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Ev is my slave in real life. She is a beautiful Asian slut. We are taking a short break right now whilst she concentrates on her studies. This is the continuing story, written by both of us, telling of how we first met …



Master (10) …

Fuck that was close!

I had stopped just inches from the rear of the car in front. The show that my slut and Stace had been putting on was mesmerising and I hadn’t been paying attention to the road. Still, not to worry, we had survived.

And slut hadn’t cum! No whipping, but still plenty of creative pain in store for her. My cock began to ache again.

We all disembarked from the car and stepped out onto my driveway. I was proud of my house. It was a large wooden and brick building with 4 bedrooms, living and dining room a reception hall, cloakroom and three restrooms, including 1 en suite. It also had a cellar.

“Wow Si, nice place.”

It pleased me that Stacy was impressed. Slut looked around in awe saying nothing.

“What’s down there Si?”

“It’s my cellar Stace. Want to take a look?” I said as I reached down to release Slut’s wrists. I smiled as she rubbed quickly around her arms wincing as the blood once more began to flow properly.

“Mmmmm yes,” she purred.

I unlocked the top door before stepping first into the dark staircase. I flicked on the light so that the girls could follow. Slut came after me and Stacy behind her. I guess that Stace allowed Ev before her to make sure she did not try to run away as normally a useless slut like Ev would have been made to follow behind.

We reached the bottom where the stairs opened out into a huge room that stretched for the entire floor space of the house. I knew they would be impressed.

“Fuck me Si,” said Stacy perhaps half to reflect her reaction and half as a statement of what she wanted — or so I liked to think!

Ev still just looked around amazed, but now with a terrified look registered on her face. The room was a dungeon, and a much better equipped one than Jonno’s.

“Do you like it girls?”

Stacy whistled her continued wonderment as I moved to pick a long coiled whip off the wall. I could see Ev’s eyes scanning the many pulley’s, chains, whips, manacles, cuffs and the whole variety of devices and instruments of torture that furnished the room.

If she thought there was to be any respite her views had just been corrected.

“Master,” said slut, her lisp now completely gone.

“Yes slut.”

“May slut speak?”

“Go on,” I said wondering what she could have to say.

“Slut needs to pee, Sir.”

“Okay slut, go on then.”

Ev looked at me disbelievingly.

“Here, Master? But you have so many bathrooms. Slut could just …”

“My bathrooms are not for the use of worthless slaves. Pee in this.” I reached her a plastic bucket, “and do it now in front of Mistress and me.”

“Oh, please sir, slut can’t …”

“It’s no longer your choice slut. I am ordering you to. Fucking well piss for me now … get on with it!”

The severity in my tone made Ev squat down, bunch up her skirt and pee into the bucket whilst Stacy and I laughed at her. Despite everything she had been through today this no doubt would have been one of the most humiliating.

She finished and stood up and smoothed her skirt down clearly desperate to retain any last vestige of modesty for as long as possible. I moved the bucket away.

“Si,” Stacy said with a sexy undertone.

“What Stace,” I replied.

“I wanna fuck slut.”

“Do you, where?”

“In the ass Si, with a huge strap on dildo — like that one over there!” She pointed like an excited schoolgirl to a thick, black dildo laid out on a table top.

Ev turned to look at first me then Stacy.

“No Master please, not her. Please, Master, fuck your slut!”

Stacy smiled and I knew that smile was to reflect the amount of trouble that my slave had just gotten herself into.

“Oh poor bitch, you’ve really done it now!” Stacy said gleefully.

“No, please, please let gyrl go … let your slut go now. She will come back to you sometime. She is tired out … she needs to rest. Don’t let her …” Ev’s incoherent whining faded away to nothing as the futility of it became clear.

I was furious and it showed as I shouted angrily.

“Down bitch! On your knees! On your knees now!”

Ev shrank back against the wall of the room, terrified.

“On your knees bitch!” Stacy joined in much to slut’s additional embarrassment.

Slut fell back neatly on her haunches, spread her thighs and assumed the Nadu position, wide-eyed and trembling — trying to please but it was too late.

“Stay on your knees bitch! You will be punished. You have no rights at all and you certainly have no right to refuse to serve anyone I ask you to serve.”

I prodded the end of my large coiled whip against Ev’s back, poking it into the material of my sweat top and lifting it up in puckers, revealing some of the tantalisingly tanned flesh of her lower back. Maybe I would get to whip the stupid slut after all. My cock really did ache now.

I porno izle turned to Stacy.

“Strip her!”

“No, please Master, “slut protested.

Stacy reached forward, grabbed Ev’s top by the front and pulled it roughly upwards and over her head. I noticed how much of a lingering look Stacy gave to Ev’s firm breasts

I then poked the end of the whip underneath the hem of Ev’s short denim skirt.

“Get this off,” I said dismissively.

Again Stacy reached forward, undid the silver, stud button, and pulled down the zipper. The brief skirt fell free onto to the floor. Ev wore no underwear any longer and so once again she stood naked before us.

Stacy paced around slut, staring inquisitively at her frightened face as she rubbed her hands across Ev’s smooth back.

“You really are a pretty one aren’t you? Yes, a very pretty one. I will fuck you sooner or later you know; you will like that won’t you?”

Ev started to cry.

“Won’t you?” Stacy demanded an answer.

Ev shook her head, which infuriated both Stacy and I even more. I lost my patience.

“Stacy, I have to go pee. String her up so that we can jack-knife her but leave her hanging stretched above ground until I return.” I assumed that Stacy knew what I meant by ‘jack-knife’. I would soon find out I guessed.

Having relieved my bladder, washed myself and generally messed about for ten minutes or so I returned to the torture room.

Stacy had her strung up beautifully. It made me hard just to look at my slut in all her bound splendour.

“Great job Stace,” I complimented her. She had known what I meant.

Ev had done wrong to speak way out of turn and now she knew it. She looked gorgeous secured before Stacy and I and she was, apart from a broad black studded collar fastened about her neck and purposely positioned straps, completely naked. My slut’s taut body hung from her stretched arms so that her toes dangled two feet above the ground. Agonising!

Thick leather cuffs secured her wrists to a few links of chain and the ring that hung over the hook on the end of the bracket. A leather strap had been buckled about her knees, while another set of cuffs with a trailing chain bound her ankles.

These constraints helped to shape Ev’s body into a stunning, slender length, twisting slightly from side to side as far as the chain that held her allowed. The stretching of her pectoral muscles exposed the pale hollows of her armpits and pulled her pert high breasts into a very provocative position.

Nervous breathing caused a rapid swell and contraction of the flat, taut expanse of stomach flesh under her jewel adorned navel that perfectly complimented my slut’s slim waist. Her shaved pussy and groin looked just delectable.

Slave’s long hair was still tied in a simple pony-tail, hanging loose falling long down the smooth length of her back. Her head hung facing the floor as though in shame. Her brown eyes stared sightlessly down at the ground.

A flick of my whip across her midriff jerked slut back to her senses. Ev, her eyes wide with apprehension, met my stern gaze.

“Now then, cunt,” I said. “You know why you’re strung up like this?”

“Yes, Master,” she whimpered. “To be punished. Slut is so sorry. She’ll never do it again, she promises!”

I glanced back at Stacy as she sat comfortably watching the proceedings unfold. I smiled as I noticed that she had rested her hands seductively and conveniently between her legs.

“No, you won’t cunt,” I said with an assured certainty, “this session will make certain of that. Mistress Stacy, lift her feet.”

Stacy stood up, moved over to the dangling slut, grasped the chain trailing from Ev’s ankle cuffs and climbed the small stepladder placed beside my unfortunate slave, drawing the chain up after her.

Ev bent in the middle like a ‘jack-knife’, the strap about her knees forcing her legs to remain straight, until her feet were almost level with her bound hands.

“Ouuucchhhhhhh,” cried Ev as her body became painfully stretched, “Master pleeeaaaase!”

Stacy hooked the ankle chain over the bracket and then reached between slut’s legs and chest. A snap ring dangled from her collar, and this Stacy fastened to the strap about slut’s knees so that Ev’s face was pressed against her shins.

Slut was very creatively bound. Excellent!

Stacy stepped down.

Now slut hung like an exotic fruit ripe for picking, her hips almost at shoulder height, leaving her pussy and ass completely exposed. Her tightly bound knees squeezed her thighs together and forced out her smooth labial lips into an unwilling pout. They shone both with remaining urine drips and stimulated pussy juice – Ev still being massively stoked from her unsatisfying encounter with Stace in the back of my car.

But it was the hole below this that held my immediate attention. I poked the dark rose of slut’s anus with my straightened forefinger, making my slave jerk helplessly within her bonds.

“Now, slut,” I said, “what’s this?”

“My… your slut’s ass hole, sir,” Ev replied despairingly.

“And what’s it for?”

“For amatör porno her to shit … sir.”

I smacked her butt cheeks hard.

“Do not be smart, cunt … what else?”

“To… to give pleasure to you Master.”

“And anyone else I want to give your sorry ass hole to, understood?”

I stepped back and swung hard with the coiled whip and watched as the single, thick lash slashed across Ev’s bottom leaving a red welt trailing across her cheeks.


“understood?” I repeated.

“Y … y … yes sir.”

“Good,” I said. I took up a stance to one side of Ev and rested the coil from the whip across her tight buttocks. “Now I’m going to drive that message home so you’ll never forget it.”

I flashed the whip through the air and it smacked into slut’s ass flesh.

Ev yelped deliciously, twisting on her chain like a hooked fish. A second thin red weal burned across her bottom cheeks and the split peach of her cunt as it rose between them. I let slut’s twisting come to rest, and then asked,

“What can be put up your bottom hole, cunt?”


“Answer me slave, what can I put inside your ass?”

“Cocks, fingers, dildos… ass plugs… anything! Sir.” Ev gasped.

“Correct cunt, in fact I can insert whatever I like because it is my ass, is it not?”

“Y…y…yes Master”.

Slash! The whip hurtled down to slut’s ass once more.

“Noooooooooooo, stooooooooppppppp!”

“And how often can these things be put up there?”

“As many times as you wish M…m…master…”

Again the lash struck home.


“And do you have any say in the matter?”

“No, sir… not at all, sir…”

I whipped Ev’s ass hard for a fifth time.


I heard her cursed transgression and made a mental note to hit her harder next time.

“What if it hurts you a little?”

“I…, your slut is here to suffer if you so desire, Master.”

A sixth stroke of the whip made Ev scream anew.

“So will you ever refuse your ass hole again to anyone that I say can have access to it?”

“No, sir… they can cram it full with whatever they want, sir…”

Slash!!!! A seventh stroke was anything but heaven for Ev.

“What are you?”

“A useless slut… a slave and a cunt to be used only and always for my Master’s pleasure …”

Ev was almost gibbering, so desperate was she to be released from her latest torment.

Remembering her use of the word bastard I whipped the next lash down harder than on any of the previous strokes.


I enjoyed hearing Ev swear so meaningfully and so sexily. My cock was aching to fuck my little slut. But I might just ‘make do’ with the gorgeous Stacy and deliver the ultimate frustration to my delicious slave.

“And don’t you ever forget it,” I said, lowering the whip.

As slut hung sobbing and trembling I examined the results of my handiwork. Ev’s bottom was crisscrossed with weals and scarlet with heat, but the skin had not been broken. Experience had taught me just how much force to use on such occasions. I touched one or two of the marks and felt her body jump. Now there was one final detail and slut’s current punishment would be complete.

“You’ll stay up here until Stacy and I have amused ourselves slut,” I told Ev, “hopefully by then you will have learned your lesson. Understand?”

Ev nodded back to me as far as her bonds allowed and said faintly: “Yes Master… thank you.”

I took from a shelf a hook set in the end of a substantial length of inch- thick, phallus shaped, wood dowel.

“Now, I need a place to hang this hook. Do you know of one, slut?”

Warily, knowing, I am sure, what I needed to hear, Ev replied to me “Master please use this slut’s ass hole.”

I smiled and moved over to my hanging slut once more, taking a moment to fondle her reddened ass cheeks, before I took the wooden length and slipped it between her ass cheeks forcing slut’s anal ring open.

“Oh no! Please Master, don’t do this!”

Ignoring her cries I screwed the wooden dildo into the yielding tunnel of her ass until only the hook end was visible.

Ev squirmed and groaned, “Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk Master!”

Then I hung my sweat top, her skirt and her bikini thong from it.

“There you go, “I laughed, “the cunt is just a useless clothes hook!”

I turned to Stacy, who had been watching the whole procedure in what looked like fascinated silence.

“Gag her, Stace. I don’t want to hear a sound until we’re finished.”

“Yes, Master,” Stacy said dutifully. It was the first time she had used that title with me. It would not be the last.

Once more Stacy climbed the small ladder in order to gain better access to slut’s mouth. With little resistance, largely due I guessed to Ev’s immobility, Stacy pushed a red ball gag deep into slut’s warm mouth, and strapped it tightly around her head before descending to the floor once again.

Now I was all set to amuse myself while slut anal porno just hung and hurt and ached!

Stacy was a stunning piece of ass, of that there could be no denying. Just moments earlier she had called me Master. It made me hard just to think of it.

“Okay Stacy,” I said with just a hint of threat in my voice, “You might be Mistress to that piece of useless flesh hanging up there, but you’re just another slut to me. Understood?”

Stacy looked at me a little wide eyed, but also a little more breathless then she had been.

“Yes Master.”

This little scenario was playing out just fine.

“Okay then Staaaayyyceeeeeee,” I said mocking her name, “When you are controlling my slave you can be Mistress Stacy, but when I am using you then you will be referred to as if you are as low as slut. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. Now Strip.”

I looked up at Ev. If she had any feeling left in her tightly bound body then she would be well and truly juicing after the display I now had planned.

“Take your top off slut.” I issued my short, curt command.

Stacy smiled to herself. I stood patiently waiting; the atmosphere in the room was thick with sexual anticipation. I watched as Stacy reached down to her waist and, gripping the material of her skimpy vest top, pulled upwards freeing her gorgeous pierced tits from their material restraint. I noticed that she couldn’t resist taking a peek at my reaction and she smiled slightly when she saw my lustful leer. Ev would need pierced nipples soon, I reminded myself.

I glanced up at Ev. She had closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes cunt, or you will suffer more.” She did as she was asked and so enjoyed a first class view of this encounter between Stacy and I.

Stacy tossed the flimsy material to the floor furtively glancing, I saw, as she did so at my crotch. I knew she would be pleased to see the telltale bulge pushing against the stretched fabric of my shorts.

My gaze now lingered on her breasts. I almost groaned as she slowly, thoughtfully licked her lips in lustful anticipation, darting my tongue in, out, and around her nipples rings.

I looked up at Ev and could see the visible signs of her pussy juicing.

“Okay cunt,” I addressed Stacy, who smiled at the way I was addressing her, “lose the jeans and sneakers.”

A minute of almost slow motion like action saw the gorgeous blond wind down the snug fitting denim and slip off her pumps to create a bigger clothes pile on the floor.

“Now your panties slut,” I addressed Stacy once more.

She hesitated for only a second before she slipped the black lace thong down her slender legs and kicked them off her feet and away to join her other clothes in a heap.

Now she was naked.

I sat myself down in the chair previously occupied by Stacy.

“Come here slut Stacy,” I commanded.

With just a hint of an approving nod Stacy came over to kneel between my spread knees. With her head turned downwards her thick blond hair hid her face and hands from my view, but I could feel her fingers working expertly at my shorts and soon her soft little tongue made tingling contact with the still growing head of my cock.

She licked round the sheath of my foreskin until I was fully erect and then I felt her lips slide slowly over my helmet and her tongue explore the slit. Reaching down with both hands I pulled her hair back so that I could see as well as feel.

Immediately Stacy pulled her head back a little and put her tongue out so that I had a clear view of it lapping at the purple coloured end and then as it trailed slowly down the shaft. She circled one hand round the base of my throbbing erection and gently moved it up and down while her mouth closed over me once again and she began to suck eagerly, moving her head from side to side as well as up and down, sometimes greedily. Sucking noises escaped from her connection with me.

Slowly she moved further and further down, taking in more and more of my shaft until I could feel the exquisite constriction of her throat around me. Convulsively I gripped my hands harder in her hair and pushed her head down while I bucked my hips up urgently at her.

Slut Stacy never flinched; she just stayed as she was and let my cock slide further down her throat. I pulled back and then thrust again, once more pulling her down onto me. Three more such thrusts and I felt the irresistible tides of my orgasm begin to flood.

My penis tensed and swelled, Stacy felt it and her hand gripped me tighter, moving up and down faster and faster. With a groan of pure delight I let my body take over completely and felt the sperm pump deep into her throat while I rammed her head down brutally hard.

She took it all, swallowing long and slow whilst I thrust into her mouth and erupted time and again. It was a superb blow job, the best I had ever experienced I thought, but then weren’t they all at the time, and I spent a long time savouring every last discharge.

Stace for her part kept me deep in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the slit from which my semen had splashed, making sure that she had got it all. At last she tucked my softening length back into my shorts and knelt back on her haunches, running one elegant finger around her chin and then sucking it to gather in an errant drop of sperm. Just watching her do that had me hardening again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32