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Bad Dragon

This will serve as a second in an ongoing series that chronicles the adventures of Roger and Barbara. If the demand is there, i will definitely add to the story.


“Remember Roger. It’s just lunch. No funny business today.”

“Sure thing Barbara, whatever you say.” I said with a smile that did nothing to hide the fact that, I had planned to sink my white member into that hot black ass before I left Dallas if it harelipped Jerry Jones.

“You’re looking very handsome and dapper. I’ve never seen you in a suit before.” She said as she admired the outfit that I had selected just for our outing. I only owned one suit, but it cost 2 grand. A wise old black R&B singer had given me this advice when I was first starting out.

“Young blood, if you’re going to get a suit, spend the money so that it’ll look right on you. Even if you can only afford one. It’s better to have a single thousand dollar suit, than to have ten one hundred dollar trainwrecks.”

“Well, I’ll have to correct you a bit. You’ve saw me in a suit before.” I said with that same shit eating grin from earlier.

“What? When?” She asked, with a surprised tone in her voice.

“The night we met. I was in my birthday suit.”

She laughed loudly. I suppose the memory of that night still held a high place in her mind. Lord knows it sure held that spot in my head.

“I guess I was in mine as well.” She said with a soft sigh. “I’ve missed you Roger. I miss how you made me feel that night. I miss how you fucked me.” She said as she lightly touched my thy.

That night, back in July, I didn’t get a clear view of Barbara’s body. Well, I mean I did, but I was high as a fucking kite! Besides, we went from zero to fucking in 3.5 seconds. The towel that she was wearing that night didn’t do her justice. She sat next to me at the bar of the eatery and I realized that this fifty something beauty was by far the sexiest woman that I’ve ever been with in my short twenty seven years.

She wore a pair of very tight and form fitting Levi’s jeans, a Dallas cowboys t-shirt, and some rubber soled platform open toe sandals which showed off her perfectly manicured feet.

I’m not a feet man necessarily, but, Barbara could definitely be a foot model. I loved her dark skin; I love her Anita Baker hairstyle, and the fact that she was allowing her graying roots to gain dominance.

She also had those full, curvaceous, black woman hips. I wanted desperately to get inside of her again, but she had made it clear that this would just be “lunch, no dessert”, so I changed the subject.

“How are your daughters?” I asked her. The two had also coupled up with my two friends for that long July weekend.

“Schalanda is as big as a house! Barefoot, happy and pregnant. She doesn’t care about Josh not being an active father unless he absolutely wants to. She just wants her some pretty Debarge looking babies. She will raise them alone if she has to.”

“Debarge. Well, hopefully her kids will fare better than the originals.”

“Wasn’t that a shame? Drugs, jail time, their father really screwed them up.” She said.

“He did indeed. Now, what about Jazzelyn? How is she?”

“Well, she and her husband are doing fine. They are closing on a new house; in fact, she wants to host Christmas this year. She seems very happy.”

Fuck! I was hoping for some tension in her marriage. I mean, her fine ass did eventually allow Sean to cum in her that weekend after adamantly admonishing him not to do so. So I wondered if her resolve, and loyalty toward her mate had somehow eroded over that time period.

I knew that peer pressure was the only reason why she agreed to participate with us in the first place, three men, three women, four of the six are all in; it made it hard for her to resist the urge to be apart of the pack.

When I first saw her, I was completely blown away. If Barbara was the sexiest woman that I’d ever been with, then definitely Jazz was the sexiest one I had ever seen period! But, waste not want not; she, much like her mother, seems to have zero interest in parting her legs for me at this time, so I muster what small vestige of pride that I have left after being so thoroughly rejected by Barbara, and decide to make my exit.

“Barbara it’s been good seeing you. But it’s time for me to get back. BTW, hows your husband?”

She laughed again. The only reason that I had met her in the first place was because she had come to the Essence Festival that I was working that weekend; she had accompanied her daughters at their urging; this was done to help take her mind off the fact that her husband of thirty plus years had been unfaithful. I wasn’t sure if the laugh meant that everything was copacetic, or if she had reverted back into cheat mode.

“We are actually good. Leo has been soooooo attentive and loving! Hell, I don’t think that I can think of a time when we haven’t been side by side since. Especially after he gave his dental practice to our son. We travel, we go out to fine restaurants, we club hop, dance, mersin escort and we fuck all of the time.”

What the hell! Does she think that it’s easy to constantly hear her use the word “fuck” in that manner?

“He knows that I’m here right now as well. He knows that I came by to meet you for lunch.” She added.

“Really? How well did that go over?”

“When I initially told him about us; it reinvigorated him. After so many years, I suppose the thought of having the same pussy night after night after night had gotten a bit monotonous. Our sex life had seen a rapid decline. I could walk around him completely naked, and not so much as a glance in my direction. But, somehow, my encounter with you, rekindled his interest in me.”

“The baby rattle analogy. The baby doesn’t give a shit about the rattle sitting on the floor until another baby reaches for it.” I said with a very small hint of bitterness in my voice.

She reaches for my hand. She had this calming effect about her; almost motherly in a way. Maybe that’s what attracted me to her. My own alcoholic piece of shit mother never had any of those instincts, so it’s possible that I’m using Barbara to replace what I missed as a child.

“Roger I know what you came here expecting today, and to be honest, you had every right to expect more. I would have loved to have given you more. I want more, trust me. But.”

“But what?”

“I made a pact with Leo. No more infidelity on either of our parts.”

“I see, well. It’s been real Barbara, but I really need to go. Best of luck to you and, Leo.” I said as I rose to depart.

“Wait Roger. Don’t leave like this. At least allow me to have a kiss. I mean, what’s the harm In that?”

“A kiss?”

“Yes. Just one though.”

“One kiss.”

“Just one.” She said.

So I reach down and plant my lips onto hers.

One hour later…

“Baby! Why are you fucking me like this?” Barbara screamed as I hammered away at her pussy as she lay on her back in the motel bed.

If you’re confused; just know that one kiss led to another, and then another. One nipple tweak here and there. Next thing you know, we’ve made our way across the street to a fairly common motel chain. And not to use the most tired cliché in the English language, but the rest is history.

I stood at the edge of the bed and slowly fed her my dick while she lay there with her legs raised in a v-shaped position. I watched as my cock disappeared into her dark opening and then reappeared as I slowly pulled it out. Barbara never once closed her mouth or opened her eyes. I rested my hands on her hips as I kept her from drifting too far away from my thrusts.

I knew that my nut was quickly approaching and that I had neither the desire nor the will power to stave it off. Barb had cum at least twice already, so I felt ok with blowing my own load.

“God Barbara! I’m cumming!” I screamed as I busted into that mature and oh so refined pussy.

She begin to cum once more; much more intense, much more vocal. Then all of a sudden, her face went from pleasure to something very different. She started to weep loudly. It wasn’t the kind that accompanies a super good, toe curling climax. No, this one was full on disturbing. This one was the stuff of anguish, pain, and guilt.

I immediately dropped down beside her and took the sobbing women into my arms in an attempt to console her, as well as to ascertain what the hell just happened.

“Baby! It’s ok. I’m here.” I said as I held her tightly against my chest.

She grabbed me around my neck and held on for dear life. My lips met hers and we tongue kissed long and deep. Suddenly, I was violently shoved away.

“Let me go! This is your fault! Why did you do this to me?” She screamed.

“Do what?” I asked incredulously.

“You seduced me, and then you fucked me! Even after I told you that I was staying faithful to my husband! You violated my vows!”

At that point, I wanted to make a joke about wanting to stick my cock in her ass and “violate her bowels”, but, I had a feeling that now was not the time.

“Barbara. Come on now. Let’s be reasonable. This wasn’t one sided, you wanted it just as much as I did.” I regretted saying this almost as soon as the words left my mouth. I figured that this wouldn’t go over well with her at all.

She pauses and stares intently at me as if seeing me for the first time. “You white men are all the same aren’t you? I mean, fuck what I wanted. Fuck what I had confided in you. You wanted some of my pussy, and You did what you had to do to get it.”

This pissed me off a bit. I mean, what the fuck was up with her making this racial? I kissed her at her request; then I kissed her again at her request. I got the hotel room at her request. I stuck my dick in her at her request. How the fuck was she a victim?

She then gets up, starts gathering her clothes, turns to me and says, “I’m going into the bathroom to dress. Please be gone when I kocaeli escort come out.” And she storms bare assed out of the room and slams the door.

I quickly dress and exit. My mind was reeling. What was she going to do? Make up a lie about me? Would she say that i forced myself on her? Naw, she wouldn’t do that. Tell my wife? Didn’t seem likely. I wasn’t sure of what actions she would take, but I hated waiting on that shoe to drop.

About an hour later



“Yes. To whom am I speaking?”

“This is Roger.”

“Roger? Roger who?”

“Uh, New Orleans Roger. Or rather, Essence Festival Roger.”

“Essence festival? Oh shit! THAT Roger! Hi, how are things going?”

“Well, to be honest, they’ve been better. I’m in town. I had lunch with your mother. And things didn’t end well.”

“Really? Tell me all about it.”

I had wondered if reaching out to Jazzelyn would be a mistake. Most people are extremely protective of their mothers so by telling her that things “didn’t end well” during my time with Barbara, could’ve gotten me cursed out at a minimum.

I had such a crappy mother and I never felt the need to protect or even respect her, so I didn’t truly understand that blind dedication that most had to their matriarchs. Fortunately, Jazzelyn was willing to hear me out fully before she made a judgement. So I relayed the events of two hours ago in full.

“OMG! Y’all fucked again? I am in utter disbelief.”

“She was adamant about not wanting to; at least at first.” I told her. “I just wish I knew what had set her off.”

“Oh shit. That’s simple. You hit her spot.”

“Her spot?”

“Yes. That pleasure center in her brain that’s activated when man goes deep enough in the pussy. When it’s hit, it’ll have you loving and hating a motherfucker at the same time. I guess you never knew that good dick could cause cognitive dissonance did you?” She asked.

“I guess not.”

She chuckled through the phone. “You and your two buddies are masters at hitting that spot. Btw, how’s Sean?”

Fuck! I knew that he’d come up sooner or later. Had both Sean and Jazzelyn not already been married to other people, they would probably be planning their own nuptials as we speak. Jazzelyn’s opinion of him definitely evolved over that long holiday weekend.

“Uh, he’s fine. He, uh and his wife are doing great.”

“Well that’s good,” she said, in an attempt to mask her apparent disappointment in the notion that all was blissful in Sean’s world.

“Well, getting to back to my mother. I can’t say what actually transpired between you two but I do know that she’s extremely fond of you. You took such great care of her while we were in New Orleans plus she credits you with saving her marriage.”

“Well, I don’t know about all of that. But I am glad that your parents stayed together. I just don’t think that me and your mom having sex had all that much to do with it.”

“Be that as it may; I wouldn’t let this bother me too much if I were you. Trust me, she will call you and discuss this at some point.”

“Thanks for speaking with me Jazzy. And, if you don’t mind…”

“Don’t worry; this call will stay between us.”

“Thanks. And Jazzy?”

“Yes Roger?”

“Uh, hypothetically speaking. All things being equal, what would be the likelihood of maybe one day, you and me hooking up for some fun?” I finally had it out in the open! Damn it felt good to get that off of my chest.

She laughed nervously into the phone. “Tempting plus bold I might add, but no. My mother saw you first and she would beat my ass if I fucked around with her dick. And like it or not, you are my mothers dick.”

“Oh well, as John Candy said in the 1987 classic Brewster’s Millions. If you don’t make any calls, you don’t get any sales.”

“I don’t even know who that is!” She says with a laugh.

“Sigh. I’ll talk to you later Jazz. It’s been nice.”

“Very much so. Tell Sean I said hello for me.”

That night, I laid across my hotel room bed and stared out the window. It looked like it was about to snow outside which is somewhat rare for Dallas during this time of year.

I truly wished that the show that I was working was tonight. I was ready to get the hell out of this state. The shit with Barbara, the call with Jazzy…it had all been too much.

“Ring Ring.” It was the hotel room phone.


“Roger?” A familiar, yet surprising voice called me by name on the other line.


“Yes.It’s me.”

“How did you…Why didn’t you call my cell?”

“Well, to answer your first question I knew how you liked quaint, smaller chained hotels or b&b’s. So I called the five that were the closest to the arena, and I struck pay dirt on the fifth one.”

“Ok. And what about my second question?”

“I didn’t call your mobile phone because I didn’t think that you’d answer my call.”

“Oh, god Barbara! You couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve samsun escort been frantic since last we saw each other. I owe you the biggest apology.”

“No you don’t honey. I was totally in the wrong. It was a complete overreaction on my part. Can you please forgive me?”

Lord help me! It would be so easy to fall completely in love with this woman. I had to remember that I did have a waiting and unsuspecting wife at home.

“There’s nothing to forgive baby. I could never hold anything against you.” I told her.

“Good. Now, are we going to stay on this horrific landline? Or…are you going to let us in?”

“What? You’re here right now? And who is “us?”

“Yes.” She says with a giggle. And “us” is myself and Leo. He wants to meet you.”

Ok, this was risky. Leo seemed, from all that I had heard, like a likable and understanding chap. But, let’s be honest here. I’ve now fucked his wife, twice. No, let me really set the stage here; a white man half his age fucked his black wife twice. And the second time she went home in tears. What the fuck was I about to get myself into?”

“I can tell what you may be thinking Roger, so I’ll simply ask. Do you trust me?” Barbara asked.

Before I knew it. I gave possibly the most corniest answer ever. “Of course I do. I trust you with all my heart.”

“Good. Then please let us in.”

I unlocked the door and in they came. I could see why they made such a great couple for so many years. Leo was a handsome guy; tall, athletic, and based on the Rolls Royce Phantom that they drove up in, he was also very rich.

Being in the music business, most folk think that I run in the circles of the rich and famous a lot; the reality is, very few entertainers are truly rich. Yes there are some, and their wealth is off the charts, but the avg. guy or gal just trying to grind out a living, may have the hottest song on the radio, yet still be barely above the poverty line.

“It is my pleasure to Introduce you to my loving husband. Leo, meet roger, Roger, meet Leo.”

“Pleased to meet you sir.” I said as I extended my hand; much to my relief, he took it and shook it.

“Likewise Roger. It’s a pleasure.”

Leo was at least three inches taller than I was, and a bit intimidating. But, I honestly couldn’t keep my eyes off of Barbara’s ensemble. She had on this full length black mink, and a pair of sexy black boots that at least went as far as her calf muscles. I loved how she didn’t wear makeup. She was definitely a flawless woman.

“Roger, it appears that I owe you a debt of gratitude.” Leo said to me.

“I’m not sure that I understand Sir.”

“Your weekend with my wife saved my marriage.”

This wasn’t the first time that this has been stated. Perhaps it was time to get clarification from the patriarch.

“Can you explain it for those of us in the cheap seats sir?”

“Sure. After I had confessed my, uh, indiscretions to Barbara, she was so devastated as well as humiliated. She was a cunt hair away from filing for divorce. In fact, do you recall what your percentage you were sure that you were going to leave me?” Leo asked his wife.

“99.9%.” Barbara said.

“99.9%. But, when she got home from her trip. Her percentage that she was going to stay and work through everything had risen to 110%.”

“I see.” I said to him.

“Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t see. Not only had you given her a chance to take revenge and get even, but, you had also gave me the wake up call that I needed as well. I realized that if I wasn’t willing to make passionate love to my wife, then another man would. Thank you for helping me to see that.”

And with that, Leo takes a seat in the easy chair in the corner of the room.

Barbara reaches out and grabs my hand. “I have a surprise for you.” She said to me.

And before I can react or answer, she drops the mink to the floor, and steps toward me without a stitch of clothing covering her perfect frame. She then, in front of her watching husband, jams her tongue down my throat.

My mind may have had reservations but my cock had none. If she was going to give me her body with Leo watching, then who the fuck was I to argue?

Both times that we had our previous encounters, we got into the action pretty quickly. I had a feeling that this time however, we were going to take our time. Barbara dropped down to her knees and took my member between her lips. She not only deep throated my cock, she worked it in a ratchet motion with her hand. After a few minutes, I was close to blowing a hot load down her throat.

“Baby? If you make that boy cum, I can promise that he won’t be any good afterwards.” Leo told his wife.

She stopped sucking and looked up at me and said, “let’s fuck.”

I try to find Leo’s eyes in order to see if he’s ok with this. I mean, sucking dick is one thing, watching your wife take another man’s cock in her pussy is a horse of a different color.

Leo gave me the “thumbs up.” I then helped Barbara to her feet and led her to the bed. As I attempted to lay her onto her back, she stopped me.

“I told you baby that I had a surprise for you. You can fuck this pussy anytime…” She said seductively. “Leo and I felt that you deserved something more, exclusive…”

My heart was beating like a trip hammer. Did she mean what I thought she meant?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32