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Everything had been going so well. She blew a curl out of her face in exasperation as she pushed her now useless bike along. Her long tanned legs were completely capable of walking back to town, but after a long day of swimming in the sunshine the walk wasn’t a very appealing prospect. Every step was kicking up dust, which clung to the sweat and water beading on her skin.

She stopped to look at the tire once more, somehow hoping that the flat had been all in her imagination. It was her daydreaming that had got her into this mess though- after spending all those hours being watched by boys as she swam in her bikini, the bike seat between her legs had been a little…distracting. She didn’t notice the broken glass bottle until it was too late, and now here she was, trudging home. She should have accepted the ride.

Satisfied that the flat tire was indeed real, she continued walking. The sun pounded on her neck while the bugs buzzed in the air, a low summer melody. More than anything, she wanted a ride back to town, but she had left her cell at home that day. A little technology break had seemed like just the ticket to help her really enjoy the day to the fullest that morning. Just then, she spotted the driveway.

Like all driveways out here, it was marked by a sign with the house number on it, but no further indication that there was a house there at all. They were all set too far back from the road, buried in the trees. She stared at the sign for a minute before making up her mind. Clearly, if she wanted a ride she would need a phone. And houses usually have phones. She turned her bike down the driveway and walked into the woods.

The house came into view around the corner. A two story wood house, it was modern in design, with a glass balcony and brick accents. There were large windows on the south and west sides, so that the owner would always have plenty of sunshine and a view of the sunsets. Feeling suddenly nervous, she propped her bike up against the garage. In the shade of the house she could feel her nipples puckering in her damp cool bikini top. She straightened her spine, walked up to the door and rang the bell.

There were some footsteps, a pause, and then a man in his late thirties opened the door. He might have been an attractive man, were it not for the beer gut and jowls he sported. Her blue gray eyes widened at the sudden thought of when the last time he’d seen his dick had been. The thought made her smile as she said “Hi, my bike has a flat and I left my cell phone in town. Is there a chance I could borrow yours?”

He paused and then said “Of course! Please come in. I’m Matt.” He stepped back to allow her through the doorway and then closed the door. “The phone is in the living room, follow me.”

She followed him down the cool hallway. She couldn’t help noticing that the cool had made her nipples even perkier, and they were now quite obvious through her top. The thought of him noticing them made her wet. “I’m Mia”, she said, holding her hand out for the phone. “Thanks for letting me use your phone.”

She walked into the next room and dialed Brit’s number. She had offered her a ride home and would hopefully still be on the road. Besides, she couldn’t remember anyone else’s. The phone rang, and rang, and rang. Then the recorded message xslot came on, then the beep. She hung up and walked back out into the living room, realizing that she was definitely going to have to walk home. Maybe Matt had a bike patch kit, but she highly doubted it.

“Nothing”, she said, shaking her head. She walked over and put the phone back in the cradle. As she turned around, she realized that he had been staring at her ass. All of a sudden, all of the wetness she had been feeling earlier rushed back, not to mention the extra tingly feeling she got when she was really turned on. She blushed, embarrassed. She couldn’t believe she was getting this turned on from a fat man who was probably a more than a decade older than her staring at her! He noticed her blush, and tried to cover up his staring by saying “Oh no! If you would like, you can stay a while and try again. I have lemonade if you want something to drink?”

She shook her head. She was tired, sweaty, damp, and covered in dust. “I don’t even want to sit on your furniture” she said with a laugh. There was a long pause, and then he said “You could have a shower if you’d like.”

She thought about saying no, and then realized that being naked in this man’s shower would be an amazing turn on. “Sure”, she smiled. “That would be amazing.”

He led her to the washroom. The shower was a glass cube in the middle of the washroom, and he pulled out a large fluffy white towel from a cupboard. “Here”, he said, placing it on the counter. “I’ll leave you to it.” “Thanks”, she said, and waited for him to leave the room. She looked around, drinking it in. It was a cool modern room, like the rest of the house. Large black tiles were on every surface except the roof, which was white. The marble counter was cool to the touch, and the wood cupboards added a bit of warmth to the room. Recessed lights light up every corner of the room. Abruptly, she had an idea. It was a terrible idea. But it turned her on, and she was feeling reckless. She walked over to the door and opened it. Just a crack., but enough that a person could see the shower if they decided to peek in. Satisfied, she walked back to the counter and began to strip in front of the mirror. The more clothing she pulled off the wetter she got. By the time she was removing her bikini bottoms she was practically dripping. Then she noticed the gleam of eyes in the mirror, watching her from the door.

She didn’t jump, but she did pause for a second. She was so turned on she could hardly stand it, so she walked into the shower and closed the door. She turned it on and relished the hot water pouring down her body. She poured some shower gel into her hands and began to lather herself up slowly, hands drifting closer and closer to her pussy until she began caressing herself, rubbing the soap in slow circles around her nipples and clit until she nearly cried out. She had never been so turned on in her life as she was then, with a strange man watching her touch herself in his shower. She got out reluctantly after about ten minutes and an orgasm that left her on her knees in the shower. She was shaking slightly as she reached for the towel.

She dried herself off and was about to put her clothes back on when she realized that they should be cleaned too. After all, she was all clean. With a smile, the towel tucked around her, she walked xslot Giriş into the living room. “I’m sorry, but would you mind if I washed my clothes here as well?” Matt stared at her openly this time. He looked like he wanted to rip the towel off of her. She could see an erection straining at his pants, and suddenly she was wet again.

“Of course” he replied. He took her clothes and left the room. And few moments later she heard the washer start, and she sat down on the couch and took a sip of the lemonade. She wasn’t sure where to go from here, but she had decided that she wanted to seduce Matt. He walked back in, looking slightly more under control, although his pants were tighter than ever around his cock. She could just take her towel off, but that was a little too bold for her. Besides, she wanted him to lose control. She wiggled on the couch, the towel hiking up more, and then uncrossed and crossed her legs. Matt’s gaze was glued to her, but she pretended not to notice. Then the towel came untucked.

“Sorry, would you mind turning around?” She smiled, a blush creeping up her cheeks. “Sure”, he replied, turning slowly. Impulsively she opened the towel wide to readjust it, just as he turned back around. She froze when he saw her, and his eyes went from nervous and aroused to intensely concentrated.

He walked up to her slowly and deliberately. She felt pinned by his gaze, her body running hot and cold and the same time. “Stay completely still.” He said it calmly, but there was a hint of command in his voice. She obeyed, dropping her hands down to her sides while still gripping the towel.

He reached out, rubbing a rough finger over her nipple. She gasped and he did it again, to the other one. He walked around her in a circle and then pulled the towel from her numb fingers before grabbing her ass. He walked back in front of her and then slid his fingers down her wet slit, rubbing her clit as he went before plunging one inside of her. She moaned. He pulled it out and tasted her. Then he walked over to the couch and sat down. “Lie down across my lap.” It was a command, not a request. She quietly walked over and lay down, knees slightly off the floor and hands touching. Her ass felt very exposed, and the cool air of the house was drifting over her pussy. He lifted up a hand, and without any warning, smacked her ass. “That is for leaving the bathroom door open.” Her eyes stung, but she could feel herself instantly get wetter. Another smack. “That’s for touching yourself in my shower.” Another smack. “That’s for taking advantage of your host.” Then he picked her up, easily in spite of his size, and lay her down on the couch, legs open. He slid a finger in and she arched upwards. One wasn’t enough, she needed more! He slid in a second one and began moving them, fucking her slowly. She had never been this wet. Then he added a third. This one was a struggle. She wasn’t a large person, and having a third finger shoved in was unexpected. He kept fucking her until she relaxed, and then he added the fourth. She really panicked then. It was too much! She couldn’t take it! She bucked her hips, wet and slick and turned on, and then he shoved his whole hand in. She felt like she was tearing in two, and she screamed. “Oh God!” She screamed, but he was relentless. He fucked her with his fist, hard, holding her down with his other hand.

She xslot Güncel Giriş realized that she was about to orgasm with this man’s fist inside her, the feeling building and building until, he suddenly stopped. She was breathlessly begging him for more, murmuring “please, please, please” while she arched her hips upwards. He grinned and then pulled down his pants. His dick sprang out, long and thick. He wrapped a hand in her hair and said “do you know what to do with this?”

She nodded and got down on her knees in front of him. His dick smelled like sweat. She opened her mouth wide and took as much of him in as she could, wrapping her hand around the base. She began sucking and licking feverishly, worshiping his dick and trying not to gag. His grip on her hair tightened as he began to hold her head in place while he fucked her mouth. He shoved himself in deeper and deeper with every thrust until she could hardly breathe and was half swallowing his dick with every plunge.

He stopped short again, even though he was hard as a rock. She stayed on her knees, continuing to lick his cock even though he wouldn’t let her take it into her mouth anymore. He was holding her hair, and she was straining against it to lick his smelly dick. “Enough”, he rasped, and she stood up. “Bend over.” He shoved her up against the table as she bent over, her hard nipples pressed against the cool glass. She felt him at the entrance of her pussy, and then he began shoving in. She was very, very wet, but thanks to her youth her canal had already tightened up again. His dick slid in slowly, inch by inch as he moved back and forth. Finally he was in. Then he slammed home, again and again while she moaned. He was not gentle. She could feel the tip of his dick slamming into the end of her. Every time he rammed home a tingle shot through her to the tips of her fingers. She felt herself grow limp as everything faded but the feeling of his dick, and then she came. A wave of stars crossed her vision and she was limp against the table. Still he kept thrusting, a hand grabbing her ass while his balls slapped her clit.

The hand grabbing her ass began trailing up and down the crack, closer and closer to her anus. She clenched instinctively, but there was no defense against his large probing finger. Every time he thrust into her he pushed it a little deeper, until it was in up to his hand. Then he began adding another one, and she moaned at the unfamiliar sensation of her asshole stretching. When the second one was in he began thrusting with his hand, in and out at the same time as his dick. She barely realized she was going to come before stars burst in front of her eyes again.

She felt something cool and slippery being poured on her stretched out hole, and then he stopped thrusting. When she realized what was about to happen she tried to stand up, but he shoved her back down hard. She could feel his dick nudging at her back entrance.

He pushed it in slowly at first, and then hard. She shouted as he rammed the last few inches home. He barely paused there before resuming his thrusting, frantic this time. He roughly shoved his way in and out, balls slapping against her clit and turning her on in spite of herself. She felt filled up by his cock in a way that never happened when she was having regular sex with boys her age. Slowly she relaxed into the sensation if him thrusting in and out of her ass, until it stopped hurting and became almost pleasurable. Abruptly he let out a grunt and pulled free. Cum sprayed over her back in a thick rope. He walked over to the couch and collapsed there, while she remained on the table, unable to move.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32