just wanted you to have some fun, too.” You picked up my chin and kissed me, holding me with your eyes. I felt your other hand cup my breast and slide down my body ever so sensually. Your eyes smile zenci porno as you see it dawn on me what you are about to do. Oh god….what those nylons add to your touch! I’m already wet and waiting for you. You snap the elastic of my garter and I jump. “Mmph….” I moan softly. “Sshhh! Not a peep, my pet!” I nod as much as I am able with my chin still in your hand and my eyes glued to yours. You hold my eyes just to see my reaction to everything you are doing to me.

Your hand on my thigh moves again. You play with my pubic hair, just brushing my clit. You see my eyes widen….and you smile. You apply just a bit more pressure and I feel your fingers slide deep into my cunt. Now I know why you asked me to dress this way! My eyes close to block out everything but that bautiful feeling of you inside me. I no longer care where we are. “Open your eyes, pet!” you command. “But, Master….” “Sshhh! Not a word!” I opened my eyes. I know you want to see the fire in them as you probe ever deeper. You feel my body tense as I near my climax and you whisper, “You may cum now, pet!” Your thumb rubbed quickly, lightly across my clit and you pressed harder into my cunt as the spasms overtook me. You see my eyes widen and my mouth gape open with silent gasps of pleasure.

You keep your hand hard against my pussy, not moving, until my body relaxes and the look in my eyes softens. Once more, your thumb crosses my clit and my eyes tell you I love you as I cum against your hand. I sigh as your hand leaves my cunt and my eyes close as you kiss me deeply. I hand you a napkin for your wet fingers and my eyes laugh into yours.

No sooner had we gotten ourselves straightened up, than our waitress reappears with our meal. You knew just how long it would take, didn’t you, Robert?

We ate quietly, each of us thinking about what had just happened between us….the fire of desire fueled with the thrill of keeping our secret from all around us. We finished eating. Our waitress brought more coffee and asked if we’d like any dessert. Winking at me, you grinned at her and said, “No thank you. I always have dessert before dinner.” She left to get our bill. We held each other’s eyes and we laughed.

Thank you, Master Robert! I AM the luckiest sub there ever was!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32