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Big Cock

Direct continuation from Ch. 02. The usual gay incest disclaimers apply here. Please don’t read if you aren’t ok with father/son action. Otherwise, enjoy!


Putting together a plan to hook up with your own father in a natural progression was proving harder than I thought.

For one, I couldn’t think of any example of him displaying an interest in bisexuality. The guy was straight through and through. Liked the hot celebrity girls, still hooked up with women on business trips, etc. The guy liked tits.

Then again, had I ever been interested in men before now? I was wondering what triggered that sexual awakening. Maybe it was the sudden role reversal, or a man forcing me into a situation that my conscious mind would have normally ignored. Being interested in men was something my brain had never considered an option before, like it was a hard boundary for me.

Regardless, I wasn’t a psychologist and I probably wasn’t going to figure this out myself.

With how open father was about his body, there was definitely still opportunity here. I just needed to find the right opening… ok, that could have been phrased better.

I found a job at the local coffee shop after a few weeks of handing out resumes. Nothing glamorous, sure, but it brought in cash. Dad was generous enough to let me live at home for free, while any activities outside of that would be funded by my own bank account. It’s a deal that worked for me. He acted like doing this would help me move out sooner, but I didn’t bother mentioning how staying closer to him would make me a lot happier.

He had a mini-business trip over the next weekend and I missed him. That boxer bulge kept my attention more than I cared to admit, and just having someone around to joke and hang out with was something I was getting used to.

I sent him a few texts and smiled every time I got a reply. He seemed confused at how lonely I was; wasn’t I used to his absence by now? But then he fell into the groove of conversation as well, and we had a regular thing going at all times.

A thing? Is this what I wanted with my own father? I needed to get out.

My friends were still around for the summer months, but they had other schedules to attend to. They were all busying themselves with college prep, buying what they needed and planning out their first year of courses. They would periodically leave for orientation, telling me tales about the hot girls they met in the short time they were there.

The people I met at work didn’t offer much in the way of friendship, most making it clear they were just here to work. So I started chatting up the customers, especially the regulars.

I had a brief period where I considered hitting on the cute guys that walked in. Discovering your sexuality urges you on to explore, but none of them were striking that itch for me. I could acknowledge them as attractive, but all the guys my age were too young looking. They looked juvenile and didn’t have the look an older man with years of wisdom has in his eyes.

I needed someone older and gruff, like father. Great, now I have an old-man fetish. You’ve definitely discovered a little too much when your own fetishes start creeping you out.

Dad returned from his trip and life returned to normal. He said he missed me while he was out. Missed hanging out with me. I felt a little warmer after that.

Now was the time to put some plans into motion.

Father’s office was on the first floor with a little bit of hallway to walk down before entering. The floorboards at the beginning of the hallway always creak when you step on them. Dad’s computer monitor faced away from the door, and I’d used some common sense awhile back to conclude that this was all a perfect setup to avoid anyone catching him jacking off. The frantic clicking when I entered his office on occasion all but confirmed it.

So when he was on his vacation, I tested all the floorboards and learned a way to walk just right to not elicit a sound. Stealth was the name of the game today, and it was just a matter of catching him in the act.

I thought back to the times I’ve caught him quickly trying to close up shop when I entered the office. Right after he got home from work seemed to be the prime time for him, so I was ready to try this strategy out.

A normal day went by and I got back from work early. I went to my room and pretended to be busy when he got back. Just chilling in my boxers, getting into the trend Dad had set. A few minutes after I heard the office door open and close, and I sprang into action.

I nimbly avoided all the squeaky floorboards as I walked down the hall. Dad definitely had a good setup since this was not easy to avoid.

Then I was at the office door, my hand resting softly in the brass handle. The only way to pull this off was to get in as quickly as possible, before he had time to react or exit anything.

1… 2… 3!

I burst in, walking quickly with a smile on my face. “Hey Dad, have some good news! I-“

Perfect. sarışın porno He was just in the middle of what I’d hoped.

In the few seconds after I entered, I closed the gap to the side of his desk. While he was reaching for his mouse with fear in his eyes, I could already see the busty MILF porn playing, muted for stealth on his own part.

Even better was his mammoth cock at full erection, still sticking out of the slit at the top of his boxers. I had caught him so off guard that he was trying to exit the porn and zip up his pants at the same time, and it was not going well for him, to say the least. The rest of his body was barren, sticking with his boxer-only policy as usual.

“Oh god, um, hey Brandon.” He accidentally clicked a button to expand the window instead of minimize. I couldn’t help but giggle. “This is, eh, awkward.”

“So, it looks like you’re into-” I looked a bit more closely at the screen. “-MILFs taking it up the ass? At least they’re doing a pretty good job of it.”

“Um, yeah… I guess.” Was Dad blushing? I couldn’t help but smirk. I was so evil, but loving this way too much. “Maybe we should instill a knocking habit around the house.”

“True. Or we could just bond like father and son.”


I pulled up a chair from the corner of the room and sat down next to him. “I’m into this stuff as well. And you’ve made it clear you enjoy walking around in your briefs and having your cock out, so let’s just bond over some good ol’ fashion fapping. Hanging out, watching some MILF’s get destroyed by huge dicks.”

“Hey, wow, uh.” Dad was really struggling to come up words. “This might be a bit much, buddy.”

“Aren’t you the one who wants to be more open-minded and free-spirited? This is a perfect opportunity!”

I had him there. That was the doctrine he lived by, and I saw him failing to come up with a counter-argument.

Before he could further object, I reached into the slit on the front of my boxers and brought out my own manhood. It was standing at it’s prideful eight inches, very erect and rigid, inheriting some attributes from the cock standing aside it.

Dad eyeballed it for a moment in disbelief, more-so that I was actually doing this rather than the size of the cock. But I mean come on, I was trying to contend with an eleven-incher; let’s not pretend like my eight is small.

“So? Want to press play? Oh, and turn on the volume since we don’t need to hide this anymore.” I said with a smirk and satisfaction that this was working.

“Yeah, sure, I don’t see why not…” he mumbled, then turned back to the porn. A moment later the sounds of a woman in heat filled the office, the video proceeding to tell her tale of taking it up the ass like a professional.

Despite all my Dad obsessions lately, I had to admit this stuff still turned me on. My cock was erect from watching his, but this video at least assisted with bring it to ‘throbbing and ready to burst in seconds’ status. So I stroked slowly at first, careful at not being the first out of the race.

Dad hesitated, then eventually brought himself to start masturbating once more. He did it like I expected, wrapping one hand around the shaft towards the base and another hand just above that. His hands were a bit larger than mine and able to reach around the full girth. It was so satisfying to watch him pleasure himself for the first time, barechested and just in his boxers like me.

He began to pump himself slowly at first, his face neutral and stoic. Doing this in front of his son was definitely giving him conflicting feelings at the moment, but he picked up speed and slumped back into his chair after a few minutes.

The scene was heating up on screen, despite that not being my current focus. I was stroking my own sizeable erection, content with just one hand at the moment. Precum dribbled out the tip and I smeared some down the underside as it appeared. Dad seemed to notice this, but didn’t comment.

“Uhnn… Fuck…” He grunted, really picking up the pace now, his firm grip tightening and loosening in rhythm as he pumped up and down. Precum dribbled from the large slit on top and I couldn’t help but lick my lips as I watched.

His arm muscles bulged a bit as he got to work, really going to town on himself as started to pant. Shuddering deep breaths, eyes fluttering as the waves of pleasure began to wash over him. Oh yes Daddy, pump that cock.

Then came the finale. Not of the porn, mind you. Of the real show.

Dad grunted loud, his eyes rolling back and hands flying off the joystick as he unleashed a torrent of cum. I hadn’t realized how much he would unload since it had all been inside me previously, but it was a lot. It shot up his chest, landing on his pecs with a few drops on his nipples, several ropes landing next to them. His cock throbbed and exploded several times, shaking as his balls sunk in. I loved the way the cum stuck in his chest hair and blended with the dark forest, running sert porno down in a slow dribble.

Fuck. Just watching his expression of pure ecstasy and his body shake and arch was too much for me. I came moments after, deciding to make a mess of my own chest as well as I shot upwards. It landed and I smiled at the warm sensation hitting my abs, wishing it was father’s instead.

“Wow. That was hot.” I said with a laugh, trying to make this more casual.

“Yeah! Man, what a rush.” He agreed! And he even smiled, although he didn’t look at me in my cum-covered state.

But the acceptance was enough for me right now. I stuffed my member back into my boxers, deciding to leave the cum on my chest as a tease when I exited the room. I was turning into a cum slut, I have to admit. “Let me know next time you jack off. You watch some good stuff.”

He chuckled a bit and shrugged. “Uh, yeah. Suppose I can. It was fun.” Hesitation again. But it was at least more acceptance, another rule of society broken down in his mind.

Progress was being made.

I decided to let him make the next move, to see just how far I was getting.

Which was a bummer at first. The next few days, his jack off sessions were devoid of my presence, and he kept to his old ways of hiding and keeping a secret.

But at the end of the week, I heard a voice call up to my room: “Hey Bran! Want to come down and… ummm…”

I was already on my way, a smirk on my face by how embarrassed he was to be doing this. The effort is what mattered to me.

We both sat down in our spots from the previous session, just in boxers. The cocks came out and I sighed to see my large friend once more. So lovely.

As the porn began, I made a new suggestion. “Hey man. I’ve been having a hard time getting off the past few days and was hoping if you could… You know. Help me out.”

He gave me a baffled look. “Uh. How?”

“Well, I can get off a lot easier if the hand rubbing me off isn’t mine. I think that applies to a lot of guys. It takes me forever to get off on my own, but if a girl is doing it then I can finish in just a few minutes. I was thinking you could reach over and rub me off, while I do the same to you? I mean, if that’s alright.”

This was definitely a big step and I knew I was pushing it here. But to my surprise he sighed and nodded in agreement. “Well… it’s weird. But that makes sense to me. Let’s just try it out and see how we like it. Try not to make a thing of it.”

I knew how I would feel about it, but I agreed and decided to indulge him.

I moved my chair against his so I could reach over with two hands as he started the video. It felt so nice to grip that firm slab of cock again, my fingers curling around the thick girth as they felt at home once more. One of my arms pressed against his chest as I reached over, and I could feel a slight shudder roll through his body as I took hold. Daddy’s chest hair was so thick and soft against my arm.

“There’s a lot to work with here. Can’t even reach around the damn thing.” I said with a tease.

“Heh, yeah. You at least got some of those genes.”

Oh, was he having fun with it now? My casual tone to the whole situation definitely seemed to help him out and calm his nerves.

Then he reached over and grabbed my cock at the base, gently at first. Hesitation. He cleared his throat then gripped me tight, large warm palm resting against my throbbing erection. God, I was going to burst in seconds if he went too fast. Maybe this was a bad idea.

“Does that… feel alright?” He managed to ask.

I laughed. “Of course, man. You know how to jerk off, right? Just do it to me.”

He gulped and nodded. This was beyond cute. I really was a demon for enjoying this so much.

The porn began and we both watched in fascination as a blonde bimbo got to work on screen. I started to work him with both hands, using the technique I observed from yesterday. He was throbbing so hard in my grip, feeling every ridge of him as my fingers held tight with each movement.

I loved how his generation didn’t care even to trim their private regions. Each pump with my hands down to the base had me landing in a patch of pubic hair, color matching the furry forest on his chest. As I got a bit closer to get a better grip, I could inhale that lovely musk that comes from a cock wrapped up in boxers and finally set free after a long day.

The hand on my own cock was amazing. His grip was firm and he was nice and slow. I could feel the precum drip from the tip and slide down the shaft, smirking a bit as his hand jerked away for a moment, like he was trying to wipe it away, then resuming the handjob.

“Fuck. This is nice.” He groaned, watching the blonde on the monitor swallow a cock whole.

I had to agree, but my moans were starting to increase in volume. Having such a rough hand work my throbbing erection was getting me off so well that I felt my orgasm begin to swell.

“Oh… oh god…” sex hattı porno I groaned. “I’m gonna cum…”

“Same here…” he groaned with me. I could feel the heat from his cock and the jerking motions of someone who’s about to have a raging orgasm.

Then he unleashed, shooting load after load from his behemoth. It shot so high this time that it actually hit the bottom of his chin, the rest falling in a line below that lead down to his stomach. It looked thicker and there was so much more, a few more loads flying across his abs and drenching him in his own baby batter.

Then my erection exploded, falling into a similar painting of orgasmic bliss. I groaned and leaned back into my chair, back arching, eyes rolling back as I just rode out the full beauty of cumming to completion.

“Wow.” Dad actually laughed this time, wiping some of the cum off his chin. “I don’t think I’ve cum that hard in years.”

“See? All in the stranger hand technique.” I laughed with him.

I handed some tissues and we cleaned up. God, I just wanted to lick the cum out of his hairy chest, taste every inch of his body. But that time would come. Patience, young father fucker.

We only had one more jerk off session for the week. I couldn’t tell what signs to get from that. Perhaps he was still warming up to the idea. I accepted that this wasn’t easy to grasp.

We did the same thing as last time, grabbing each other and giving wonderful handjobs while watching the typical trashy porn. This time, he didn’t shy away from my precum and used it to smear over my cock head when it came up. And I gave his balls a nice squeeze to urge on his orgasm, noticing some nice results as I did so.

So it was another four days before I was invited down again, this time finding the handsome man lounging on the couch. He hooked up the new USB dongle I bought him for Father’s Day to the TV and he had a video lined up ready to watch. These porn viewings were becoming big ordeals, it seemed.

I was very happy to plop down next to him, behemoth cock already in hand and ready. But he looked a bit bummed out.

I turned my head to the side. “What’s up, man?”

He shrugged. “Haven’t able to finish the past few days. You know the feeling? Like, you’re getting into it, getting so close to cumming, then the actual climax escapes you at the last second.”

I chuckled. “Heck yeah, man. Worst feeling in the world. Need my help?”

“Yeah. Probably could use a pussy, to be honest.”

Wow, our sex talk was getting pretty out in the open. He was still focused on his bimbos, but I could live with it.

But I think I knew what he was getting at. Hands didn’t have the same sensation as straight sex, especially rough man hands. He needed more lubrication, soft tissue, something to fuck deep…

Oh boy. I had an idea, but this could end poorly if it wasn’t received well.

He started up the video and my hands found their familiar handholds on his lengthy pole, beginning their usual rub down. Firm and tight, rubbing the foreskin back and forth over the rigid shape.

I waited till he was getting into it, really watching the TV with interest and fascination. I was slowly leaning over and putting my head lower, waiting for when he would be least likely to notice me doing anything out of the ordinary. That’s when I made my move; I quickly bobbed my head down and took him into my mouth.

It tasted lovely to have this precum on my tongue once more, gulping down the warm clear lubrication. I was only able to get the head inside, stretching my lips wide to the point of aching at first.

The response from above was what I initially expected. “What the fuck, Bran?!” And I felt a jerk from his body as he had a huge urge to pull the cock from my lips.

But as he felt my tongue begin to work against his urethra, and my saliva cover inches of that rigid manhood, he started to get used to it. “Kiddo, this is really… fucked up…” The groans between his words seemed to imply his subconscious felt otherwise.

I loved the way Daddy tasted. I could get used to it. His precum filled my mouth as I started to bob up and down, taking a few inches inside my lips. Saliva dripped down the shaft as I made sure to get it nice and sloppy, my hands accepting the extra lubrication as they continued to pump up and down at the bottom. Despite using my mouth and two hands, there was still room to spare on this rod. Pleasuring him in the future would be no easy task.

“Christ…” I heard him say, groaning a bit more after that. His body jerked and spasmed a few times, and I could feel the shockwaves of pleasure as I gripped and sucked that behemoth down. I could still hear the video playing the background, but somehow I didn’t feel like anyone was paying attention anymore.

Then that familiar throbbing sensation flowed through him, and once more I tasted the victory of cum in my mouth. Thick and salty seed poured from the tip and I was better at swallowing it this time around, gulping down the waves as they hit the back of my throat. This was far more powerful than the cum when he was asleep a few weeks back, this one continuing to gush for at least twenty seconds before ceasing to a dribble. I still gagged a bit, not really used to drinking from a hose like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32