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Back to Brandon: As Miranda and Brandon walked into the kitchen, he couldn’t help but noticing that it seemed like a kitchen from some fancy restaurant. This place was so big, it seemed like it could hold the entire party in this room. They looked around for a second and he asked some girls who were standing there “Where do we get some drinks?”

Miranda didn’t know. Tommy had got hers for her last time. The girls pointed them to what Brandon guessed was the fridge, even though it looked different, right beside the wine cabinet. He started to turn around and ask her what she wanted but she was already gone so he fixed a drink and started to mingle a little. Brandon still thought of Cheryl’s promise of something “special” for their first time. But, for now, he was just going to make sure to ‘socialize’ around a bit. After all, this was his first orgy and he’d catch up to her later. After a little walking around, a certain girl caught his eye.

She had somewhat of the fetish goth chick look going on with long, black hair, makeup, piercings all over, and some wild tattoos on her arm and belly. She was a little taller than Brandon and hot! She looked like a dead ringer, believe it or not, for Jennifer Love Hewitt but with what was obviously fake silicon pornstar tits that were about the size of two basketballs as they shook with her slightest movement. Her nipples and belly were pierced and she had more than a few tattoos. Standing on either side of her were two very well hung, rugged, muscular twins with black greaser “devilock hairdos” (Misfits band reference). Both were wearing dog collars and she held their chains, as they must have been her slaves. And the cigarette she kept dragging on only added to her sexual appeal in Brandon’s eyes.

Anyway, she caught him eyeing her and curled gaziantep escort her finger motioning him over. Brandon was feeling himself rise as he approached her to say something. But she just stopped him and said “Cut the shit, honeybuns. You want me so bad you can taste it, don’t ya?” She said “Well ya know, you are kinda a cute little slut, but you have to understand. If you wanna play with ME, you have to play by MY rules….Shut up! Don’t dare to interrupt me again.” She took another drag, exhaled as she teasingly licked one of her nipples, laughed, and told him to follow her as she walked down a hall with her slaves in tow, following behind her as she pulled him along by his dick. She stopped in this one average sized room. There was one couch, a couple of tables and a picture in an otherwise bare room.

She ordered the slaves to sit side by side on the couch and then led Brandon before them and pushed him saying forcefully “On your knees! You know what to do. And I better see you choking.” He hesitated at one of the organ of one of the men, as they were larger than anything he had dealt with before. She yelled again “Now!” and applied a sharp crack to his ass with a leather cat o’nine tails that she was now holding. “I know about your fetish. I can just tell. It really got you hot to see me taking a drag off my cigarette with this dirty…little…mouth…didn’t it? If you are good little toy, I promise…you will be rewarded.” So he started sucking one of them at the head as fast a pace as he could muster while jacking the other. Brandon was getting really turned on by the flesh of the hard, throbbing dickmeat in his mouth and the other one in his hand. “Deeper! I want to see you gag!” She cracked Brandon’s ass again with the leather. konya escort He started to try as hard as he could to reach the bottom of what must be at least ten inches of this large veiny shaft.

He switched off to the other guy and as soon as he did, she was right on top of him with her beautiful pierced mammoth breasts pushing him down forcefully. He reached the base quick, almost heaving. “Yeah, that’s it.” She started to let him up as he adjusted to get the hang of it. He tried to lift his head for a quick breather but she said “I didn’t say you could stop yet.” Brandon was still in tears from the gagging when she ordered the guy he was sucking to stand with Brandon’s mouth still on him. Then she came behind Brandon and held his head as the guy started to pound away at Brandon’s throat like it was his ass or a pussy. He was throwing up almost as drool was flowing out of his mouth and flying all over, then he came in Brandon’s mouth so hard, that Brandon coughed and some of it spilt out of the sides of his mouth with tears streaming down the side of his ‘cute’ little face from gagging. She told him to stop. “Swallow, cutie. Every drop”. The guy pulled out and pushed the cum around Brandon’s mouth in with his dick as Brandon sucked the head for a second, drinking the last remains. She then ordered Brandon flat on his stomach on the couch with his ass in the air.

“You’re gonna get stuffed, boy. You ready?” The two slaves started oiling his ass and after a few minutes of heavy fingering, Brandon must have been ready to squirt from the slightest touch.

Brandon was wondering if all this was necessary. ‘What am I being prepared for?’ he thought.

She yelled “Stay still!” She ordered a slave to enter him. “Now.” Brandon flinched kayseri escort as this guy was huge, but nothing he couldn’t handle. She told the second male “Your turn, slave!” She then bent over, whispering in and nibbling at Brandon’s ear, “I wanna see if you’ll stretch.” She whipped his bare ass once again with the leather. He started to struggle but the guy held him down as the mistress reminded Brandon of the deal. He felt the second male’s pulsing erection poke around his hole as it rubbed against the first guys cock and he slid slowly in, only able to reach halfway, as Brandon was barely able to stand it as is. As he slipped in, Brandon was in total pain and they pumped as much as they could. She yelled “That’s it! HURT his cute little ass!” And although in extreme pain, Brandon was feeling a mix of great pleasure, too, as he came on the couch hard, right at that point.

Brandon was thinking ‘If this keeps up I’m not going to be able to sit for a while.’ Then all of a sudden they couldn’t hold back as they both blasted his ass so full of cum it exploded out and overflowed onto the couch.

They pulled out and she asked Brandon “Do you want me?” with an unlit cigarette dangling from her mouth. With a wicked grin she added “You must do one more thing. You must clean up every drop of cum that was spilt, with your tongue.” As the boys got up, Brandon did feel somewhat relieved. So he started to suck what was left on their sweaty dicks before gathering what was left from his own ass. She then made him lick the couch and Brandon thought that was it. But she just grabbed him by the cock once again and shown him where he spilt some on the floor as he was giving head earlier.

‘She can’t expect me to lick that, can she?’, Brandon thought to himself.

He felt the lash as she told him “I’m waiting.” After he licked that nasty floor clean, she looked very satisfied with her dominance. “Gooood little manwhore.” She said. “There’s a toothbrush and paste in that bathroom. Go ahead and clean up.” So he washed and rinsed out his mouth for at least five minutes to get ready for his final “reward”………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32