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We arrived back at the spot on the beach our parents had laid claim to earlier in the day to find the other’s lying on a blanket sunning their nude bodies. All three looked delicious with a thin layer of perspiration making them glisten in the sun. Mom’s nipples looked swollen and I thought I saw some of Ali’s lipstick on Dad’s cock. It looked like the others had enjoyed themselves in our absence.

“Well it’s about time you two showed up,” Mom scolded, propping herself up on one elbow. “And what did you do with your bikini bottoms Lisa? Don’t tell me Jim couldn’t contain his excitement long enough to take them off properly.”

“Shit,” I exclaimed. “I left them in the woods. I’m sure I can find them again tomorrow,” I added. Mom looked none too pleased, but seemed to let it go.

I knelt behind her and let her use my lap as a pillow. I reached out and took her shoulders, massaging them. I quickly explained our adventure, about how all the nude women were making Jim hard, so I had taken him into the woods to suck him off, and then when he was about to fuck me we had heard another couple next to us, and ended up joining in. “And tomorrow we all agreed to meet back at the same spot to have even more fun,” I concluded. “The sexiest part though is that they were also a brother-sister couple. I totally think that you should all come back with us tomorrow,” I added pulling on Mom’s thick rubbery nipples.

“So what did you guys do all afternoon?” Jim asked lying down next to our older sister, Ali on the blanket.

“Oh, you know,” Dad replied. “Mostly we took in the view and the sun, but when I started to get aroused by your mother and sister all naked and hot, Ali was nice enough to give me some head, but then I of course couldn’t leave either woman unsatisfied, so I fucked them both and shot my load down your mother’s throat. We had a good sized crowd around us for a while. They just loved it while I was fucking Ali and she was eating her mother out.”

“That’s sounds so nasty Dad,” I replied, “I wish I’d been here. But then I would have missed out on meeting Justin and Andrea, so I guess it all works out.” I missed the look that Mom and Dad gave each other when I used the names of the brother-sister couple that Jim and I had encountered earlier in the day. Though, even if I had seen it, I probably would not have garnered the full significance of it.

“Is that the time?” Dad asked. “We need to get moving if we’re going to get to Aunt Judy and Uncle Dave’s in time for dinner.”

“Uncle Dave and Aunt Judy live on the cape now?” Ali asked.

“Yeah, they moved back to Massachusetts last year. This is just a summer cabin that they are renting. But still we didn’t think we could be so close by without stopping in to say ‘hi’, it’s been so long since we’ve seen them after all,” Dad explained as he started to pack our things.

With mixed feelings we all started to pull our stuff together; fold towels, repack the cooler and get dressed. I was excited to see my Aunt and Uncle again and of course my cousins, but at the same time it seemed far too early to leave the beach.

I rummaged through one of the totes to find my street clothes, or more accurately street acceptable beach wear, both my T-shirt and skirt were made by the same company as my bikini, I just loved their products. I pulled on the skirt first, which was a short little terrycloth cover up meant to go over your bikini bottoms. Though since I’d left mine back in the scrub pine along the far end of the beach I was going with out, and the short skirt was not providing a lot of coverage. Standing I would be fine, but sitting or bending over I would be giving a bit of a show. It seemed rather silly to wear my bikini top with no bottoms on, so I simply pulled on the T-shirt, which was rather tight and didn’t make it quite to my waist, leaving my belly button on display.

“Everybody ready?” Mom asked as she finished buttoning up the front of her long summer dress, her skimpy bikini still slightly visible through the not quite solid material.

With five of us we were able to make the trip to the car only once. Quickly our things were loaded into the trunk and we crammed in and were on our way.

* * *

Dad pulled the car to a stop in our Aunt and Uncle’s driveway. “Here we are,” Dad announced removing the key from the ignition. We all gathered in front of the car and proceeded to the door of the charming Cape Cod colonial.

“Welcome!” my Aunt Judy exclaimed as she swung open the door. “Come in. Come in.”, she ushered us inside. “Oh my, it’s been so long since I’ve seen my big brother.” Judy enfolder Dad in her arms pulling him tightly against her ample cleavage.

It had been close to fifteen years since I’d seen my Aunt and Uncle, and it was almost like I was seeing her for the first time. Her hair was short and dark, rather then the long hair that I remembered from childhood. My eye’s scanned her figure as she embraced Dad, her altyazılı porno hands sliding over his back and then quickly across his ass. My aunt was dressed in a pair of tight jeans that seductively clung to her thighs and ass, below the hem of her white button down blouse. As she disengaged from her embrace with Dad I noticed that her blouse was unbuttoned half way, exposing her abundant cleavage and the top of a bright red lace bra.

“Oh my God, Lisa,” Judy exclaimed opening her arms wide as she moved in my direction. “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. The last time I saw you, you were barely up to my waist, and now you are fully gown women.” She enfolded me in a strong embrace pressing her lips firmly against my cheek.

Judy released and held me at arms length. “Let me look at you,” she said, “I just can’t get over how sexy you are.” She reached out and cupped my left tit, giving it a firm squeeze. “You’ve filled out so beautifully.” I was a little taken aback at the presumptive touch of someone I had not seen in years, but my father’s side of the family had always been a bit forward.

Judy moved on to welcome the others. She gave Mom a full kiss on the mouth and then gave both Ali and Jim the same scrutiny that she had given me. She pulled back from Jim just as Uncle Dave walked in.

“What’s going on out here?” We all greeted Dave and gave him tight hugs. “I’m so glad you could make it Dave said as he ushered us into the house. “Come let me show you around.” He took us on a quick tour of the place. It was a delightful home, with plenty of space in the open lower level, three bedrooms upstairs and beautiful views of the beach and the ocean from both levels.

It was when we went out to the back yard that Jim and I got the shock of the evening. There sitting on the back patio were Andrea and Justin the very couple we had walked in on earlier that afternoon. Both were still topless however with their bottoms now on they both had more covered then the last time we had seen them.

“Andrea, Justin!” Judy scolded. “We have company put some cloths on.”

“I’d like you to meet our son and daughter, Justin and Andrea,” Dave introduced them completely ignoring their almost total nudity. “We’re lucky to have them both home for the summer. Justin is now in his first year of college and Andrea is in her third,” he declared proudly.

Andrea and Justin rose from their chairs, Andrea’s tits bouncing with her motion. Introductions were made all around and we all hugged warmly. No mention or allusion was made to our earlier encounter so I also did not give any indication of our familiarity with the young siblings. Although I was sure that if anyone had seen my face when we first walked out they would have suspected otherwise.

Seeing Andrea and Justin again was bringing back vivid memories from this afternoon and my pussy was quickly responding to the imagery in my head.

Aunt Judy announced it was time to eat and ushered us all into the dinning room where the table was filled with a delicious looking meal. We eagerly took our seats. Each family took its own side of the table with Dad and Aunt Judy presiding at the ends. Jim and Ali were on either side of me while Andrea was sitting directly across the table, her perfect tits still uncovered and her erect nipples pointing right at me. I felt a jolt in my pussy as she smiled at me, her eyes glinting with an evil gleam.

After thanking Judy and Dave for having us over for dinner we enthusiastically dug into the feast. I was enjoying a piece of asparagus when I felt something rubbing along my leg and moving up to my knee. I looked up sharply and Andrea gave me a sly wink. Her foot continued to caress my leg, sliding from my ankle up to my thigh and back down again. With each pass she became bolder, and soon she was pushing at the hem of my skirt which was just barely onto my thigh. Her foot went back down to my ankle then started to move upward again. I parted my legs slightly as Andrea pushed her foot between my thighs. I gasped as her big toe brushed over my now sodden slit. I could not believe that I was having my pussy prodded by my cousin’s foot in the middle of dinner, but I was so turned on by her bare breasts and hard nipples. The small orbs looked so perfect I wanted to reach across the table and give them a firm squeeze.

My pussy was demanding all the attention it could get, and Andrea’s toe felt wonderful as it slid over my entrance. I slide my hips forward and spread my legs further trying to giver her better access to my pussy. I tried to continue eating, and play nonchalant about the whole thing, but was not able to concentrate on anything other then my throbbing cunt and the foot prodding at me.

Seeking further stimulation my hands stretched out to the laps of my siblings sitting on either side of me. I slid my hands over their respective bare legs and then slowly pushed into their crotches.

“Hey, amatör porno what are you doing?” Ali cried, with a little laugh as she shoved her hand between my thighs playfully. Quickly she found the foot sliding against my slick folds. “Oh, what have we here?” She asked her hand moving on to Andrea’s leg. I felt added pressure on my cunt as Ali pulled on Andrea’s leg, her toe pushing between my lips. I reacted to the invasion with out thinking bucking my hips against the foot. How I wanted to be fucked.

I looked at Ali, my eyes sliding over her delicious body. She was wearing a fitted tank top over a skimpy pair of shorts, the top of her bikini visible above the waist band of the shorts. I noticed that she had not bothered to put her bikini top on, and that her nipples were pushing at the thin fabric of her top. The effect was very hot, furthering my arousal.

My hand I dropped into Ali’s lap and started to massage her hot cunt right through her skimpy shorts and tiny bikini. On my other side I reached for Jim. I could feel his prick already firming from watching me and Ali. His bathing suit was the loose fitting kind, so he was wearing nothing else underneath. I warped my left hand around his shaft and rubbed him slowly. I was now sitting with a hand in each of my sibling’s laps, pleasuring them, while my cousin’s foot prodded the slick folds of my pussy.

Jim’s cock was quickly rising to full staff and I could feel the slippery dampness of my sister’s cunt under her bikini. Ali’s fingers were becoming more aggressive as they pressed deeper into my own slick folds. My pulse hastened and my breaths came shallow and quickly.

“Lisa! Allison!” Aunt Judy exclaimed, “What do you think you are doing? This is highly inappropriate behavior for the dinner table.

I had been so completely enthralled with what was happening to me that I had completely forgotten where I was. Judy’s harsh tone pierced my cocoon of pleasure. Everyone at the table was now looking at us, our hands in each other’s laps. As I was finally able to focus on Judy I saw that the cross expression on her face. I wondered if I had misread all that had happened so far, was she really mad? Did she know about her children having sex, or was that why they hid at the beach? Or was this all an act?

Judy stood up from the table and came over to us. “That’s it,” she exclaimed, “I mean it! All three of you, UP!”

Slowly we disentangled ourselves and rose from our chairs.

“Do you allow this kind of behavior at your house Greg?” Judy asked our father.

“Actually I encourage it,” Dad replied, smiling. “As I think you do too.”

“How right you are my brother.” Then turning back to us she added, “The proper thing to do would be for you to invite everyone to join in your fun.” Judy’s eyes roamed the three young adult bodies before her.

“Oh, my,” Judy cried her eyes glued to Jim’s member pushing at the flimsy material of his swimsuit. “What are you doing at my dinner table like that young man,” she scolded playfully. “I can’t have anyone in my home with such an obvious need.” She dropped to her knees and yanked at Jim’s waist band. Jim’s cock sprang free and hung there fully erect in front of Judy’s gleeful face.

“And do nothing about it,” she concluded taking hold of Jim’s shaft and stroking him. Quickly she plunged his tool into her mouth, her cheeks caving around his shaft as she sucked on his still enlarging cock. We all gathered around to watch as my aunt hungrily sucked on my brother’s hard on. “Oh, my Jim, you have such a lovely penis; so hard, and so thick. It reminds me of your father’s,” she glanced over at Dad with a nasty leer. “I did so enjoy sucking him off when we would fool around during our college years.”

Judy thrust Jim’s cock down her throat once more. As she took in his full length, her nose pushed against his thick mat of public hair. After several seconds she pulled back, letting Jim’s cock slide from her mouth as she sucked in air. “God that’s a big cock,” Judy said gasped. “Marie why don’t you give me a hand with this thing? I bet Jim really enjoys it when his mother sucks on his big hard cock.”

Mom didn’t wait to be asked again, dropping along side her sister-in-law to help suck her son’s hard member. Judy fed Jim’s length into Mom’s mouth, who hungrily swallowed his shaft. Not willing to be outdone Mom took Jim’s full length in a single motion. She kept her face pressed against Jim’s pubes for almost twenty seconds as Jim bucked his hips trying to fuck our mother’s mouth. Mom gasped for air, releasing Jim’s cock from her mouth and holding it for Judy.

“Wasn’t that so fucking hot to see your mother deep throating your fucking cock,” Judy cooed, while stroking Jim’s shaft. She jammed his thick rod back into her own mouth her head bobbing on his cock as she sucked him greedily.

Mom pressed against Judy and started to slide her hands over her sister-in-law’s ample chest. anal porno Finding the row of buttons up the front of Judy’s blouse, mom started to open Judy’s shirt down to her belt, allowing her tits to spill out, restrained now only by the flimsy material of her colorful bra. Judy’s firm nipples pushed at the fabric, straining for release. Mom slid her hands down to Judy’s waist and tugged her shirt free of her jeans, and eased it off Judy’s shoulders. Judy’s hands dropped from Jim’s cock allowing Mom to pull her shirt completely off, while her mouth continued to work Jim’s rigid member, never missing a beat.

“You are such a nasty slut Judy, sucking your nephew’s cock like that,” said Mom. “But I know what a tasty cock he has.”

“She’s just a plain old cock hungry slut!” Dad stated as he strode up to his sister, unzipping his fly. “It’s been too long since I felt those lips sliding over my shaft.”

Dad stood shoulder to shoulder with his son, each with their erection pointed at my aunt. Without hesitation Judy grabbed hold of Dad’s thick pole. Her hand slid the length of his shaft pumping him to full staff while she continued to suck Jim. Pulling Jim’s cock form her mouth, Judy surveyed the rigid members in front of her as she pumped them both, her eyes sparkling. Judy’s head dipped on to Dad’s shaft taking his thick head into her mouth. After sucking several times on her brother’s tool Judy returned to Jim’s. She looked like a kid in a candy store not knowing which lolly to suck next, and greedily switched between the two offered her.

I felt someone press up against me from behind; their hands slipping over my breasts and starting to slowly massage the soft flesh. Lips lightly drifted over my neck laying kisses as they went. A soft moan escaped my lips as I leaned back against Ali, her firm tits pressing into my back, as she massaged my own globes tugging the nipples though my tight T.

Mom’s hands returned to her sister-in-law’s breasts, teasing the full orbs. Judy’s tits appeared to be straining against her bra, looking for freedom.

“Would you like to see your aunt’s tits?” Mom asked Jim in a breathy voice, her eyes locked directly on his. “Do those eyes want to feast on this beautiful flesh? See these hard nipples free this lacy obstruction?”

“Oh yes,” came Jim’s immediate response. “I’ve wanted to see those nasty things exposed since we first got here.”

Mom obliged both boobs and son by popping the bra’s catch and letting Judy’s DD’s spring free.

As our aunt’s bra dropped to the floor, Ali started to expand her range, sliding up and down my torso. As they came up along my tight abs Ali’s fingers deftly slid under my shirt and returned to their perches on my firm tits. Between the scene unfolding in front of us and my sister’s attention on my tits, my pussy was burning with desire. I pushed back against her shoving my ass into her pelvis.

“Justin,” Dad called, “Your Mom is giving great blow jobs, you should come get one before her lust is sated.”

His call seemed to wake Justin from his trance. Quickly he dropped his bathing suit so that he stood completely nude and strode over to the group of men whose cocks Judy was worshiping. She quickly grabbed hold of her son’s semi-erect cock and started to stroke it to its full size, while her brother’s cock still pumped into her wanting mouth.

Our mother’s hands had started to drift down Judy’s torso exposing her large bosom to our view. My eyes soaked in the perfect shape of Judy’s breasts each capped with a gorgeous erect nipple.

Mom skillfully undid the buttons of Judy’s fly and peeled the skin tight jeans down to her knees, exposing a thong matching her discarded bra. Mom’s fingers slipped under the waist band and pushed away the flimsy material covering Judy’s crotch as they slid toward Judy’s dripping honey pot.

I reached back and took one of Ali’s ass cheeks in each hand. Squeezing her supple flesh I pulled her hard against me, feeling the heat emanating form between her thighs. I pushed my ass back and gyrated my hips against her. In response Ali’s hands released my tits and slid over my flat stomach and down to my legs, where she found the hem of my micro mini and pulled it up over my ass, exposing my sopping pussy for everyone to see.

Suddenly I felt a tongue drift across my glistening lips. My legs spread further of their own volition, welcoming the new invader. Glancing down I saw that Andrea was kneeling in front of me her lips press to my entrance as her tongue danced over my needy, lust filled cunt.

Dave now the only one left out of the action made his way toward Mom and Judy. In several quick motions he stripped off his T-shirt and jeans, leaving only his boxers which were fairly well tented with his rising pole. He sidled up behind Mom his hands working over her body as she worked her fingers deeper into his wife’s dripping pussy.

Judy’s back arched as she attempted to give Mom greater access to her needy cunt, all the while greedily slurping on the erect cocks in front of her. Judy moved from her brother to her son and then after several quick swallows was on to her nephew. The men stood watching the hungry slut at work, each wearing the biggest grin of his life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32