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My name is Tiffany Young. I am a white female. I am six foot tall. I have dyed red hair and blue eyes. I have very large breasts. I also have a huge ass for a white girl. I am thirty years old.

My life is a living hell. I am a heterosexual women. I like men. However I have become a sex slave to my Cousin Megan. I am forced to lick pussy, ass and feet. I must stress I am Straight. I never expected my life to turn out this way. I don’t even like pussy but I am forced to eat a lot of it. This is the story of how I became Megan’s Slave girl.

I was once engaged to the most attractive firefighter in Mobile, Al. We had set up our wedding day for June 4th. I was so happy. I was ready to settle down and start a family. However I found out he cheated on me.

He then left me for the other woman. I was heartbroken. He left me with nothing. I had no where to turn. So I posted my problems on the popular spaceface site. Suddenly I received a message from my Cousin Megan who lives in a small town in Georgia.

Megan is a white female. She has short black hair and green eyes. Megan is twenty-five. She is a very beautiful young lady. She is super model beautiful. I use to babysit her when she was younger.

She seemed really kind and understanding to my situation. She offered me a place to stay. I couldn’t really said no. Plus I had no other option. So I took her up on her offer. She decided to come and get me.

So I pack my bags and left. I arrange to meet her at a nearby gas station. Megan arrive at the gas station at 8:30am. She show up in a black SUV. She jumped out of her car and gave me a big hug. The hug lasted a little bit too long.

“Tiffany, it’s been a long-time. How you doing?” Said Megan compassionately.

“It’s been rough but I think I will make it through.” I said.

“Wow! you look so beautiful. I bet you make all the boys jealous.” Said Megan.

“Thanks girl. Your not looking bad yourself.” I responded.

Megan laughed. “I will have so much fun with you.”

I really didn’t think much of that statement but looking back I should of.

During the car ride we had a lot of fun. Megan and me jammed out to every song we knew. We thought back to the days when I use to babysit her. There was really nothing out of the ordinary unlit we arrive in her small town.

The first thing I noticed was how small the town was. I only saw maybe two or three house on our way to her house. The houses were not at all close. They were miles from each other.

We finally arrived to Megan’s house. The house was pretty big and her yard was huge. Nothing but woods surrounded the nicely cut yard. The house it self was a beautiful white house. Megan parked the SUV and then helped me get all my bags. We then walked into the house.

The house was a four bed room and three bathes. There was also a huge basement.

I was in awe with the house. Every thing in that house was high quality items. çanakkale escort The TV was a custom made 90inches screen. The furniture looked like something Trump would have in his house. They were pictures of Megan all over the walls.

“Wow! This House is Beautiful.” I said still in awe.

“Seriously. You really like it?” Asked Megan.

“Yeah. I am slightly Surprised actually. How do you afford a place like this?” I asked.

Megan smiled wickedly. “Oh I have my ways.” She said.

“I am glad you like the place. If you like this just wait until you see your room.” Said Megan.

“Ok let’s go.” I said.

“Follow me.” Said Megan.

I follow her to a white Door that lead down stairs. I grabbed all my bags and followed her to the door.

“Oh I be downstairs?” I asked.

“Yeah. Hope you don’t mind but it really is the best room in the house.” She said.

“Oh Ok.” I replied.

Megan open the white Door for me. I started downstairs with all my bags in hand. Megan followed close behind me. I walked down the stairs case. At the very bottom was a very strange metal door. The door had locks on the outside. I stopped when I saw the weird door.

“Hey Megan. What is this?” I asked.

“Oh the former owner was a doomsday preparer or something.” She said.

It didn’t make much sense since the locks were on the outside but I really didn’t think Megan had evil intention for me.

Megan walked in front of me and open the weird door. I walked into the room and only saw darkness. It was so pitch black that you couldn’t see anything.

“Is there a light switch in here?” I asked.

“Of course on the other side of the room.” said Megan.

I began to make my way through the large room. I kept running into strange unknown objects. Suddenly I heard the door close behind me. I looked back but only saw darkness. I continue my way across the room. After two or three minutes I finally found the light switch.

When I flipped the switch I soon discovered a disturbing scene. It was a dungeon of some sort. They was a dog cage in the corner. In the middle of the room, Steel chains hung from the ceiling and were attached to the floor. On the left side of the room was a cross whipping post. There was a table by the hanging chains. The table had chains attached to it. There was a black Cabinet in a corner across from the dog cage.

I turned away and saw a door with an automatic lock. You would need a code to open it.

Suddenly Megan appeared next to me. She attacked me. She threw me up against the wall. She had place sometime around my neck. I suddenly threw her off me.

“What the Hell?” I angrily yelled. Suddenly I felted a very painful shock hit my body.

I fell to the ground. My body felt numb. After a few minutes feeling return to my body. I began to feel what was about my neck. That when I realized it a dog Collar.

Megan çeşme escort was standing in front of me with an evil smile on her face. I slowly sat up.

“I know your feeling Confused and Dazes right now. Your probably wondering what going on right now. Well I am going to tell you. See I have for a long while wanted to find the perfect person to keep as a prisoner in this dungeon. I needed a person who wouldn’t be missed by anyone. Someone no one would look for. I truly never thought family would be that person but here we are my cousin.” Said Megan.

Fearing for my life I looked Megan directly in the eyes.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked.

Megan laughed. “I am going to do things to you that are pervert and twisted and immoral. I am going to make you my personal slut. I will have my way with you every chance I get. I will punish you in ways you never imagined possible. And once it all said and done. You will thank me for every pervert thing I do to you. You will hate it but I will greatly enjoyed it.”

“Your insane! You will never get away with this!” I said.

“But I am getting away with it.” said Megan Sarcastically.

Megan pull up a stool and took a seat.

“As I said before no one is coming to look for you. There no where to run. We are a long way from the nearest people. In other words there’s no escape.” Megan said.

took a deep breath.

Megan continues her speech.

“So with this being said they are a few things we need to talk about. Firstly, you are now my Property. I will do what ever I want to you when ever I want it. Secondly, you will be expected to clean and cook for me. You will do this and if you don’t I will punish you severely. Thirdly you will respond to me as Goddess Megan for now on. And the last thing. You are not allowed to wear any clothing from here on out. Only the collar. Which leads us here and now. Take off all your clothes. I want to see what I own.”

I looked at Megan in shock. “No way! I will not willingly agree to all this!” I proudly said.

Megan sighed.

“Bitch please get it.” She said.

She held out her hands and revealed a small remote.

“This remote Controls the shock on that collar. We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way.” Said Megan.

Seeing no options and fearing what Megan might be capable of I decided to do as she said. I had a blue checker button up shirt and blue jeans. I first started to take my tennis shoes and socks off. I then stood up and began to unbutton my shirt. Tears started falling from my eyes.

I threw my shirt off. I was only wearing a black bra. I began to take me belt off and unzip my pants. I was now down to my underwear. I unhooked my bra to reveal my large breasts. I then slipped off my undies to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy.

Megan stood up and walked over to me. She wiped my tears away.

“There be plain of time to cry later.” Said diyarbakır escort Goddess Megan.

She began to feel me up. I turned my head away. I was disgusted by Goddesses pleasure of my nakedness.

She placed her hands on my breast and started playing with them. My breast became uncontrollably hard. Megan laughed wickedly.

“This is a lot more fun then I originally thought it be,” said Goddesses Megan.

“You will be a good slave for me.” Said Goddesses Megan.

“I want to fuck you right here and now but before I have my way with you. We got things to do.” Said Goddesses Megan.

Goddess Megan walked away from me and walked towards the black cabinet. Inside the cabinet was whips and leashes. She grab a leash and walked back over to me. Still with the remote to my collar in hand she looked at me.

She hook the leash to my collar.

“On your hands and knees” ordered Goddess.

I did as I was instructed. It was so humiliating. She then walk me to the locked back door. She unlocked it with a code. I couldn’t see it.

Megan open the door to reveal a very large backyard. She walk me outside to a mental rust trash can. That’s when she tied my leash to a tree and walked back inside.

After a few minutes she return with all my stuff and lighter fluid.

“Stand!” Megan order.

I stood up.

“You old life is now gone. I control your life now. You are nothing more than my bitch. You are lower than dirt.” Said Goddesses.

My Goddess looked at me with hungry eyes. “To remind you of this, all your belongings are no more.”

She threw everything I own into the trash can. She then pour the lighter fluid on it. She then pull out a match and lit it.

I watched in horror as everything I owned burn in front of me. It then struck me. My life was truly gone. I was now my cousin’s property. I had no choice but to please her every need.

Suddenly Goddesses walked me back inside the dungeon.

Once inside she place me on the table. She cuffed both my wrist. Then my ankles. She unhooked my leash and walked back to the Black Cabinet. She pull out a metal stick with a Giant GM on it. She also grab a red ball gagged.

She walked back towards me. She put the ball gag in my mouth. Then she walk out with the metal stick in hand.

After a few minutes she return with the stick. The GM was completely red. I suddenly realized what was about to happen. I struggle against my restraints.

Megan laughed. She place the GM on the right side of my ass Cheek. I scream out in pain but my screams were muffled by the ball gag. Tears uncontrollably fell from my face.

“Unfortunately I can’t play with you tonight. Got to let you heal up. But don’t worry cause tomorrow is training day. If your wondering why I branded you, you should know I have to mark my property. I am leaving the ball gag in because it will hurt for hours. Oh, hope you can sleep like that. Tomorrow if your good you get to sleep in the dog cage.” Laughed Megan.

She kiss me on the cheek and began to walk up stairs.

“Sweet dreams, my Cousin.” she yelled to me.

The lights went out and I was left in the dark.

The end

Part two is coming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32