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Hi. My name Gregor and I am a Master Electrician. I’ve seen plenty in my 15 years of wiring private homes and businesses and (since these guys are paying me handsomely) I will share one of my favorite jobs with you.

I had been contracted to wire a garage and new addition for a home in a small little town in the middle of Maine. It was contracted as a three day job, even though I knew it would only take about a day and half. My customers are always impressed when I finish early and it gets me a lot of recommendations. When I showed up on Tuesday morning to start the job I was met at the door by the lady of the house.

“Mrs Smith?”, I ask politely. (No, not her real last name and you won’t get it from me either.)

“Yes, please come in. And call me Sara.” She is a stunning platinum blond. At 5’6″ with 38C’s up front and a narrow little waist, she has nothing to be ashamed of. She is also not leaving much to the imagination. Her white tank top would have been tight on the average ten year old and shows every curve and contour of her beautiful breast right down to the slight ridge around her areolas and the long delicious nipples in their centers. Her hot pink shorts look painted on. The slit between her puffy pussy lips showing plainly as a crease in the material. I swear that I can even make out the nub of her clitoris near the top of the crease.

She invites me in and (licking her lips with the tip of her tongue) asks me where I would like to start. I ignore the obvious line and tell her I’ll start in the garage as it will be the easiest and fastest part of the job. She stares for a moment at my obvious hardon and then pouts a little and shows me to the side door. I know she wants a quick lay, but my business depends on happy customers and her husband is paying this bill.

The garage only takes me about four hours to finish, and so I’m picking up when she comes out and asks me if I want some lunch. “Fine. I’ll be there in about ten minutes”, I tell her and she turns and walks away, swaying her gorgeous tight ass..

Inside I find her at the kitchen table. She has plates with a hamburger, fresh carrots, and a peeled cucumber for me, and just the veggies for her. The table is covered with a red and white checkered cloth that hangs down about two feet on each edge and she is already seated when I get there.

I have hardly started eating when I notice her hands are under the table. She smiles at me, then raises a hand and bites into a glistening carrot. She chews for a while and then the hand (with the rest of the carrot) disappears again. That’s enough. She’s really asking for a hard fucking.

“So where is your husband?”, I ask.

“He drives long haul trucks. He won’t be home until Saturday. I get so lonely.” she complains pouting. Then she raises her hand and takes another bite of carrot.

“Would he mind if he knew that I was going to fuck you hard all afternoon?”, I ask, wondering if the bluntness will scare her off.

“Oh yes. He is terribly jealous. We can’t let him know”, she replies.

Now this mostly pisses me off. I can’t stand a sneaky woman. I figure that she needs to be taught a lesson.

“Okay, I said but I have just one rule.”


“The first time you have to be blindfolded. I never let a women see my penis until it has been inside her.” I lie.

She just smiles. “Okay”

She stands up (the shorts are gone. No surprise there) and leaves, coming back with a blue handkerchief and one of her husbands light blue neckties. “Will this due”.

I can see that her shaved cunt is already dripping wet. I place the folded handkerchief over her blue eyes and tie it with her husband’s neck tie. Then I lead her to her bedroom. They have a very nice queen sized wrought iron bed with large iron posts in each corner and iron rails and uprights at both the head and foot. Perfect for what I had in mind. I pulled her tank top up over her head, (not an easy task as tight as it is) and immediately draw one long pink nipple into my mouth.

“Oh god, yes. Please suck my tits”, she begs.

This “lady” ensest porno is a real slut. She needs her cumming lesson badly. I pushed her back gently until she reaches the bed, still working her nipple in my mouth. Then I slowly lay her down and spread her legs. Her pussy was already sopping wet. She draws her knees up to her breast which exposes (as she knows full well) her entire cunt to my view. Her clit is poking out and juices are oozing from her slightly opened hole. So much juice that it is dribbling down the crack of her ass and making her tightly puckered pink asshole glisten and shine like an ornament. She holds the back of her knees in her hands and spreads her legs even wider as I traced her labia with my tongue.

“Oh please! Please eat my pussy?”. This bitch is still begging!!! I run my tongue up and down her slit, slowly teasing her clit and vagina. Her belly clenches as I suck her clit in and out between my lips and flick the end of it with my tongue. She starts thrashing as I slide my tongue into her flooding cunt hole. Just as she was about to explode, I stand up.

“No, don’t stop. Please make me cum. Please? I need it?” she begs.

“That depends,”, I say.

“Oh please?”

“Who do you have coming over tonight?”, I ask.

“No one. We’re new in town. Please?”, she whines.

“Well why don’t I just park my van into your garage and spend the night?” I ask, my finger slowing sliding in circles around her quivering, desperate pussy.

“Yes, oh yes please stay and fuck me?”

“Just stay hear then. And don’t remove the blind fold or I’ll leave.”

“Okay”. Stupid cunt.

I go to the van and put it in the garage like I said. I also bring a huge armful of “equipment” back in with me. When I get back inside I take 2 more ties from her husband’s closet. I started looping one around her slim left ankle.

“What are you doing?”, she asks pulling away slightly.

“Just tying your feet to the bed post over your head so you can use your hands for something else.” I said.

“Well okay”.

I tied her feet to the top of the posts stretching her legs long and wide, raising her ass up off the bed about 6 inches. Her hand starts playing with her nipples as I go back to licking her sweet pussy. It’s no time before she’s once again on the verge of cumming. I stand and let my cock brush her inner thigh. She sighs and pushes her cunt toward it as best she can, pinching her own nipples as she vainly tries to capture my cock with her wet hole..

I’ve worked hard on my cock and am proud of it. It is a good ten inches long and nearly seven inches around. I slowly run the head of it up and down her slit.

“Oh please? ” she begs. “It feels so hot. Give it to me please?”

I guide it to her open love tunned and started sliding it in.

“Oh god damn. It’s huge”

I slide more in. By the time I have 6 inches of it in she is nearly incoherent”

“Aaaahhhhh Godddd, It’s too big, Please fuck me. Too much. Harder,”

I loop a cord around her wrists and she arches her back, not even questioning that I have just tied her hands. I slide further into her clenching cunt as I tie the wrist cord to the head of the bed, stretching her arms and chest.

“Oh my goddddd, Yyyeeeeesssss. Take meeeeeee”,

“You are such a slut” I tell her.

“Yes, yes please fuck me”

“You should be punished”, I say coldly, lightly slapping one breast and then the other.

“Oh yes, please punish me?” she begs, arching her back, pushing her tits up even higher.

“Okay”, I say. I take two medium sized alligator clips with wire leads attached to them. I open the first and quickly clamp the sharp teeth onto her hard left nipple.

“Owww, No, no, no no. Stop!!!!! It huuurrrrrts”. Her body is shaking as I grab her right breast and I attached the other clip.

“Aaaaahhhhh Goddd, No, don’t, Stoppppp”,

“Now you will be punished”, I say, my voice like ice.

“No please, let me go.”

I slam my cock the rest of the way into her cunt”

“Oh goddd, it hurts. It’s too asyalı porno much”

“Tough shit slut”.

I pull the lead wires on the clamps, stretching her breast higher, pulling them into sharp pointed cones. “What are you going to do for me now slut”

“A e e e e anything you say, pleease stop?” Her body is twisting and quivering as much as her bonds will let it, doing wonderful things to my cock still buried in her tight cunt.

“If you can go five minutes without opening your pretty little mouth, I’ll let you go,” I say, “But if you can’t I’m going to be here a long, long time.”

“Mmmmm. MMMmmmmhmhhhhm”, her lips pressed tightly together.

I stand up, pulling my cock out of her wide open cunt. I take a piece of 12 gauge wire and strip off the outer insulation until I have just one four foot strand of solid core wire with a single layer of vinyl insulation over it. It takes only a minute. She lays there quivering, her lips pressed tightly together, her head rolling back and forth as if trying to see through her blindfold.

A slight whistling through the air and the wire slaps across her ass cheeks. “Mhmmhmhmmmhhhmmmhmm”. A bright read weal marks its impact, her cheeks clench tight in pain. Another whistle, “MHMHMHM MMMMMHHHMM MMHHHHHMMHM”. Another red stripe.

“Don’t worry Babe, I’m only going to give you ten more”

“MHM MHMHMHM MMM HMHHHHMMM MUMUMHMPH”, her hi pitched pathetic moaning complains.

Fast and furious I rain the wire onto her ass. Her body shivering and twitching wildly. Her lips still pressed tightly together. In less then a minute her ass is crisscrossed with flaming red welts. Her body shudders in agony as she fights to keep her lips closed on her moans of pain. “Only forty-five seconds left”, I say.


I take the leads from her nipple clamps and plugged them into a little black box I designed a long time ago. I move a dial and press a button. Two hundred volts (but almost zero amps, I don’t want to kill) pore into her nipples.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh ah ah ah ah ah a haahhhhahahahh”, she screams. Her back arching so hard that her arms are stretching in her shoulder sockets. Her head thrown back. Her mouth wide open. After a couple of seconds I let go of the button. Her body slumps like a puppet cut from its strings. Only her legs remain up, due only to the ties that I put on them.

“Sorry, slut. You didn’t make it”.

“Please, oh ple” she starts to whimper. I tap the button.


For less then half a second. She arches and slumps again. She cries quietly to herself. She is learning quickly.

I reach up and remove her blindfold. It has served its purpose. She raises her head and looks at her clamped, purpling nipples, tears running down her china like face.

“If I take the clamps off your nipples,” I tell her, “I will have to punish you some other way.”

“P P P Please take them off? Please?” she whispers sobbing.

“Okay.” I reach to the left one and open it slowly, then lift it clear. Her nipple is flattened with little dents from the teeth. As it unflattens, filling back up with blood she blanches white.

“Oh, oh oh o o o ooo o ooooo oh”, she whimpers. I open the other quickly and pull it off roughly.. “Ouwie ouw ouw ow ooohhhh”, she cries, the tears streaming down.

I take a round steal rod about 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. There is a one-and=a-half inch groove lathed near one end. I slide the other end into her still wet pussy. She grunts but knows better than to complain as I twist the cold steal around inside her. Then I pull it out and slide it hard up her tight ass.

“Oh no, please no, not there.”

I ignore her and push seven inches of steel into her asshole. Then I push just a little more so that her sphincter grips the steel rod at the groove, holding it in her. She can’t see me tape a wire to the end sticking lewdly out of her ass. I take the wire and plug it into my box. I take her clit and stretch it between my thumb and forefinger. She moans pitifully but holds still. gizli çekim porno I take one of the clamps and quickly set it on her stretched clit.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, screaming and shaking. I lean over her quivering body and just as she starts to draw air for a second scream, I slam my fist into her belly, just under the top of her rib cage. Her eyes roll up and her chest heaves, desperately trying to draw air. I tug the clit clamp lightly up and down, and side to side.. The pain shoots through her twitching airless body. Her ivory skin starts to blue slightly, when her tortured diaphragm finally draws a quaking breath. Soon her chest is heaving and she is moaning.

“I told you I would punish you another way. Tell me that you’re a slut and deserve to be punished”.

“I’m a slut. I d dd deserve it”, she whispers.

I press the button. 200 volts surges through the rod in her ass and out to the clamp on her clit. Her legs stiffen, her belly clenches and her head is thrown violently back. Her mouth is wide open but she is in too much pain to make even the tiniest sound through her locked throat. I count to three and release the button. She slumps and quivers, tears streaming. The back of one thigh shows the swelling knot of a pulled muscle.

I move to crawl up her body , between her legs and turn around to face her cunt. My balls rest on her lips. Wordlessly she starts licking them, trying to please me. I move a little and press the head of my cock to her lips and she takes it into her mouth. I slide my cock in and out of her mouth slowly going deeper with each stroke. As I slide to the top of her throat she gags and tries to turn away. I press the button again. Her whole body quivers and convulses. Her head throws back and my cock slides down her throat. I fuck her face the way for about ten seconds. Ten agonizing eternities for her burning ass and clit. Then I release the button and her body sags again. My cock still buried down her throat. She gulps for air and can’t get any. Her chest heaves and struggles, but no air can get past my huge cock. She twists and shakes and arches desperately. He belly quivering. Her bulging throat massaging my cock.

Just as she starts to go limp, I pull out. Her oxygen starved lungs heave as she whimpers. Tears begin running again, and her nipples get hard. Her pussy is running heavy too.

“I am now your master, slut.” I tell her. “You will obey my every whim or you will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yyyy yes Master.” She groans.

“Your master is going to cum now.”

“Yyyess Master”.

“I will remove the punishment if you like.”

“Oh please Master, sir, please take them off?”

I pull the rod out of her ass hard. She grunts prettily. “Uhhh. Thank-you sir”.

I take the clip off her clit. “Oh, ohohohohohohoho Gaaaaaawwwwwdddddd”

I move down to her cunt and slam my cock into to cunt. “Oh god master. It hurts”. I keep slamming her, stretching her. The head of my cock pushes hard into her cervix. Her nipples harden and her clit swells even more than the clamp made it. I grab her clit in my fingers and twist a bit. “Ahhh ohhhh please mm m m maaassster?”

This slut is going to cum. I take my cock out of her cunt and put it against her slightly opened asshole. She moves her hips looking for my cock and pushes her ass onto it a ways.

“Noooooo, please master. Please fuck my cunt?”, she pleads.

I brutally twist a nipple in each hand and push hard into her ass. She arches and begs but in two or three hard pushes I’m buried inside her hot bowels.

“No master, you’re killing me. Please stop”

I pull nine inches out and then brutally slam back into her. I can see her belly rise a little where my cock head is pushing up from the inside. She arches screaming. ” aahahahahaaaaaaaa, noooononon nono no no no ” I thrust faster, harder, tearing into her ass. Finally she arches her back and her eyes roll. Juice floods from her pussy as her ass clenches my cock tight and spasms around it. My balls tighten and I flood her bowels with raging jets of hot cum. Pounding her shivering body, my cock shoots wad after wad into her.

Then I draw out of her. I untie her legs. Her hands are still tied to the bed. “Sleep for a while slut. Your master will tend you some more this evening.”

“Yes Master,” she sighs as she passes out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32