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Family is For Fun CH. 6 — Stacy

Thank you Chitranna for editing this writing


I have always known I was a little more promiscuous than others in my family or in my social circle. I had done things that my mother would blush at or my friends would not understand. I loved the feel of an orgasm, whether given to me by my own hands or with the help of another. Now don’t get me wrong, I was never a slut, I wouldn’t just spread my legs for anyone, but when I thought it was needed and I wanted it, I did.

Truthfully I had only slept with a few guys, yeah I played a bit after my boyfriend cheated on me, I gave a couple hand jobs and a blow job or two, had a man’s fingers or mouth on me here or there, but I didn’t invite them to dive their manhood inside me as much as other girls I know of.

I simply love having an orgasm, who doesn’t? When I was away at college I found out I loved recording myself as I gave myself one and sending it off to the cheater Danny. Of course that was before I knew he was cheating on me. And yes, he sent me some very nice photos and videos in return.

What I didn’t expect to happen from all of this was what happened between my cousin and me. Okay, first, Forrest is a very good looking man. He is muscular and his face is handsome. Second, it wasn’t like I planned on telling him I recorded myself and no, I did not plan on performing for him as he stroked himself for me. And lastly, no I didn’t expect to get so worked up that I would ride that wonderful cock of his then have him spray on my face and tits. It just happened. The good thing about it, we became much closer to each other.

There was another thing that happened after my cousin took me. We started sharing videos of each other. It was the first one I received that changed my life more than I thought it ever would.

The night that Forrest and I played, I wanted to send him the first video of me touching myself. I waited for my sister, Becca, to fall asleep and then let my fingers begin to explore my body while recording it. I let him see my fingertips teasing my nipples so they became fully erect. Rolled and pinched at one then the other. I wanted to tease him more, but I found my desire to touch my pussy overwhelming and could not focus on my tits. I don’t know if the need to please myself was greater because I was remembering how he took me that afternoon as I touched myself or if it was because I knew I was sending it to him. How dirty and bad I felt knowing I was going to record giving myself an orgasm then send that video off to my cousin. I loved it!

My hands slid down my body and I slowly slid my fingers over my folds. I ran them along the outside of my nether lips, squeezing them together. Then I pressed my middle finger between them getting it good and wet with my juices. I dipped just the tip of two fingers inside my sex then pulled them out and spread them for the camera. I whispered into the phone, “Look how ready I am for you.”

I couldn’t believe how hot it made me telling my cousin how ready I was. How sexy and naughty it made me feel showing him. I knew that my first video would be a short one. I just couldn’t hold back, I couldn’t make it last. I pressed two fingers inside myself and rolled my thumb over my clit rapidly. As I felt my body starting to shake I pumped my wet pussy, being sure to make my thumb roll over my clit every time I pressed my finger inside me. I bit my lips to muffle my moans when the wave hit. It was amazing! Fuck, I loved the feeling of my pussy gripping onto my fingers as I came for him!

When my orgasm settled I let the camera get a good view of how wet I was. I made sure he could see the glistening of my cum on my folds, how it ran down my pussy, through my ass cheeks and soaked my bed. Then I brought the camera to my face and blew him a kiss, “Just for you.”

I happily sent it off to Forrest, then got myself dressed, curled up and went to sleep with a big smile on my face.

The next morning I looked at my phone and read the two word message from Forrest, “Holy fuck!” I beamed, no question about it. What fun it was to share this with him. After all we had done in life growing up why not bring it further? Who cares if we were cousins? He was sexy and we could please one another. We just had to keep it quiet.

Throughout the day Forrest and I messaged one another. When he sent me a photo of his hard cock I ran to the bathroom and took one of me spreading my folds to send to him. His reply made butterflies flutter all through me, “Tonight you get a vid.”

Oh how those words excited me! I couldn’t believe how anxious I was to see him shoot his load on camera for me. How excited I was to receive his gift. I could not wait to watch him stroke is beautiful erzurum escort cock!

I tried to hide my excitement as the day moved on, a difficult thing to do in a house like mine. I think I did well, but may have shown it a bit too much when the sun went down. I asked Becca several times when she thought she would be going to sleep. I needed her to be sleeping so I could watch my cousin orgasm, needed her to be sleeping when my phone lit up with his message. Why couldn’t I have my own room when we visited?

When we finally went to bed I waited with bated breath. I could not believe how anxious I was to get a video from him. When I got them from Danny I was happy, I liked seeing him touch himself, but it did not compare to the thrill I was getting at the chance to see my cousin stroke his beautiful shaft.

It was around 11:00 when my phone dang and it read, “Forrest sent a video”. I squeezed my legs together feeling the heat between them. Then I heard Becca, “Who is messaging you this late?”

Fuck! Really? I couldn’t believe it woke her up. I set the phone down against my breasts and let out a disappointed breath of air, “No one, that was just an e-mail alert, sorry.”

She rolled to her side and looked at me, her blue eyes bright in the light that pooled in form the hallway, “I know the difference between an alert and a message Stacy. Do you have a new boyfriend or something? You have been glowing all day.”

Oh my god! I just wanted to watch the video and now she was awake. Fuck me! I tried to laugh it off, “No, no. Nobody new, just a simple hello.”

She propped herself up on her elbows and cupped her chin in her palms, “Really? A message at this time of night? Must be something sexy.”

She giggled and I bit my lip. If she only knew how sexy and hot this message was! I was so horny, so worked up. I had been so excited for this message and now that I had it sitting on my phone I couldn’t watch it. I had to just lay there with my phone waiting for me to open the message. My thong was already off, my pussy was already hot and damp, and I couldn’t do anything about it! I dropped my head on my pillow, “It’s a simple hello, that’s all. Nothing very sexy Becca. You should go to sleep.”

She laughed and adjusted herself so she was sitting on the edge of her bed and looking at me. Her dark babydoll covering very little of her small frame, “Are you going to read it?”

I was screaming for her to go to bed in my head. I had no idea how I would be able to explain what was on my phone waiting for me. You just don’t tell your sister that your cousin recorded himself masturbating for you. I lifted my hands in the air, like a shrug and hmmphed, “I don’t know. Why are you so interested?”

Becca got up and moved to my bed. She sat beside me and smiled, “Listen, everybody knows I am the sweet and innocent one and you, my little sister, are the dirty one. I heard about things you and your ex used to send through a friend. Is it true?”

I felt my jaw drop. How could she possibly know what I used to send and receive? And why was I the dirty one? It took a moment before I found my words, “What? Where did you hear I sent anything and what do you think we sent each other?”

She shifted and sat cross legged, facing me, her babydoll lifting up and her panties peeking out at me, “He told everyone about you and what you two did. Marge told me he showed her your video and the one he sent you right after. So it’s true? You are the bad one”

I couldn’t believe she had heard about that or that he had showed her friend, this was nuts. I wanted to go further into it, but I really needed her to go to bed. I needed to watch Forrest.

She moved closer her smile widening, “So, how naughty is the message?”

I took a deep breath and shook my head, “I have no idea what the message is Becca. As for being naughty, you are getting all worked up thinking it is a dirty message, so worked up that you’re on my bed with your panties flashing. I don’t know why you think I have a sexy video on my phone.”

Becca giggled and pointed, when I followed her finger it all became clearer. Nestled beside me, resting on the blanket in clear view, were my thong panties. How could I explain that one? I hid my face in my hands and took a deep breath.

Becca was quick, quicker than I thought and before I knew it she had my phone in her hand. I tried to grab it before the screen lit up, but she pulled herself back. When I reached for her again, she slid off the bed and onto the floor.

I dove after her, landing on her, reaching for my phone that she waved in her hands. My father’s voice rang out and we both went still, “You girls okay?”

Could you imagine the sight he would have seen had he stepped bodrum escort in our room? Becca with her little babydoll lifted high on her body, my arms on her sides, her little panties pressed against my chest as her legs wrapped around me and my naked ass high in the air. Yeah, we would have quite the explanation to give.

Becca kept my phone above her head, her giggles loud as she responded, “We are fine dad, sorry, hit the lamp on my table and fell while trying to catch it.”

We stayed still like a raccoon caught in the light as he responded, “Okay, as long as you are not hurt. Get some rest girls.”

I shook my head, that was close. I called back to him, “We will dad, sorry.”

When I went to grab for my phone Becca had the screen facing her and her eyes were wide. She moved her eyes to me, her mouth slightly open, “Oh my fucking god! Forrest? Like our cousin Forrest?”

I could feel the blood draining from my face, the lack of air in my lungs, the water collecting in my eyes. This was the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me. There was no way to hide what I was doing. I could pretend it was a different Forrest, but she would know. I could pretend I wasn’t being dirty, but my thong was already off. I could say I had no idea he was going to send something, but I was clearly waiting for it.

Her lips moved into a smile and her legs squeezed against my sides, “You are far more of a bad girl than I thought. Have you and he been sharing videos for a while? Have you shared a bunch with him? Have you seen his manhood before? Have you touched him?”

The flurry of question didn’t only make me search for words but also reminded me of what Forrest and I had done. What a wonderful day it was when we played with ourselves in front of each other, then, when he took me, fuck! I loved the way he grabbed me and held me as I rode him. I loved the way he came over my chest and face. I was getting wet just thinking of him. I was getting so turned on thinking of the video even with my sister beneath me.

I bit my lip and decided to just tell her the truth, “Okay, so, yeah. When he came over yesterday we ended up talking about what I had done and we got pretty worked up. We ended up by the creek. We ended up, well, we ended up performing for each other.”

I could feel my hips moving without me intending them to. My nipples were hardening, my body was heating up as I continued, “His cock was beautiful and watching him stroke himself made me orgasm really quickly. I couldn’t resist it, I told him I wanted him and he did not disappoint. Yes, he fucked me and it was amazing.”

Her smile widened and I felt her pelvis push up against me “Make it play.”

I bit my bottom lip. It was odd being on top of my sister like this. I was heated, so ready to make myself orgasm and I didn’t care if we felt one another moving. I wanted to watch him and if this was the way I could do it, then this would be how it went.

I slowly moved my body up hers. My wet pussy rested on her thigh and I could feel the heat through her panties on my own. Our tits pressed together through the thin fabric of our shirt and I could feel her hard nipples against mine. I slid my screen and the video began to play for us.

We both let our eyes take in the sight of Forrest’s cock, looking straight down upon the head of it. His fingers wrapped around his shaft and slowly slid up it, his words were almost a whisper, “I’ve been thinking of you and your body all day. I have stroked myself several times and built myself up to show just how much I want you.” His fingers slid over the tip of his cock, coating them with his sweet pre cum and then down his shaft again, “I’m so ready to cum for you.”

I felt Becca’s crotch lift up against my thigh and I pressed it back against her. I could feel her moisture on my skin and my own hips started to move in circles on her leg. Fuck it was hot to watch his hand move over his shaft while feeling her heat on me!

As we watched Forrest’s hand move faster on the screen we matched his pace with our hips and the heat grew between us. I could feel her panties moving to the side as she rocked, I could feel her leg pressing harder against my pussy, and I could feel her breathing getting faster and my breathing becoming more of a soft moan than breathing.

And then he did it, he let his thick seed shoot from his gorgeous cock and land on his chest, such a beautiful stream of thick, creamy sperm shooting from him and landing on his chest, then another and another. Oh fuck! I wanted to be there, wanted to be sucking that from him.

Becca dropped the phone and grabbed my ass hard. Her breath was heavy as she looked at me, “I am so fucking horny!”

I had never thought I would eskişehir escort see such passion, such lust in my sister’s eyes as I did in that moment and I wasn’t about to waste it. I didn’t care if she was my sister, I didn’t care she was a woman, I wanted her, wanted her to please me and me to please her.

I slid my hand to the back of my sister’s head and brought my lips down to meet hers. My hand slid between her legs and I pulled on her panties completely uncovering her sex and slid down her legs so our wet pussies pressed against each other. I moved my hips back and forth and she matched my pace. My folds intertwined with hers, our clits rubbing against one another. Her mouth was hot and moist, her tongue flicking against mine.

I could feel my stomach tightening, my legs beginning to shake, my ass clenching and then I released a wonderful powerful wave of my womanhood on my sister’s pussy. I moaned in her mouth and she grabbed my sides tightly as she rocked against me, pressing her sex harder, her body shaking with mine. Fuck it was hot, it was sexy having such an orgasm while my sister orgasmed with me!

We held each other as our bodies settled, her box tight against mine, our mouths and tongues exploring one another. My need to do more grew, my passion for her was like a fire in my chest. I caressed the side of her face as I took my lips away from her, “I want to taste you.”

Her eyes lit up and her lips quivered, “Fuck yes! Please, please lick me.”

I kissed her chin, then moved lower to her neck tasting the sweet saltiness of her sweat. My fingertips moved to her sides and I slid them down her soft skin as I licked on her stiff nipple then swirled my tongue around the other one.

Her legs opened up and I released her from my own legs as my mouth kissed down her stomach. Her hand combed through my hair when my lips pressed against her soft mound and she took in a sharp breath when my tongue flicked just inside her folds.

I slid my tongue slowly over her nether lips, gathering in everything I could, the tangy taste, the sweet scent, the softness, how wonderful it was to finally taste a woman, to finally get what I had always wondered about. How great was it to hear my sister’s breathing intensify with every flick of my tongue, every tug on her folds from my teeth, every kiss my lips gave her little love button.

I slid my finger deep inside my sister’s hot pussy and rolled my tongue over her clit as she gathered my hair in a tight fist, her words were soft and encouraging, “I’m going to cum! Fuck I’m going to cum!”

I slid another finger inside her and batted them against her walls. My lips pressed against her clit and I flicked the tip of my tongue against it. Her pussy began to grab at me, to pull at my fingers and a gush of her sweet fluids sprayed out on to my palm, then another and another. Fuck it was so hot, just like watching Forrest!

I rode my sweet big sister through her orgasm like a boat running through rough waters, taking her to a place neither of us had been before. When her pussy spasms stopped I pressed my fingers against her walls one more time. Then her words hit my ears and my legs closed in excitement, “Slide onto my face, fuck my face.”

I could not believe how hot and wet I was, couldn’t believe how much desire and passion I had coursing through my body. I moved quickly, spreading my legs above her face and lowering myself to her mouth. She grabbed my hips and pressed her mouth to my hot box, her tongue flicking rapidly over my folds. My fingers spread my pussy for her, exposing my inflamed clit to the cool night air around us. Fuck her tongue was amazing!

My hips began to rock on her mouth as she edged me closer and closer to my sweet orgasm. My body fell onto the bed behind her and her lips closed on my clit. What a whole new, wonderful feeling it was to have her sucking and licking my pussy! Her hand slid to my ass and a finger slipped deep inside my rosebud. I could hold back no longer! The feel of her hot breath, the flicking of her tongue, the way her finger slid in and out of my ass, I grabbed and bit her pillow to soften my screams of delight as my pussy gushed onto her. What a wonderful, powerful fucking orgasm! Wave after waves numbed my body, took me to a place I had never been before.

Becca kept her mouth on my hot pussy, kept sliding her finger in my ass while my body began to settle, I couldn’t take it any longer and slid myself away from her wonderful mouth and hands and on to her bed, spent and happy.

We both stayed where we were for a few moments, trying to catch our breath. Becca crawled up beside me, gently pushing me to face the right way on her bed then curled into me. She kissed my lips softly as she pulled the soft blanket over our half naked bodies and she whispered, “That was incredible little sis.”

I stayed with her like that for the entire night, to be honest it was the best sleep I think I ever had. I look forward to every video from Forrest now and so does Becca.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32