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Eva offered Sir Dan a refill on his soda after watching the second scene. When she returned a Domme was preparing for a scene with her male submissive. As her Sir watched he absentmindedly began to rub her cleavage with his fingertips. While they waited for the scene to begin she closed her eyes and let his wandering fingers get her hot and wet again. She wanted to grab him and beg him to fuck her but she knew she could not. Just then her Sir slid his hands all the way down into her bra and pushed it down exposing her bare breasts. Eva did not move even though the body rush she got made her want to cum. She began to breath heavily as Sir Dan reached down and fondled her breasts one at a time pinching her nipples until they stood out hard. She surely did love the private humiliation, even though it was not so private this time.

She started to pull her dress up over her breasts when her Sir slapped her hands. “I didn’t tell you that you could cover up bitch,” he growled into her ear. She lowered her head and she felt the wetness gathering in her cunt from the sexual rush of this humiliation. She felt a wonderful warm blush heating her cheeks, and she knew her face was bright red. She felt so sexy with her Dominant proudly showing her charms to everyone. He left her nude breasts exposed and fondled her as the third scene began.

The third scene was with a couple that seemed to be porno indir in their thirties. The Domme was smaller than he was. She was about 5′ 4″, with blond hair to her shoulders and about 130 –140 lbs. He was 5’9″, brown hair, clean cut and slender. He looked about 160 – 170 lbs. First she tied him with his back to a cross in the shape of a giant X. Sir Dan had told her this was the St. Andrews cross. The Domme tied him by his hands and ankles. Then she took a long piece of what looked like clothesline rope and tied it around his balls and cock. Then she tied the long ends behind his neck. This binding held his cock out in front of his body.

Then she took a candle that she had burning and began to drip wax on his dick. He seemed to love it. Then she took one of the short six-inch floggers and began to flog his cock She was gentle at first slapping his cock and then the inside of his thighs. As she flogged she picked up speed and was actually hitting him harder. He must have liked it because his cock was getting hard. When she finished that, she untied him and he knelt on all fours facing the cross. She strapped on a dildo then greased up his ass. Then she fucked him with the dildo until he groaned, “Please Mistress may I cum?” She told him he could and he almost doubled over with the force of his cum as he exploded. The Domme and her sub also sat and rokettube held each other for a long time after they finished and cleaned up the play station.

Eva was so hot watching them she wanted her Sir to fuck her. She expressed this desire to her Dom when she asked if he would fuck her right there. Sir Dan had a hard time not laughing out loud. “Easy there Pet,” he said. “Don’t get us thrown out our first time here.” He explained that there was no genital contact allowed in the Dark Angel without condoms, and that objects could be inserted as long as they were also covered with latex. They could also use rubber gloves on their hands.

The forth scene, was the hottest. This couple looked to also be in their late thirties or early forties. He was about 6′, blond hair and beard, maybe 180 lbs., very handsome and a very sweet man with a devilish twinkle in his eyes. He wore a black leather vest, dark colored tee shirt and jeans. She was about 5’4″, dark auburn hair to the middle of her neck, and about 140 lbs. She was very pretty too. She was wearing a black platex mini skirt and midriff jacket with no underwear, except black stockings and garter belt with high heels. There was a small gazebo type stand made of heavy wood. She was tied with her hands together and over her head from a rope suspended from the middle of the apparatus.

He stepped seks filmi in behind her and opened her jacket, exposing her tits, and he started to play with them. He tried a little nipple torture by pinching her nipples very hard with his fingers until she was moaning with pleasure. Then he pulled her mini skirt up to her waist exposing her ass and her pussy.

He stood very close to her the whole time they played. He kept body contact with her at all times. If he wasn’t rubbing her with his hand, he had a leg between her legs, especially when he stood in front of her. He moved himself around and around her. First he spanked her with his hand on her ass. Then he used one of the short floggers and spanked her. At first he stood behind her and flogged until her ass began to get red. Then he moved in front of her with his leg pushed up against her pussy and he would reach around her and flog her ass. Then he flogged her tits. He moved around to the back of her, hovering close over her the whole time and reached around to flog her tits again.

He kept moving around her and flogging, and talking softly to her the whole time. She had her eyes closed and was definitely in sub space from the look on her face. Occasionally, he would move to her front and rub the handle of the flogger into her pussy slit. He would speak softly to her and she would shudder with an orgasm. She would relax her whole body then and just hang by her hands while he rubbed her clit. In a minute she would stand back up and he would start the whole thing again. This was a very erotic scene and got Eva very wet.

However, the scenes were not as erotic for Eva as what was about to happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32